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“Junior Brother Yang, you should rest here for a while. I’ll go assist Master in handling the aftermath of the Dao Exchange before speaking with you,” Qing Kui led Yang Kai to a guest hall on a Spirit Peak and patted his shoulder. Compared to before, Qing Kui’s attitude was undoubtedly much more friendly.

After all, Yang Kai had obtained first place in this Dao Exchange Conference and is now the son-in-law of Yin-Yang Heaven. With such a connection, it wasn’t strange for Qing Kui’s attitude to change.

Although he hadn’t expected such an outcome from the beginning, he is also happy since this is what Qu Huachang had hoped for.

“Senior Brother, please help yourself!” Yang Kai cupped his fists.

Qing Kui blinked at him, “Don’t act rashly!”

“What?” Yang Kai was stunned.

Qing Kui turned around and left.

After watching Qing Kui’s figure disappear, Yang Kai shook his head, turned around, and walked towards the palace.

On both sides, maidservants bowed and said in a crisp voice, “Greetings, Young Master.” These Yin-Yang Heaven maidservants all had the cultivation of an Emperor Realm master, and all of them had excellent physiques and good looks. Their full waists and ample chests were eye-catching.

Yang Kai nodded and was about to walk inside when he suddenly turned to one of the maids and laughed, “Senior Sister Qu, what are you playing here?”

The maidservant lowered her head, her beautiful hair covering her face. Although she had tried her best to disguise herself, how could she hide from Yang Kai’s perception?

Being exposed, Qu Huachang raised her eyes and smiled at him, “I was discovered.”

Saying so, she walked out and stretched out her hand to grab Yang Kai’s arm, her ample chest pressing against Yang Kai’s arm as she sweetly said, “Junior Brother has worked hard this time.”

Yang Kai smiled, “It’s not bad.”

There was no need to work so hard. With his current strength, as long as he wasn’t besieged by the Sixth Order members of the Crime League, he wouldn’t be in too much danger.

Qu Huachang ordered the other maidservants, “Young Master is tired after a year of hard work, prepare a fragrant bath!”

“Yes!” The surrounding maids quickly responded.

A moment later, the huge bath was filled with warm water, and the surface of the water was filled with colorful flower petals. The water was sparkling and the mist was rising.

Yang Kai leaned against the wall of the pool and soaked his body in the water. This pool of fragrant water should have contained many precious herbs that could soothe one’s fatigue and relax one’s mind. After working on the Crime Star for a year, although it wasn’t dangerous, it was still quite exhausting, and at this moment, it was greatly relaxing.

He is not a greedy person, but since this was Qu Huachang’s arrangement, he had no choice but to accept it.

A series of footsteps sounded.

Yang Kai turned his head and saw a few graceful figures slowly walking towards him from the hazy mist.

Waving his hand, Yang Kai said, “All of you may leave, I don’t need your service!”

However, these few people didn’t care and just walked straight over. When they got close, Yang Kai found that these maids were all wearing only thin silk robes, and the beauty inside of their clothes was faintly discernible under the steam of the mist. They lowered their heads, blushing slightly as they gracefully entered the water, not caring if he agreed or not as they carefully washed his body.

Yang Kai felt uncomfortable.

Gigling sound came, “Is Junior Brother shy?”

The voice came from behind him. Yang Kai leaned against the wall of the pool and looked up to see Qu Huachang squatting in front of him, smiling at him, the beautiful scenery beneath her dress faintly visible.

Yang Kai withdrew his gaze speechlessly, “Senior Sister, what are you playing?”

Qu Huachang reached out and gently stroked Yang Kai’s firm chest before whispering, “When I heard Junior Brother speak so arrogantly about the Yin-Yang Fusion, I thought you were a veteran, but it turns out you’re just a big mouth.”

“Senior Sister, be careful not to play with fire. When Junior Brother’s fire burns, ordinary people won’t be able to bear it,” Yang Kai closed his eyes slightly, suddenly understanding why Qing Kui had warned him not to act rashly before leaving.

Qu Huachang giggled again, “Go ahead and burn them, they can help you put out the fire as long as you want.”

On the left and right, the faces of the maidservants who were cleaning Yang Kai’s body became even redder, their eyes flashing flirtatiously.

Qu Huachang bent down slightly and whispered into his ear, “Can Junior Brother really hold on? After this, I will be imprisoned for a hundred years. If you want, you can eat everyone here, including me.”

Yang Kai grabbed Qu Huachang’s hand that was moving across his chest and said, “Senior Sister, stop it.”

Qu Huachang pouted, “How boring.”

Yang Kai released her hand and asked with concern, “Is Senior Sister really going to be imprisoned for a hundred years?”

Qu Huachang nodded and said, “That’s right, this was originally a method the Sect used to protect me, but since it has already been announced, I naturally can’t fake it. However, it doesn’t matter, it’s just a hundred years. I’ve just recently broken through to the Sixth Order, so I can use this time to consolidate my cultivation.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “It’s best if Senior Sister thinks so.”

He let out a sigh of relief. A hundred years was also a buffer time. Although he had obtained first place in the Dao Exchange Conference and was now the nominal son-in-law of Yin-Yang Heaven, a hundred years was not a small change. When Qu Huachang came out of seclusion a hundred years later, perhaps she would have other ideas.

After taking a bath and putting on his clothes with the help of the maids, Yang Kai thoroughly experienced the bold attitude of a woman from Yin-Yang Heaven. Throughout the entire process, Qu Huachang didn’t try to avoid him at all and instead observed him with interest.

However, Qu Huachang didn’t stay here for long because Su Yingxue soon arrived and took her away. Before she left, she even glared at Yang Kai, causing him to feel wronged.

Three days passed in a flash.

Three days later, Xu Linggong hosted a banquet and invited all the representatives from the various forces who were participating in the Dao Exchange Conference. The banquet was held on a platform on a Spirit Peak and was quite lively.

Yang Kai was quietly dressed up by Yin-Yang Heaven and was dressed in a festive red robe. Those who didn’t know better would think he was getting married today.

He sat at the first place under Xu Linggong’s left hand.

The young women danced and sang, displaying their beauty to their heart’s content. Plates of delicacies were served, and the thousand year old wine gave off an enchanting fragrance. The atmosphere of the banquet was quite lively as many masters from various great regions moved about, drinking.

Such a large-scale gathering was rare even in the entire 3000 Worlds. Although their disciples had fallen during the Dao Exchange Conference, it was still an opportunity for them to establish a relationship with other forces and open up their own Sect’s path. With the exception of the High Rank Open Heaven cultivators who had left early, the rest of them had basically all arrived.

Yang Kai stared at Pei Wen Xuan and Yin Xinzhao, speechless!

When they had been ambushed by the people from Crime League, he had used his Space Laws to escape with Grey Bones, Lu Jing and Wu Kuang, leaving behind Pei Wen Xuan and Yin Xinzhao, thinking that these two would definitely die.

Who would have thought they would survive?

What were the people from Crime League doing? Why didn’t they kill them?

Frowning slightly, Yang Kai sent a message to Qing Kui to inquire about the situation before finally learning the truth.

Crime League really hadn’t killed Yin Xinzhao and Pei Wen Xuan, and they had even captured a core disciple from Azure Nether Paradise.

The Underworld Heavenly Monarch also knew that these Core Disciples from the Cave Heaven Paradise were not so easy to kill. Even if he had killed them in a moment of joy, he would definitely have to face the revenge of those Cave Heaven Paradise later!

At that time, even if they hid on the Crime Star, they might not have a day of peace, so it was better to capture them alive and use them as bargaining chips to negotiate with Yin-Yang Heaven.

In the end, the result of the negotiations was that the Crime League will return the three Core Disciples of the Cave Heaven Paradise back. Correspondingly, three Sixth Order master from the Crime League were granted freedom.

This was also what Xu Linggong had promised from the very beginning. As long as the Crime League sinners killed enough participants, they could obtain freedom.

Of course, if they wanted to negotiate, they would need to have some bargaining chips.

Crime League used the Core Disciples of the three Cave Heaven Paradise as bargaining chips, causing Zhuo Buqun and the others to vomit blood.

Although Zhuo Buqun, Yu Huan, and Lu Zhengyang had worked together to pressure Xu Linggong to agree to Crime League's request, how could Xu Linggong so easily agree?

In any case, the three people captured by the Crime Leaague weren’t Yin-Yang Heaven’s disciples. Whether they lived or died had nothing to do with Yin-Yang Heaven.

However, their lives were in Xu Linggong’s hands.

In the end, the three Cave Heaven Paradise had no choice but to pay a huge price to convince Xu Linggong to pardon three of the Crime League's Sixth Order crimes, allowing the three of them to free themselves in exchange for Yin Xinzhao and the others.

As for what price they had paid, even Qing Kui didn’t know. This was the result of Xu Linggong’s secret discussion with Zhuo Buqun.

On the Crime League's side, there are four Sixth Order who have been freed this time. There are about a dozen people under the Sixth Order. Aside from the three Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage who had been specially granted amnesty by Xu Linggong, the rest had all obtained enough battle achievements, which includes the Crime League Union Master, Underworld Heavenly Monarch!

Underworld Heavenly Monarch had personally killed Xuanyuan Cave Heaven’s Zhuang Wei and obtained sixty or seventy stars in an instant. Such an accomplishment was enough for him to escape from the Crime Star.

After understanding the whole story, Yang Kai couldn’t help but laugh. Xu Linggong’s business was really quite good, it was simply a business without any capital. No wonder Zhuo Buqun and the others had such ugly expressions at the banquet, it was likely they had been dried clean.

It's just a pity…

He had wanted to use this opportunity to borrow someone else's knife to kill his enemy, but in the end, he had failed because of Crime League's little scheme.

The main character of today’s banquet is undoubtedly Yang Kai, the son-in-law of Yin-Yang Heaven. Naturally, countless people would come to offer a toast to him, not to give face to Yang Kai, but to give face to Yin-Yang Heaven and Xu Linggong!

But in reality, no one cares about Yang Kai sitting there.

It wasn’t that the Open Heaven Stage masters who had come to participate in this event didn’t give him face, but rather because they were afraid of Thousand Crane Paradise. Zhao Xing had been killed by Yang Kai, and although Xu Linggong had relied on his position as the host to suppress Zuo Quan Hui who was leading the team from Thousand Crane Paradise, everyone knew that Thousand Crane Paradise wouldn’t let this matter rest. If they went to flatter Yang Kai now, they might be targeted by Thousand Crane Paradise, so who would have the courage to do so?


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