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Yang Kai and the others landed on the platform and each found a place to sit cross-legged.

They had arrived quite early, there were still three days before the exit opened.

As time passed, more cultivators arrived and scattered in groups of three or five, the cultivators who had arrived early but concealed themselves gradually come out.

Yang Kai had been somewhat vigilant about whether or not the Crime League would take any action, but in the end, the Crime League had not shown up.

Even Huang Anyi and his group were nowhere to be seen.

Three days later, the entire Crime Star buzzed, and when everyone looked up, they saw a rainbow bridge rapidly spreading out from the sky. One end of the rainbow bridge was connected to the depths of the void, extending all the way to the platform.

Yang Kai, Lin Feng, and the others glanced at each other and nodded slightly.

“It’s finally over,” Yang Kai stood up and led Lu Jing towards the Rainbow Bridge. Just like when he was sent to the Crime Star, the moment he stepped onto the Rainbow Bridge, he felt as if the world was spinning around him and his vision distorted. By the time he came back to his senses, he had already arrived at the Palace Square.

On the high platform in the square, a dozen or so chairs were arranged in a row, each of which had a High Rank Open Heaven master from the Cave Heaven Paradise. The one in the middle was none other than Xu Linggong.

“Oh?” Seeing that the first to return was actually Yang Kai, Xu Linggong couldn’t help showing a look of surprise.

Although being the first to return didn’t mean anything, being the first to step onto the Rainbow Bridge under such circumstances was undoubtedly a symbol of strength.

This boy’s performance… was somewhat unexpected!

Xu Linggong nodded slightly, but although he had arranged for Yang Kai to participate in the Dao Exchange Conference, he didn’t have much expectations for him. He just didn’t want to mistreat his disciple. Qu Huachang is a Core Disciple who had reached the Sixth Order, so even if she wanted to marry someone, she should marry a young man with a similar aptitude to her. How could a Fifth Order disciple covet her?

The purpose of designing Yang Kai's appearance was to disrupt the deployment of the other Cave Heaven Paradise, forcing them to send their core disciples to participate.

Reality proved that his plan was very successful. After the new rising stars joined the Dao Exchange, the structure and level of the Dao Exchange immediately rose significantly, allowing Yin-Yang Heaven’s face to be preserved.

He just didn’t know who would win first place this time!

Following closely behind Yang Kai, Lin Feng, Ning Daoran, and Gu Pan also appeared. Soon after, several figures appeared, all of them cultivators participating in the Dao Exchange Conference.

Soon, the square was filled with people.

Using their Divine Sense, the Elders of the various forces quietly asked their juniors about the results of this trip and whether they were injured…

The other disciples who had yet to come out couldn’t help make their Elders feeling anxious and worried. Crime Star is not a good place, and every criminal imprisoned there is extremely vicious. If they were to encounter any kind of accident inside, they would be separated by life and death.

An hour later, hundreds of people had gathered in the square, and at this time, the number of cultivators returning from Crime Star had clearly decreased. In fact, after a while, not a single person had appeared.

Many of the leaders of the various forces wore solemn expressions. Their juniors hadn’t shown up until now, so there was no doubt they were doomed. The way they participated in this Dao Exchange Conference was truly beyond their expectations. If they had known that the venue of this Dao Exchange Conference was Crime Star, they would never have brought their juniors here.

Unfortunately, Xu Linggong had suddenly changed the method of the Dao Exchange, something no one could have predicted.

It wasn’t just the Elders of the Second Class forces who wore ugly expressions, even the High Rank Open Heaaven masters sitting atop the dozen or so chairs wore solemn expressions.

Of the dozen or so Cave Heaven Paradise's Core Disciples, only three had come out, the others had all disappeared.

This didn’t make sense!

Xu Linggong smiled on the surface, but his heart was pounding.

Although he had said long ago that the Dao Exchange wasn’t just for show and that participants were responsible for their own lives, if so many Core Disciples from the Cave Heaven Paradise were to die on the Crime Star, then as the host of the Dao Exchange, he would have to bear a lot of responsibility.

Just as he was hesitating about whether he should ask Su Yingxue to ask Yang Kai about the situation on the Crime Star, the rainbow bridge connecting to the Crime Star suddenly began to glow again.

Xu Linggong was shocked!

Such a scene undoubtedly indicated that someone had returned from the Crime Star, and the number was quite small.

In the next moment, more than a hundred figures appeared on the square.

Most of the spectating High Rank Open Heaven masters breathed a sigh of relief. After seeing their own core disciples, they finally relaxed.

One of them suddenly stood up and stared down with wide eyes, with a look of disbelief on his face. His figure flickered as he directly rushed into the crowd. The aura of a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator spread out without restraint, causing many of the participants who had just returned to the square to fall to the ground. Those with weaker strength even paled, blood dripping from their mouths.

“Martial Uncle Zuo…” Huang Anyi called out.

He know the old man in front of him, it was Zuo Quan Hui, the Inner Sect Elder of Thousand Crane Paradise and Zhao Xing’s Master.

Zuo Quan Hui stared blankly at the corpse he was holding in his hand and reached out to feel Zhao Xing’s aura. His body trembled slightly, and his short figure seemed to bend a lot in that instant.

“Who did this?” Zuo Quan Hui asked softly, but Huang Anyi could feel the anger he was suppressing, like a volcano about to erupt.

“Void Land, Yang Kai!” Huang Anyi pointed at Yang Kai in the crowd.

Zuo Quan Hui suddenly turned his head and glared at Yang Kai with bloodshot eyes, as if he wanted to devour him alive.

“Die!” Zuo Quan Hui stretched out his hand and grabbed towards Yang Kai. As the violent World Force surged, Huang Anyi, who was standing beside him, paled and was sent flying.

Facing the wrath of a veteran Seventh Order master, Yang Kai just stood there indifferently.

On the other hand, Lin Feng, Ning Daoran, and Gu Pan all appeared in front of Yang Kai in a flash, each of them exerting their strength to send out a palm strike. Lin Feng shouted, “Senior, please calm your anger!”

“Three juniors, get out of my way!” Zuo Quan Hui shouted angrily as he sent out three palm strikes towards Lin Feng and the others at lightning speed. Fortunately, he was not blinded by his anger. Although these three palm strikes were powerful, they did not take the lives of Lin Feng and the others.

Boom! Lin Feng and the other two quickly retreated, their faces all pale.

After forcing back Lin Feng and the other two, Zuo Quan Hui’s momentum became even fiercer as he stretched out his hand like a giant curtain.

A figure suddenly appeared in front of Yang Kai.

“This is my Yin-Yang Heaven…” Xu Linggong stood in front of Yang Kai like a mountain, his clothes fluttering in the wind, his black hair flying behind his head as he gently clenched his fist and punched forward, “What are you being so presumptuous for?”


A loud bang rang out as Xu Linggong’s figure trembled slightly, while Zuo Quan Hui was sent flying back several dozen meters. Both of them had broken through to the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage many years ago, so the difference in strength between the two of them wasn’t too great. In this exchange, they were evenly matched.

Zuo Quan Hui’s anger surged. The death of his most trusted personal disciple had already caused his eyes to turn red. Even though Xu Linggong was in front of him, he didn’t care about anything else and continued to charge forward, but after several attempts, he was stopped by Xu Linggong.

On the other side, Lin Feng and the other two's Elders received a Divine Sense transmission from them. Although they had yet to figure out what had happened on the Crime Star, they were certain that Zhao Xing’s death had something to do with them. In addition, Lin Feng and the others had also stepped in to stop Zuo Quan Hui, so they couldn’t just sit back and watch.

Three Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage masters jumped out and joined forces with Xu Linggong to stop Zuo Quan Hui. One of them said, “Brother Zuo, please calm your anger, don’t let the juniors laugh at you.”

“That’s right, Brother Zuo, let’s stop here and figure out what happened first!”

Zuo Quan Hui was fighting one against four, so how could he possibly be a match for them? After several failed attempts, he immediately let out a loud cry.

Stopping in his tracks, he turned his vicious gaze towards Xu Linggong and the others, “You want to stop me?”

Xu Linggong said solemnly, “It’s not that this old master wants to stop you, it’s just that you’re being too presumptuous. This is Yin-Yang Heaven, not your Thousand Crane Paradise!”

Zuo Quan Hui pointed to Yang Kai behind him, “This boy killed my disciple!”

Xu Linggong snorted, “In the Dao Exchange, life and death are up to fate. When you let that brat Zhao Xing participate, you should be mentally prepared for him to be killed!”

“Enough with your sarcastic remarks, if your disciple is killed, I want to see if you can still say anything!”

Xu Linggong said, “My disciple won’t be so useless!”

“You…” Zuo Quan Hui’s anger reached his heart and he felt the blood in his chest roil as a sweet taste filled his throat and he nearly spat out a mouthful of blood, “Xu Linggong, hand that boy over to me, this Zuo will owe you a favor!”

Xu Linggong turned around and glanced at Yang Kai, who grinned back at him, his indifferent expression causing Xu Linggong to feel disgusted.

Damn, this little brat was too good at causing trouble. He even dared to kill a core disciple of Thousand Crane Paradise, who gave him the courage to do so?

If he wanted to kill them, so be it, but he had to be careful not to let anyone find any evidence against him!

For a moment, he didn’t know whether it was right or wrong to have Yang Kai participate in this Dao Exchange.

Turning around, Xu Linggong said, “He is here to participate in my Yin-Yang Heaven’s Dao Exchange Conference. Whatever he does is within the rules of the Dao Exchange Conference, so it will be handled by my Yin-Yang Heaven!”

“Do you really have to protect him?” Zuo Quan Hui gritted his teeth and asked.

Xu Linggong stared at him coldly, “You can’t touch him!”

As their eyes met, a faint fiery light collided in the void.

After a long time, Zuo Quan Hui nodded and said, “Very good, let’s see how long you can keep him safe for. This little brat’s head will be recorded, and sooner or later, this King will personally wring it off!”

As he spoke, he flashed over to Huang Anyi’s side and picked up Zhao Xing’s corpse with trembling hands before flying away, obviously not intending to stay here any longer.


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