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“Damn it, damn it, damn it!” Yin Xinzhao roared in his heart. Originally, he had wanted to use Yang Kai’s spy to seize first place in the Dao Exchange Conference, but who would have thought that he would actually be trapped here. Today, he was afraid he would really be doomed.


A light sound suddenly came from behind him, and Yin Xinzhao suddenly turned around, a look of extreme horror appearing on his face.

Not far away, the leader of Crime League, Underworld Heavenly Monarch, wielded a sharp sword and pierced through Zhuang Wei’s heart. A violent World Force burst out, instantly turning Zhuang Wei’s body into a bloody mess and shattering his organs. [MSN: Won't this Star become a Cave Heaven Paradise eventually? So many Open Heaven die here.]

“Senior Brother Yin… save… save me!” Zhuang Wei shouted, spitting out pieces of his internal organs as his vitality rapidly dissipated.

Underworld Heavenly Monarch pulled out his sword, and as the sword light flashed, Zhuang Wei’s head flew into the sky, blood gushing from his neck like a fountain.

A dazzling golden light flew out from the golden bracelet on Zhuang Wei’s wrist and poured into the Underworld Heavenly Monarch’s wrist. There was a black bracelet there, originally empty, but after the golden light poured in, it instantly lit up dozens of stars.

All of Zhuang Wei’s recent achievements had been transferred to the Underworld Heavenly Monarch.

Shaking off the blood on his sword, Underworld Heavenly Monarch smiled, “How do you two want to die?”

Yin Xinzhao and Pei Wen Xuan felt their bodies go cold.


Yang Kai spat out a mouthful of blood as he staggered to the ground. Although he had managed to break through the void and escape at the last moment, the attacks of several Sixth Order Open Heaven had followed him through the space crack, causing him to cough up blood.

Beside him, Mo Sheng also collapsed to the ground, his aura fluctuating wildly. The Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch he had been holding in his hand tumbled to the side, motionless, but although his aura was weak, he did not die.

His injuries were the most severe, but with his powerful Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage vitality, he wouldn’t die for a while.

“Wu Kuang!” Yang Kai gritted his teeth as he stared at this guy named Mo Sheng.

“What are you talking about? I don’t understand!” Mo Sheng grinned and sat down cross-legged on the ground, circulating his strength to heal his injuries.

“Stop pretending!” Yang Kai gritted his teeth. If it weren’t for him actions at the last moment, Yang Kai wouldn’t have been so sure that this person in front of him was Wu Kuang. Whether it was his aura or figure, they were completely different from the Wu Kuang he remembered.

Only those who were extremely familiar with him would know that in that perilous situation just now, only the Space Laws had any hope of escaping.

This guy didn’t care and directly dragged Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch to him, obviously wanting Yang Kai to take him and escape.

If it really was a Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator from the Myriad Demons Heaven, how could he have done such a thing? At that time, for someone from the Myriad Demons Heaven, the only person he could rely on was probably Pei Wen Xuan.

“You dare deny it?” Yang Kai pointed his spear at him, “Do you believe I won’t stab you to death!”

Mo Sheng stared at him for a moment before pushing the Azure Dragon Spear away and chuckling, “Since you’re so certain, why bother probing?”

Yang Kai was stunned, “Is it really you?”

Although he was confident that this person in front of him was Wu Kuang, when he personally admitted it, Yang Kai still couldn’t believe it.

With his Divine Sense, how could this person have any trace of Wu Kuang’s aura?

“Sure enough, good people don’t live long, but scourges live forever!” Yang Kai clicked his tongue.

“Likewise, you’re nothing good either,” Wu Kuang sneered.

The two of them stared at each other for a moment before chuckling.

Wu Kuang’s smile suddenly disappeared, “Stop laughing, if you keep laughing, this guy will really die.”

Yang Kai slapped his forehead and hurried over to Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch’s side to examine his injuries. A moment later, his brows were slumped. Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch’s injuries this time were not light. Although his life was not in danger for the time being, if he was left alone, his fate would not be any better.

Quickly taking out some healing medicine, Yang Kai stuffed it into his mouth and activated his Towering Evergreen Secret Technique. In an instant, an ancient tree appeared behind Yang Kai, its branches drooping down and glowing with green light.

After advancing to the Sixth Order, Yang Kai’s control over this Wood Element Divine Ability became more relaxed. The ancient tree behind him wasn’t too large and only covered the three of them, making it easier for them to heal.

Wu Kuang opened his eyes and took a look, but didn’t pay any more attention.

However, Yang Kai soon discovered that something was wrong. From the energy Wu Kuang was emitting, he was not a Fifth Order, but a Sixth Order!

Yang Kai was shocked!

It wasn’t that Wu Kuang’s breakthrough to the Sixth Order was shocking, but this fellow’s talent was outstanding. After leaving the Star Boundary for such a long time and entering a top force like Myriad Demons Heaven, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that he had reached the Sixth Order.

But how did he conceal his cultivation?

Before this, Yang Kai had also felt the fluctuations of his strength, which was clearly only at the Fifth Order.

Moreover, since Myriad Demons Heaven had allowed him to participate in the Dao Exchange Conference, it meant that in the eyes of Myriad Demons Heaven's higher-ups, he was only a Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage and could be abandoned!

Wu Kuang must have some kind of top-notch cultivation concealment technique or artifact, otherwise he would have been exposed long ago.

After an incense stick’s worth of time, Yang Kai stabilized Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch's injuries and stood up, “Help me take care of him, I’ll go fetch Lu Jing.”

Grey Bones had been exposed and the place he had been hiding was no longer safe. If Crime League went to his hiding place, Lu Jing's life would be in danger.

This guy is related to a Sixth Order Yang Element resource for him, so Yang Kai naturally couldn’t ignore him.

Wu Kuang opened his eyes to look at him but didn’t say anything.

Yang Kai didn’t say anything and simply left. After two hours, he arrived at his previous hiding place. After confirming that there were no ambushes, he brought Lu Jing out and returned to his new hiding place.

Seeing Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch's weak aura and blood-soaked body, Lu Jing was shocked.

Wu Kuang, on the other hand, had already disappeared, leaving behind a jade slip. Yang Kai picked up the jade slip and examined it for a moment before gritting his teeth!

Originally, he had planned to ask Wu Kuang about the mysteries of Wu Kuang’s concealment after taking Lu Jing over, but who would have thought this guy would run away so early?

Yang Kai secretly felt that he didn’t want to reveal his relationship with him in front of others, so he could only give up.

In any case, now that he knew he was in Myriad Demons Heaven, it wouldn’t be too late to find an opportunity to interact with him in the future.

Hundreds of thousands of kilometers away, a black cloud suddenly appeared in front of a group of six people, revealing Wu Kuang’s figure.

The six people’s team consisted of two Fifth Order and Fourth Order masters. When they saw that someone was blocking their way, they couldn’t help being shocked. When they saw the person blocking their way, his entire body was covered in blood and his face was pale; it was obvious he was injured.

The leader of the group, a Fifth Order, cupped his fists and said, “So it’s Myriad Demons Heaven's Senior Brother, may I ask what business Senior Brother has with us?” Judging from the roiling demon cloud just now, they know that he should be a Fifth Order.

So although they recognized Wu Kuang’s background as Myriad Demons Heaven's disciple, this group of participants wasn’t too nervous; after all, they has two Fifth Order.

Wu Kuang’s eyes greedily swept over these six people as he chuckled lightly, “After being bound for so long, I can finally let loose.”

“What did Senior Brother say?” The leading Fifth Order frowned, feeling uncomfortable under Wu Kuang’s stare, as if he had just seen some delicious food.

“The end of life is only the beginning of reincarnation, and death is not the end.”

“Senior Brother?” The Fifth Order Open Heaven's brow wrinkled even more as he glanced at his companion.

“Rather than struggling and suffering in this world, it’s better to die and be free.”

“…” The six of them all stared at Wu Kuang strangely, wondering if this man was a fool. What was he talking about?

“You’re all very lucky to have met me. Become one with me and I’ll grant you eternal life!” Wu Kuang opened his arms and the demon cloud behind him surged, transforming into a black curtain that blotted out the sky as it shot towards the six people.

The world fell silent.

Not long after, the demon cloud converged once more, revealing Wu Kuang’s figure. The six people from before had disappeared without a trace. He licked his lips as a trace of blood appeared on his pale face. Turning his head, he looked in another direction before transforming into a black cloud and rolling away.

Inside the hiding place, Grey Bones slowly woke up and couldn’t help coughing a few times, his chaotic thoughts gradually becoming clearer as he recalled everything that had happened before. He looked up and saw Yang Kai sitting next to him, looking at him with concern.

“Sir!” Grey Bones struggled to get up.

Yang Kai pushed him down and said, “Your injuries aren’t light. Rest well and don’t move about for now.”

“Many thanks, Sir.” Grey Bones coughed a few more times, a look of shame appearing on his face as he said, “Sir, please forgive this subordinate’s incompetence.”

Yang Kai shook his head, “That Underworld Heavenly Monarch is not an easy character to deal with. This time, it’s not your fault!”

“White Hair…” Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch’s face sank as he grit his teeth and said, “This subordinate will personally take revenge for White Hair one day.”

Yang Kai nodded and said, “It’s best if you think so. This place is still safe for the time being, so you should rest. I’ll go out for a while.”

Saying so, he stood up and patted Lu Jing’s shoulder, “Take care of Grey Bones, I’ll be back soon.”

Lu Jing nodded. He also knew that his Fourth Order Open Heaven cultivation wouldn’t be of much use on the Crime Star, so following Yang Kai would only be a burden.

Now, his only wish was to leave Crime Star alive.

A few hours later, Yang Kai returned to the valley where he had been ambushed. Although it had been a few days, he could still see the traces of the battle here.

There was a lot of blood on the ground, but not a single corpse could be seen.

However, judging from the previous situation, Yin Xinzhao and Pei Wen Xuan would not be able to escape from this encirclement. Even if it was him, under such circumstances, he could only flee, let alone others.

Yang Kai was overjoyed!

Yin Xinzhao and Pei Wen Xuan both had a grudge with him, and now dying at the hands of the Crime League was something he wanted to see.

Although the process was somewhat different from what he had designed, the result was no different. It could be said that he had successfully borrowed someone else’s knife to kill them.

As for Zhuang Wei, he had previously obtained more stars than Yang Kai, so now that Yang Kai thought about it, he was probably deader than dead. With his current achievements, it was likely that none of the participants in the Dao Exchange could compare to him. As long as he could maintain his current achievements, obtaining first place wouldn’t be a problem.


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