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Outside Crime Star, inside the palace, there was a giant sand table that reflected the entire landscape of Crime Star, with many golden and black spots moving about.

Each golden light dot represented a cultivator participating in the Dao Exchange, and each black light dot represented a sinner on the Crime Star.

According to their cultivation bases, the brightness of these golden and black spots was slightly different.

Among them, the most dazzling golden and black ones were undoubtedly the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage from both sides. There were only twenty or thirty of them.

The Dao Exchange Conference had already begun, and the Seventh Order Open Heaven Elders who had come from the various Cave Heaven Paradise were not idle either. They stood in front of the sand table in batches, observing the progress of the Dao Exchange Conference.

Now, more than half a year had passed, and the Dao Exchange Conference was proceeding smoothly. Occasionally, one could see some golden and black specks of light disappear from the sand table, signifying the fall of the participating cultivators or sinners.

However, what caught the attention of many Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage masters was one of the golden specks of light. Judging from its brightness, this person was undoubtedly a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage master. At the beginning of the Dao Exchange Conference, he had been together with a Sixth Order sinner from Crime Star and had killed many people.

In the end, when the Crime League was established, the two of them separated, and the black dot representing the sinners joined the Crime League. As for the golden dot of light, it didn’t last long before it gathered with the other four participants.

No one knew who these four people were, only that they were definitely disciples from the Cave Heaven Paradise because two of them were Sixth Order Open Heaven.

Although they couldn’t see what was happening on the Crime Star, all of the High Rank Open Heaven masters watching the sand table were old and experienced, so how could they not guess what was happening?

The biggest possibility was that one of Crime Star’s Sixth Order sinners had been instigated by one of the participants to become his spy. With the help of this spy, that person had been able to kill many Sixth Order sinners in succession and obtain great achievements.

The Elders leading the various teams all wore looks of approval, but at the same time, they couldn’t help being curious as to which Cave Heaven Paradise this person came from. This kind of skill was truly a great honor for their Sect.

One had to know that it was not so easy to instigate a Sixth Order Open Heaven sinner to betray them. What kind of benefits did they gain from this?

As they spoke, they also asked Xu Linggong about this sand table before. This sand table was the work of Yin-Yang Heaven, so even if others didn’t know who these light dots represented, Xu Linggong might not be the same.

Who would have thought that this old fart would suddenly say he didn’t know what was happening on the Crime Star? Everyone was helpless and could only wait patiently until the Dao Exchange Conference ended.

However, today, the various Elders who had gathered together to watch the sand table were arguing in front of Xu Linggong.

Without a doubt, the few little brats who had acted together had been ambushed by the Crime League, resulting in one of their Fifth Order disciple dying on the spot. Although two of them managed to escape, the remaining two Sixth Order disciples seemed to have been captured. If they didn’t rescue them now, they would likely die on the spot.

Crime League had sent out nine Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage masters this time, so these little brats were simply powerless to resist.

No one knew which family these two Sixth Order disciples were from, but what if they were from their own family? These two were geniuses that had not been seen in a thousand years, future pillars of their own forces, so they absolutely could not lose them in the Dao Exchange Conference.

More than a dozen Cave Heaven Paradise Elders joined forces to pressure Xu Linggong to open the Crime Star Formation so they could go rescue them.

Xu Linghong ignored them completely, causing the scene to become chaotic.

“Xu Linggong, are you going to open this Crime Star Formation or not?” Duan Ruishan from Unthinking Heaven glared at Xu Linggong fiercely.

“The Dao Exchange will last for a year, and before it ends, no one is allowed to interfere,” Xu Linggong coldly looked towards Duan Ruishan.

“Brother Xu, we also understand your difficulties, but now that such a big change has occurred in the Dao Exchange Conference, you have to make an exception. All the elite core disciples are inside, if anything happens…” Lu Zhengyang of the Azure Nether Paradise reasoned.

“That’s also their fate!” Xu Linggong coldly snorted, “Before participating in the Dao Exchange Conference, this King said that no matter if they live or die, they will bear the consequences themselves. Since they participated, they should be prepared to be beaten to death.”

“Brother Xu, although this Crime Star Formation is good, it can’t stop so many of us, right?” Myriad Demons Heaven's Zhuo Buqun looked at Xu Linggong.

Xu Linggong turned his head and coldly snorted, “Trying to scare me? This old master is not scared. Since they want to marry this Xu Linggong's disciple, they have to show off their extraordinary skills. If they really die in the Dao Exchange Conference, it means they’re not qualified! Whoever dares to intrude on this Crime Star Formation, don’t blame this old master for turning hostile!”

“Brother Xu, do you really want to be so stubborn?”

“Come here!” Xu Linggong shouted, “Send a message to the Supreme Elder, tell him that someone is trying to cause trouble at the Dao Exchange Conference. This old master is not their opponent, so let the Supreme Elder handle this personally! Also, activate the Crime Star Formation to its limit. All disciples in the Sect, stand guard outside the Crime Star. Whoever dares to trespass will be killed without mercy!”

“Disciple understands!” Su Yingxue and Qing Kui cupped their fists before turning around and flying towards Yin-Yang Heaven.

The Elders of the various Cave Heaven Paradise all wore pale expressions…

A Cave Heaven Paradise's Supreme Elder is an existence with an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultiavtion. Although there were more than a dozen Seventh Order cultivators present, even if they were tied together, they might not be his opponent.

“Old Xu, it’s just a small matter, why bother alerting the Supreme Elder!” Someone stepped out to mediate.

Xu Linggong stiffened his neck, “You forced me!”

The man sighed and shook his head, “You have no friends like this.”

“Friends!” Xu Linggong sneered as he swept his gaze over everyone’s faces, “If you really treated this old master as a friend, you won't think of a way to have your worthless disciples marry this old master’s disciple. Does this old master not care about face?”

As he spoke, he punched the sand table, and with a loud bang, the sand table shattered.

“Don’t even think about watching. Life and death are up to fate, and fortune is up to the Heavens. Which family’s disciple will die inside? They should just admit their bad luck! This Dao Exchange Conference is for this old master’s disciple to choose a husband, not for those useless disciples of yours.”

Su Yingxue and Qing Kui flew into Yin-Yang Heaven while Qing Kui scratched his head and asked, “Are we really going to send a message to the Supreme Elder?”

“Are you stupid?” Su Yingxue shot him a look, “Master just said it casually, do you really take it seriously?”

“Then what are we…”

Su Yingxue said, “We don't have to send a message to the Supreme Elder, but the disciples left behind in the Sect still need to come out and put on a show. Otherwise, if nothing happened after Master said such a thing, wouldn’t it be quite embarrassing?”

Qing Kui suddenly understood.

A moment later, a large number of Yin-Yang Heaven disciple flew out from the inside and surrounded Crime Star, preparing for battle!

The faces of the Elders of the various families twitched as they watched this scene, but none of them continued to clamor about entering the Crime Star to investigate the situation. No one knew if Yin-Yang Heaven’s Supreme Elder was secretly observing the situation, and if they tried to force their way in, they might cause some big trouble.

Inside the Crime Star, in a new hiding place, Yang Kai was calmly refining the Open Heaven Pill while Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch was still healing.

The Dao Exchange Conference had been going on for such a long time, and only three or four months away before it ended. Since Yang Kai had accumulated enough achievements, there was no need for him to rush into action.

As for whether or not someone would surpass him in terms of results, he didn’t need to worry too much about it. With the establishment of Crime League, the sinners on the Crime Star were now united in order to keep warm, so even if others wanted to kill them, they wouldn’t be able to kill many.

It could be said that the chances of others surpassing him were not high.

As the days passed, no matter what happened outside, the place where Yang Kai and the other two were hiding was calm.

On this day, Yang Kai suddenly felt something and opened his eyes, his figure instantly disappearing.

Three hundred kilometers away, Yang Kai reappeared in mid-air as a stream of light rushed towards him. Suddenly seeing Yang Kai block his path, the stream of light was startled and gently waved the wooden sword in its hand, forming a profound pattern that shot towards Yang Kai.

This pattern contained a strange power that was as gentle as the wind, but also astonishingly destructive.

Yang Kai dodged and shouted, “It really is Senior Brother Ning, I thought I was mistaken.”

The stream of light that was rushing towards him paused for a moment before dissipating, revealing a figure. It was Ning Daoran from Free and Unfettered Paradise!

“Junior Brother Yang?” Ning Daoran’s expression was one of shock as he turned the wooden sword in his hand and placed it behind his back, letting out a long sigh, “I thought it was someone from Crime League chasing after me.”

“Senior Brother Ning is injured?” Yang Kai looked towards his chest where there was still a pool of blood.

Ning Daoran’s expression changed, “Junior Brother Yang, run! There are pursuers behind me!”

“Come!” Yang Kai rushed over and held him back. Activating his Space Laws, Yang Kai quickly returned to his hiding place and used his Divine Sense to isolate himself from the outside world.

A short while later, a series of air-piercing sounds rang out above their heads and soon disappeared into the distance.

In the hiding place, Ning Daoran let out a long sigh and glanced towards Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch who was sitting nearby, “Junior Brother, this is…”

“This is Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch, a Heavenly Monarch who has returned to the light of day and abandoned the darkness to help me.”

Ning Daoran nodded and said, “There is nothing wrong with a man, knowing his mistakes and being able to change for the better! Free and Unfettered Paradise’s Ning Daoran greets Senior Brother Grey Bones!”

Grey Bones returned the greeting, “Junior Brother Ning is too polite.”

Lu Jing also came over and introduced himself. Although he was the Union Young Master of the Gathering Source League, there is still a big gap between him and a proud son like Ning Daoran. Now that he had a chance to familiarize himself with Ning Daoran, it might be of use in the future.

“Senior Brother Ning, who injured you?” Yang Kai asked with concern.

Ning Daoran smiled wryly, “Have you heard of Crime League?”

Yang Kai and Grey Bones glanced at each other. Crime League is simply too familiar.

Ning Daoran said, “On Crime Star, there is an Underworld Heavenly Monarch who established the Sin Union and gathered all the sinners from Crime Star. Seven of his subordinates were Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage masters, and they had the advantage in numbers. Right now, they were trying to eliminate the participating cultivators, so I was accidentally discovered and…”


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