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Yin Xinzhao asked in a low voice, “What kind of explanation does Heavenly Monarch want?”

Underworld Heavenly Monarch smiled but didn’t say anything.


A light sound suddenly rang out, accompanied by a muffled groan. On the other side, Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood and staggered to the ground, a huge bloody hole appearing between his chest and abdomen. From one side of his body, one could clearly see the scenery on the other side.

In the sky, Jin Gang Heavenly Monarch slowly withdrew his bloody fist.

“You…” Grey Bones looked up at Jin Gang Heavenly Monarch, his eyes filled with shock.

Many of the Sixth Order members of Crime League also burst into an uproar as they all looked towards the Jin Gang Heavenly Monarch in surprise, wondering why the Vice Union Master would suddenly attack one of their own and severely injure Grey Bones.

“Colluding with foreign enemies and harming fellow daoists, this is your fate!” Jin Gang Heavenly Monarch coldly snorted, “Grey Bones, you’re dead today, no one can save you.”

Grey Bones' hand clutched his chest and used his strength to stabilize his injuries, his face pale as he remained silent.

A Sixth Order Protector who had always been on good terms with Grey Bones asked in a low voice, “Vice Union Master, what is the meaning of this?” The sudden attack on Grey Bones made him feel a bit uneasy. He is also a Protector of Crime League, so if he didn’t clarify things this time, this kind of thing might happen again.

Underworld Heavenly Monarch smiled lightly and said, “Everyone, don’t panic, this is this King’s will. Grey Bones is a despicable and cunning man, he is a spy planted by these participants into my Crime League!”


Many Protectors looked towards Grey Bones in disbelief, and the Sixth Order Protector who had just spoken was even more surprised.

Grey Bones grit his teeth and said, “What does Union Master mean by that? I don’t understand.” At this time, he absolutely could not admit it, otherwise he would really be finished.

Underworld Heavenly Monarch smiled slightly, “Originally, this King was just a bit suspicious, but I couldn’t be certain. After all, every time a patrol team went out, there would be traces of your handling. Although you hid yourself well, there is no such thing as an impenetrable wall in this world. If this King couldn’t even detect this point, how can this king be the Union Master of the Crime League. Only when Wu Nian died and you escaped alone did this King become suspicious. In order to verify this King’s suspicions, this King probed a few more times.” Saying so, his face sank as he pointed at the broken limbs and pieces of flesh around him, “Today’s patrol team’s whereabouts, other than this King and the two Vice Union Masters, only you know the way, but they were intercepted after less than two hours. If you didn’t inform them, who else could it be?”

Grey Bones shook his head, “I ask for Union Master bright view, I don’t know anything about this!”

Jin Gang Heavenly Monarch sneered, “If it weren’t for you, could it be me or even Cang Yan? Grey Bones, oh Grey Bones, you really disappoint us. What benefits did these participants promise you to make you abandon us old friends you’ve known for countless years?”

On the side, Yin Xinzhao and Pei Wen Xuan glanced at each other. Originally, they had thought they had been sold off by Yang Kai, but looking at the current situation, it seemed like the Crime League had seen through Grey Bones' identity and decided to play along.

At this moment, both of them were worried.

Grey Bones' face was filled with grief as he slowly said, “If you want to condemn someone, there is nothing i can say!”

“You’re still trying to deny it!” The Underworld Heavenly Monarch’s face went cold, “Originally, I wanted to give you a chance to redeem yourself, but now it seems you’ve made up your mind to become enemies with my Crime League. Since that’s the case, I’ll let you die in peace!”

Waving his hand, he shouted, “Bring him here!”

From the side, someone immediately walked out, holding a bloody figure in his hand. Grey Bones' eyes went wide as he shouted, “White Hair!”

The bloody figure was none other than his only subordinate, White Hair.

At this moment, it's unknown wheter White Hair is alive or not, his entire body in a miserable state. It was obvious that he had suffered a great deal of torture as a strange energy drilled into his body like a snake, causing his vitality to dim.

After sending out White Hair that day, three Sixth Order masters also received a message and brought a group of subordinates to the tree house in the jungle, which became Yang Kai’s kill records. Afterwards, when Crime League was established and Yang Kai had no fish to fish, he left the forest.

During this period of time, Grey Bones had also inquired about White Hair, but unfortunately, he had found nothing. Only now did he realize that White Hair had somehow fallen into the hands of Underworld Heavenly Monarch.

Seemingly having heard Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch shout, the dying White Hair’s body trembled slightly as he raised his head. His face was swollen as if he had been submerged in water for a few years, his flesh covered in blood and his eyes swollen. Narrowing his eyes, he carefully looked towards Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch's direction before saying in a desolate voice, “Master, White Hair has let you down!”

“What else do you have to say?” Underworld Heavenly Monarch coldly stared at Grey Bones.

Grey Bones' expression became ashen, knowing that no matter how he argued, it was useless. White Hair was only a Fourth Order, and now that he had fallen into the hands of a character like Underworld Heavenly Monarch, no matter how loyal he was, Underworld Heavenly Monarch had a way to force him to reveal the truth.

“It seems you have nothing to say,” Underworld Heavenly Monarch coldly snorted. With a wave of his hand, White Hair exploded into a bloody mist, not even leaving behind a corpse!

The reason he had gone through so much trouble to prove that Grey Bones was colluding with foreign enemies was only to appease the hearts of the other Sixth Order Protectors. Otherwise, they will think they kill a Sixth Order Protector casually.

Grey Bones' eyes widened.

After settling Grey Bones' matter, Underworld Heavenly Monarch turned to Yin Xinzhao and the others, “Little friends, where are you from?”

Yin Xinzhao muttered, “Xuanyuan Cave Heaven!”

“This should be Myriad Demons Heaven's disciple,” Udnerworld Heavenly Monarch looked towards Pei Wen Xuan and smiled.

The people from Myriad Demons Heaven were the easiest to recognize. The Demonic Qi on their bodies was too obvious, so no matter where they went, it was obvious.

“What about you?” Underworld Heavenly Monarch looked towards Yang Kai again.

“Void Land!” Yang Kai replied casually, but his mind was focused on Grey Bones' situation. White Hair had been killed right in front of him, so Grey Bones' current state was somewhat strange.

Underworld Heavenly Monarch frowned, “Perhaps I am too ignorant, i don't know that there is a Void Paradise in this world.”

“It’s Void Land!” Yang Kai reiterated.

Underworld Heavenly Monarch seemed to understand something and nodded slightly, “So that’s how it is.” He was puzzled. Didn’t the Sixth Order Open Heaven who participated in this Dao Exchange all come from the Cave Heaven Paradise? How come this person in front of him was actually from a place called Void Land?

Unwilling to think too much about it, he simply waved his hand and spat out a single word, “Kill!”

At the same time, Grey Bones, who had been suppressing his emotions to the extreme, suddenly erupted and rushed towards the Underworld Heavenly Monarch, shouting, “Underworld, i will take your life!” [MSN: Ugh, 'underworld' name is so awkward LOL. The word in english was actually 'Huang Quan' but from the source where i use their name actually use 'underworld', that's why i use it xD]

Underworld Heavenly Monarch looked over coldly, not moving.

Jin Gang Heavenly Monarch and Cang Yan Heavenly Monarch attacked from the left and right, sending Grey Bones flying and coughing up blood. He was already severely wounded by the sneak attack of Jin Gang Heavenly Monarch, so how could he be a match for the two Vice Union Masters?

The surrounding World Force fluctuated wildly as a series of Secret Techniques and artifacts flew towards Yang Kai and the others.

Yang Kai, Yin Xinzhao, and Pei Wen Xuan all roared angrily, knowing that this is a near-death experience. None of them dared to hesitate, all of them using various methods to resist.

Boom, boom, boom, the three of them trembled violently, each of their Small Universe were also trembling.

The difference in numbers was simply too great. There was no need to fight this battle, the outcome was already decided.

It was not safe to remain in this dangerous place.

Yang Kai waved his hand and retreated, leaving behind Yin Xinzhao and Pei Wen Xuan to resist the many Open Heaven Stage masters from Crime League. In a flash, he rushed towards Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch.

He was fast, but there were actually people faster than him.

The Fifth Order Open Heaven, who had been following behind Pei Wen Xuan, had suddenly appeared beside Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch and grabbed his arm, dragging him towards Yang Kai.

The attacks of Jin Gang Heavenly Monarch and Cang Yan Heavenly Monarch behind him caused him to spit out a mouthful of blood as his Demonic Qi surged.

“Let’s go!” Mo Sheng shouted towards Yang Kai who was rushing over.

Yang Kai was speechless for a moment before using his Space Laws to wrap around Mo Sheng and Grey Bones and escape.

The face of Jin Gang Heavenly Monarch who was rushing towards him sank, “En? Space Divine Ability? Don’t even think about escaping!” Taking a deep breath, he spat out a sound wave, causing the surrounding space to shatter like a mirror, creating countless cracks.

Yang Kai and the others’ gradually fading figures suddenly solidified as the Space Teleportation was interrupted.

Cang Yan and Underworld Heavenly Monarch, who had noticed that the situation was not looking good, rushed over from the left and right. The World Force of a Sixth Order Open Heaven was like two different worlds colliding.

“Open!” Yang Kai raised his hand and summoned his Azure Dragon Spear, thrusting it forward. The golden dragon head behind him flashed, and with a dragon roar, the Azure Dragon Spear in his hand transformed into a giant dragon that rushed forward.

The auras of the two Sixth Order masters suddenly split apart, and Yang Kai quickly activated his Space Laws to escape through the gap.

Behind him, the rumbling sounds of attacks rang out incessantly as the violent World Force almost shattered the void.

By the time Jin Gang Heavenly Monarch arrived, Yang Kai, along with Grey Bones and Mo Sheng had already disappeared.

“It’s actually a Space Divine Ability!” Underworld Heavenly Monarch brow wrinkled as he spread out his Divine Sense, but Yang Kai was nowhere to be seen.

“What a fast escape!” Jin Gang Heavenly Monarch also wore a look of resentment. When he had sensed that something was wrong, he had immediately interrupted Yang Kai’s Space Divine Ability, but all of his efforts had been in vain. It was rumoured that people who are proficient in Space Law is good in escaping, now it seemed that it was true.

“I was too careless!” Cang Yan sighed. If he had known that there was someone here who was proficient in the Space Laws, he would have sealed the world to prevent them from escaping.

“It doesn’t matter,” Underworld slowly shook his head, “It’s not like we’ve gained nothing.”

Looking towards the battlefield, there were still three more disciples from the Cave Heaven Paradise. Although two of them were Sixth Order, all of them had just recently broken through and their strength was far inferior to the Sixth Order from the Crime League. With such a large disparity in numbers, it was only a matter of time before they were defeated and killed.

On the battlefield, Yin Xinzhao and Pei Wen Xuan’s faces were both ashen, their bodies swaying left and right as if they were at risk of dying. As Core Disciples of the Cave Heaven Paradise, the two of them naturally had many life-saving artifacts on them, but now that they had used them one by one, they could only drag out their last breaths and delay their deaths.


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