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“There’s no need to worry about the matters of the Lower Realm. Zuo Quan Hui was injured by my Divine Ability this time, so it won’t be easy for him to recover. It will take at least three to five months, at most a year, but once he recovers, he will definitely make a comeback! Facing a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage master who is determined to seek revenge, my Void Land still lacks a decisive force to contend with it!” Yang Kai gently rubbed his forehead as he sat in the main seat.

The Void Land has two Holy Spirits, which could protect the Void Land’s headquarter and Star City, so it was indeed safe, but with so many people in the Void Land, it was impossible for them to hide forever.

Bi Xi's True Body was too large, but it was more than enough to defend the place, but it was not enough to be used in such a situation. Zhu Jiu Yin’s anger had not subsided yet, so he could not rely on her.

If there was a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage master in the Void Land, the situation would be greatly improved.

On the other hand, the Proprietress was still in secluded cultivation to break through to the Seventh Order, but no one could say for sure how long it would take for her to do so. Perhaps three to five years, or even several dozen to a hundred years, but the uncertainties were too great.

Yang Kai lowered his head and looked towards Mao Zhe, “Great Mountain Lord, if I provide you with enough resources, are you confident you can break through to the Seventh Order in a short time?”

Although there were many Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators present, in terms of profound cultivation and deep heritage, Mao Zhe was the closest to the Seventh Order.

Hearing this, Mao Zhe showed a look of difficulty and slowly shook his head, “Sir, the difference between a Sixth Order and a Seventh Order is between a Mid Rank and a High Rank. This isn’t just a matter of having too many resources. Since this subordinate has followed Sir, I have not been lacking in cultivation resources, but if I want to break through to the Seventh Order, I still feel like I am lacking something. Even if I go into secluded cultivation right now, it won’t have much effect.”

Yang Kai nodded. If even Mao Zhe was in such a situation, there was no need to mention the others, they were still far from reaching the Seventh Order.

“If we don’t have an equal force to suppress this Seventh Order Zuo Quan Hui, then our battle with him will forever be in a passive state,” Yang Kai slowly said as he looked down, “Does anyone have any good solution?”

Everyone looked at each other, lost in thought.

Grey Bones asked, “Perhaps we can ask Yin-Yang Heaven for help?”

Yang Kai shook his head and said, “In order to avenge Zhao Xing, Zuo Quan Hui’s branch didn’t hesitate to betray Thousand Crane Paradise. Although this method is a bit excessive, anyone with eyes can see what’s going on. However, this is already the result of Yin-Yang Heaven’s pressure. If it weren’t for Yin-Yang Heaven’s efforts, I’m afraid that Zuo Quan Hui’s faction wouldn’t be the only one making things difficult for my Void Land, there would be even more Seventh Order Open Heaven!”

Although Zhao Xing and Zhou Ti were both Sixth Order, their statuses in Thousand Crane Paradise were definitely different. Zhao Xing directly advance to Sixth Order and expected to reach Eighth Order in the future, so his status was definitely higher than Zhou Ti’s.

A Core Disciple like Zhao Xing was like a precious treasure in every Cave Heaven Paradise. There could not be any mishaps, otherwise it would be equivalent to pouring all of the Sect’s strength into taking revenge.

Thousand Crane Paradise did not make a big fuss because of Yin-Yang Heaven, but because of Xu Linggong meditate the situation.

Not to mention that asking for help from Yin-Yang Heaven was definitely useless, Yang Kai was also unwilling to do so. He was indeed the son-in-law of Yin-Yang Heaven now, but the Void Land was the Void Land, and Yin-Yang Heaven was Yin-Yang Heaven. If he used the power of Yin-Yang Heaven to resolve this crisis, the Void Land might even become someone else’s subordinate.

This was not what he wanted to see.

The hall fell silent for a moment. Yin-Yang Heaven couldn’t be counted on, and the Void Land itself didn’t have an equal force to deal with a Seventh Order Zuo Quan Hui, so no matter how one looked at it, the situation was quite passive.

“Sect Master, perhaps we can use our advantage in numbers,” Bian Yuqing said thoughtfully.

Yang Kai turned around and said, “Speak carefully.”

The others also turned to look at her. If it was an ordinary Emperor Realm master, under the gaze of so many Sixth Order and Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage masters, they would have lost their minds and become incoherent. However, Bian Yuqing, as the Second Manager of the Void Land, had been managing the affairs of the Void Land all these years, so she naturally wouldn’t show any signs of fear.

“This mistress’s strength is too low, so I don’t know what kind of realm the Open Heaven Stage is. If there’s anything wrong with my humble opinion, I hope Sect Master won’t laugh at me.”

Yang Kai raised his hand and said, “There’s no harm in saying it. Just because you’re an Emperor Realm, you might consider things from a different perspective than us. Perhaps you can find a way out.”

Bian Yuqing said, “Zuo Quan Hui’s Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage is indeed unrivaled in my Void Land, but in terms of Sixth Order and Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage, my Void Land does have an overwhelming advantage. Since we don’t have a Seventh Order, and there won’t be a Seventh Order in the near future, can we consider using a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage to encircle Zuo Quan Hui? If three people can’t, then we’ll have five, if five can’t, then we’ll have ten, if ten can’t, then we’ll have twenty Sixth Order. Twenty Sixth Order, surely we can defeat Zuo Quan Hui, right?”

Grey Bones smiled and said, “Twenty is indeed enough. If there are too many ants, they can even bite an elephant to death, let alone a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator. Under normal circumstances, a Seventh Order cultivator should be able to fight ten Sixth Order cultivators at once, but if one of these ten were Sir suppresing him, then Zuo Quan Hui would definitely not be an opponent. En, perhaps less than ten will be needed.”

Yang Kai’s strength was obvious to all, and he was definitely not an ordinary Sixth Order. In a one-on-one fight, he was indeed not Zuo Quan Hui’s opponent, but several days ago, with the help of Geng Qing and Mao Zhe, he was still able to dominate Zuo Quan Hui. Even if he was constantly at a disadvantage, he would not be killed in a short time. In the end, while Zuo Quan Hui was distracted, Yang Kai managed to injure him with his Sun and Moon Divine Wheel.

If there were really nine Sixth Order masters working together with him, it would not be a problem to restrain Zuo Quan Hui.

“But how can we have twenty Sixth Order masters?” Grey Bones smiled bitterly, “All the Sixth Order masters are here now. Including Sir, there are only nine of them.”

Yang Kai, however, wore a thoughtful expression, “Second Manager means…”

Bian Yuqing said, “The various Great Emperors, several wives, several Pseudo Emperors, as well as Xiang Ying, Fang Yue, and the others who recently joined us all have the potential to break through to the Sixth Order. These past few days, they have been refining all kinds of Sixth Order Resources, so what they lack now is nothing more than Sixth Grade Yin-Yang Element. If they have enough Sixth Grade Yin-Yang Element Resources, it won’t be a problem to increase the number of Sixth Order masters in the Void Land by a dozen or more!”

Hearing this, Yang Kai’s eyes lit up and he suddenly felt enlightened.

Previously, he had been thinking about how to deal with Zuo Quan Hui, a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage, and he wanted to add a Seventh Order master in the Void Land, but Bian Yuqing’s solution was to increase the number of Sixth Order masters in the Void Land. If they had enough Sixth Order masters, they could deal with Zuo Quan Hui, a Seventh Order master!

Sure enough, when one’s position was different, one’s perspective on the problem would be different!

Currently, in the Void Land, there were many people who had come from the Star Boundary and were working hard to reach the Sixth Order.

Iron Blood, Hongchen, Beast Martial, Serene Soul, Flower Shadow, Ice Feather, Tian Shu, Wondrous Pill, eight Great Emperors. Su Yan, Xia Ningchang, Xue Yue, Shan Qingluo, Yu Rumeng, Ji Yao, Yang Yan, Jiu Feng, Li Wu Yi, Bing Yun, the daughter of Beast Martial Great Emperor, Lin Yun’er, the disciple of the Iron Blood Great Emperor, Yang Kai’s younger sister Yang Xue… a total of twenty-one people! [MSN: Oof, Zhu Qing is still forgotten?]

Needless to say, the eight Great Emperors had been in the peak Emperor Realm for countless years and had solid foundations. They had long since condensed their own Dao Seals in the Star Boundary. Because the Star Boundary was sealed, the Great Emperors could only work hard on their own Dao Seals, polishing their Dao Seals until they were extremely smooth and solid.

As soon as they left the Star Boundary, everyone’s Dao Seals could withstand the impact of a Sixth Order resource and were qualified to break through to the Sixth Order. These eight Great Emperors were all Core Disciples in any Cave Heaven Paradise.

In comparison, the foundations of Yang Kai’s wives and even Li Wuyi and the others were much thinner. Normally speaking, directly advancing to the Sixth Order was very risky, but Yang Kai had the Dao Divine Water, which could strengthen their Dao Seal, so it naturally made up for their deficiencies, allowing them to stand at the same height as the other Great Emperors.

When they could really break through, the Heavenly Yuan Positive Seal Pill in the Void Land would protect them and minimize the risks.

As for Xiang Ying and Fang Yue, they were both Holy Medicine masters in the Great Ruins Boundary. In the Great Ruins Boundary, Yang Kai had obtained Pu Baixiong, Little Mushroom, and the Gourd Vine. Xiang Ying got the Purple Bamboo, and Fang Yue get the Thousand Leaves Stone Lotus.

These two were the Bearer chosen by the Holy Spirits and had received great support from the Holy Spirits, both of them condensing Sixth Order Strength. However, because of their lack of aptitude, it was extremely risky for them to break through to the Sixth Order in the future, after learning that there was a Heavenly Yuan Positive Seal Pill in the Void Land, Fang Yue was the first to run over to Yang Kai.

With Yang Kai’s support, Fang Yue opened a Great Ruins Shop in the Star City just to recruit the people who had survived the Great Ruins Boundary.

This was something that had happened while Yang Kai went to the Shadowless Cave Heaven. After the reputation of the Great Ruins Shop had been established, it had indeed recruited some Bearers, and Xiang Ying was one of them.

Including them, there were 23 of them!

Twenty-three people who had a chance of advancing to the Sixth Order, if all of them could successfully advance, with the current nine, the number of Sixth Order cultivators in the Void Land would be extremely terrifying!

This was not including the Dragon Race who had come from the Star Boundary!

The cultivation of the Dragon Race was different from that of ordinary cultivators. Although they also needed a large amount of cultivation resources, they were mainly focused on purifying their own bloodlines and not opening a world in their bodies to reach the Open Heaven Stage.

As long as the Dragon Race’s bloodline was rich to a certain extent, it would be able to display a power not inferior to the Open Heaven Stage.

Any qualified adult Holy Spirit had the power of High Rank Open Heaven.

However, the purity of the Dragon Race’s bloodline was an extremely time-consuming matter. Compared to the Open Heaven Stage, it was only a matter of time. After all, the lifespan of the Dragon Race is extremely long.

As for how to make the Dragon Clan's Bloodline pure, Yang Kai was also quite confused. Besides knowing that they had to take Dragon Blood Pill, he didn’t know much about the rest, so these days, the Dragon Clan would often come to Dragon Child Peak to ask the old man for advice.

Going back to the Source, there was also a Dragon Vein. In this aspect, he could guide the cultivation of the Dragon Clan.


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si bams
si bams
Jan 31, 2022

Just give up in Zhu Qing. Let's said she left to protect great boundary world. What make me irritated is why Author also forget Yang Yan's ability as Array and Artifact master?

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Davide Ravaglia
Feb 01, 2022
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Let's be honest, every time he reaches a higher realm than the one allowed in a certain world and leave, lots of characters present will be almost totally forgotten and become sort of useless. This is a part of MP that i dislike, it's like the only one allowed to improve on it's own is yang kay (and wu chang)

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