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The Dragon Clan couldn’t be counted on for the time being, but the people from the Void Land who had the potential to break through to the Sixth Order could be look forward to.

Yang Kai lowered his head and looked towards Bian Yuqing, “Second Manager, how is the supply of resources in my Void Land? How is the cultivation of the Great Emperors going?”

Bian Yuqing nodded and said, “Overall, everything is going quite smoothly. With the Star City as a safeguard, the Void Land has a steady stream of wealth, with eighty percent of the profits being exchanged for cultivation resources of various grades, enough to satisfy the needs of the Sect’s entire population. There are also quite a number of Sixth Grade's Five Elements resources prepared, but the only problem is that the Yin-Yang Element Resources are too scarce. Even if we count the one Sixth Grade Yang Element that Gathering Source League's Lu JIng brought along a few days ago, the Yin-Yang Element Resources we have are only enough for three people to advance!”

“Three people…” Yang Kai nodded lightly, comparing the requirements of twenty-three people, this number was indeed too small. After a moment of silence, he asked, “If there is an abundance of resources, how long will it take for all the Great Emperors to advance to the Sixth Order?”

“The Great Emperors have deep foundations and solid Dao Seals. The speed at which they refine these resources is very fast. If they have enough resources, all of them will be able to break through to the Sixth Order within ten years, while the fastest ones will only need three to five years.”

Hearing this, Yue He frowned, “Three to five years is quite long.”

Yang Kai waved his hand and said, “Three to five years isn’t a short time, but this battle may not be decided in a short time, so we need to look at the long term. Moreover, whether it’s to deal with this battle or not, the gap between my Void Land’s resources to the Sixth Grade Yin-Yang Element resources is still there, so we need to find a way to resolve it.”

Yue He nodded, “Young Master is right.”

Yang Kai sat up straight and said in a clear voice, “Alright, the problem in front of us now is clear. Where can we find so many Sixth Grade Yin-Yang Element resources? Does anyone have any good ideas?”

Bian Yuqing said, “Star City can continue to offer high prices, but the effects shouldn’t be too good. After all, we’ve been doing this for so long, so the number of Sixth Grade Yin-Yang resources we can purchase is still quite low.”

Yang Kai said, “Even if the results aren’t good, we still need to continue. If we can get one, we’ll get one. Our gap isn’t small.”

Bian Yuqing nodded.

Mo Mei suggested, “Perhaps we can think of a way to purchase these things from the Cave Heaven Paradise? Why don’t we just go to them directly? These Cave Heaven Paradise have been around the 3000 Worlds for so many years, so they should have some accumulation.”

Yue He shook her head and said, “It’s useless. In the entire 3000 Worlds, resources above the Sixth Grade have always been scarce. Even though these Cave Heaven Paradise have accumulated a great deal of resources, they can only be used as strategic resources and cannot be easily sold to others. After all, they also have a great need for these resources, not to mention that we have fallen out with Zuo Quan Hui and he has Thousand Crane Paradise behind him.”

Grey Bones stared and asked, “Isn’t there no other way?”

Bian Yuqing asked, “Sect Master, didn’t you meet with the Union Young Master of Gathering Source League a few days ago? They are a trading company, so they should have some connections, right?”

Yang Kai nodded and said, “The Gathering Source League definitely has some connections. Although Sixth Grade Yin-Yang materials are rare and precious, they should be able to obtain some. However, the chances of us cooperating with the Gathering Source League aren’t high, they shouldn’t be willing to take the risk of offending Zuo Quan Hui and Thousand Crane Paradise to have business dealings with us.”

If it had been a few days ago, there was still a chance for them to cooperate, but now that they had fought a great battle with Zuo Quan Hui and even killed a Sixth Order Zhou Ti, the Gathering Source League would soon receive news of this. In addition, the Gathering Source League had already shown some fear towards Thousand Crane Paradise, so it was likely they would not cooperate with Void Land.

Mo Mei muttered under her breath, “If only there were Universe Cave Heaven or Universe Paradise like Blood Monster Cave Heaven, those High Rank Open Heaven would definitely have left behind many legacies after their death!”

Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing, “Even if it’s a Universe Cave Heaven or Universe Paradise left behind by a High Rank Open Heaven, we may not be able to find what we need.”

The Blood Monster Cave Heaven was the best example. Yang Kai had indeed obtained a lot of benefits from the Blood Mosnter Cave Heaven, but he hadn’t seen many resources of Sixth Grade Yin-Yang Element, so it was obvious these things were quite rare.

“I do know of a place where we can obtain what we need, and the quantity isn’t small,” Old Bai suddenly said.

“Where?” Yang Kai’s spirits rose as he quickly turned to look at him while silently cursing himself for being so foolish. Old Bai, the Chef, and the Accountant had originally worked under the Proprietress, while the First Inn itself was responsible for collecting informations. If there was anything in these 3000 Worlds he didn’t understand, it was best to ask him.

The others also looked towards Old Bai.

Old Bai hesitated for a moment before asking, “Do you still remember Luan Baifeng?”

Yang Kai raised his brow, “That Luan Baifeng from Black Prison?”

“That’s her!” Old Bai nodded.

“Of course I remember!” Speaking of which, this woman had dealt with him twice before. The first time was when she had followed Heavenly Sword Union’s Union Master Kong Feng to lead the Hundred Force Alliance to attack the Void Land. This woman had an extremely high attainment in the Dao of Arrays and had been invited by Kong Feng to break the Void Land’s Nine Layers Heaven Formation! The facts proved that this woman was indeed powerful, actually managing to break most of the Nine Layers Heaven Formation.

Afterwards, the Hundred Force Alliance collapsed, Kong Feng died, and this woman disappeared without a trace.

Later on, when Yang Kai had gone to Shadowless Cave Heaven, this woman had once again become involved with the people of Heavenly Sword Union. At that time, Heavenly Sword Union’s successor, Shen Liang, had tried to stop Yang Kai while he was on the road, but Shen Liang had been killed and Luan Bai Feng had fled.

Yang Kai had a deep impression of her. One was that this woman’s attainments in the Dao of Arrays were extremely high, while the other was that her ability to protect herself was very good. As soon as she saw that the situation was not right, she would immediately retreat.

The two Union Master of Heavenly Sword Union had both died, but she was still safe and sound.

However, Yang Kai didn’t know much about her, only that she was the leader of a place called Black Prison.

When Old Bai suddenly mentioned this person, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling puzzled, “Is there anything special about this woman?”

Old Bai shook his head and said, “There’s nothing special about this woman, it's that Black Prison!”

Everyone turned to look at him, only Yue He showed a thoughtful expression.

Of the many Open Heaven Stage masters present, most of them came from the Blood Monster Cave Heaven's Ding Feng City. Before meeting Yang Kai, their ancestors had lived in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven for many generations, unable to break free from the Bloodlines Great Curse. Yang Kai had also brought others from Shadowless Cave Heaven, so they didn’t know much about the outside world.

Yue He understood a little, but not as much as Old Bai.

“The reason why the Black Prison is called the Black Prison is because it is a natural prison with all kinds of natural Formations inside. The environment is extremely harsh. It can be said that if one isn’t familiar with this place, once they enter it, it is very likely they will never be able to find their way out.”

Yang Kai suddenly understood, “No wonder Luan Baifeng has such high attainments in Array Dao!”

Living in a place with countless natural Formation all year round, if one’s attainments in the Dao of Arrays weren’t high, they would have long been killed by these Formations.

“The Black Prison is a dangerous place. Even if a High Rank Open Heaven cultivator enters it, they may not necessarily be able to escape safely. It is rumored that even a High Rank Open Heaven cultivator may not be Luan Baifeng’s opponent. She can borrow the power of various the natural Formations to display strength far beyond her own,” Old Bai continued, “So in the entire 3000 Worlds, Luan Baifeng, this woman, and even the Black Prison are all very famous. After all, not every Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator has the ability to kill a High Rank Open Heaven Stage cultivator.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “Even with the help of the Formations, this woman is quite amazing. What kind of place is Black Prison?”

Old Bai shook his head, “I don’t know either. After all, I’ve never been there before. All I know is that this place is extremely strange and dangerous, no less dangerous than Shattered Heaven.”

“What is she doing in such a dangerous place?” Yang Kai asked curiously.

Old Bai smiled and said, “Everyone in the world is interested in benefits. If the Black Prison didn’t have such great benefits, how could Luan Baifeng remain there? The Black Prison produces an extremely special type of cultivation resource that is called Black Stone because it is completely black.”

Mao Zhe asked curiously, “What’s so special about this black stone?”

Old Bai replied, “There’s nothing special about the black stone itself, but there’s something else inside it. Perhaps there’s nothing inside it, or perhaps there’s some kind of hidden Third Grade, Fourth Grade, Fifth Grade, Sixth Grade, or even Seventh Grade or Eighth Grade cultivation resource!”

Everyone gasped.

Hua Yong couldn’t help staring at him, “Even seventh and eighth grade resources?”

Old Bai nodded solemnly, “It’s only rumored and no one has seen it before, but there are quite a lot Fifth Grade and Sixth Grade resources.”

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up as he sighed, “The 3000 Worlds is full of wonders!”

Zhou Ya frowned and said, “If that’s the case, then what qualifications does Luan Baifeng, a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, have to control the Black Prison? Such a rich place with abundant resources, how could those Cave Heaven Paradise not be jealous?”

This question left many people puzzled.

Old Bai smiled lightly and said, “Senior Sister Zhou is right. If Black Prison was really an ordinary place, Luan Baifeng would not have anything to do with it, it would have been taken over by the other Cave Heaven Paradise long ago. However, Black Prison has its own unique characteristics. Putting aside the fact that the various Cave Heaven Paradise are rich and imposing, which one of them doesn’t have their own resources? Black Prison may not even be worthy of their attention. Secondly, no matter how abundant the resources in the Black Prison are, mining them is extremely difficult. Black Stone is something that only Open Heaven Stage cultivators have the qualifications to mine. The deeper you go, the higher the cultivation grade you need. Moreover, Black Prison’s environment is harsh and dangerous, and it can swallow a cultivator’s life at any time. Even if you’re lucky enough to escape many dangers, if you live in that place for a long time, your cultivation will be constantly swallowed up, and eventually, your cultivation will shrink and your life will be worse than death!”

Pausing for a moment, Old Bai said, “In order to mine black stones from the Black Prison, one has to pay the price of a Open HEaven Stage cultivator’s life and cultivation. No Cave Heaven Paradise would be willing to do such a thing, otherwise, it would be a waste of time.”


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