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Back then, a single Mo Sheng had been able to stir up chaos in the Star Boundary, nearly causing all living beings to perish, not to mention that there was now a powerful Open Heaven Stage cultivator rampaging about in the Three Brilliance World.

To the one who had attacked, the living beings in the Three Brilliance World were no different from chickens and dogs, unable to resist at all and could be massacred. From this, one could see just how insane the one who had attacked was.

Somewhere in the Three Brilliance World, there was a violent energy fluctuation. Yang Kai raised his eyes and looked in that direction. From tens of thousands of kilometers away, his gaze pierced through the void and he could vaguely see a person recklessly unleashing his strength. Wherever he went, a bloody storm would follow. The city with hundreds of thousands of people was destroyed with a single blow.

“You’re courting death!” Yang Kai’s eyes instantly turned red as his killing intent surged. Raising his hand, he grabbed the Azure Dragon Spear in his hand and thrust it forward, causing the Space Laws to surge as he instantly disappeared.

On top of the broken walls, a figure’s sleeves fluttered in the wind, and there seemed to be vengeful spirits lingering around his ears. However, this figure still wore a smile on his face, as if he was enjoying the pleasure of this wanton slaughter. Using his Divine Sense, he could sense that there was another city a thousand kilometers away where many living creatures were gathered.

Just as he was about to rush over, a fierce aura suddenly swept over him, causing his skin to tighten.

Turning his head to look back, he saw a flash of light coming from the clouds, filled with murderous intent!

Feeling the terrifying power of this attack, this person didn’t dare to be careless and let out a loud roar in the direction of the incoming attack. A sound wave that was visible to the naked eye rushed towards Yang Kai, sending out ripples in the air.

At the same time, he quickly retreated.

Yang Kai continued to chase after the man with his spear while using his Great Unrestrained Spear Technique to hit the man.

This man’s cultivation is at the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage, so it was obvious that he was very confident in his own strength. Facing Yang Kai’s attack, he had even blocked it twice, but when the Worlf Force collided, it actually caused his small universe to tremble and his mind to become restless. Shocked, he cried out, “Divine Monarch, save me!”

“Underworld Heavenly Monarch?” Yang Kai finally saw this fellow’s face clearly. He had thought that the one who had attacked this place was from Thousand Crane Paradise, or even Zuo Quan Hui himself, but unexpectedly, the one who had slaughtered so many living creatures in this Three Brilliance World was the leader of Crime League, Underworld Heavenly Monarch!

Yang Kai didn’t have time to think about why the Underworld Heavenly Monarch had appeared here. As soon as he called out, a powerful aura emerged from all directions, one of which gave Yang Kai a sense of dread.

Turning his head, he saw Zuo Quan Hui appear with a gloomy look on his face, a long sword in his hand slowly thrusting towards him. This simple and unadorned sword strike had perfectly broken through Yang Kai’s blockade and was aimed straight towards his forehead.

The feeling of death enveloped Yang Kai, causing him to suck in a breath of cold air. Activating his Space Laws, Yang Kai activated his So CLose, Yet Worlds Apart Secret Technique, causing the space between him and Zuo Quan Hui to stretch endlessly.

“Break!” Zuo Quan Hui let out a low shout, causing the space around him to shatter and the flashing sword to rapidly expand in front of Yang Kai’s eyes.

So Close, Yet Worlds Apart Secret Technique was broken!

Yang Kai’s heart trembled. This Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage was indeed extraordinary. It could even break through his Space Secret Art, something that had never happened before.

Caught off guard, he could only raise his spear to block.

Boom boom boom…

A series of loud explosions rang out, and as the sound rang out, a wave of energy swept out in all directions, carrying with it the power of the world. The shattered city was instantly reduced to ash, disappearing without a trace, and even the earth itself began to crack open. Cracks that looked like canyons appeared out of thin air as magma spewed out from the cracks.

In the blink of an eye, the two had exchanged dozens of blows.

Yang Kai spat out a mouthful of golden blood and couldn’t help falling back, crashing into a mountain a hundred kilometers away and disappearing.

“En?” Zuo Quan Hui frowned, a look of surprise appearing on his face.

He, a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage, had personally taken action but was unable to kill Yang Kai on the spot. Moreover, from the exchange between the two of them just now, he could tell that Yang Kai’s foundation was extremely solid, not inferior to those peak Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage.

After a moment of silence, Zuo Quan Hui came to a realization, “Yin-Yang Heaven’s Small Source World? Even so, you will die here today!”

He did not hesitate to leave Thousand Crane Paradise and even took in a character like Underworld Heavenly Monarch, ordering him to slaughter the Three Brilliance World in order to lure Yang Kai out. Now that Yang Kai had come, if he couldn’t succeed this time, he might not have such a good opportunity next time.

With a twist of his sword, his entire body was wrapped in the sword light as lightning flashed!

However, before he could chase after him, the mountain suddenly split apart, and Yang Kai’s figure shot up into the sky, disappearing into the void.

Although he now had the cultivation of a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage master and his strength had greatly increased due to various fortuitous encounters, the difference between a Mid Rank and High Rank Open Heaven Stage master was like the difference between the clouds and mud. If it was an ordinary Sixth Order cultivator, they would have been killed by Zuo Quan Hui in the previous confrontation.

The only reason he was able to escape death was because of his bitter cultivation in the Small Source World. If it weren’t for his gains in the Small Source World, the situation would have been even worse.

Even so, at this moment, Yang Kai’s head was spinning and his small universe was unable to calm down.

Before coming here, it wasn’t that he hadn’t expected Zuo Quan Hui to be waiting for him here, but just as Peng Shaoyuan had said, saving a life was like trying to save a fire. The Three Brilliance World was in imminent danger, so he couldn’t delay any longer and could only come here alone to stop Zuo Quan Hui.

Now that he had confirmed that he was not Zuo Quan Hui’s opponent, how could he remain here? Moreover, if he continued to fight like this, the Three Brilliance World would really be destroyed.

After all, there were still countless living beings here, and once the Three Brilliance World was destroyed, all of them would die without a burial site.

“Where do you think you’re going?!” A figure rushed over from the side. It was a woman dressed in palace robes. Her face was filled with murderous intent and her aura was obvious. She was also a Sixth Order, and with a wave of her hand, a ribbon appeared in the air, forming a boundless galaxy.

Yang Kai crashed into it, as if he had entered a starry sky, instantly losing his sense of direction.

He knew that this artifact was likely capable of sealing the Heavens and Earth, and it could even form a world of its own. If he couldn’t escape quickly, he would be in deep trouble when Zuo Quan Hui arrived.

Not daring to hesitate, he shouted, “Golden Crow Sun Casting!”

A loud cry rang out as a huge sun rose into the sky, accompanied by three-legged strange birds.

Yang Kai raised his spear, put the big sun on the tip of his spear, and stabbed at the void.

The sun burst forth and instantly filled the endless galaxy, causing all the stars in the sky to dim.

The terrifying Golden Crow True Fire swept out in all directions, causing Yang Kai’s body to lighten. When he regained his senses, he found that he had escaped from the endless galaxy, and not far in front of him was the figure of the woman.

After her artifact was broken, the woman’s face paled slightly and a trace of blood leaked from the corner of her mouth.

Yang Kai’s heart was filled with hatred as he raised his spear to stab towards the woman, but at this moment, a murderous intent appeared behind him. It was Zuo Quan Hui who had caught up to him, forcing him to counterattack.

World Force collided and Yang Kai’s figure flew through the air, the endless Sword Qi tearing his clothes to shreds. Even though his body was strong, it was still instantly covered in blood, and the terrifying Sword Qi surrounding his wound was like a bone corroding maggot that drilled into his flesh and meridians.

Yang Kai let out a low shout and summoned his strength to suppress his injuries. Seeing that Zuo Quan Hui was chasing after him, he could only rely on the counterforce to escape!

“Even if you escape to the ends of the earth, you’ll still die today!” Zuo Quan Hui’s voice rang out from behind him as he pursued relentlessly.

Yang Kai wanted to use his Space Laws to escape, but the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage was extraordinary. Every time he had this thought, the strange Sword Qi that lingered around his wound would suddenly erupt, causing him unbearable pain and making it difficult for him to focus, making it impossible for him to escape.

Zuo Quan Hui was obviously guarding against Yang Kai’s Space Laws. He knew that if he didn’t suppress Yang Kai’s ability, there was no way he could kill him.

“Master, he’s fleeing towards the Void Land!” The woman followed closely behind Zuo Quan Hui and looked in the direction Yang Kai had fled.

Zuo Quan Hui coldly snorted, “He wouldn’t be able to escape.”

As he spoke, three figures suddenly appeared in front of Yang Kai. From afar, one of them shouted, “This road is blocked!”

Saying so, the three of them attacked together.

Yang Kai looked around and saw that two of the three people he recognized were Jin Gang Heavenly Monarch, Cang Yan Heavenly Monarch, and the other one is someone he had never seen before.

He cursed in his heart. These two were indeed here.

In fact, when Yang Kai saw Underworld Heavenly Monarch in the Three Brilliance World, he had been on guard against Cang Yan Heavenly Monarch and Jin Gang Heavenly Monarch.

On Crime Star, when the Underworld Heavenly Monarch established the Crime League, Jin Gang Heavenly Monarch and Cang Yan Heavenly Monarch were the two Vice Union Masters under his command. During the Dao Exchange Conference, the Crime League captured Yin Xinzhao and Pei Wen Xuan before capturing a core disciple from the Azure Nether Paradise as a bargaining chip to negotiate with Yin-Yang Heaven.

In the end, three people from Crime League obtained freedom and allowed Yin Xinzhao and Pei Wen Xuan to leave. Correspondingly, the forces behind Yin Xinzhao and the others had to pay a large sum of money to Yin-Yang Heaven.

From the looks of it, the three people who had obtained freedom from Crime League were Underworld, Jin Gang, and Cang Yan.

This was also a matter of course. The three of them were the three highest-ranking members of Crime League, so if they could obtain freedom, they naturally wouldn’t let others have it.

However, Yang Kai couldn’t understand how these three fellas had gotten involved with Zuo Quan Hui.

Whether it was Underworld, Jin Gang, and Cang Yan, all of them were veteran Sixth Order masters, not inferior to Mao Zhe in any way. In a one-on-one fight, they were definitely not Yang Kai’s opponent, and even if they were to fight one against two, they would barely be able to win. But now, all three of them had attacked together, and Yang Kai had been injured by Zuo Quan Hui. With such a large area of attack, he could only avoid it.

However, because of this delay, Zuo Quan Hui and the others who were chasing after him were even closer.

The situation was precarious!


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