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“Yang Kai, you killed my Junior Brother, did you ever think you would have such a day?!” The man standing next to Jin Gang and Cang Yan Heavenly Monarch shouted.

From what he said, this person was actually Zhao Xing’s Senior Brother.

Lu Jing had just said that Zuo Quan Hui had betrayed Thousand Crane Paradise, and since it was a betrayal, Zuo Quan Hui was definitely not the only one who had done so. Instead, he had brought out all the strength he could muster from his subordinates. This man was one of them, and the unfamiliar faces he had just met should also be one of them, including the Sixth Order woman.

“Little thief, you will die today!” The voice of the woman behind him also rang out.

Yang Kai lowered his eyes and sneered, “You want to kill me? Then let’s see if you have the ability!”

In the void, a giant lotus-like ship rapidly approached, and before it could get close, streams of light flew out from the ship.

The woman’s cry suddenly rang out, “Senior Brother Zhou Ti, be careful!”

Zhou Ti, Jing Gang, and Cang Yan who were blocking Yang Kai’s path also noticed something was wrong behind them. When they turned around, their vision was filled with a brilliant light as terrifying attacks rained down on them.

The three of them were all shocked, not having time to think about how so many masters had suddenly appeared here, all of them scattering like birds and beasts.

The moment they moved, Yang Kai also raised his spear and thrust it towards Zhou Ti. This spear ignored the barrier of space and arrived in front of Zhou Ti’s face. The Azure Dragon Spear let out a dragon roar as if it had really transformed into a giant dragon that wanted to swallow Zhou Ti whole.

Zhou Ti’s soul nearly left his body as he pushed his Small Universe's strength to the limit and formed a series of hand seals.

With a ‘chi’ sound, blood splashed as Yang Kai and Zhou Ti passed by each other. As their eyes met, Zhou Ti’s eyes filled with fear, while Yang Kai’s eyes were filled with ridicule. The Azure Dragon Spear in his hand turned and shot towards Zhou Ti’s heart.

Surrounded by the aura of death, Zhou Ti’s face paled. At this critical moment, Yang Kai frowned and pulled out his spear.

With a clang, a long sword blocked the Azure Dragon Spear, and the terrifying World Force collided with it. Yang Kai couldn’t help letting out a muffled groan as blood flowed from his mouth and nose. Behind the long sword, Zuo Quan Hui’s face was cold as he swung his sword, forming a curtain of sword light that fell towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai was forced to retreat again, blood spurting from all over his body as his flesh and blood rolling.

“Young Master!” Yue He cried out in alarm and rushed over.

Along with them were the three Mountain Lords of Profound Yang Mountain, Mao Zhe, Geng Qing, and Zhou Ya.

In terms of loyalty, these three couldn’t compare to the others. The Three Mountain Lords’ strength was profound, reaching the level of a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage master. Back in Shadowless Cave Heaven, they had been forced to leave their names on the Loyalty List and submit to Yang Kai.

However, since they had already left their names on the Loyalty List, whether they were sincere or forced to submit, seeing Yang Kai on the verge of death, the three of them couldn’t help feeling nervous.

If Yang Kai died, they would also be buried along with him, so when they saw the unfavorable situation Yang Kai was in, they immediately rushed over.

With the combined strength of five people, they had finally managed to block Zuo Quan Hui.

Seeing that he couldn’t kill Yang Kai in a short period of time, Zuo Quan Hui wisely chose to retreat. The reason he had pressed forward so hard was mainly to save Zhou Ti. Now that his goal had been achieved, there was naturally no need for him to continue pursuing. At the very least, he had to understand the current situation.

The two sides were separated by several hundred kilometers when the great battle suddenly came to an end, but everyone knew that this calm was just an illusion, the calm before the storm.

“Young Master, are you alright?” Yue He looked at Yang Kai nervously, her heart aching.

At this moment, Yang Kai was in a miserable state. Not only was his clothes in tatters, there were also countless large and small wounds on his body. It was rare for him to be in such a sorry state.

“I’m fine!” Yang Kai spat out a mouthful of blood and looked towards the distance with an arrogant expression, sneering, “Zuo Quan Hui, you want to lure the snake out of its hole, aren’t you afraid of drawing out a dragon?”

Several hundred kilometers away, Zuo Quan Hui’s face was still gloomy as he swept his eyes over the people around Yang Kai and said lightly, “This King has underestimated your Void Land!”

He knew that the foundation of the Void Land was extraordinary, and with two Holy Spirits holding down the fort, even someone as strong as him, a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage master, wouldn’t dare act recklessly, so he had plotted to lure Yang Kai out.

He had thought that as long as he could lure Yang Kai out, he would be able to easily kill him, but who would have thought that Yang Kai’s strength would be so much stronger than he had imagined? He was actually unable to kill Yang Kai immediately, and Void Land’s foundation was even more surprising!

A total of nine Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage! Nearly twenty Fifth Order!

Such a lineup was incompatible with the information he had received. According to the information he had gathered, there were at most two or three Sixth Order Open Heaven in the Void Land.

Compared to the Void Land, other than Zhou Ti, the Underworld Heavenly Monarch, Jin Gang Heavenly Monarch, and Cang Yan Heavenly Monarch, there were only five Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage masters on their side. However, Zuo Quan Hui was a Seventh Order, so he could make up for it.

Even so, the growth of the Void Land made Zuo Quan Hui’s heart skip a beat. When Heavenly Sword Union contacted the Hundred Force Alliance to attack the Void Land, what kind of level was the Void Land at? It had only been a short time, but it had already gathered so many masters. If this continued, the Void Land would definitely become a great threat!

“However, you think you can stop this King with just your strength? Boy, this King will kill you today!” Zuo Quan Hui gently swung his sword.

Yang Kai grinned maliciously, “Coincidentally, I thought so too.”

Suddenly, he shouted, “Mao Zhe, Geng Qing, stand guard with me. I haven’t killed a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage yet, so today I’ll have a taste of it. Everyone else, find your opponents and don’t let any of them off!”


Yang Kai raised his spear and pointed it towards Zuo Quan Hui, shouting, “Kill!”

The distance of several hundred kilometers was only a step away from the many Open Heaven Stage masters. With a single shout, Yang Kai charged forward.

Just now, Yang Kai had been alone and had been chased by the enemy to the point where he had nowhere to run. Now that all of the Void Land’s elites had appeared, it was more than enough for him to fight the enemy. Just as Yang Kai had said, Zuo Quan Hui’s move was to lure the snake out of its hole, but he provoke a dragon to come out.

Even if he couldn’t kill Zuo Quan Hui in this battle, he would at least beat him up and let him know that the Void Territory was not a place where he could come and go as he pleased!

Compared to before, this battle was even more intense. In the blink of an eye, the entire void was transformed into six or seven battlefields, and the World Force clashed violently.

When Mo Mei went to find Zhou Ti, the latter was instantly suppressed to the point where he could only fight back. Logically speaking, Mo Mei should not have been Zhou Ti’s opponent. After all, Mo Mei had only recently advanced to the Sixth Order, even if she had the Void Land to provide her with resources, the Small Universe's acumulation would take years to accumulate.

Zhou Ti had undoubtedly advanced to the Sixth Order before Mo Mei, so his Small Universe's foundation was undoubtedly stronger.

However, Zhou Ti was seriously injured by Yang Kai’s spear when he was trying to block Yang Kai’s path. If Zuo Quan Hui hadn’t rushed over to rescue him, he would have died.

With such a serious injury, it was natural for him to be suppressed by Mo Mei.

Yue He had found the Sixth Order woman and both sides were evenly matched, neither of them able to defeat the other.

Zhou Ya was not a match for Cang Yan Heavenly Monarch, but with the strength of a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage master, Cang Yan would have a hard time killing her unless Zhou Ya was courting death.

Hua Yong, Shu Mu Dan, this couple had always moved forward and retreated together, and the husband and wife had even used a combination attack to attack Jin Gang Heavenly Monarch, causing him to suffer greatly.

The remaining Grey Bones, on the other hand, immediately went to find the Underworld Heavenly Monarch, his murderous intent so intense that it was almost like he was risking his life to kill him, completely disregarding whether he would be injured or not. This fierce and violent attitude frightened the Underworld Heavenly Monarch.

Originally, Underworld Heavenly Monarch’s strength should have been slightly stronger than Grey Bones', otherwise, Underworld wouldn’t have been able to become Crime League's Union Master, but now he was actually being suppressed by Grey Bones.

Grey Bones' reaction was naturally because of his dead servant, White Hair.

On Crime Star, he and White Hair had been together for hundreds of years. The master and servant had gone through thick and thin together, sharing both honor and disgrace. Although White Hair’s cultivation wasn’t high and he was only a Fourth Order, he was extremely loyal to Grey Bones and was even willing to sacrifice his own life for him.

Unfortunately, White Hair had fallen into the hands of the Crime League and was crushed to death by the Underworld Heavenly Monarch right under Grey Bones' nose!

After the Dao Exchange Conference, Yang Kai had brought Grey Bones out from Crime Star, and Grey Bones had sworn to kill the Underworld Heavenly Monarch to avenge White Hair.

However, Underworld Heavenly Monarch had also escaped from the Crime Star and disappeared.

Who would have thought that he would actually see the Underworld Heavenly Monarch here? When enemies met, their eyes would naturally burn with hatred. Even though he knew he was no match for him, Grey Bones still resolutely went to Underworld Heavenly Monarch.

The Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage was in full swing, each side having their own advantages and disadvantages, while the Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage was in a one-sided state.

In Zuo Quan Hui’s faction, Zhou Ti and the woman were not the only ones. There were also four Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage masters who had appeared in Three Brilliance World and followed Zuo Quan Hui here.

No one had expected this place to be their burial ground!

Nearly twenty Fifth Order cultivators swarmed forward, several times the number of enemies, enough to form an irresistible suppression in a very short time.

Numerous Divine Abilities and Secret Arts were released, and the aura of the World Force rose and fell. Although the four Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage masters did their best to counterattack, it was still difficult for them to escape.

In just a few dozen breaths of time, the four Fifth Order masters from Zuo Quan Hui’s faction were already in imminent danger.

Naturally, the commotion here couldn’t be hidden from Zhou Ti and the Sixth Order woman. Seeing their Junior Brothers in danger, they naturally wanted to rescue them, but how could Mo Mei and Yue He allow them to do so? On the contrary, because they were distracted, Mo Mei and Yue He had taken the initiative.

A moment later, a series of miserable screams rang out as the four Fifth Order masters died one after another. The Small Universe collapsed and the World Force dissipated.

When Zhou Ti and the Sixth Order woman saw this, both of them felt like they were being stabbed in the heart, but there was nothing they could do.

After the numerous Fifth Order cultivators in the void had finished off their opponents, under Old Bai’s leadership, they rushed towards the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage. Nearly twenty people split up into four groups to assist Yue He and Mo Mei.


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