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However, compared to the other forces, the ratio of Open Heaven Stage cultivators of various grades in the Void Land was quite abnormal.

Nine Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage, no matter how one looked at the 3000 Worlds, this kind of heritage couldn’t be considered weak. Disregarding the various Cave Heaven Paradise, it could already be considered a top force.

However, if an ordinary force had nine Sixth Order masters, they would have at least a hundred Fifth Order masters or even more, but there were only twenty or so in the Void Land.

The root of all this was that all the Open Heaven Stage cultivators here had joined the Void Land halfway and were not cultivated by the Void Land itself, so the ratio was imbalanced.

However, this was not a big deal. Any cultivator who could sit here, regardless of their background or cultivation, had absolute loyalty to the Void Land.

News of Yang Kai participating in the Dao Exchange Conference and winning first place had long spread throughout the 3000 Worlds, so the Void Land naturally heard about it.

At this moment, everyone was congratulating him, causing Yang Kai to not know whether to laugh or cry.

Before heading to Yin-Yang Heaven, he had not expected things to end up like this, but now that the situation had been decided, he was now the son-in-law of Yin-Yang Heaven.

Yang Kai then introduced the origins of Grey Bones to everyone, and everyone was naturally overjoyed.

Grey Bones was quite flattered. In truth, before he had come to the Void Land, he had never imagined that the foundation of the Void Land would be so strong, that there would be so many Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage like him.

Ignoring the numerous Fifth Order and Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage masters sitting in this hall, Grey Bones even faintly felt a terrifying aura from somewhere deep in the void.

Although this aura was hidden and obscure, it would occasionally fluctuate, allowing others to detect it.

This Void Land was definitely not as simple as he had imagined! There might be even more powerful forces hidden inside, but now was not the time to ask. Since he had already joined the Void Land with Yang Kai, he could slowly figure it out in the future.

Suddenly, he felt like he had found an incredible Master…

“This time I went to Yin-Yang Heaven to seize the first place of the Dao Exchange Conference, but I also caused some trouble,” Yang Kai looked down, “During the Dao Exchange Conference, I killed a disciple from Thousand Crane Paradise.”

Hearing this, everyone was shocked.

All they knew was that Yang Kai had won the first place, but they didn’t know much about the Dao Exchange. Only now did they realize that something so shocking had happened during the Dao Exchange.

The corner of Old Bai's eyes twitched as he asked, “What grade is that person’s cultivation? What is his status in Thousand Crane Paradise?”

Yang Kai glanced at him and sniffed, “Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage. In terms of status, it’s about the same as Qu Huachang’s position in Yin-Yang Heaven.”

Old Bai gasped.

Yue He also frowned, “I’m afraid this will be a bit troublesome.” Suddenly remembering something, she looked up at Yang Kai and asked, “Is that why Yin-Yang Heaven is escorting Young Master back?”

Yang Kai nodded seriously, “On my way back, I ran into the Inner Sect Elder of Thousand Crane Paradise. If it weren’t for Yin-Yang Heaven, I’m afraid he would have immediately taken action.”

Yue He pondered for a moment before replying, “Although that person is an Elder of Thousand Crane Paradise, I’m afraid he doesn’t dare to risk offending Yin-Yang Heaven, so he’s holding himself back, but from the looks of it, he won’t let this matter rest.”

Mo Mei said, “Yin-Yang Heaven didn’t say anything? After all, the Dao Exchange Conference was hosted by them, so if something were to happen, it would be hard for them to escape responsibility.”

“Senior Sister Qu’s Master, Xu Linggong, personally went to Thousand Crane Paradise to negotiate, but Thousand Crane Paradise didn’t give him a clear answer.”

“Not saying anything is already giving an answer!” Yue He frowned.

“No matter what, if Thousand Crane Paradise is willing to settle things peacefully, that would be for the best. If it’s not, we’ll just have to deal with whatever comes our way!” Yang Kai waved his hand, “The reason I’m telling you all this is because I want you to be careful in the future, don’t let anyone take advantage of you!”

With the current strength of the Void Land, there was no need to worry too much about it. With the two Holy Spirits and the Nine Layers Heaven Formation protecting it, unless Thousand Crane Paradise was willing to send out an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage, it would be impossible for them to do anything to the Void Land. The Hundred Family Alliance led by Heavenly Sword Union was a good example.

Everyone cupped their fists, “Yes!”

Yang Kai turned to Old Bai and asked, “How is Proprietress now? Any news?”

Old Bai said, “She’s still in closed door cultivation, advancing to the Seventh Order isn’t something that can be accomplished overnight.”

Yang Kai nodded, “You should pay more attention to the movements of the Proprietress. If there is any news, inform me immediately.”

Old Bai grinned, “Rest assured.”

“Everyone, disperse. Go do whatever you need to do. Second Manager, arrange things for Grey Bones.”

Bian Yuqing immediately stood up and replied, “Yes!”

The Void Land was now quite large, but Yang Kai didn’t need to manage it too much, allowing Bian Yuqing to manage it. However, this had delayed her cultivation greatly. Among the people who came from the Star Boundary, many of the Emperor Realm had already condensed their own Dao Seals and were beginning to refine various grades of resources to prepare for their breakthrough to Open Heaven, but Bian Yuqing had yet to even condense her Dao Seal.

For the Void Land, she had paid a great price.

However, Yang Kai had his own plans for her, so he naturally wouldn’t treat her unfairly. With such a thing as Dao Divine Water, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to help her break through to the Mid Rank Open Heaven Stage in the future.

Returning to the Void Land, Yang Kai lived a comfortable and peaceful life. Every day, besides refining Open Heaven Pills and cultivating resources, he would play chess with Bi Xi or wander around Star City.

The Void Territory's Star City was now famous throughout the world, and the supply of Heavenly Yuan Positive Seal Pills was far from enough. After all, these pills could greatly increase a cultivator’s chances of successfully breaking through to Open Heaven, so anyone with a bit of wealth would want to prepare one. However, in this world, only the Void Land could refine Heavenly Yuan Positive Seal Pills.

Even if other forces obtained the pill recipe, they would not be able to refine it. The World Source Liquid was simply too rare. It was something that only appeared at the beginning of the world, but in these 3000 Worlds, which Universe World was just created? [MSN: Hmm, is there no world source liquid in the Small Universe World?]

The Star City had brought a massive amount of wealth to the Void Land, enough for the disciples to cultivate. The only problem placed in front of the Void Land was that it was difficult to find a Sixth Order Yin-Yang attribute resource.

These two items were extremely rare even in the various Cave Heaven Paradise, and the requirements for them to be distributed were extremely harsh. Although the Void Land was not stingy with money, it had not been able to purchase many of them over the years.

However, all of the Great Emperors from the Star Boundary, including Yang Kai’s wives, had to use Sixth Order Yin-Yang attribute resources to break through to Open Heaven. Without these resources, they would not be able to break through to the Sixth Order.

Right now, Star City’s top priority was to acquire a Sixth Order Yin-Yang Resources to ensure that the Great Emperors’ breakthroughs would be successful.

Just as Yang Kai was wondering where to find these resources, a piece of news suddenly came.

Gathering Source League's Lu Jing had come to visit!

During the Dao Exchange Conference, Lu Jing had followed Yang Kai all the way back on the Crime Star under his protection. Otherwise, with his Fourth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivation, it would have been impossible for him to survive that harsh environment.

Before entering the Crime Star, Lu Jing had reached an agreement with Yang Kai. Yang Kai would protect him while Lu Jing would offer him a Sixth Order Yang Element resource as compensation.

After the Dao Exchange Conference, Lu Jing returned to the Great Domain where the Gathering Source League was located with his family’s elders. After such a long time without any news, Yang Kai thought this guy was going to renege on his debt.

Unexpectedly, he had taken the initiative to come here today. It seemed that although this fellow’s cultivation wasn’t high, he was still a trustworthy person.

Thinking about it carefully, it wasn’t strange. The Gathering Source League was a trade union with merchant ships all over the 3000 Worlds, and even the various Cave Heaven Paradise had many business dealings with them. Those who did business had always been honest and would never go back on their word.

Yang Kai personally received him, causing Lu Jing to feel extremely flattered.

Inside the guest hall, Lu Jing took out a jade box and handed it over, “Senior Brother Yang, this is a Purple Sun Jade, a Sixth Order Yang Element. Please accept it as Little Brother thanks to Senior Brother for taking care of me in the Crime Star.”

Yang Kai didn’t stand on ceremony with him and simply accepted it, smiling as he said, “Brother Lu is too polite. In Crime Star, it’s nothing.”

Lu Jing said, “To Senior Brother Yang, it was nothing, but to me, it was a life-saving favor. There are many masters on Crime Star, and if it weren’t for Senior Brother Yang taking care of me, I’m afraid I would have died a violent death!”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “Brother Lu doesn’t need to be so modest. Although Crime Star is dangerous, it’s not like there aren’t any Fourth Order survivors. En, since Brother Lu is so generous, it seems your status in the Gathering Source League isn’t low, right?”

Lu Jing smiled proudly, “The current Union Master of Gathering Source League is my father!”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “It seems so, but since Brother Lu has such a background, why did you only reach the Fourth Order?”

Lu Jing smiled bitterly, “Sometimes, wealth doesn’t represent everything. If one’s aptitude is insufficient, it’s still a pity. Even the current Fourth Order was something my father spent a lot of effort to achieve. Otherwise, with my aptitude, it would already be a blessing if I could reach the Third Order.”

Yang Kai thought about it for a moment and realized that the most important factor in achieving Open Heaven was one’s own aptitude. If one’s Dao Seal wasn’t strong enough, it wouldn’t be able to withstand the impact of too much energy and naturally wouldn’t be able to reach a higher grade.

However, Lu Jing’s status wasn’t low. His father is the Union Master of Gathering Source League, which meant he was the Union Young Master, similar to what he had previously guessed.

“Brother Lu, I have a business deal I want to do with the Gathering Source League. Would you be interested?” Yang Kai smiled at him.

Lu Jing smiled when he heard this, “My Gathering Source League has opened its doors, so as long as it is a business, we are interested.”

“Union Young Master!” One of the two Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage masters who had been standing behind Lu Jing suddenly called out and whispered, “The Union Master asked you to deliver something and immediately return. He said he wanted to arrange your marriage.”

Lu Jing’s face darkened, “I have my own plans for my marriage, what does he want?”

The man said, “This is what the Union Master ordered. Union Young Master, please don’t make things difficult for this lowly one.”

Lu Jing looked embarrassed.

Yang Kai glanced at the Fifth Order who had just spoken. How could he not know that the Gathering Source League was unwilling to get involved with the Void Land?


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