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After learning that Yang Kai had returned from the Divine Weapon World, Qing Kui came to congratulate him and brought him a lot of good wine.

The two of them drank and chatted happily, seemingly quite content.

Qing Kui was even more envious of Yang Kai for refining thirty percent of the Divine Weapon World’s World Force in one go. He had entered the Divine Weapon World many years ago and naturally knew about the situation in the Small Source World, but like all the Yin-Yang Heaven Disciples who had entered the Divine Weapon World, he had only refined ten percent of it's power.

Not refining thirty percent wasn’t because he didn’t want to, but because he couldn’t.

These ten Divine Weapons were manifestations of the World Force source, and once they were refined, they would immediately be expelled. How difficult would it be to force staying inside?

“While you were in the Divine Weapon World, Master personally went to Thousand Crane Paradise to discuss the matter of Zhao Xing, but Thousand Crane Paradise's attitude is quite ambiguous, it seems they won’t give up so easily. In the future, you must be careful,” Qing Kui finished his cup of wine and whispered.

“I know, Elder Xu has already told me about this.”

Qing Kui sighed, “You can’t be blamed for this. It was Zhao Xing who provoked you on Crime Star and wanted to kill you to snatch your battle achievements. He deserved it, but now that he’s dead, Thousand Crane Paradise will definitely demand an explanation. Due to my Yin-Yang Heaven’s influence, Thousand Crane Paradise may not be able to do anything on the surface, but it’s easy to dodge a spear in the open, but difficult to defend against a hidden arrow. I’m just afraid they’ll use some kind of underhanded method. These old fogies who have lived for countless years are not easy to deal with.”

“Many thanks for Senior Brother Qing’s concern, I will be careful in the future,” Yang Kai nodded.

A few days later, a large ship slowly sailed out of Yin-Yang Heaven. On top of the ship, two large flags fluttered in the wind, one with the word Yin and the other with the word Yang, representing the Yin-Yang Heaven.

On the ship, besides the cultivators who were controlling it, there was only Yang Kai and Grey Bones.

At the bow of the ship, Yang Kai cupped his fists and said, “Elder Xu, I’ll go now.”

Xu Linggong put his hands behind his back and nodded slightly, “Go back to the Void Land and cultivate well. Don’t wander about and strive to break through to the Seventh Order as soon as possible. If you encounter any difficulties, you can send a message to me and this King will make the decision for you.”

“Many thanks, Elder Xu!”

Yang Kai then turned to Qing Kui and Su Yingxue, “Senior Brother Qing, Senior Sister Su, I’ll have to trouble the two of you to take care of Senior Sister Qu.”

Qing Kui grinned, “Don’t worry, little Qu won’t suffer any grievances.”

“The green mountains won't change…”

“Shut up and scram!” Xu Linggong waved his hand.

Yang Kai coughed and said seriously, “Farewell!”

The large ship slowly sailed forward, and after a short while, it shot forward at lightning speed, arriving at Yin-Yang Territory Domain Gate several hours later.

A dazzling light curtain enveloped the ship, blocking the impact and vibrations from the Domain Gate. Space distorted for a moment, and by the time Yang Kai recovered, the ship had already left the Yin-Yang Territory.

This trip was controlled by the cultivators who controlled the ship, so Yang Kai didn’t need to pay too much attention to them. Standing on the deck, he silently circulated his Profound Technique and immersed himself in examining his gains in the Divine Weapon World.

Every Open Heaven Stage cultivator’s Small Universe contained a lifetime’s worth of Dao Mark. During the process of reaching the Open Heaven Stage, a cultivator’s Dao Seal would collapse and dissolve into the Small Universe, and the Dao Seal was the condensation of a cultivator’s own Great Dao.

It could be said that a cultivator’s own Great Dao was completely integrated into the Small Universe.

In Yang Kai’s Small Universe, the most fundamental aspect was the Dao of Space, followed by Pill Way, Spear, Forces, and so on.

But now, he could clearly feel that there was something else in his Small Universe. His Pill Way and Spear Dao's Dao Mark had condensed quite a bit, and the most obvious thing was his Sword Dao.

These were obviously the gains he had obtained from the Divine Weapon World. At the last moment, he had refined the Medicine King Cauldron, the Ten Sides Evil Shadow Spear, and the Clear Void Sword. The Great Dao that these three Divine Weapons represented had also been swallowed by the Small Universe.

This not only strengthened the Small Universe's foundation, but also condensed his Dao Mark.

If there were living creatures living in the Small Universe, they would have a chance to comprehend the mysteries of the Great Dao through these Dao Marks, allowing them to develop faster in Pill Way, Sword Dao, and Spear Dao.

However, although Yang Kai’s Small Universe had transformed from a phantom into a real one, no different from a High Rank Open Heaven's, Yang Kai didn’t intend to place any living creature in his Small Universe. Although his current cultivation was quite good, there was still a gap between him and a genuine High Rank Open Heaven. If he were to encounter a powerful enemy, it was very likely that it would cause the Small Universe to tremble.

Once the Small Universe shock reached a certain level, the living creatures living inside would definitely be affected. This situation was no different from a natural disaster for them.

It was also because of this consideration that even if it was a High Rank Open Heaven, they would rarely place living creatures in their Small Universe, even if they knew that the continuous existence of living creatures would enhance their Small Universe's foundation and enhance the world’s power.

Only those who were extremely confident in their own strength, or those who didn’t care about the life and death of ordinary living beings inside, would dare to recklessly raise living beings in their own Small Universe.

While investigating, Yang Kai suddenly frowned and looked towards a certain direction.

Looking over, he saw that there was also a ship standing quietly in the void. On the deck of the ship, two figures were standing one after the other, their eyes flashing towards him.

Even from a distance, Yang Kai could feel the deep hatred in those two eyes!

Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“Sir!” Grey Bones also noticed that something was wrong and quickly approached, “I don’t know who it is over there, but they seem to be hostile towards us.”

Yang Kai said lightly, “That person is an Inner Sect Elder of Thousand Crane Paradise, Zuo Quan Hui!”

Grey Bones was shocked, “Inner Sect Elder of Thousand Crane Paradise!”

All of the Inner Sect Elders in the Cave Heaven Paradise were all High Rank Open Heaven masters. Suddenly, he realized something and asked, “The Zhao Xing that Sir killed on Crime Star was brought there by that person?”

“Yes,” Yang Kai nodded.

Because of his interference in the Dao Exchange Conference, the various Cave Heaven Paradise had no choice but to temporarily adjust their countermeasures and arrange for their Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage to participate in the competition. On Thousand Crane Paradise’s side, Zhao Xing had participated, but he had been beaten to death by Yang Kai on Crime Star.

Zuo Quan Hui was Zhao Xing’s master and his disciple had died a miserable death, so how could he let this matter rest? When the Dao Exchange Conference ended, he had wanted to attack Yang Kai to avenge his disciple, but he had been stopped by Xu Linggong and had no choice but to leave with Zhao Xing’s corpse.

Afterwards, according to Qing Kui, Xu Linggong had specially made a trip to Thousand Crane Paradise for this matter, but the attitude of Thousand Crane Paradise was quite ambiguous.

Unexpectedly, Zuo Quan Hui was actually waiting here!

High Rank Open Heaven. Yang Kai wasn’t a match for it, but escaping shouldn’t be a problem, so even after seeing Zuo Quan Hui, he didn’t panic.

What’s more, this large ship represented Yin-Yang Heaven’s prestige. If Zuo Quan Hui dared to act like this, it would be akin to smashing Yin-Yang Heaven’s reputation, and Yin-Yang Heaven’s people would naturally deal with him.

It seemed that Zuo Quan Hui, as an Inner Sect Elder of Thousand Crane Paradise, was quite clear about the severity of this matter.

Reality proved that Zuo Quan Hui was not a reckless person. He had been waiting here, and even when he saw Yang Kai, he showed no signs of attacking. However, his eyes were filled with murderous intent as he stared at Yang Kai as if he was looking at a dead man.

A moment later, they disappeared from each other’s sight.

Grey Bones let out a sigh of relief.

On Thousand Crane Paradise's large ship, Zuo Quan Hui closed his eyes, his expression slightly twisted.

“Master, are we just going to let him go like this?” A woman who had been standing behind him asked. This woman had never appeared in the Dao Exchange Conference before, but at this moment, she had inadvertently released an aura that was shockingly at the level of a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator.

“If I don’t let him leave, how can I force him to stay?” Zuo Quan Hui took a deep breath and gritted his teeth, “That old bastard Xu Linggong is too much. He must have predicted that this King would wait here for that brat, so he used Yin-Yang Heaven’s flying ship to send him away. If I were to act, it would be declaring war on Yin-Yang Heaven!”

“Then is Junior Brother Zhao’s enmity not avenged?” The woman asked unwillingly.

Zuo Quan Hui coldly snorted, “This enmity is absolutely irreconcilable, of course we must take revenge. Xu Linggong may be able to protect him for now, but he won’t be able to protect him forever. Come, follow me back to the Sect first.”

Turning around, he walked into the cabin.

The woman stood on the deck and stared hatefully in the direction the Yin-Yang Heaven Ship had left, only leaving after a long time.

Grey Bones stayed on the deck to monitor the surroundings while Yang Kai returned to his room to meditate and refine the Open Heaven Pill.

Although he felt that Zuo Quan Hui wouldn’t be so bold as to attack Yin-Yang Heaven’s ship, he still had to take precautions. God knew if this guy would be blinded by hatred and become reckless.

Fortunately, Zuo Quan Hui was an Inner Sect Elder of Thousand Crane Paradise and was also bound by all kinds of hidden rules, so he naturally didn’t dare to provoke a colossus like Yin-Yang Heaven on his own. On his way here, he didn’t show any signs of fighting and had even disappeared.

On the other hand, cultivating in the Open Heaven Stage required perseverance. Although he had obtained great benefits in the Divine Weapon World and his strength had greatly increased, Yang Kai did not relax because of this and had refined many Open Heaven Pills along the way.

After a few months, they finally returned to the Void Territory.

After receiving the news, all the forces in the Void Territory came to greet him.

Yin-Yang Heaven’s ship didn’t stay for long. After safely sending Yang Kai back to the Void Land, it immediately returned. Although Yang Kai tried to persuade them to stay, Yin-Yang Heaven’s group was under orders and couldn’t stay any longer.

Helpless, Yang Kai could only prepare some gifts and watch the ship depart.

Half a day later, everyone gathered in the meeting hall.

Yang Kai sat up straight and looked down at the crowd with a gratified expression.

Thinking back to when he first seized this Void Land, there were only a few Open Heaven Stage masters around him, but now, there were many Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage masters.

Yue He, Mo Mei, Shadowless Cave Heaven’s three Profound Yang Mountain Lords, Mao Zhe, Geng Qing, and Zhou Ya, as well as the two Gemini Island Masters, Hua Yong and Shu Mu Dan, now had one more Grey Bones.

There were a total of eight of them! This was not even counting Yang Kai himself, but if he is included, there were nine!

Amongst the Fifth Order, Lu Xue, Pang Duo, Gong Yang Xi, Mu Qianxuan, Jin Yuan Lang, Fan Wuxin, and the other cultivators from Ding Feng City numbered nearly twenty.

It was even more difficult to calculate below the Fourth Order.

The current Void Land could be said to be filled with talents.


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