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With the increase in his cultivation, the pressure from before was instantly swept away. Yang Kai once again grabbed the white jade and madly activated his Void Spirit Arts.

The number of White Jade beside him decreased rapidly, and Yang Kai’s cultivation also rapidly increased. Three days after he broke through to the Sixth Order Mortal Rank, he broke through to the Seventh Order!

At a certain moment, when Yang Kai reached out to the side again, he found nothing.

Looking down, Yang Kai had consumed more than two thousand white jades in just six or seven days! With so many white jades and dozens of bottles of pills, Yang Kai had broken through from the Fourth Mortal Rank to the Seventh Order!

If it were an ordinary cultivator, it would be impossible for them to advance so quickly.

Yang Kai had relied on the Dragon Vein’s power to act so recklessly, but even so, there were still many hidden injuries in his body.

These hidden injuries and hidden dangers were like holes in the foundation of a large building. The higher the building, the more dangerous it was.

However, Yang Kai didn’t care. With the power of the Dragon Vein in his body, these hidden injuries would heal themselves sooner or later, and as his physique improved, the stimulation of the Dragon Vein’s power would also become stronger. This was a positive cycle.

Without the white jade, Yang Kai could only rely on absorbing World Energy to cultivate. Naturally, Yang Kai wasn’t satisfied with this speed. Just as he was considering whether he should go to the Black Jade Mine vein to obtain some black jade to cultivate, a figure rushed in in in panic.

“Little Junior Sister? Why are you so flustered?” Yang Kai looked at Wan Yingying who had rushed up to him in surprise.

Wan Yingying’s face was pale as she stretched out her hand and stuffed a bag into his chest, hurriedly saying, “Eldest Senior Brother, the Sect Master has ordered you to set out for Qingfeng Town.”

“Qinfeng Town?” Yang Kai frowned, “That place is a thousand kilometers away, what does Master want me to do there?”

Wan Yingying said, “I don’t know the details, but the Sect Master only said that you’ll know when you get there. Eldest Senior Brother, there’s no time to lose, you should leave now.”

Saying so, she grabbed Yang Kai’s hand and dragged him outside.

Yang Kai didn’t move, and Wan Yingying couldn’t budge him even after trying twice. She turned around anxiously and stomped her foot, “Senior Brother, let’s go!”

“What happened outside?” Yang Kai looked at her quietly.

Wan Yingying’s expression became somewhat unnatural as she shook her head, “No-, nothing!”

“Ever since you were a child, you’ve been stuttering whenever you lied, so what exactly happened?”

“It's… it's really nothing!”

Yang Kai rubbed her head and asked, “Did someone from Heavenly Net Residence come?”

“No, no!” Wan Yingying shook her head vigorously.

Yang Kai stepped out and asked suspiciously, “Strange, didn’t Master say that he wanted to use the Tiger’s Roar Sect's strength to resist Heavenly Net Residence? Where are the people from Tiger’s Roar Sect?”

Wan Yingying grabbed him from behind and cried, “Eldest Senior Brother, don’t go! It’s very dangerous outside. The Sect Master wants you to leave now because he wants to preserve some of my Void Spirit Sword Sect’s heritage. You should leave before they discover you.”

“It really is the Heavenly Net Residence,” Yang Kai raised his brow and handed the package back to Wan Yingying, “This matter was caused by me, if I didn’t show myself, how could the Heavenly Net Residence let this matter go? The Sect raised me, but now that the Sect is in trouble, how can I just stand by and watch? Come with me.”

Saying so, he stepped out. Although Wan Yingying desperately tried to stop him, how could she stop him?

Above the Spirit Peak square, it was covered in blood and mess.

Several dozen people from the Void Spirit Sword Sect had gathered here today, but from the Sect Master Su Changfa to the ordinary disciples, all of them wore sorrowful expressions.

Su Changfa, Gu Kangning, and Hong Xiu were all injured, their blood staining their clothes red. Around the square, more than a dozen Void Spirit Sword Sect disciples’ corpses were scattered about.

Around the square, a group of people gathered around the people from the Void Spirit Sword Sect. These people were divided into two groups. One group was led by a middle-aged man, while the other group was led by an old man wearing a black robe.

Su Changfa stared at the middle-aged man with a pained expression, “Protector Wan, is this how your Tiger’s Roar Sect does things? We clearly made an agreement before.”

Originally, they had thought they could use Tiger's Roar Sect's strength to resist Heavenly Net Residence, and for this, the Void Spirit Sword Sect had paid an eighty percent price for the Black Jade Mine vein. In other words, eighty percent of the Black Jade Mine vein’s profits would go to Tiger’s Roar Sect.

Who would have thought that when Heavenly Net Residence attacked today, this man surnamed Wan would simply stand by and watch.

Hearing this, Wan Tianhe smiled, “Agreement? What agreement? This Protector doesn’t remember any agreement with your Void Spirit Sword Sect.”

His stubborn face made Su Changfa’s blood boil and he spat out a mouthful of blood, his expression immediately becoming dispirited. However, now that the situation had become worse, Su Changfa had no choice but to compromise and say in a trembling voice, “Protector Wan, if you can protect my Void Spirit Sword Sect from this calamity today, the Black Jade Mine will belong to Tiger’s Roar Sect and my Void Spirit Sword Sect will not interfere!”

Wan Tianhe smiled lightly but did not answer.

The other old man coldly snorted, “Su Changfa, now that things have come to this, don’t you understand? The weak are prey to the strong, the strong are revered. Whoever has the bigger fist will have the right to speak. Your Void Spirit Sword Sect has no need to exist in this world. Without your Void Spirit Sword Sect, wouldn’t that Black Jade Mine belong to Tiger’s Roar Sect?”

“So you’ve been colluding with each other for a long time!” Su Changfa suddenly realized that this Wan Tianhe from Tiger’s Roar Sect and Zhan Boxiong from Heavenly Net Residence were both Seventh Order Earth Rank cultivators. The Void Spirit Sword Sect was simply unable to resist them, and judging from their expressions today, it was clear that they had long since been colluding with each other. Only an old fool like him was kept in the dark, thinking he could drive a wolf to swallow a tiger, but who would have thought that he would only be inviting a wolf into his house.

“Hand over your Void Spirit Sword Sect’s true Void Spirit Arts and that little brat named Yang Kai, otherwise this old master will slaughter your entire family today!” Zhan Boxiong coldly shouted.

The Void Spirit Sword Sect was currently weak, but its ancestor had produced a Clear Void Sword Lord, so it could be seen that this Sect had some ability. There were rumors in the world that the Void Spirit Sword Sect had a true Void Spirit Arts that was completely different from the cultivation methods of the Sect’s disciples. The Clear Void Sword Lord had relied on this Void Spirit Arts to achieve such achievements.

If it weren’t for the fact that he wanted to obtain the True Void Spirit Arts, Zhan Boxiong would have killed all these people in front of him a long time ago, how could he waste his breath on them?

Su Changfa smiled bitterly, “There’s nothing real or fake about the Void Spirit Arts, there’s only one set. The younger generation is mediocre and cannot restore the glory of their ancestors. It’s laughable that you think there’s more to it than meets the eye!”

“As for my Eldest Disciple, this old master has already sent him down the mountain. If you have the ability to find him, go ahead and look for him, hahahaha… ugh…” The smile on Su Changfa’s face quickly became stiff as he stared at the figure flying down the mountain.

This figure was extremely fast, and when Su Changfa saw it, it was still halfway up the mountain. In the blink of an eye, it had already arrived at the top of the mountain. With a loud bang, it fell down like a meteor, emitting a cold aura.

“Master, Disciple is here!” Yang Kai shouted.

Su Changfa rolled his eyes and fainted from anger.

Gu Kangning, who was covered in blood from head to toe, also slapped his leg in anger, “Dumb little brat, you really piss me off!” In such a desperate situation, this little bastard actually dared to come up. Didn’t he ask Wan Yingying to secretly send him a message to ask him to leave? Now, the entire Void Spirit Sword Sect had been wiped out by him.

Beside him, Hong Xiu sighed lightly, “This is fate! Disciple is unfilial, and the Void Spirit Sword Sect has been passed down for thousands of years. Today, it will finally be buried in our hands!”

Yang Kai, on the other hand, turned pale with fright and quickly rushed over to Su Changfa’s side. After a while, he managed to wake Su Changfa up and asked with concern, “Master, how are you?”

Su Changfa slowly opened his eyes and saw Yang Kai staring at him, his face filled with shame as he said, “Master, Disciple was too engrossed in cultivation and was unable to extricate himself. Please forgive me for being late!”

“You… you…” Su Changfa pointed at him and shivered twice before his head tilted and he fainted again.

Yang Kai quickly checked and found that Su Changfa had only fainted and the injuries on his body didn’t look very serious, so he relaxed slightly.

Turning his head to look around, he saw corpses everywhere, at least a dozen of his Junior Brothers and Junior Sisters lying in pools of blood, and most of the survivors were injured, causing his expression to turn cold.

“You’re that Yang Kai?” Zhan Boxiong squinted at him.

Yang Kai looked him up and down, “Yes, who are you?”

“This old master is Zhan Boxiong!”

Yang Kai showed a look of understanding, “My Junior Brother and Junior Sister were killed by you?”

“So what? A life for a life. If you dare kill my grandson, I’ll bury your entire Void Spirit Sword Sect! As for you…” Zhan Boxiong waved his hand, “Take you down, I’ll skin you and drain your blood to comfort my poor grandson’s soul!”

As soon as his voice fell, two Heavenly Net Residence disciples rushed out from behind him and rushed towards Yang Kai.

Hong Xiu and Gu Kangning’s expressions immediately changed. From the Spiritual Energy fluctuations of these two Heavenly Net Residence's disciples, both of them had peak Mortal Rank cultivation and were only a step away from Earth Rank.

Although Yang Kai was the First Disciple of the current generation of the Void Spirit Sword Sect, he was only a Fourth Order Mortal Rank master, so he was powerless to resist.

“Run!” Hong Xiu cried out in alarm. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to help, it was just that she was already injured, and there were already Earth Rank masters guarding her from the Heavenly Net Residence's side, so she couldn’t move at all.

Gu Kangning is the same.

But what made her despair was that facing these two peak Mortal Rank masters, Yang Kai didn’t have the slightest intention of escaping. Instead, he slowly stood up and rushed towards them.

“You overestimate yourself!” Zhan Boxiong’s eyes flashed coldly.

As the three figures crossed each other, Yang Kai’s two big hands reached out at the same time, covering the faces of the two people in front of him.

In that instant of confrontation, no one was able to clearly see what had happened. With a loud bang, Yang Kai half-knelt on the ground, his two large hands grabbing the heads of the two Heavenly Net Residence's cultivators and smashing them to the ground.


The sound of bones breaking rang out as blood spurted out, and the two bodies began to convulse. Under Yang Kai’s hand, the two heads began to emit cracking sounds.

The entire place fell silent!


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