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Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Su Changfa slowly woke up, and as soon as he opened his eyes, he saw two Heavenly Net Residence's cultivators trembling under Yang Kai’s hands. Thinking he was dreaming, he closed his eyes and continued sleeping.

However, his eyes soon widened as he looked forward in surprise.

“Life is beautiful but also fragile. It seems you don’t understand that fools are destined to be abandoned by the era. Let me tell you the true meaning of strength!” Yang Kai slowly stood up, shook off the blood on his hand, and stared coldly at Zhan Boxiong.

“Seventh Order Mortal Rank?” Hong Xiu and Gu Kangning couldn’t help widening their eyes. The aura of power emanating from Yang Kai’s body was clearly something only a Seventh Order Mortal Rank master could possess.

Wasn’t he only at the Fourth Order? When did he reach the Seventh Order? So this boy had been concealing his strength all this time?

However… even if he was a Seventh Order Mortal Rank master, what could he possibly change? Three Third Order Mortal Rank masters from the older generation had been beaten to such a state, and a Seventh Order Mortal Rank master was powerless to resist. Not to mention the Seventh Order Earth Rank master Zhan Boxiong, there were also several Earth Rank masters from the Heavenly Net Residence, so Yang Kai can't resist it alone.

“Arrogant Junior, how dare you boast so shamelessly!” Zhan Boxiong was furious. He wasn’t careful, and two people on his side have been killed, causing him to lose a great deal of face. To be honest, the power that Yang Kai had just displayed shocked him. A Seventh Order Mortal Rank master killing two peak Mortal Rank masters in an instant was not something anyone could accomplish.

Only the top geniuses had a chance to cross realms and kill enemies.

This generation’s First Disciple of the Void Spirit Sword Sect had been a nobody before, but now that he had suddenly displayed such a display, Zhan Boxiong was immediately inspired. Perhaps this person cultivated the true Void Spirit Arts of the Void Spirit Sword Sect! As long as they could capture him, they would be able to obtain the greatest secrets of the Void Spirit Sword Sect.

No matter how strong this junior was, he was only a Seventh Order Mortal Rank master, while he was a Seventh Order Earth Rank master. With such a big gap between them, Yang Kai was definitely not his opponent.

The hatred of killing his grandson and coveting the True Void Spirit Arts made Zhan Boxiong determined to personally capture this boy.

As he spoke, his figure flickered and he pounced towards Yang Kai, pushing his Earth Rank Spiritual Energy towards Yang Kai like a tidal wave.

“Master, in fact, my Void Spirit Sword Sect’s ancestor left us a great gift, but we never discovered it,” Yang Kai suddenly said, stretching out his hand and grabbing the air, shouting, “Sword, come!”


There seemed to be the sound of something shattering, and Su Changfa and the others looked towards the source of the sound, only to see that not far away, the long sword held by the Ancestral Statue suddenly cracked.

Su Changfa’s eyes suddenly widened as if he suddenly remembered something and his expression became excited.


As the sound rang out, a sword light suddenly flew out from the statue and flew into Yang Kai’s hand.

Shockingly, it was a long sword that was flowing with a strange light. The sword was three feet long, and its surface was like a mirror, clear and reflective. Its shape was smooth, and wherever the edge of the sword passed, it seemed to be able to cut through space itself.

“Clear Void Sword!” Gu Kangning called out.

Hong Xiu also showed a look of enlightenment, “So it’s here. So what was recorded in the ancient books was real.”

This Clear Void Sword was naturally not the real Clear Void Sword. The real Clear Void Sword was one of the Divine Weapon World’s Ten Great Divine Weapons, and only those with great luck and destiny could wield it.

The Clear Void Sword in Yang Kai’s hand was an imitation of a Divine Weapon.

According to the ancient records of the Void Spirit Sword Sect, the Clear Void Sword Lord had spent a great deal of manpower and resources in his later years to forge a Clear Void Sword in accordance with a Divine Weapon.

However, although there were such records in the ancient books, after the death of the Clear Void Sword Lord, no one knew where the replica Clear Void Sword was. Now that a thousand years had passed, even if the disciples of the younger generation saw these records in the ancient books, they would think that the replica Clear Void Sword had been lost or damaged.

Unexpectedly, it had been hiding inside the statue all this time, right under everyone’s eyes.

An imitation Clear Void Sword was naturally far inferior to a real Divine Weapon, but its power was still not to be underestimated.

“A Spirit Weapon?” Zhan Boxiong’s eyes narrowed as he saw this, but soon he was overjoyed, “I didn’t expect that such a good thing would be hidden in this little Void Spirit Sword Sect, hahaha, it really is a blessing from the Heavens.”

“Junior, you’re not worthy of holding such a Spirit Weapon, bring it to this old master!” Saying so, Zhan Boxiong stretched out his hand and grabbed towards Yang Kai.

Cultivators were divided into Mortal, Earth, Heaven, and Spirit rank. The weapons in the Divine Weapon World were also divided into Spirit Weapon, Heaven Weaporn, Earth Weapon, and Human Weapon.

For example, the long sword Yang Kai was wearing before was just a Human Rank weapon, which had been damaged during the fight in the restaurant.

Divine Weapon couldn't be forged, they were born from the Divine Weapon World, so even if the Clear Void Sword Lord had collected the most precious materials in the Divine Weapon World, he couldn’t forge a true Divine Weapon, only a Spirit Weapon!

The power of a Spirit Weapon could destroy a city and wipe out a country! Of course, it also depended on who was using this Spirit Weapon. After all, a weapon was an inanimate object, so how much power it could display depended on the user’s strength. Yang Kai was a Seventh Order Mortal Rank cultivator, so just holding this Spirit Weapon alone was enough to cause his body to bleed and his flesh to twist.

On the other side, the Tiger’s Roar Sect's Wan Tianhe, who had been watching from the sidelines, also showed a look of interest. With a Spirit Weapon in front of them, who wouldn’t be tempted?

However, just as he was about to take action to snatch it, his heart suddenly jumped and he instinctively felt a sense of crisis, as if, if he really took action, something extremely bad would happen.

Although his cultivation wasn’t very high and he was only at the Seventh Order Earth Rank, his perception of danger was extremely sharp and he had relied on his intuition to escape many calamities.

After a moment of hesitation, Wan Tianhe stopped moving.

Zhan Boxiong had already arrived ten meters in front of Yang Kai, his face filled with greed as he stared at the Spirit Weapon in Yang Kai’s hand. In his mind, he was already imagining how majestic he would be after seizing this Spirit Weapon.


A giant shadow suddenly appeared behind Yang Kai, over a dozens meter tall. This shadow was filled with sword Qi and was completely composed of it.

This illusory figure was exactly the same as the statue that had stood for thousands of years in the Void Spirit Sword Sect. This illusory figure also held a long sword in its hand as its Sword Qi surged.

“Ancestor…” Su Changfa stared at the phantom in shock, “Ancestor has appeared!”

Gu Kangning and Hong Xiu also stared blankly at the illusory figure, and many of the Void Spirit Sword Sect disciples also wore blank expressions.

“En?” Zhan Boxiong’s heart suddenly tightened as he felt as if his skin had been pricked by needles, causing him to feel a sharp pain all over his body. An inexplicable sense of panic welled up in his heart as a great sense of fear engulfed him.

Yang Kai waved the sword in his hand and looked at him indifferently, “Anyone who offends my Void Spirit Sword Sect, will be killed!”

Sword Qi filled the air and Sword Intent filled the air as blood and broken limbs flew everywhere.

It seemed like thousands of years had passed, but it also seemed like only an instant had passed. When the Sword Qi that was wreaking havoc in the void disappeared, all the cultivators from Heavenly Net Residence were killed on the spot. The ground was littered with broken limbs and pieces of flesh, but not a single piece of them was intact. The pieces of corpses were all neatly cut up by the Sword Qi.

Even the mountain peak in front of them had been flattened!

The disciples of the Void Spirit Sword Sect who had fallen to the ground were not affected in the slightest. The crisscrossing Sword Qi seemed to have eyes and did not cause them any harm.

“Hiss…” Wan Tianhe sucked in a breath of cold air as his face couldn’t help turning pale. He couldn’t help feeling lucky that he hadn’t taken action just now, otherwise he would have suffered the same fate as Zhan Boxiong.

Under this terrifying Sword Qi, a Seventh Order Earth Rank cultivator was no different from an ant.

“You ants know nothing about true strength!” Yang Kai gently swung his sword, his body covered in blood and flesh, looking like he had just been pulled out of a pool of blood. Turning to Wan Tianhe, he asked, “Protector Wan, what can I do for you?”

The sword strike just now was not his own power, but the power sealed within the Clear Void Sword. What he had done was merely activate the Void Spirit Arts to stimulate the power.

As the carrier of this power, Yang Kai naturally couldn’t remain unscathed. The wounds on his body were difficult to calculate, and a terrifying Sword Intent filled his wounds, preventing them from healing. The blood flowing out from his feet dyed the ground red.

Wan Tianhe gulped as he stared at the Clear Void Sword in Yang Kai’s hand with a look of dread.

Zhan Boxiong was a Seventh Order Earth Rank master, and he was also a Seventh Order Earth Rank master, so his strength was similar to Zhan Boxiong’s. Zhan Boxiong had been killed without being able to resist, so if Yang Kai attacked him, how could he resist?

He even suspected that even if a Heaven Rank master came here, they wouldn’t be able to withstand such a strike. Only a Spirit Rank master would have the ability to resist.

“Zhan Boxiong dared to offend the Void Spirit Sword Sect, his death is nothing to be ashamed of. Little brother, I won’t hide it from you, this Wan has long disliked him!” Wan Tianhe’s legs trembled as he lied through his teeth.

“Do something practical,” Yang Kai looked at him lightly, “Otherwise, I might not be able to suppress the restlessness of my sword!”

Wan Tianhe decisively said, “I came here in a hurry today and don’t have anything on me. In the future, this Wan will definitely pay you a visit to apologize and make sure little brother is satisfied.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “Good!”

Wan Tianhe squeezed out a smile and said, “Your esteemed Sect has suddenly suffered such a calamity, so there must be many important matters to attend to. This Wan won’t disturb you any longer, farewell!”

Yang Kai nodded, “Protector Wan, take care. Little Junior Sister, send off Protector Wan!”

Wan Yingying, who had rushed over with Yang Kai, was behind him. When she arrived here, she happened to see Yang Kai annihilating his enemies with a single sword strike. At this moment, she was still somewhat dazed, unable to understand how her Eldest Senior Brother had suddenly become so powerful.

Hearing Yang Kai’s voice, she finally reacted and subconsciously responded.

“I don’t dare to trouble you!” Wan Tianhe politely said as he led the group from Tiger’s Roar Sect down the mountain.

After Wan Tianhe and the others left, Yang Kai suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood, staggered, and quickly fell to his knees.

“Eldest Senior Brother!” The group of people immediately panicked and began shouting.

Su Changfa, Gu Kangning, and Hong Xiu also rushed over to help him. One of them took out a healing pill and fed it to Yang Kai while the other checked his injuries.


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