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The Shadow Cutting Technique’s backlash was silent and impossible to guard against. At first, Yang Kai’s relatives could still remember him, but gradually, all the memories of Yang Kai began to fade and eventually disappear.

Every person’s memory suddenly became empty.

For a period of time, everyone had even forgotten why they had gathered here until they remembered that they were waiting for a very important person here. As for who that person was, none of them had any impression of him.

The character's history that Xia Ningchang had brought with her had a great effect. The things recorded in the character's history and the remaining memories in their minds perfectly complemented each other, allowing them to know that a person named Yang Kai had appeared in their lives, and that person held a great weight in their hearts.

Not far from this place, there was a Void Corridor that led directly to the Chaotic Dead Territory.

At this moment, a figure walked out from the Void Corridor. It was Zhang Ruoxi.

Ruoxi’s cultivation was currently at the peak of the Ninth Order, and the wings on her back had also disappeared because of the Great Yang and Great Yin Force had dispersed from her body.

During that battle, her Heaven's Order Bloodline had almost been completely burned away, and after that great battle, she was no longer able to maintain the balance of the Great Yang and Great Yin Force, so she could only return to the Chaotic Dead Territory and strip away the Great Yang and Great Yin Force.

Although the loss of her Heaven's Order Bloodline was huge, it didn’t have much of an impact on her own strength. It was just that it would be difficult for her to restore her strength at that time in the future.

Walking out of the Void Corridor, Ruoxi identified the direction and quickly arrived at the palace where Su Yan and the others were gathered.

Seeing her appear, everyone turned to look.

“It’s starting,” Ruoxi said softly.

Everyone nodded solemnly.

On the platform in front of the palace, everyone sat down cross-legged and quietly chanted Yang Kai’s name.

At first, there was nothing out of the ordinary. Over the past eight thousand years, everyone had done similar things countless times just to remind themselves not to forget that name.

However, as time passed, a different feeling began to emerge. Everyone’s chest felt heavy, as if there was a mountain pressing down on them, and the mountain became heavier. As this feeling grew stronger, the forgotten emotions also began to awaken, and the pain of longing swept over them. No one knew who they were missing, and none of them had a clear goal in their hearts, but they had this feeling that someone who had left a deep mark in their lives had been forgotten, and that person’s name was…

“Yang Kai!”


The void is colorful, it was filled with chaos and distortions. A burly man holding a sword in both hands roared and slashed down.

The Space-Time River was almost cut in half by this sword strike, and behind it, Yang Kai’s figure flickered as the river’s water surged towards the sword-wielding man. Raising his hand, he sent a wave of water towards the man.

The big man’s expression changed. After thousands of years of fighting, he naturally understood the power of this seemingly unremarkable wave. This wave contained the power of Three Thousand Great Daos, so even he didn’t dare to be drawn into it.

The burly man raised his sword and slashed out, shattering the incoming waves and sending droplets of water flying in all directions. However, the burly man seemed to be avoiding snakes and scorpions as he quickly retreated.

Yang Kai didn’t chase after him and simply stood in place.

He sighed in his heart. When he had used the Shadow Cutting Technique to defeat Black Ink, he had been corroded by the power of space and time. He had thought he would fall into a deep sleep or some other unknown encounter, but in the blink of an eye he had appeared in this mysterious place.

After that, he began exploring this place. What shocked him was that he was not the only one here, there were many other masters!

The strength of each of these masters was not inferior to his, some were even stronger than him.

This shocked Yang Kai greatly, because in the entire universe, whether it was his cultivation level or his comprehension of his own Great Dao, none of them could compare to him. Even Black Ink, who had 30% of his Source sealed, had been killed, so who in this world could be his opponent?

But in truth, there were many masters here who were on par with him, and there were many of them.

What made him even more speechless was that the people here were all extremely warlike. Regardless of whether they had any grievances with each other, once they met, there was a ninety percent chance they would fight. Battles seemed to become the motivation for the living beings here to survive.

In the beginning, Yang Kai had suffered quite a bit.

However, as time passed, his injuries improved and his comprehension of the Three Thousand Great Daos became more profound, his situation gradually improved.

He also met a friend he could make.

This man’s name was Chong Jiu, and he was a very powerful person. When Yang Kai was being pursued, this man had helped him.

Through his conversation with Chong Jiu, Yang Kai understood that this was the place of Exile for all masters who had touched upon the taboo.

In other words, everyone who had appeared here had touched upon some taboo. Yang Kai had summoned his Shadows from the future space-time section, which was a taboo. Although he didn’t know what Chong Jiu had done, he was certain he had encountered something similar.

This was an unknown Taboo Land.

Anyone who entered this place would be quickly forgotten by the world.

All memories related to those who entered this place would be erased in a short time.

Of the 3000 Worlds, there were definitely not so many masters who could compare to Yang Kai, or even stronger than him. Yang Kai thought of the Universe Furnace and the process of opening the world and immediately understood that the masters here all came from different Worlds.

Each and every one of them had reached the pinnacle of their strength in their own World and had even touched upon some Taboos that should not be touched.

Yang Kai had once asked Chong Jiu about the method to escape, Chong Jiu hadn’t kept anything to himself. He had entered a bit earlier than Yang Kai, so he knew more information.

According to him, it wasn’t impossible to escape from this place, but whether or not these two methods were useful, no one knew, because from ancient times until now, there had never been a precedent of anyone entering this place being able to escape.

The first method was to continue fighting and kill the masters from other worlds. Perhaps if they killed enough of them, they would be able to leave.

It was unknown who proposed this idea, but it sounded a bit unreliable because there was no basis for it.

The second method was much more reliable, it was that the people of your world still remembered you and were willing to accept your return.

“A person will die twice in their lifetime. The first time is when they die and their life ends, and the second time is when the last person who remembers you forgets you. To us, although we are still alive here, the world we live in no longer remembers us, so to that world, we are dead. If we want to rise from the dead, we must have enough people who remember you to break this taboo.”

These were the exact words of Chong Jiu, and Yang Kai remembered them very clearly. At that time, he had been drinking the spirit wine he had taken from his Small Universe while saying these words.

Although this second method was much more reliable than the first, it was still impossible to solve, because when a person entered this place, the entire world they lived in previously would be corroded by a Taboo Forces, causing all memories of this person to disappear in a very short time.

If one’s memories were gone, there would be nothing left. Even if there were some written records left behind, as time passed, they would become dust in history.

Saying so, Chong Jiu patted Yang Kai’s shoulder, “Little Brother, just stay here. Although there’s no way out, it’s still quite lively.”

It was indeed quite lively. Many of the World’s most powerful masters were gathered here, fighting non-stop every day. In the outside world, it was hard to see this scene, but in here it was a common occurance.

At that time, Yang Kai only responded to Chong Jiu, “I will go out, my world will never forget me!”

Chong Jiu looked at him like he was an idiot and said, “I’ll wait for that day!”

Calculating the time, that day should be arriving soon.

In a daze, the big man holding the sword had already returned and sent out a shocking sword light that forced Yang Kai to dodge.

Not far away, Chong Jiu’s laughter rang out, “Yang Kai, don’t die! If you die, I won’t be able to watch the good show!”

A few days ago, he had arrived as promised, wanting to see if Yang Kai could really leave this place. Although he felt that Yang Kai didn’t have any hope, since it was an agreement, he naturally had to abide by it.

Unexpectedly, someone came to seek revenge on Yang Kai.

Although it was called seeking revenge, the truth was that there was no great enmity between them. The sword-wielding man had fought with Yang Kai at least a hundred times over the past thousands of years, and neither of them had been able to do anything to the other. This time, he had actually found a helper and wanted to bully him with numbers.

Unexpectedly, Chong Jiu was together with Yang Kai, and this time, a great battle broke out. Yang Kai faced the big sword-wielding man while Chong Jiu dealt with the helper the big sword-wielding man had invited.

Behind Chong Jiu stood a towering tree. The tree swayed gently and radiated a golden light, as if it was cast from gold. Its leaves danced in the air as it cut through the air, its movements filled with infinite power, forcing his opponent to retreat again.

After fighting for a while, the master couldn’t help examining Chong Jiu and asking, “The Dao Tree lineage?”

Chong Jiu raised his brow, “You’ve seen it?”

The expert said, “The Dao Tree lineage is famous throughout the Heavens, and I have the honor of experiencing it for myself.” Saying so, he put away his weapon, “I won’t fight.”

Chong Jiu smiled slightly, “I had the same idea.”

In this forbidden land, great battles often broke out, but there were many cases where a smile could wipe away all grudges. After all, everyone’s strength was about the same, so unless there was some kind of irreconcilable grudge between them, no one was willing to fight to the death with others.

For example, the sword-wielding man who had repeatedly sought trouble with Yang Kai was actually quite rare, mainly because Yang Kai had only been here for a short time, so the sword-wielding man always felt that Yang Kai was a soft persimmon he could easily crush.

Yang Kai’s strength had grown significantly over the past eight thousand years.

After all, after swallowing and refining Mu’s Space-Time River, he had no time to consolidate his foundation and perfect his foundation before he was forced to fight Black Ink.

It wasn’t until he entered this place and fought a great battle that the benefits he had obtained from Mu’s gift gradually digested.

What’s more, his Small Universe’s foundation was constantly increasing. If he were to return to the eight thousand years ago to deal with Black Ink, he would definitely not be in such a miserable state.


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Can anyone tell me how this master know that their world is forgotten them since they never leave taboo realm.


Kida Masaomi
Kida Masaomi
Jun 06, 2023

I wonder if the people from his small universe also forgot about him. On the other hand, I pity them for not being able to leave his small universe during the 8 thousand years YK was in the taboo realm. Not to mention the speed of time in his SU is 10x* that of outside. That's a whole 80,000 years.

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Xue Ying
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Dec 21, 2022

Mono's Effort and Hard Work will never be forgotten

Xue Ying
Xue Ying
Aug 24, 2023
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Monogatari scans is the site managed by Mono.

Mono is Dave the translator. The one who did all these free translations. Momo is the author.

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