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The Gong Lian, who Ouyang Lie called a brat, had now reached the Ninth Order Open Heaven Stage and his cultivation was basically the same as Ouyang Lie’s, but with the status of master and disciple, even if he was a Ninth Order, he wouldn’t be able to do anything in front of Ouyang Lie. Hearing this, he couldn’t help nodding, “Master is right!”

Ouyang Lie’s laughter became even more carefree.

A few of the newly promoted Ninth Order masters also laughed. They knew that Ouyang Lie loved to brag, so they all agreed.

All of them had witnessed the might of a Pseudo-Royal Lord, and it was definitely not something an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator could resist, unless they formed a battle formation.

However, back when there weren’t many Eighth Order Human Race masters, Ouyang Lie had indeed fought a Pseudo-Royal Lord alone, and he was the one who had been beaten to the point of pissing his pants. Even so, being able to fight a Pseudo-Royal Lord with his own strength was still an incredible feat.

At that moment, the noisy hall suddenly fell silent, no longer boasting, all of them looking up.

In that direction, a half white-haired Ninth Order Open Heaven smiled slightly and swept his eyes over everyone before saying, “It’s been a thousand years since we last met, everyone’s bearing is still the same. En, there are also a few new faces, very good.”

Everyone bowed, “Greetings, Chief Mi.”

The person who had come was Mi Jinglun. Although the Human Race’s Expedition Army and the various great armies had been disbanded, the title of Chief Mi had been passed down. In terms of cultivation, Mi Jinglun might not be the strongest among all the Ninth Order.

He was a cultivator from the same era as Ouyang Lie, Xiang Shan, and Wei Junyang, but if they were to stand together now, Mi Jinglun would obviously look older because he had spent too much effort during the thousands of years of battle.

At the top of the hall, Mi Jinglun returned the greeting before saying, “It’s time for the Void Festival's Grand Ceremony again. Counting the time, this is already the eighth time, and I’m sure everyone knows what this time means.”

Hearing this, everyone’s expressions became solemn.

“All this time, our memories have been somewhat lacking. In many key places, there seems to be traces of a person’s existence, but whether it was us or others, none of us could remember this person. I don’t know what kind of mood I was in when I first compiled this person’s character, but now that I think about it, it was definitely the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. All of these signs indicate that this person really existed, and the records in this person’s character are all true. This person is the greatest contributor to the Human Race's victory over the Black Ink Clan!”

Unlike the cultivators with low cultivations, although the Ninth Order masters present had some memory deficiencies, these missing memories could be perfectly supplemented by Yang Kai’s character, so they could conclude that Yang Kai existed and the records in his character were not fabricated.

The reason they had forgotten about Yang Kai was because of the mysterious Shadow Cutting Technique.

“A meritorious service should not be forgotten, otherwise, the current Human Race is not worthy of living! Eight thousand years have passed, and now it is time for him to return. The Festival's Grand Ceremony also exists for this moment. Everyone, the arrangements from back then should be used, and the time to witness the truth has come!”

Everyone only knew that the Festival's Grand Ceremony was a grand event for the entire Human Race, but they didn’t know that Mi Jinglun and the other Ninth Order masters had already arranged this.

When they had arranged this contingency plan back then, perhaps they had not completely forgotten about Yang Kai, but now, they really did not remember anything about him. It didn’t matter if they didn’t remember, as long as the contingency plan worked.

“Please instruct us, Chief Mi!” The Ninth Order masters cupped their fists.

Mi Jinglun smiled lightly, “Then let us see if all of this is just an unrealistic fantasy or if we really have forgotten something!”

One by one, the Ninth Order masters in the hall flew out and quickly disappeared, leaving only one Ninth Order master.

This was a Titled Great Emperor recognized by the Star Boundary and the only Great Emperor who had managed to break through to the Ninth Order. There had been other Ninth Order Great Emperors in the Star Boundary, but they had all fallen during the expedition.

The hall fell silent as Mi Jinglun and the Great Emperor waited quietly.

Ten days later, Mi Jinglun suddenly opened his eyes and glanced at the Ninth Order Great Emperor, “It’s about time.”

The Ninth Order Great Emperor nodded slightly before slowly closing his eyes and spreading out his consciousness. In the next instant, his body seemed to fuse with the entire Star Boundary.

In the various places where the Human Race gathered, Yang Kai’s statues, which had stood tall for eight thousand years, suddenly emitted a dazzling light, attracting the attention of countless people.

Soon after, from the statue came the sound of chanting, which was the contents of Yang Kai’s character.

The chanting seemed to contain some kind of mysterious power, causing everyone who heard it to involuntarily stop in their tracks and quietly listen. As the chanting continued, everyone’s vision seemed to be filled with a magnificent picture scroll. The contents of this picture scroll were actually a cultivator named Yang Kai who was constantly growing, becoming stronger from the weak and eventually leading the Human Race to defeat their enemies.

It wasn’t just the Star Boundary. In the Myriad Monster World, the home of all Human Race, the statues that had been set up by the Ninth Order masters had been activated.

At this moment, the sound of chanting filled the ears of all the Human Race.

Once, twice, three times…

Gradually, some people began to read along with the voices coming from the statue. Almost everyone had read Yang Kai’s character, and many of the scholars had even memorized it by heart. It was just that these characters, who were usually only used as idle books, seemed to have been given a heavy meaning today.

Hundreds of millions of Human Race were chanting the name of the Void Great Emperor.

At the same time, in the distant void, on the final battle between Yang Kai and Black Ink, a number of people were gathered in a floating palace.

There weren’t many of these people, only a dozen or so, but apart from a middle-aged couple, the lowest cultivation of the others was an Eighth Order, and Ninth Order Open Heaven was common here.

Everyone gathered here was Yang Kai’s family.

His parents, his wives, his disciples, Yang Xiao, Yang Xue…

These people had been waiting here for eight thousand years. Xia Ningchang had originally stayed behind to guard High Heaven Palace because although her cultivation wasn’t low, she had very little experience in fighting with others. Moreover, she was an Alchemy Great Grandmaster, so she hadn’t been sent out on the expedition.

The Great Army’s Masters, Xia Ningchang, and Mi Jinglun immediately set out after compiling Yang Kai’s character, bringing Yang Ying Feng (Yang Fourth Master) and Dong Su Zhu here to meet up with Su Yan and the others.

This wait lasted for eight thousand years!


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