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Void 7999 years.

The Star Boundary, where High Heaven Cave Heaven, which was ranked first among the 36 Cave Heaven, was located had its ban lifted. Countless cultivators who were waiting outside the Star Boundary flocked in and scattered throughout the Star Boundary.

There were many cultivators who had rushed here from all directions, and although there was a mix of good and bad people, no one dared to act rashly. After entering the Star Boundary, no matter what their temperament was, they had become simple and kind.

It wasn’t just because the Star Boundary was the territory of the first Cave Heaven, but also because all the other Cave Heaven Paradise's Dojo here.

In the entire Star Boundary, it could be said that there were many Seventh Order waling everywhere, and Eight Order master is as many as dogs. Only the legendary Ninth Order masters who were rarely seen had the qualifications to shake them.

If they dared to act rashly here, not to mention not being able to see the sun tomorrow, even the moon tonight would be invisible.

The main reason why the Star Boundary was so lively was because the Void Festival's Grand Ceremony that was held once every thousand years would be held here. Many of the new generation didn’t know the origins of this Grand Ceremony, only that it had been held seven times since the beginning of the Void, and if one counted the ones about to begin, it would be the eighth.

It was said that eight thousand years ago, the living environment of the Human Race was extremely harsh. At that time, there was a kind of existence called the Black Ink Clan in the Heavens that nearly exterminated the Human Race and seized the Heavens. At the most critical moment, the Human Race was on the verge of extinction.

However, with the efforts of the Human Race’s wise sages and their tenacious resistance, the Human Race slowly stabilized their position. In the end, the entire Human Race went on an expedition to completely eradicate the Black Ink Clan. From then on, the Human Race became the true masters of this world.

As for the Void Festival's Grand Ceremony, it was held to commemorate the Human Race sages who had died fighting against the Black Ink Clan. It could be said to be the biggest event in the entire Human Race.

The Grand Ceremony would last for a year, during which anyone could freely enter the Star Boundary. It had to be known that as the territory of the First Cave Heaven, it was normally forbidden for outsiders to enter.

This wasn’t because High Heaven Cave Heaven was acting tyrannically, but because they had no choice.

After the great war eight thousand years ago, although the Human Race had managed to quell the Black Ink Tribulation that had lasted for a million years, they had paid an extremely heavy price.

Countless Human Race sages had died in battle, and the 3000 Worlds had long since been destroyed by the Black Ink Clan. Right now, the only ones suitable for the survival of the Human Race were High Heaven Territory’s Star Boundary and Myriad Monster Territory’s Myriad Monster World, the other universe worlds is over.

The living environment had been greatly suppressed, and although the cultivation resources weren’t in short supply, they were definitely not abundant.

This way, once too many cultivators were born, it would inevitably lead to chaos, so the current cultivation could no longer be as unrestrained as it was eight thousand years ago. Instead, it had to be planned.

Eight thousand years ago, many Ninth Order Human Race masters had come together to discuss a decision, which was that anyone who had the aptitude to cultivate would have to report to the Cave Heaven Paradise and the Cave Heaven Paradise will arrange their cultivation matters.

Under the joint efforts of all the Human Race forces, this decision was strictly enforced, so all cultivators of the Human Race, regardless of their background or cultivation, were recorded.

This decision made the already special Star Boundary even more special.

The Star Boundary had a World Tree, the first cradle of Open Heaven Stage!

The second cradle was the Myriad Monster World.

During the years when the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan fought, the Star Boundary and Myriad Monster World’s two Open Heaven Stage Cradles had created a large number of High Rank cultivators for the Human Race. It could be said that in the final decisive battle, the Human Race had won, and these two Open Heaven Stage Cradles had contributed greatly.

However, after the war ended, because their living environment had been suppressed, it was difficult for the Human Race to withstand the birth of so many new generation cultivators, causing the existence of the Star Boundary and Myriad Monster World to become extremely awkward.

Therefore, after returning from the expedition and realizing this problem, the Human Race’s upper echelons made another decision, which was to withdraw everyone from the Star Boundary and Myriad Monster World, especially the large number of ordinary people.

These ordinary people really couldn’t cultivate, but their numbers were massive, but their heirs would always have some aptitude for cultivation. If they weren’t restrained, it wouldn’t be long before more new generation cultivators would be born, which would inevitably lead to unnecessary unrest.

Even the people who stayed behind in the Star Boundary and Myriad Monster World were forbidden from having children. If they wanted to have children, they would have to leave these two Open Heaven Cradles.

Of course, the Human Race’s upper echelons also knew that this kind of matter couldn’t be completely eliminated, so they left behind a glimmer of hope.

That hope lay in the Void Festival's Grand Ceremony that occurred every thousand years.

During this one year of Grand Ceremony, everyone was allowed to freely enter and exit the Star Boundary. If one had the ability to enter the various Cave Heaven Paradise, they would naturally be qualified to remain in the Star Boundary forever.

However, over the past eight thousand years, after each Grand Ceremony began, it was difficult to calculate who would enter the Star Boundary, but there weren’t many who could actually enter the various Dojo.

This led to a strange phenomenon, which was that many pregnant women or young married couples would enter the Star Boundary at this time. Those pregnant women who were waiting to give birth would often find a place to live in the company of their families, where they could rest and nourish their babies, allowing their unborn babies to enjoy the nourishment of the Subtree.

As for the young couple… when they arrived, it was only the two of them, but when they left, their wives’ stomachs would probably bulge.

Jade Mountain Market, an extremely common market in the Star Boundary.

Because of the decision made back then, a large number of Human Race had evacuated from the Star Boundary, causing the entire Star Boundary to be sparsely populated. For example, places like the Jade Mountain Market were rarely seen.

It was only recently that the Grand Ceremony had arrived and countless people had poured into the Star Boundary that a large number of people had gathered here.

A young couple strolled around the market, holding hands. The man was handsome and the woman was as beautiful as a flower, a perfect match.

The woman’s belly bulged slightly, obviously showing signs of pregnancy.

At this moment, the husband and wife stood in front of a tall statue and looked up.

The wife kept reaching out to her husband, who helplessly handed her the food in his hands and grumbled, “I told you not to eat so much sweet food, why didn’t you listen?”

His wife didn’t even look at him as she bit down on the candied fruit in her hand and mumbled, “Am I the one who wants to eat it? The child in my stomach wants to eat it!”

The husband couldn’t help rolling his eyes. Every time this woman brought up the child in her womb, he couldn’t do anything about it.

“Husband, do you think this Yang Kai really exists?” The wife quickly finished a stick of candied fruit and took another stick from her husband’s hand, “Why do I see his statue everywhere?”

Wherever they went, wherever the Human Race gathered, there would always be such statues. It was said that these statues had been standing for eight thousand years and had not been corroded by the passage of time, so it was obvious they were protected by the power of an expert.

“How would I know?” The husband replied angrily.

His wife muttered to herself, “His character’s memories are all over the place, and it seems that everyone has read his character’s memories carefully. Moreover, the character’s memories say that in order to defeat that ancient Supreme Master, he used a Space-Time Shadow Cutting Technique, and it erase all traces of his existence. If no one remembers him, then he will never be able to return. Counting the time, when this Grand Ceremony begins, it just so happens that he will return. Husband, why don’t we go take a look?”

The husband’s face darkened, “Why are you looking for him?”

“He’s a hero! For our Human Race to have such a day, he must have put in a lot of effort. It’s only right that we pay him a visit.”

“That person’s history has been passed down for eight thousand years, who knows if it’s true or not.”

“I think he must be a wise man!”


“Why are you eating my candied fruit?”

“So sour!”

“It’s obviously very sweet!”

“That character's history said he has many wives!”

“Hmph, you finally exposed your wild ambitions. Child, your father doesn’t want us anymore, we really have a hard life.”

“I didn’t, don’t be ridiculous.”

In the various places where the Human Race gathered, similar conversations between this young couple were being circulated. In the past, Mi Jinglun’s leading and compiling characters had been widely promoted and maintained by the various great Sects for eight thousand years. It could be said that at least over ten years old Human Race had read Yang Kai’s characters.

To these latecomers, this character was just a book, allowing them to understand the magnificent life of a man named Yang Kai. As for whether the records in this character were true or fabricated, no one could confirm.

This was something even the ancient cultivators of the Cave Heaven Paradise were unable to determine.

Because in their memories, many of the things recorded in his characters had indeed happened, but none of them had the slightest impression of the man named Yang Kai.

If this was really the backlash of the Space-Time Shadow Cutting Technique, it would be too terrifying.

High Heaven Palace, the gathering of the Ninth Order Human Race.

Compared to the expedition back then, the number of Ninth Order masters had undoubtedly increased.

There were more than a hundred of them!

After all, eight thousand years had passed, and those who had the aptitude to advance to the Ninth Order had also slowly grown.

In the main hall, everyone was talking in small groups. It was rare for the Ninth Order masters to gather, unless there was something important, the Ninth Order masters rarely showed themselves outside. Only a grand event like the Void Festival's Grand Ceremony could gather all the Ninth Order masters.

Over a hundred Ninth Order masters, the Human Race’s foundation had reached its peak more than ten thousand years ago. Whether it was newly promoted Ninth Order or veteran Ninth Order masters, all of them had participated in the Expedition War.

Now that they had gathered together, it was only natural for them to reminisce about the past and watch the current people's competition.

This was especially true for Ouyang Lie, who was somewhere in the crowd. When he talked about the great battles he had fought in the past, he was full of joy and excitement. When he talked about this, he even pulled his disciple Gong Lian over, “Back then, this old master was only an Eighth Order, but when I fought against a Black Ink Clan’s Pseudo-Royal Lord alone, I killed that Pseudo-Royal Lord and made him piss his pants. This little brat saw it with his own eyes, don’t you think so?”


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