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This was the reason why Yang Kai thanked him in the end.

“I’m afraid this is the result he wants.”

Mu had protected the Human Race and the Heavens for countless years, and even after her death, she had left behind many contingencies.

Although this world was in ruins and the Human Race was like an ant, this was still what Mu wanted to protect. Under the premise that it was possible, he was willing to follow Mu’s will.

Of course, if Yang Kai didn’t display his corresponding strength, Black Ink wouldn’t mind killing him. After Black Ink’s power ruled over the Heavens, he would divide a large region for the Human Race to multiply and survive. This way, the Human Race wouldn’t be wiped out and he would have an explanation for Mu.

At the end of the day, Black Ink’s consciousness was not evil. In the recent Ancient Era, he had protected the Human Race and was responsible for helping the Human Race. If it weren’t for him and the ten Martial Ancestors working together, the Human Race of that era would not have been able to defeat the Ancient Monster Race.

It was just that his consciousness was unable to control this gradually growing power and eventually lost its direction, especially after Mu’s death.

Today’s ending was something he had taken the initiative to pursue.

Everyone was silent for a moment, their mood indescribable.

Although there was something sad about Black Ink's life, he was the one who had brought about the pain and suffering of the Human Race for the past million years. Without him, after defeating those Ancient Monster Race, this world would have become the world of the Human Race, and there wouldn’t have been a war that lasted for countless years.

The Black Ink Tribulation had caused the Human Race to suffer unimaginable losses. Over the past million years, countless Human Race elites had died in battle.

To the Human Race, whether it was pitiful or not, Black Ink was their greatest enemy.

Winner is king, loser is the villain!


As if there was a slight movement, everyone turned to look and was immediately shocked.

“Big Brother!” Yang Xue immediately called out, staring at Yang Kai’s face in horror.

The expressions of the others also became solemn because a crack had appeared on Yang Kai’s face. This was not a normal wound, and there was no blood.

After the first crack appeared, a second, a third…

It wasn’t just Yang Kai’s face, but his hands as well.

Right now, Yang Kai looked like a piece of porcelain that was on the verge of shattering, and from the cracks, a terrifying Great Dao force could be felt.

Yang Kai looked down at his hands and muttered to himself, “It came faster than I expected!”

He seemed to have anticipated his current situation.

“What happened?” Su Yan asked from behind him, her tender body trembling uncontrollably.

After so many years of hard work, he had finally defeated the Black Ink Tribulation and resolved the Black Ink Tribulation. In the future, the Human Race would rule the Heavens, and it was foreseeable that everything would become better.

As the biggest contributor to this final battle, everyone felt an inexplicable sense of crisis envelop him, causing them to become nervous.

What was even more disturbing was that no one had ever seen such injuries before.

Yang Kai gently patted the back of Su Yan’s hand and comforted her, “I won’t die, but I don’t have much time left.”

“What happened?” Smiles asked.

“How should I put it…” Everyone around him was worried to death, but Yang Kai, the main person involved, remained calm and composed, “The Shadow Cutting Technique is a Secret Technique created by Mu with the Space-Time River as its foundation. I inherited her legacy and walked the same path as her, so naturally I can use this Secret Technique.”

“However, Mu’s Space-Time River is incomplete, so the Shadow Cutting Technique she used is actually incomplete. She can only summon the Shadow Cutting Technique from the past. If the Shadow Cutting Technique dissipates, then the memories of the past will be lost. On my side, I have perfected this Secret Technique to summon the Shadow Cutting Technique from the future. Each of these Shadow Cutting Techniques will be from a certain thousand years in the future. Now that the Shadow Cutting Technique has disappeared, I must pay a price.”

The more powerful a Secret Technique was, the harder it was to use it. Shadow Cutting Technique was undoubtedly the most powerful Secret Technique that had ever appeared in this world, especially since Yang Kai had surpassed his ancestor and used this Shadow Cutting Technique to defeat Black Ink. The price he had to pay was definitely not small.

“Once the Shadow of the past disappear, the memories of the corresponding Space-Time will be lost. What kind of price is there when using the future Space-Time Shadow?” Mi Jinglun asked solemnly.

“In the future Space-Time section, I don’t exist.”

“Don't exist? What do you mean?”

“Although I don’t know how to explain this matter, it meant the words literally.”

Mi Jinglun was silent for a moment, digesting this incredible news, “You summoned eight Shadows, which is eight thousand years?”


“What happens after eight thousand years?”

Yang Kai shook his head, “I don’t know.”

After all, this was the first time he had used the Shadow Cutting Technique, so although he knew that in the next eight thousand years, he would no longer exist and all traces of his existence would be erased by the power of space and time, he couldn’t say for certain what would happen after eight thousand years.

“How could this be?” Yang Xue’s eyes turned red.

“It’s not a big problem, after eight thousand years, I should be able to return,” Yang Kai comforted.

But anyone could hear the uncertainty in his voice.

His back suddenly became lighter as Su Yan suddenly flashed away.

Soon, she returned, but this time she brought Yu Rumeng and the others with her.

The eyes of all the women turned red as they tried to hold back their grief, not allowing their tears to flow. On the way back, Su Yan had briefly explained the situation, so they knew that Yang Kai was about to encounter a crisis.

In the short time since Su Yan left, the number of cracks on Yang Kai’s body had clearly increased.

Inside the crack, the corrosion of the Great Dao became more obvious.

Yang Kai really didn’t have much time left, and the backlash from the Shadow Cutting Technique was even stronger than he had imagined.

Mi Jinglun shot a glance at the crowd, and everyone else retreated to the side, leaving only Yang Kai’s family behind.

The women who had been brought here by Su Yan finally couldn’t hold themselves back and burst into tears.

In the end, it was Yu Rumeng who acted like the Big Sister of the family and scolded them.

Before she could say anything more, the skin on Yang Kai’s face began to peel off and disappear. Even though they were all Eighth and Ninth Order now, there was nothing they could do.

Everyone held back their grief and watched as Yang Kai’s figure gradually disappeared.

At the last moment, Yu Rumeng shouted towards Yang Kai, “You heartless man, remember this, if you don’t come back after eight thousand years, I’ll bring my sisters and remarry!”

Yang Kai grinned at her, “These words sound familiar!”

Yu Rumeng’s resilience was finally shattered, and her tears couldn’t stop flowing. Holding Yang Kai’s hand tightly, she begged, “You must come back!”

Yang Kai’s eyes swept over the faces one by one, as if he wanted to imprint their faces into the depths of his soul, gently nodding, “Of course!”

Specks of light scattered as a great river suddenly appeared in the void, wrapping around Yang Kai and sending waves crashing down to submerge his body.

The river slowly disappeared, and along with it, Yang Kai, who had been sucked into it, leaving behind a group of women standing there in a daze, their endless sorrow flowing like a river.

“The situation isn’t good,” Mi Jinglun, who was watching from afar, suddenly whispered before turning to Xiang Shan, “Do you feel it?”

Xiang Shan nodded, “There’s something wrong.”

The other Ninth Order master all more or less felt the same way. Although they couldn’t figure out what exactly was wrong, Ninth Order Open Heaven's senses were extremely sharp and any slight abnormality could arouse their vigilance.

Everyone checked themselves, but none of them had any clues.

He could only temporarily put this matter aside, but he still maintained a certain degree of vigilance.

The final battle had ended. The Human Race and Small Stone Race alliance had finished off the Black Ink Clan’s army, and Black Ink had also been completely sealed by Yang Kai. Although the greatest contributor had suffered a backlash from the Shadow Cutting Technique and had been wiped out by time and space for eight thousand years, no matter what, this great victory had to be announced.

When Mi Jinglun and the others returned and spread the news that Black Ink had been dealt with, the million Human Race soldiers who had been waiting here all cheered.

The war of a million years had finally come to an end, and in the future, this world would belong to the Human Race!

After the battle, the casualties were counted and everything was carried out in an orderly manner.

The Small Stone Race's army had already evacuated and returned to the Chaotic Dead Territory through the Void Corridor. The Human Race’s forces were a bit late, they began their journey half a month later.

Zhang Ruoxi’s Void Corridor had saved the Human Race a lot of time.

Not everyone left, with Su Yan and Yu Rumeng leading Yang Kai’s wives, his disciples, Yang Xue, Yang Xiao, and the others all stayed behind.

They remained in the place where Yang Kai had disappeared, quietly waiting for his return.

Eight thousand years was destined to be a long time, but as long as they could see Yang Kai return as soon as possible, any amount of waiting would be worth it.

Broken battleships gathered into a fleet and entered the Chaotic Dead Territory through the Void Corridor. Zhang Ruoxi was still able to barely maintain the balance of her Greaat Yang and Great Yin Force, so the Chaotic Dead Territory was still a safe place.

However, she couldn’t maintain this state for much longer. In order to fight with Black Ink and kill the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords, she had burned too much of her Heaven's Order Bloodline.

After the Human Race’s army left the Chaotic Dead Territory, she would remove her Great Yang and Great Yin Force. At that time, Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan would reappear, and Zhang Ruoxi would no longer have her previous strength.

At the end of the day, if she didn’t have the Heaven's Order Bloodline and Great Yang and Greaat Yin Force, she would only be a Ninth Order.

The fleet passed through the Chaotic Dead Territory and soon returned to the Heavens.

Many years ago, after the expedition from the Star Boundary, the Human Race’s army of three or four million had been reduced to a million, with nearly sixty percent of the Human Race’s soldiers dead.

However, unlike the solemn atmosphere of the expedition, although the current state of the Human Race’s army wasn’t very good, it was filled with joy, and every battleship was filled with cheers and laughter.

On a tattered Expelling Black Ink Battleship, Mi Jinglun stood at the bow while Xiang Shan stood beside him.

The two of them quietly sensed the movements coming from all directions and exchanged a knowing smile.

“The Human Race has won, but the greatest contributor is unable to celebrate with us, it’s quite regretful,” Mi Jinglun couldn’t help sighing.

Xiang Shan nodded, “Now that I think about it, if it weren’t for him leading the Black Ink Clan and signing some kind of agreement, the Human Race wouldn’t have been able to accumulate their strength.”

“That’s right,” Mi Jinglun nodded, “Now it seems that agreement is an important node for the rise of the Human Race.”

“What was the name of that agreement?”

“What’s it called again?”

The two Ninth Order Human Race masters glanced at each other, the smiles on their faces slowly fading as they gradually became serious…


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Xue Ying
Xue Ying
24. Aug. 2023

Now they are starting to forget about YK and the things he had done? Is this the crisis they felt? Then they should start making books and statues of him.

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Que capítulo triste 😭

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Are they seriously just going to sit around and wait for 8 thousand years? They could just come back . . .

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Poor Xia Ning Chang, the only one who couldn't see him one last time...

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Boban Germanovic
Boban Germanovic
31. Jan. 2023

I always found the Black ink power itself and the consciousness it produced which is black ink bizzare. The black ink produced a consciousness but they are like different entities. The stronger the power of the black ink itself, the harder it is for the "cosciousness" to be in control and the black ink power itself takes control. That sounds like the black ink power itself is also couscious as well, just not as sentient as the other one but this "consciousness" was produced by it, so how does that make any sense. This is all so weird and makes no sense to me. But then again actually i guess u can think of it the same as first light.…

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Well Said his power itself is very corrosive and even the wielder himself is not exempt from this remember the power it cultivate is a manifestation of all negativity in the world so it is bound to skew the wielder temperament which happens to be embodiment of darkness itself.

Which to me make it very interesting when you think about what darkness is, morale of the story if there is no light, Darkness will be darkness, it will spread though you cannot blame it for being evil that is just it's nature the same way you can't blame a man from wanting to have sex it is in our nature to reproduce. in a sense Mu was it's light.

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