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Each of these figures represented the Yang Kai of the next thousand years, eight of them spanning eight thousand years in the time and space section.

Combining with Yang Kai’s main body and forming the Nine Directions Array, this battle formation was even stronger than the Nine Directions Array formed by Zhang Ruoxi and her eight personal guards.

Zhang Ruoxi, who had used her own bloodline to harmonize with the power of Great Yang and Great Yin, was indeed stronger than any of Yang Kai’s Shadow, but the strength of the eight Small Stone Race personal guards was a hindrance, so in general, Yang Kai's Nine Directions Array this time was stronger.

It was not just a little bit stronger!

After the Nine Directions Array was completed, Yang Kai’s main body took a step forward and combined the power of the other eight Shadows to attack Black Ink.

When the Six Directions Array was completed, many of the Shadows were already evenly matched with Black Ink. The Seven Directions and Eight Directions had completely put Black Ink at a disadvantage. At this moment, the Nine Directions Array was even more unstoppable. With his main body and the eight Shadows working together, Black Ink was unable to fight back.

Ink blood flew and the Ink Force dissipated.

Nine of Yang Kai’s figures shuttled back and forth, each of them controlling the power of the Three Thousand Great Daos. Because each of them was Yang Kai himself, they didn’t need to coordinate with each other at all. The Shadows' attacks were all connected without any flaws!

Black Ink wanted to break out of this encirclement, but how could he escape easily?

Everyone watching from afar was stunned.

No one had expected such a bizarre scene to occur in the final battle. The amazingness of the Shadow Cutting Technique had far exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Seeing the current situation, everyone was excited, because at this moment, they finally saw hope of defeating this ancient Supreme Master Black Ink.

Before this, how to face Black Ink was a problem that the Human Race had always found difficult to solve. Although they had not deliberately avoided him, the Human Race really did not have enough means or strength to resist him.

Zhang Ruoxi’s support was a pleasant surprise, but even such a powerful Zhang Ruoxi was unable to gain any advantage against Black Ink.

The battle on the main battlefield had ended, and all the Black Ink Clan had been exterminated. If Yang Kai’s side could take care of Black Ink, then they would be able to take care of this disaster that had lasted since the end of the ancient era.

A beautiful future awaited the Human Race, and light would eventually tear through the darkness.

However, very soon, the few old Ninth Order Human Race masters became worried. Although the situation was quite good, no one knew what price Yang Kai had paid to use this Shadow Cutting Technique.

This was a Secret Technique that far exceeded his own strength. The more strength he obtained, the greater the price he would have to pay!

As for how long Yang Kai could last in such a battle, it was also unknown.

In fact, just as they had feared, Yang Kai had paid an unimaginable price to use this Shadow Cutting Technique.

After obtaining this power that surpassed his own, the main body also suffered a great burden.

In other words, he couldn’t maintain this state for too long!

This battle had to end as soon as possible! For this, he didn’t hesitate to use his main body in order to quickly finish off Black Ink.

Under the Nine Directions Array, Black Ink was forced to retreat, no longer able to fight back. This aggrieved situation made him furious. He was an ancient Supreme Master, an expert from the same era as Mu, someone who had the opportunity to rule the Heavens.

Although more than thirty percent of his Source had been sealed in advance, he still couldn’t tolerate a junior acting so presumptuously, especially when this junior had taken away Mu’s last legacy.

In the midst of this fierce battle, he suddenly turned his head towards a certain direction and stared at Yang Kai’s figure.

This was Yang Kai’s main body.

The main body was easily distinguishable, not only because the main body’s aura was the weakest among the many Shadows, but also because after using the Shadow Cutting Technique, the main body looked miserable.

If he wanted to break the Shadow Cutting Technique, he would have to either destroy the foundation of the Space-Time River or kill his main body.

Now that the Space-Time River was no longer visible and was scattered inside Yang Kai’s eight shadows, Black Ink only had one choice left.

Facing the attacks of the Shadows, Black Ink didn’t care about his own injuries and even had one of his arms cut off by the strongest Shadows. The price he had paid was worth it. He broke through the Shadows' blockade and arrived in front of Yang Kai's main body.

The Ink Force surged as he raised his remaining hand and smashed it towards Yang Kai.

This punch was still far from Yang Kai, but under this punch, space shattered, time froze, and the universe collapsed.

This was Black Ink's full-powered punch, one that he could not avoid.

He seemed to be able to see Yang Kai’s main body being smashed into dust by this punch, and a faint trace of bitterness flashed across his eyes.

The scene he had imagined did not appear, and instead of panicking, Yang Kai’s main body charged towards the incoming fist.

Just as Black Ink was stunned, Yang Kai’s main body suddenly erupted with a power far greater than his own, directly breaking through the seal of space, allowing the stagnant time to flow again.

He also punched out.

Not good!

Black Ink’s heart jumped as he realized he had fallen into a trap.

All this time, the Nine Directions Array’s Eye Formation had been maintained on the strongest Shadows, but in this instant, Yang Kai’s main body was able to release such a powerful force, it was clear that the Eye Formation had been transferred to his main body.

Black Ink and Yang Kai both knew that the method to break the Shadow Cutting Technique was in the main body, the former clearly want to target it, how could the latter not be on guard against it?

It could even be said that he had been waiting for this moment.

A violent force swept over, and Black Ink’s figure couldn’t help but retreat as the eight shadows flew towards him from all directions, the power of the Great Dao causing him to lose his balance.

Even if this was all there was to it, the key was that each time the eight shadows attacked, they could display power far beyond their own.

The Eye Formation was constantly shifting! Every time the Shadows attacked, the Eye Formation would be transferred to one of them.

If it was anyone else, they naturally wouldn’t be able to do such a thing, but if Yang Kai wanted to move the Eye Formation between himself and the Shadows, he could do so at will.

Zhang Ruoxi had done such a thing before. She and the eight personal guards were all able to act as the Eye Formation at will.

Such a perfect Nine Directions Array didn’t have any flaws nor was it afraid of being targeted.

If he wanted to break this battle formation, there was only one way to do so; by force!

The main reason why Zhang Ruoxi had been defeated by Black Ink was because the Small Stone Race’s personal guards were unable to withstand such a high intensity and intense battle. Every time the eye formation was shifted, it would be a burden on the Small Stone Race personal guards, causing them to suffer some damage. The more times it was used, the more likely they would collapse.

It was the same for Yang Kai! Especially his original body, which was already in a miserable state after using the Shadow Cutting Technique. Now that he was under the pressure of the eye formation, he immediately spat out a mouthful of blood and his face became extremely pale.

However, his figure didn’t pause in the slightest, taking advantage of the moment when his eight shadows surrounded Black Ink, he took a step forward and arrived in front of the severed Black Ink arm.

Although this arm was bleeding, it was not completely made of flesh and blood.

“Open!” Yang Kai raised his hand and with a wave of his Divine Sense, a large door suddenly appeared in front of him. The door opened slightly and an indescribable force came from it, directly swallowing the severed arm.

This arm was a part of Black Ink’s Source! At this moment, Yang Kai had used the Profound Gate to seal it.

Black Ink’s Source was extremely powerful, even giving birth to Black Ink’s consciousness. If it wasn’t sealed in time, Black Ink would have a chance to retrieve his severed arm and fuse with his lost Source.

At that time, he would still be unharmed.

However, now that his Source had been sealed, Black Ink’s aura had fallen greatly. Although the Ink Force from his severed arm had surged and formed a new arm in the blink of an eye, the sealed Source could not be recovered.

Yang Kai’s confidence was greatly boosted after his first strike!

This was the first step towards victory, the most difficult and most critical step!

Once he took this step, the rest of his journey would be easier.

After putting away the Profound Gate, Yang Kai turned around and charged towards Black Ink.

The battle began again!

Since he had already exposed the secret of the Nine Directions Array, Yang Kai didn’t need to hide anything anymore. As the power of his Great Dao surged, his attacks became even more violent.

Originally, under the Nine Directions Array, Black Ink was no longer his opponent, but now that he had lost a portion of his Source, his condition became worse.

After fighting for a while, Yang Kai’s shadow found an opportunity to cut off Black Ink’s arm.

Black Ink wanted to take it back, but Yang Kai was already prepared, so how could he allow him to do so? Under the barrage of the Shadows, he was unable to escape.

Yang Kai’s main body directly arrived in front of the arm and summoned the Profound Gate for the second time, swallowing and sealing this source!

After doing all of this, Yang Kai once again spat out a mouthful of blood and looked up towards the battlefield, feeling the state of his Shadows and knowing that he wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

Not to mention that his main body was seriously injured, even the shadows clones were the same.

Only a small portion of these injuries were caused by Black Ink, most of them were caused by the pressure of the Nine Directions Array.

Yang Kai’s own strength and foundation allowed him to withstand unimaginable pressure from the Nine Directions Array. If it had been any other Ninth Order master, no matter how strong they were, they would not have been able to withstand three battle formation transformation.

“Let’s end this quickly!” He muttered softly before taking a step forward and entering the battlefield.

In the next moment, Yang Kai’s strongest silhouette endured the endless pressure of the array core and continued to attack, not caring if it could hold on!

Under the bombardment of the strongest Shadow, Black Ink appeared to be in a miserable state. Just as he was about to explode in anger, the strongest Shadow pounced forward and firmly held onto him.

At such a close distance, the Shadow grinned towards Black Ink, revealing a mouthful of white fangs!

Black Ink immediately understood Yang Kai’s intentions and struggled, but in the next moment, attacks from all directions enveloped him and the Shadow!

Even the strongest Shadow couldn’t withstand such an attack and exploded, leaving nothing behind!

Black Ink’s body was also shattered and the left half of his body was missing, revealing the organs in his abdomen.

He staggered back a few steps, a strange look flashing across his eyes, but before he could do anything, another Shadow pounced towards him.


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Xue Ying
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When humans just arrived with 2 Giant Spiritual Gods at the periphery of the battlefield - Author - YK fighting black ink right now is no weaker than Zhang Ruoxi is. Author right now in the beginning of this chapter, Zhang Ruoxi is stronger than any YK's shadows.. Who are btw from the future and even stronger than that YK is that was said to not be any weaker than Ruoxi lol. Make up ur mind Author.

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I just had to say this..

Wow! do you realize the hypocrisy you are spewing?


You must really enjoy the story to be able to read all 6k+ chapters of a "brain dead" cultivation story or yourself must be "brain Dead" lol... the shit people spew online is amazing.


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