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Above the Space-Time River, Black Ink pinched Yang Kai’s head like a little chick and lightly said, “Useless trash, you don’t have the qualifications to live!”

Saying so, he exerted force with his hand.

How could Yang Kai, who had already lost his ability to fight, withstand such an attack? His entire head exploded, but Black Ink didn’t give up. With a single punch, he shattered the broken body.

This scene was imprinted into the eyes of all the spectating masters in the distance, and all of them were stunned as they stared at this scene in disbelief.

Dead? The man who was the best at creating miracles, the man who had saved the Human Race from countless storms, had died just like that?

Everyone instinctively refused to believe it, subconsciously wondering if it was an illusion or something else.

However, as Yang Kai’s body exploded, the dissipation of his aura could not be faked.

Everything proved that Yang Kai had really died!

He had died at the hands of this ancient Supreme Master Black Ink.

From the moment Yang Kai was dragged out of the Space-Time River until his death, it had only been a short moment. When Black Ink had attacked, he had not hesitated in the slightest, causing the spectators to not even have time to think about rescuing him.

A shrill Phoenix Cry rang out, accompanied by a furious Dragon Roar. Su Yan and Yang Xiao transformed into their Holy Spirit forms and rushed towards Black Ink.

Following closely behind the two figures, all the masters began to move.

Even though they knew they were not his opponent, none of them hesitated.

With Yang Kai dead, no one in this world was Black Ink’s opponent. Black Ink’s power was about to rule the Heavens, and there was no place for the Human Race in this world. This was their final struggle!

Su Yan’s speed was the fastest. After all, the Space Great Dao was the Natal Great Dao of the Phoenix Clan. After her anger and sorrow had engulfed her mind, she only had one thought in her mind, and that was to take revenge! Or to accompany him to the underworld.

The dark blue figure dragged the dazzling light as it rushed into the battlefield.

However, before she could do anything, a strange scene appeared.

The originally tranquil Space-Time River began to ripple as a figure emerged from it.

After seeing this figure, Su Yan couldn’t help standing there in a daze, while the other masters who had rushed over after her were also stunned.

Because the one who had emerged from the Space-Time River was Yang Kai, who should have been killed by Black Ink!

Not dead!

Everyone stared at this scene in disbelief, just like when they saw Yang Kai being killed.

Yang Kai had clearly died under their noses, it was definitely not an illusion, but he was still alive and had walked out of the Space-Time River.

This strange scene had already exceeded the scope of everyone’s understanding, and the resurrection of the dead was simply unheard of.

As soon as Yang Kai stepped out of the wave, he saw the figures of Su Yan and the others. He had guessed that this would be the case and let out a long sigh, “I’ve finally caught up. Everyone go back.”

Su Yan, who had transformed into an Ice Phoenix, only hesitated for a moment before turning around and activating her Space Great Dao to teleport away everyone who had rushed over.

The Human Race masters returned to their previous positions, which were relatively safe.

Xiang Shan frowned, “What happened?”

Yang Kai had clearly been killed, so how could he have come back to life in the Space-Time River? He had lived for so many years, but he had never seen anything so bizarre.

Mi Jinglun’s eyes flashed as he asked, “The Creation Realm… is this the profundity of the Creation Realm?”

“What do you mean?” Ouyang Lie’s brow twitched, “You said Yang Kai has already stepped into the Creation Realm?”

Mi Jinglun shook his head, “But… it doesn’t look like it.” Yang Kai, who had just emerged from the Space-Time River, was still only at the Ninth Order.

But other than that, Mi Jinglun couldn’t find a suitable explanation. Could the Creation Realm come back from the dead?

This was still ridiculous.

On the battlefield, seeing Yang Kai appear, Black Ink turned his head to look at the corpse in the area, confirming that he had really killed Yang Kai just now, and immediately understood, “Shadow Cutting Technique?”

Yang Kai grinned at him, “I really can’t hide it from you.”

Mu and Black Ink had lived together for so many years, so Black Ink naturally knew what kind of trump cards Mu had. It was impossible in this world to have two same people, unless they were in different time and space.

Mu’s Shadow Cutting Technique had reached the pinnacle of perfection. In order to seal Black Ink’s Source, she had divided her life into three thousand Shadow Clones with the Shadow Cutting Technique and guarded these sealed Source in the three thousand universe worlds.

Yang Kai had received Mu’s final gift, which allowed him to devour and refine her Space-Time River, strengthening the body of his own river and improving his Great Dao’s attainments and insights.

However, the biggest gain was not this, but Mu’s Shadow Cutting Technique.

This was the pinnacle of the Great Dao.

When he fought with Black Ink, Yang Kai knew that he was definitely not his opponent, because it was impossible for him to break through his shackles in a short time and advance to the next realm.

If he couldn’t break through to the next realm, the only fate awaiting him was death.

But he couldn’t die. If he died, humanity would truly be finished.

Since he could not advance to the next realm in a short time, his only chance was to master Mu’s Shadow Cutting Technique!

If one of them wasn’t Black Ink’s opponent and two weren’t, what about three? Five? Ten?

Only by mastering this mysterious Shadow Cutting Technique would he have a chance to defeat Black Ink.

Therefore, in his confrontation with Black Ink, he had always focused on stalling for time, in order to integrate his many Great Daos.

Mu didn’t teach Yang Kai the mysteries of the Shadow Cutting Technique, not because she didn’t want to, but because it was not something she could simply teach him.

This kind of technique had to be comprehended by Yang Kai himself.

Fortunately, Yang Kai had embarked on the same path as Mu, so Mu believed that Yang Kai would be able to comprehend this mysterious technique and understand the good intentions she had when giving him the Space-Time River.

Yang Kai had come into contact with more than two thousand of Mu's Shadows, and before he had swallowed and refined Mu’s river, he had developed some ideas about the Shadow Cutting Technique.

Mu’s final gift had laid a solid foundation for Yang Kai, allowing him to understand the mysteries of the Shadow Cutting Technique and use it in the Space-Time River.

Black Ink had indeed killed him, but he had killed him at some point in the past.

The death of a Shadow Clone was not without cost. This was the first time Yang Kai had used the Shadow Cutting Technique, so he quickly noticed it and nodded, “I seem to have forgotten something…”

Yang Kai had completely forgotten everything that had happened in the space-time section where the Shadow had been killed.

“Forget it, it’s probably nothing important,” Yang Kai smiled casually and looked up at Black Ink, “Want to fight a second round?”

Black Ink smiled. Since his confrontation with Yang Kai, his face had always been gloomy, as if Yang Kai owed him a lot of money and had repeatedly spoken rudely, but at this moment, he actually smiled, “Interesting!”

“The interesting part is yet to come!” As Yang Kai’s voice fell, the Great Dao around his body shook as he rushed towards Black Ink. The power of the river behind him surged as he raised his hand and summoned his Azure Dragon Spear, thrusting it towards Black Ink.

The Azure Dragon Spear should have been broken, but in the space-time section where Yang Kai’s Shaodw had appeared, the Azure Dragon Spear was still intact, so this broken spear once again released a great amount of power.

Just like before, the violent shockwaves from the clash continued to spread out, causing the Human Race masters’ eyelids to twitch.

Secretly rejoicing that Yang Kai had come back to life in time, Black Ink could have easily killed all of them if they had rushed over.

Originally, everyone thought that even if this battle wasn’t evenly matched, Yang Kai would still be able to hold on for a long time. After all, he had already displayed his powerful strength.

However, to everyone’s surprise, this battle only lasted for less than two hours before Black Ink grasped Yang Kai’s weakness and punched him in the chest.

A huge hole appeared in Yang Kai’s chest as his flesh and blood flew everywhere, quickly extinguishing his aura.

Even though they knew Yang Kai wouldn’t really die, when they saw this scene, everyone couldn’t help being overwhelmed by grief.

After killing Yang Kai’s second Shadow, Black Ink looked up towards the Space-Time River.

Having lived with Mu for so long, Black Ink was well aware of the power of the Shadow Cutting Technique. The true power of this technique was not its strength, but rather its powerful ability to survive.

Shadow Cutting Technique was cast from the Space-Time River, and its foundation was the Space-Time River. In order to completely kill the caster, one had to first destroy the Space-Time River.

Otherwise, as long as the river existed, the caster would never die.

So after Black Ink killed Yang Kai’s second Shadow, he immediately rushed towards the Space-Time River, the Ink Force surging towards it.

He wanted to Ink the power of the river so he could break Yang Kai’s Shadow Cutting Technique.

However, before he could do anything, another Shadow of Yang Kai rushed out from the Space-Time River and summoned his Azure Dragon Spear, taunting, “Why are you in such a hurry?”

The two figures once again engaged in a fierce battle. Yang Kai fought with Black Ink while collecting all kinds of information about the Shadow Cutting Technique.

After all, this was the first time he had used the Shadow Cutting Technique, so he didn’t know much about this technique. He had to master this technique as soon as possible so he could turn the tables!

Otherwise, just relying on the Shadow Clone to take turns fighting, he might not be able to do anything to Black Ink.

If he wanted to gain complete control as soon as possible, he could only try again to summarize his experiences.

'I’ve forgotten some things again, but the memory i deliberately saved will not be forgotten. This is a good thing…' Yang Kai thought to himself as he continued to fight with Black Ink. Although he wasn’t his opponent, he no longer needed to worry about death, so he was able to attack even more recklessly.

Soon, he gathered an important piece of information, 'The shorter the range of time and space, the weaker the Shadow Clone's ability to continue fighting. This is worth noting!'

With this thought in mind, the strength of his Shadow Clone had already weakened and Black Ink found an opportunity to instantly kill it!

Blood splattered everywhere.

Even though they had seen this scene many times before, the eyes of the Human Race masters watching from afar were still twitching.

However, what made them feel relieved was that almost at the same time as the previous Yang Kai died, the next Yang Kai had already emerged from the river.


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Hiroki Sluope
Hiroki Sluope
Jul 09, 2023

I wonder if the memories he is losing are not just that but his own past is being erased from time itself. So for example, if he forgets his encounter with that Blood Dao woman, will she forget about YK too?

Replying to

from the information gathered we can assume memory depend on what point in time he decided to cut the shadow from, to even keep up with Black Ink, It has to be cutting shadow from his most recent memory meaning from the point he integrate with Mu Space-time river in his body to currently it maybe infinite because each time he fight that new memory and new point in time is created.


kiznaive 28
kiznaive 28
Jun 19, 2023

It seems the more YK used this technique the more he seem forgetting something important


Jun 18, 2023

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