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After a brief hesitation, Ruoxi quickly retreated.

She didn’t dare to recklessly circulate the power in her body anymore and could only temporarily avoid the attacks of the Royal Lords.

Seeing this, the Royal Lords chased even more fiercely.

A ripple suddenly appeared in the air and in the next instant, a blue Ice Phoenix wrapped in a bone-chilling cold rushed out from the ripple and spat out a cold breath towards the pursuing Royal Lords.

The Royal Lord was shocked and quickly dodged.

Looking up again, their heart sank.

This was because after the Ice Phoenix appeared, several figures stepped out from the ripples. These were the Ninth Order Human Race masters!

On the main battlefield, the Human Race and Small Stone Race allied forces had completely grasped the flow of the battle and were constantly gaining advantages.

In such a situation, the outcome of the war was certain, and the alliance army’s victory was only a matter of time.

As such, when Mi Jinglun noticed the situation on Zhang Ruoxi’s side, he immediately ordered people to assist her. In order to ensure Zhang Ruoxi’s safety, he even mobilized Su Yan, who had just become a Ninth Order Holy Spirit.

After forcing back the pursuing Royal Lords, the Ice Phoenix’s body flashed with light and rapidly shrank, revealing Su Yan’s appearance. With a single step, she appeared next to Zhang Ruoxi and brought her away from the battlefield.

Her next task was to protect Zhang Ruoxi until the end of the war.

After Su Yan and Ruoxi retreated, the Ninth Order Human Race masters all found their opponents and began fighting with the few surviving Royal Lords.

As time passed, along with the annihilation of these powerful auras, the Black Ink Clan’s masters suffered heavy casualties and the Black Ink Clan’s army was also being destroyed.

The losses suffered by the Small Stone Race's army were not small, but even if they died in battle, they would still be of great use.

From time to time, a dazzling light would erupt from the battlefield. This was the Light of Purification, and wherever this light enveloped, the Ink Force would dissipate, causing the entire Black Ink Clan to wail.

The continuous fall of the powerhouses undoubtedly accelerated the destruction of the Black Ink Clan’s army.

At one point, the last Black Ink Clan member who had been stubbornly resisting was slaughtered, and the remaining Human Race looked around, but there was no sign of the enemy…

This battle had lasted for several months without any chance to catch their breath, but in the end, the Human Race and Small Stone Race alliance had won.

Because of this, the Small Stone Race army had paid a heavy price, and now only thirty percent of them were still alive.

As for the Human Race, now that the Human Race’s army had gathered together, there were no more than a million of them. Even the number of Ninth Order cultivators had been reduced by nearly half, most of the fallen one were newly promoted Ninth Order cultivators. Although they had successfully broken through to the Ninth Order, they had no time to consolidate their cultivation. Compared to the older Ninth Order cultivators, their foundations were undoubtedly weaker.

Among the survivors, there were also many who were crippled.

The price they paid was huge, but it was still worth it.

Heaven-shaking cheers rang out as the survivors roared, venting their joy.

Unlike ordinary Human Race soldiers, the Human Race’s upper echelons knew that the war was not over yet.

Although the Black Ink Clan had been completely exterminated after leaving the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, as long as the source of all of this was not dead, the Black Ink Clan would be able to make a comeback. After all, the entire Black Ink Clan had been born from Black Ink’s own strength.

After several months of fighting, Black Ink had yet to show himself, and neither had Yang Kai. It was obvious that these two were fighting deep in the void.

The outcome of this battle would determine the ultimate fate of this world.

No one knew what was happening in the depths of the Void. Zhang Ruoxi had fought with Black Ink before, but so much time had passed that she was unable to determine the situation there.

As such, after the war was won, the allied forces only needed to make some minor adjustments before flying deeper into the void to assist Yang Kai.

The only good news was that Yang Kai was definitely still alive, because the sounds of battle coming from the depths of the void indicated that Yang Kai now had the capital to fight Black Ink!

Passing through the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, the Human Race army was shocked by what they saw.

In the void, countless Ink Nests could be seen. Precious Royal Lord-level Ink Nests could be seen everywhere.

However, although the Ink Nest was large, there was no sign of the Black Ink Clan’s activities. In the previous battle, the Black Ink Clan had sent all of their forces into the battlefield, but all of them had been wiped out.

Currently, these Ink Nests were just empty nests.

What shocked the Human Race army wasn’t the countless Ink Nests, but the several massive figures floating in the void.

Shockingly, it was an Ink Giant Spiritual God!

In the previous battle, if the Black Ink Clan had the ability to send these Ink Giant Spiritual God into the battlefield, the outcome would have been uncertain, and the war would likely have ended in the defeat of the allied forces.

Unfortunately, the Ink Giant Spiritual God was technically Black Ink’s Clone, so Black Ink needed to infuse a wisp of his Soul into these giant creatures to allow them to move.

Without Black Ink’s Soul to control them, these Ink Giant Spiritual God were just empty shells, so even if the Black Ink Clan wanted to mobilize them, they were powerless.

Passing through the void where the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction had originally been, the alliance army continued forward.

However, the further they went, the more serious Mi Jinglun’s expression became.

He had brought the allied forces here with the intention of lending Yang Kai a hand. He also knew that Black Ink’s strength was so great that it's suspected to be the legendary Creator Realm. Although the allied forces were large in number, the help they could provide to Yang Kai might not be too great.

However, the current situation was no longer about how much help they could provide to Yang Kai, but rather whether the alliance army could continue advancing.

Because the further they went, the more terrifying the shockwaves from the battle became. At this time, the shockwaves had already begun to stir the void, causing countless ripples to appear from the depths of the void, causing the void to distort.

This was not even close to the battlefield yet…

Mi Jinglun quickly realized that the intensity of this battle between Yang Kai and Black Ink was unprecedented.

The allied forces couldn’t help much, because they didn’t even have the qualifications to approach the battlefield. If they tried to force their way in, they would only be crushed.

Therefore, he made a prompt decision and ordered the Human Race and Small Stone Race’s allied forces to reorganize themselves before leading the Ninth Order masters into the depths of the void.

After advancing for a long time, the situation on the battlefield finally came into view.

The Ninth Order Human Race and Ninth Order Holy Spirits, along with A’ Da and A’ Er, all stopped in their tracks to observe.

In the void, Yang Kai held the Azure Dragon Spear in his hand, a small snake coiling around the spear’s body, each of his strikes containing devastating power.

This snake was the manifestation of the Space-Time River.

He had already completely refined Mu’s Space-Time River into his body. Although Black Ink had robbed many benefits during this process, the gifts he had received were already at his limit, so even if some of them were taken away by Black Ink, it wouldn’t be a big deal. At most, Black Ink would be able to restore some of his strength.

What was wrapped around the Azure Dragon Spear was his Space-Time River. This was the result of his battle with Black Ink, the result of his numerous near-death experiences.

To be able to condense the Space-Time River into such a state, it undoubtedly meant that Yang Kai could fully utilize its power.

The intensity and danger of this battle was something he had never experienced before. The slightest carelessness would result in death.

On the other hand, he had almost been killed by Black Ink several times, but each time, he had managed to escape the most dangerous situation.

Black Ink’s brutal beating had allowed him to quickly control the power of the Space-Time River. From the moment he was completely no match for the other party to now being evenly matched, it had only taken him a few days.

Initially, when Yang Kai had forcefully transformed the Great Dao into his body and swallowed Mu’s Space-Time River, he had only been able to snatch Mu’s final gift.

If he was compared to a raw Ore at that time, then his battle with Black Ink would be one that tempered it a thousand times over.

Every time he used his Great Dao, every time he fought with Black Ink, he was able to control more of the power of the Space-Time River.

The crude and ugly Ore, after being tempered a thousand times, had transformed into refined steel.

At this moment, Yang Kai’s comprehension of the power of the Three Thousand Great Daos had reached the peak.

The strength he displayed was no weaker than Zhang Ruoxi.

But it was still not enough.

If he wanted to kill Black Ink, he would need to break through the shackles of the Ninth Order and reach a higher realm. Only then would there be hope for victory.

However, his foundation was insufficient, so how could he easily break through his shackles? This was something not even Mu could accomplish.

The more perfectly he controlled his own strength, the more sure Yang Kai was that he wouldn’t be able to see a higher level of Martial Dao in a short period of time, which would require a long period of accumulation.

This was a vicious cycle.

If he didn’t break through, he wouldn’t be able to kill Black Ink. If he wanted to break through, he would need a lot of time, but how could Black Ink give him time to continue growing?

Since Yang Kai condensed his own Space-Time River from the Universe Furnace, he had already found the path to the future, but he hadn’t noticed it until Mu pointed it out.

Although he was now able to stand on equal footing with Black Ink, Yang Kai knew that such a state could not be maintained for long. Human's strength was sometimes limited, and he would eventually run out of strength, but Black Ink was different. He was a unique existence born from the world, and as long as his Source was not destroyed, his strength would be endless.

Moreover, he was a Creation Realm master!

Although more than thirty percent of his Source had been sealed, he was still a Creation Realm master.

Yang Kai had also finally witnessed the wondrous methods of the Creation Realm master. With just a light touch, the scattered Ink Force could transform into Black Ink Clan Royal Lord.

Creating something out of thin air, this method was simply unimaginable.

Fortunately, Yang Kai’s current strength was extraordinary, and even a Royal Lord-level master could not pose much of a threat to him, so after a few attempts, Black Ink no longer did anything useless and instead relied on his own strength to fight with Yang Kai.

After several fierce clashes, violent shockwaves spread out in all directions, shaking the void.

In the next confrontation, Yang Kai suddenly heard a soft sound in the depths of his heart and felt a strange sensation in his hand. He stared at it and was shocked.

A crack appeared on the indestructible Azure Dragon Spear!


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