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When Zhang Ruoxi attacked with her sword, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords’ plan to restrain the Giant Spiritual God had failed.

Sword light flashed and the auras of several Royal Lords fell.

Receiving Ruoxi’s help, A’ Er exerted his strength at the same time and slapped a flying Royal Lord. Under the support of this world-destroying power, the Royal Lord was instantly smashed to pieces.

A’ Er also paid a great price, and many of the Royal Lords took advantage of this opportunity to leave behind a large number of wounds on his body, causing rubble to fly everywhere.

However, he wasn’t afraid at all and completely abandoned his original defense, instead turning into a violent offensive stance.

The auras of one Royal Lord after another fell, and when the number of Royal Lords attacking A' Er decreased by half, the previous suppression and siege was no longer possible.

A' Er got out of trouble!

He became fiercer, combining his strength with Zhang Ruoxi to kill several more Royal Lords. The remaining Royal Lords could no longer bear this pressure and quickly scattered.

Ruoxi and A' Er didn’t chase after them, instead taking advantage of this opportunity to help A' Da.

Seeing this scene, all of the Royal Lords were terrified.

Zhang Ruoxi had single-handedly resolved A' Er's predicament and destroyed the Royal Lords who had participated in the siege. Now that this woman and A' Er had attacked together, how could they be their opponents?

Seeing that the situation wasn’t looking good, the Royal Lords surrounding A' Da quickly abandoned their opponents and fled.

Enraged, A’ Da took a step forward to chase after them, but his massive figure was somewhat clumsy, so how could he possibly catch up? In the end, A’ Er pulled him back.

Almost losing his rationality, A' Da, who had been driven by his instincts, turned around and threw a punch, causing A' Er to stagger and lose his balance.

However, after this attack, A' Da also realized that he had hit the wrong person, so his anger quickly dissipated as he stood there awkwardly scratching his bald head.

Of the two Giant Spiritual Gods, A' Da had always been a simple-minded man with a low level of intelligence. In comparison, A' Er’s intelligence was undoubtedly higher, which was why Zhang Ruoxi had first dealt with him when she came to support them.

“Follow me, kill!” A' Er said to A' Da before turning around and charging towards the main battlefield.

A' Da obediently followed behind his brother, quickly forgetting that he had been bullied by the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords.

On the main battlefield, the appearance of the three Ninth Order Holy Spirits and the torrent of Dragon Pond’s water had long since flattened the gap between their forces, allowing the Human Race and Small Stone Race to gradually gain the upper hand.

When the two Giant Spiritual God came to help, this advantage rapidly expanded.

Everything was getting better.

On the other side, Zhang Ruoxi was constantly chasing after the fleeing Royal Lords.

Her speed was extremely fast, and with a light flap of her wings, she was able to ignore the barrier of space and instantly appear in front of a certain Royal Lord.

Under the Heaven's Order Sword, there was no one who could resist.

One, two, five, ten…

The Royal Lords who had scattered and fled did not see any hope of survival, instead accelerating their own demise.

The remaining Royal Lords finally realized that something was wrong and hurriedly gathered, but at this moment, only forty or fifty of them remained.

These Royal Lords were originally besieging the Giant Spiritual God, but in a short time, more than half of them had died.

They had also seen the situation on the main battlefield and knew that the situation on the Black Ink Clan’s side was hopeless.

But so what?

As long as the Supreme Master was still alive, the Black Ink Clan could not fail. What they needed to do now was to preserve their strength as much as possible, and after the Supreme Master finished handling the matters at hand, they could unify the Heavens under the command of the Supreme Master.

With such considerations, the Royal Lords gathered together and did not attack Zhang Ruoxi, instead quietly waiting and taking defensive positions.

Holding the Heaven's Order Sword with both hands, Zhang Ruoxi’s face was as pale as paper, but a faint smile appeared on her face.

The response of the Royal Lords was exactly what she wanted. If these Royal Lords continued to scatter and flee, she really wouldn’t be able to kill them all.

But now, these people had actually gathered together, saving her a lot of effort.

Of course, this situation was also a crisis for her, and if she didn’t handle it well, there was a high chance that the consequences would be dire.

“Come!” Zhang Ruoxi gently breathed out, stabilizing the power in her body. The moment she raised her eyes, the Blood Qi in her body burst into flames, transforming into a stream of light that rushed towards the Royal Lord's camp.

This was the last bit of strength she could muster, so she had to act fast and kill all the other Royal Lords before things could be resolved.

The stream of light burst into the Royal Lords’ camp and a blood-curdling scream rang out as blood splashed and severed limbs flew. Under the cover of the sword curtain, the auras of the Royal Lords fell one after another.

It seems to be a moment, but it felt like ten million years.

By the time Zhang Ruoxi stopped waving her sword, the air was filled with the severed limbs and flesh of the Black Ink Clan Royal Lords.

Opposite her, the few remaining Royal Lords all wore terrified expressions. In that short period of time just now, they had all deeply understood what despair was.

In the face of absolute power, even these Royal Lords were as weak as ants.

However, something unexpected happened. As they watched in horror, Zhang Ruoxi’s hands suddenly fell softly and the Blood Qi surrounding her body became extremely thin.

The terrifying aura on her body became even more terrifying and unstable.

“She can’t hold on any longer!” A Royal Lord cried out in surprise.

Royal Lord-level masters all had extremely sharp perception, so when Zhang Ruoxi showed her abnormality, they immediately noticed.

The several Royal Lords who had survived until now finally saw hope of defeating this woman.

As such, the Royal Lords didn’t hesitate in the slightest and rushed forward.

A fierce light flashed across Zhang Ruoxi’s eyes as she tried her best to lift the Heaven's Order Sword, but all she heard was Big Brother Huang’s shout, “Little girl, you’ll die!”

A faint smile appeared on Zhang Ruoxi’s face, but she didn’t loosen her grip on her sword, instead tightening it even more as she lightly said, “People will die eventually.”

Big Sister Lan hurriedly said, “If you die, the power of your Big Brother Huang and I will definitely become violent. Are you willing to see this place become another Chaotic Dead Territory?”

It had to be said that when it came to persuading others, Big Sister Lan was the most insightful.

Ruoxi was not afraid of death. If she could exchange her life for victory in this war, she would not hesitate to do so.

But if she died here, there would be no end of trouble.

Without the mediation of the Heaven's Order Bloodline, the Great Yang and Great Yin Force would definitely become chaotic, and this vast void would instantly transform into another Chaotic Dead Territory.

At that time, the Black Ink Clan army would definitely be destroyed, but the Human Race army on this battlefield would likely be buried along with them.

This was a Human Race who had struggled for a million years to find peace…

They were only a step away from the goal that countless generations had worked hard to achieve. At this critical moment, how could Ruoxi destroy their hopes?


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18 jun 2023

Porque no los saco desde un principio? La raza humana pudo retirarse y dejar que el caos acabara con la tinta negra y asi evitar tantas bajas.

Me gusta
Contestando a

You Have a Point but think of it this way there were 2 many Black Ink which directly oppose Blue and Yellow and they came when the heaven beginning restriction was still operational, The Black Ink Clan could just hide in the restriction ofc they could go in and start killing but that would also destroy the restriction cause YK to fail his Mission and Black Ink to wake up sooner and they cannot beat Black Ink they would be doom along with humanity.

That would be a last resort move, Blue and Yellow had mentioned that if there is no hope for Humanity they would leave and reap havoc, turn the entire 3000 world into Chaotic dead territory.

Me gusta
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