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On the main battlefield, the Human Race and Small Stone Race allied forces were greatly relieved, all of this thanks to Zhang Ruoxi.

In order to kill her, the price the Black Ink Clan had paid was too great, causing the deaths of hundreds of Royal Lords.

If not for the Human Race’s great army risking their lives to send the eight Holy Spirits over at the last moment, the Black Ink Clan’s plan to kill Ruoxi would likely have succeeded.

Once Ruoxi died, no one on the entire battlefield would be able to pose a threat to the Black Ink Clan.

The two Giant Spiritual Gods were still surrounded by the many Royal Lords, unable to even protect themselves, unable to save the Human Race.

Fortunately, after paying the price of the lives of five Holy Spirits, Ruoxi’s side won, and all of the Royal Lords who had participated in the siege against her wer dead. Not only that, but Su Yan also became the Phoenix Empress. The massive Ice Phoenix figure swept up a bone-chilling cold, freezing even the void wherever it passed.

The situation was still not optimistic. The Black Ink Clan’s forces were twice as large as the Human Race and Small Stone Race’s allied forces, so this was already a suppression in terms of numbers.

What’s more, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords weren’t all dead. When they dealt with Zhang Ruoxi, they had left behind enough Royal Lords to oversee the battlefield.

At this moment, not only did the difference in strength between the two sides not decrease, it had instead increased significantly.

The main reason for this was because the destruction of the Small Stone Race was faster than that of the Black Ink Clan.

Su Yan’s Nirvana had only slightly stabilized the situation and prevented the situation from deteriorating further. In order to win this battle, the Human Race needed more strength.

The roar of a Dragon rang out endlessly, and when the Dragon Vein’s power reached its peak, the aura of the Divine Dragon spread out.

In the void, a ten thousand zhang long pure white dragon’s body meandered through the air, its giant head held high, overlooking all living things.

Yang Xiao had successfully become a Divine Dragon!

Almost at the same time, the aura of a Ninth Order Holy Spirit radiated from the Pi Xiu.

The eight Holy Spirits who had helped Zhang Ruoxi, excluding the five who had died in battle, the three who had survived, had all broken through their shackles.

A Ninth Order Holy Spirit and a newly promoted Ninth Order Open Heaven could play completely different roles on this battlefield.

Holy Spirits were naturally much stronger than Human Race of the same realm.

As a result, after Yang Xiao and the Pi Xiu entered the battlefield together, a gap was instantly torn open in the Black Ink Clan army. The aura of the Holy Spirit filled the air as countless Black Ink Clan members perished.

In the distant void, the other silver Divine Dragon was slaughtering its enemies. Its body was covered in blood, and many of its tough dragon scales had fallen off. It was Fu Guang.

In such a chaotic and intense battlefield, no matter how strong one was, they would inevitably be injured.

After seeing Yang Xiao enter the battlefield after becoming a Divine Dragon, he immediately rushed towards Yang Xiao.

The two of them constantly roared, seemingly communicating with each other.

Soon, Yang Xiao understood what he was trying to do and also slaughtered his way through the enemy ranks, approaching Fu Guang.

Not long after, the two Divine Dragons of the Dragon Clan gathered together. In terms of size, Fu Guang was undoubtedly much larger than Yang Xiao. After all, Fu Guang had been promoted to a Divine Dragon for a longer time.

Two massive creatures over ten thousand zhang in length stirred up the power of their Dragon Vein, causing their blood to boil. Not only that, but their heads and tails were connected as they rapidly circled the void.

Initially, they could still see their figures, but soon, only a circle of light remained.

From the circular light, something seemed to be summoned.

Many of the Royal Lords in the army saw this scene and suddenly had a bad feeling. Although they didn’t know what these two Divine Dragons were up to, no matter what they were doing, it would be detrimental to the Black Ink Clan, so they had to stop them.

Immediately, more than a dozen Royal Lords rushed over from all directions.

However, before they could arrive, a shocking scene appeared.

Under the combined efforts of the two Divine Dragons, a large amount of turbid liquid suddenly gushed out from the dazzling halo, as if it was a fountain spewing out a mysterious liquid that spread out in all directions.

In the blink of an eye, a powerful current swept out in all directions.

Many Holy Spirits who were aware of the situation were moved, knowing that in order to win this war, the Dragon Clan had brought out their best.

The torrent that gushed out from the void was clearly the waters of the Dragon Pond!

The Phoenix Clan had the Phoenix Nest while the Dragon Clan had the Dragon Pond. These two were the foundation of the Dragon and Phoenix Clan.

When the Phoenix Clan had used the power of the Phoenix Nest to confront the enemy, the Dragon Clan hadn’t used the Dragon Pond, not because they didn’t want to, but because they couldn’t.

Under normal circumstances, summoning the Dragon Pond required a complicated ritual and the cooperation of many Dragon Clan members. In such a dangerous battlefield, how could the Dragon Clan have the time to do such complicated things?

Until Yang Xiao became a Divine Dragon.

With their combined strength, the two Divine Dragons joined forces to summon the Dragon Pond to the battlefield.

The Dragon Pond was the foundation of the Dragon Clan. With the Dragon Pond, the Dragon Clan would have endless descendants, and the power of the Dragon Pond was something the Dragon Clan had painstakingly accumulated over generations.

Summoning the Dragon Pond on such a battlefield, whether they won or lost, the Dragon Clan would suffer unimaginable losses.

Without hundreds of thousands of years of cultivation, it was impossible to restore one’s vitality.

However, the effects were obvious. When the Dragon Pond’s water turned into a torrent that swept out in all directions, all of the Black Ink Clan members who were swept up instantly lost their auras. The Dragon Pond’s power was an extremely powerful force. If a Dragon Descendant with a Dragon Clan bloodline could enter the Dragon Pond, they would be able to improve their bloodline and increase their strength.

However, if a living being without the power of a Dragon Vein were to come into contact with it, it would be a deadly poison.

Wherever the torrent swept, death followed.

Even a Royal Lord who had rushed over accidentally fell into it and only managed to struggle for a few moments before disappearing.

The terrifying power of the Dragon Pond current was obvious.

Of course, for some masters, this torrent was nothing. Although it was powerful, it was enough to avoid it in time.

However, Fu Guang had asked Yang Xiao to summon the Dragon Pond together, he didn't expect to deal with the Black Ink Clan’s powerhouse. His goal had always been the Black Ink Clan’s army!

The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord and Territory Lord could easily avoid the torrents, but for the Black Ink Clan below the Territory Lord, it was not easy to avoid them, so as the torrents continued their assault, the Black Ink Clan’s army formation was silently destroyed one by one.

Even some of the Small Stone Race cultivators who were fighting against the Black Ink Clan army were affected.

There was nothing they could do about this. Although Fu Guang had tried his best to summon the Dragon Pond in the Black Ink Clan’s gathering place, the direction in which the Dragon Pond water would flow out was not something he could control.

Accidentally injuring allies was inevitable.

However, what surprised him was that the Small Stone Race members who had been swept up by the Dragon Pond’s water didn’t die, instead struggling in the current and quickly rushing out to continue fighting.

After a moment of silence, Fu Guang understood the whole story.

Although these Small Stone Race members looked simple and naive, each of them contained a massive amount of Great Yang and Great Yin Force, all of which had been cultivated by Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer.

Although the power of the Dragon Pond was powerful, it was still unable to do anything to the Great Yang and Great Yin Force.

Fu Guang was completely relieved, only now realizing that summoning the Dragon Pond at such a critical moment was a stroke of genius.

After a great torrent of attacks, the Black Ink Clan suffered countless casualties and their original advantage in numbers was completely wiped out.

There weren’t many Human Race to begin with, so with Mi Jinglun’s command, it wasn’t difficult for them to avoid this torrent.

As for the Small Stone Race… at most, their forces were scattered, but there were no casualties.

The Dragon Pond disappeared and the Dragon Pond’s water that had been stored for countless years was released, instantly changing the course of the entire battlefield.

The final counterattack of the Human Race and Small Stone Race alliance had arrived!

In the remaining Black Ink Clan army, the Royal Lords all wore dignified expressions. They still hadn’t figured out how the Black Ink Clan, who should have held the absolute advantage, suddenly have the situation of the war turn this way.

Without enough military strength, it was impossible for the Black Ink Clan to be a match for the Human Race and Small Stone Race alliance.

What made the situation even worse was that the terrifying woman also began to move.

After the three Holy Spirits broke through to the Ninth Order and rushed into the battlefield, Zhang Ruoxi finally had time to rest.

She watched as the Dragon Pond was summoned and the flood spread out in all directions, watching as the Black Ink Clan turned into silent corpses.

Tightening her grip on the Heaven's Order Sword, she whispered softly, “Two Seniors, I’m about to attack!”

Big Brother Huang let out a long sigh, obviously wanting to say something, but in the end, he didn’t say anything, only silently maintaining the balance of strength in Zhang Ruoxi's body with Big Sister Huang.

The Heaven's Order Bloodline burned once more, and the wings on Zhang Ruoxi’s back began to glow with a yellow and blue light. In the blink of an eye, she charged into the battlefield, targeting the Royal Lords surrounding A' Da and A' Er.

At this moment, the Human Race and Small Stone Race allied forces on the main battlefield weren’t facing much pressure, and they were even beginning to gain the upper hand, so Zhang Ruoxi didn’t go to the main battlefield.

She didn’t have much time to continue fighting, so there was no point in slaughtering some of the Black Ink Clan’s miscellaneous soldiers. Using this limited amount of strength to kill the Black Ink Clan Royal Lord was undoubtedly more worthwhile.

Moreover, as long as she could kill enough of the Royal Lords, A' Da and A' Er would be free. At that time, the Human Race and Small Stone Race alliance would be able to obtain the assistance of two Giant Spiritual Gods, which would be more effective than her going alone.

As the yellow and blue lights flashed, Ruoxi had already charged into the battle between A' Da and A' Er.

At this moment, the Royal Lords who were besieging these two Giant Spiritual Gods all felt bitter.

The Royal Lords who had besieged Zhang Ruoxi had been completely wiped out, and the advantage of the Black Ink Clan army on the main battlefield had also been quickly wiped away. The ones who now had the advantage were the enemies.

Even if they wanted to go and assist, they didn’t dare to leave.

The number of people they could rely on to restrain these two Giant Spiritual Gods was enough, but if a Royal Lord left, the balance might be broken.

Once these two Giant Spiritual Gods were freed from their constraints, it would be impossible to restrict them again.

However, Zhang Ruoxi would obviously come to their aid, so if they continued to fight with the Giant Spiritual God, they would only die…

This kind of situation was truly like riding a tiger, unable to stop. No matter what kind of decision was made, it could lead to an irreversible outcome, causing the hearts of every Royal Lord to turn gloomy.


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kiznaive 28
kiznaive 28
Jun 19, 2023

• Young Dragon is 1k zhang = 10,936 feet • Big/Great Dragon is 5k zhang = 54,680 feet • Ancient Dragon is 10k zhang = 109,361 feet

• Divine Dragon is +10k zhang


Apr 06, 2023

In case anyone's curious the length of those dragons in zhang equates to 110,000ft which is the length of 305 football fields put together. F'ing massive

Jun 18, 2023
Replying to

Eso de pies es confuso, prefiero utilizar el metro como unidas de medida . 1zhang =1.3 metros aproximadamente

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