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But now, the person who had the qualifications to kill him was no longer here, so to him, everything in this world was meaningless and could be slaughtered.

In front of the Space-Time River, Zhang Ruoxi and Black Ink stood facing each other. The former was constantly on guard while the latter didn’t make any unusual movements. Instead, Zhang Ruoxi quietly stared at the Space-Time River that stretched across the void, watching as the waves of the river churned and surged.

On the other side, the Human Race army shuttled back and forth across the massive battlefield like a dragon, constantly cutting apart the Black Ink Clan army’s forces and devouring them.

The results were remarkable.

The Small Stone Race’s army was even more fearless as they clashed with the Black Ink Clan, the aura of large numbers of living beings constantly withering in the void.

This was a battle that had never been seen before, and the total number of troops the three forces had sent into the battlefield had exceeded a billion.

Among them, the Small Stone Race’s army numbered in the hundreds of millions, and the Black Ink Clan’s army was almost twice as large as the Small Stone Race’s. On the other hand, the Human Race only had less than three million, not even a fraction of the Small Stone Race and Black Ink Clan’s army.

Although there were few of them, the average strength of the Human Race was the strongest. After all, the Human Race’s soldiers who could participate in this expedition were at least Fourth Order Open Heaven, and after thousands of years of accumulation, the Human Race had produced a large number of Seven and Eight Order masters.

This was something neither the Small Stone Race nor the Black Ink Clan could compare with. Although there were many of these two forces, the vast majority of them were just miscellaneous forces, especially those from the Black Ink Clan. As soon as these miscellaneous forces clashed with the Human Race’s army, they were wiped out.

However, the scarcity of their forces was destined to be a serious disadvantage. Although the Human Race’s army could easily crush the Black Ink Clan in a short period of time, it would be difficult for them to continue growing.

This was an expedition launched by the Human Race, but the final battle was mainly led by the Small Stone Race. If it weren’t for Zhang Ruoxi’s Small Stone Race, the Human Race would have been defeated the moment the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction was broken. It had to be said that this was the tragedy of the era.

A large number of Small Stone Race members had fallen and were reduced to rubble that scattered across the battlefield. The Holy Spirits who controlled the Sun and Moon Marks were constantly drawing upon the power of the Sun and Moon Marks, drawing upon the power of the Great Yang and Great Yin in the bodies of the fallen Small Stone Race members to form a purifying light that could purify the environment of the battlefield.

It was through this method that the Human Race and Small Stone Race’s allied forces were able to continue to fight evenly with the Black Ink Clan.

On top of that, there were two Giant Spiritual Gods, A’ Da and A’ Er, who were like fish in water on this chaotic battlefield. Without the Black Ink Clan being able to restrain them, they were invincible existences, leaving mountains of corpses and seas of blood wherever they went.

However, as the Black Ink Clan sent out a large number of Royal Lords to attack, A’ Da and A’ Er’s freedom was gradually restricted.

A fierce battle ensued.

Every few days, the Human Race’s army would retreat to the back of the Small Stone Race and reorganize before moving out again.

The Pure Yang Pass that led the charge was already in tatters, and it seemed like it wouldn’t last much longer. The same was true for the Withdrawing Black Ink Platform. This kind of high intensity battle was a huge test for every Human Race. Not to mention ordinary Open Heaven Stage cultivators, even Ninth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators couldn’t withstand it.

But in this current situation, the Human Race had no way to retreat. This was the final decisive battle, and any retreat could lead to a disastrous outcome, so the Human Race’s army, from top to bottom, grit their teeth and persisted.

A month after the final battle, the situation became clear.

As the broken Pure Yang Pass closed, Mi Jinglun’s face turned pale, his eyes darkened, and a thin layer of sweat covered his forehead.

He had expended too much energy. As the commander of the Human Race’s army, the pressure he had to endure was greater than anyone else’s. He had to observe the situation on the battlefield and make appropriate countermeasures at the appropriate time. As a Ninth Order, he had to use the power of Pure Yang Pass to kill his enemies.

Such consumption had already damaged his foundation.

What made him even more helpless was that the current situation was extremely disadvantageous for the Human Race.

Inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, there were simply too many Black Ink Clan masters, and their total strength was two times greater than the Small Stone Race’s. After a month of battle, the Black Ink Clan had gradually begun to gain the upper hand.

If this continued, in less than ten days or half a month, the Small Stone Race army would undoubtedly be defeated.

Once the Small Stone Race’s army was defeated, the Human Race would be unable to hold on alone and would be destined to follow the Small Stone Race to its demise.

This made him extremely unwilling. The confrontation between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan had begun at the end of the Ancient Era and lasted for a million years, but in the end, it still ended in tragedy?

However, there was not much he could do right now. In such a great battle, no amount of planning or scheming would be able to play a decisive role. The difference in strength between the two sides was the key to victory.

He couldn’t help turning his gaze towards the depths of the void.

More than a month ago, Zhang Ruoxi had suddenly left, and soon after, the eight Ninth Order Small Stone Race masters had also left.

Initially, there were still violent fluctuations coming from the depths of the void, but soon, there was no movement.

Mi Jinglun didn’t even know what was happening over there.

He only knew that Zhang Ruoxi was there with the eight Ninth Order Small Stone Race masters, Yang Kai was there, and Black Ink… was also there!

If there was a turning point in this war, the turning point would definitely come from that direction!

Endure! Endure!

The Human Race hadn’t reached their final desperate situation yet, so there was still hope.

The river water in the Space-Time River became more violent. After a month of absorbing and refining, Yang Kai’s Space-Time River had grown to an incredible degree, and outside his river, the Space-Time River left behind by Mu had become an empty shell.

With the final gift of his ancestors as the price, Yang Kai’s capacity in the Space-Time River had finally reached a level comparable to his ancestors.

Outside the long river, Zhang Ruoxi and the eight Ninth Order Small Stone Race’s forces were closely linked together, constantly on guard.

Fortunately, from beginning to end, Black Ink didn’t make any unusual movements and simply stood there quietly, waiting.

At one point, a loud crashing sound suddenly rang out as the Space-Time River which had existed for countless years was completely destroyed.

In its place was another river that was almost equal in strength, but compared to the original river, the new river was undoubtedly more violent, and the flowing water was even more powerful.

This was not because Yang Kai’s strength had surpassed Mu’s, but because it was difficult for him to completely control his strength.

If Yang Kai could perfectly control the power of his long river, then at this moment, it should be calm and peaceful, so there shouldn’t be such a huge disturbance.

Zhang Ruoxi suppressed the urge to look back and wore a solemn expression.

Because just now, she had clearly felt the murderous intent flashing across Black Ink’s eyes.

This killing intent was extremely clear, and there was no need to conceal it, it was filled with hatred and regret.

Feeling the surging power of the Great Dao behind her, Ruoxi knew that Sir had succeeded.

Although she didn’t know what Sir had been doing before…


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