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The Great Dao of Space and Time simultaneously broke through to the Ninth Stage, stabilizing the foundation of the Space-Time River, allowing the efficiency of the Space-Time River, which was absorbing and refining Mu's river, to increase dramatically.

In this crazy process, Yang Kai’s attainments in the other Great Daos rapidly increased.

A breakthrough in the Spear Dao…

A breakthrough in the Sword Dao…

A breakthrough in the Alchemy Dao...

Breaking through in the Array Dao…

Breaking through to the Yin-Yang Dao…

The attainments of each Great Dao were increasing at an incredible speed, breaking through one shackle after another and reaching a new level.

Every time he broke through, Yang Kai’s mind would burst forth with countless wonderful insights, allowing his understanding of various Great Daos to become clearer.

Outside the Space-Time River, light and darkness collided endlessly.

Whether it was the world’s first light or the initial darkness, none of them were complete at this moment, but in comparison, the power of darkness had been constantly increasing over the years, so Black Ink’s strength was much greater than Zhang Ruoxi’s.

This was under the premise that Yang Kai had used the Profound Gate to seal more than thirty percent of his Source.

If it weren’t for the many trump cards that Mu had left behind, Black Ink would have possessed complete strength and become even stronger.

With the help of the eight Small Stone Race personal guards to form the Nine Directions Array, Zhang Ruoxi was barely able to contend with Black Ink. In the end, this was not a long-term solution. Every time she fought with Black Ink, the eight Ninth Order Small Stone Race members would suffer great pressure.

In just a few hours, the bodies of the eight Small Stone Race cultivators had been filled with cracks and could shatter at any moment.

Zhang Ruoxi tried her best to delay for as long as possible, but she didn’t know how long she could last, so she could only secretly pray that Sir would hurry up.

Each time light and darkness collided, the two forces would dissolve, the light dispersing the darkness and the darkness swallowing the light.

Over and over again… Zhang Ruoxi and Black Ink’s strength was constantly weakening each other, and the most obvious change was that the luster of the pure white wings on Ruoxi’s back had become a bit dimmer, while Black Ink’s side no longer seemed as crazy as before.

This was not a good sign. Zhang Ruoxi could see that as a consciousness born from the darkness, Black Ink was unable to fully control this power. After countless years of accumulation and growth, this power had already exceeded the limits of Black Ink’s control.

As such, when she appeared with the power of the First Light, she attracted the wild hostility of the First Darkness, causing Black Ink to lose all rationality.

On the other hand, Black Ink’s own consciousness had an almost obsessive desire and longing for Mu’s Space-Time River. His subconscious would not allow anyone to encroach on the power Mu left behind in this world.

It was difficult to coordinate one’s strength with one’s consciousness, so Black Ink’s actions were somewhat contradictory. At times, he would desperately pursue Zhang Ruoxi, and at other times, he would turn around and rush towards the Space-Time River.

It was because of this that Zhang Ruoxi was able to constantly provoke and harass him.

But if Black Ink regained his rationality, he would not be so easy to deal with.

At this moment, although Black Ink possessed strength that surpassed everyone else in this world, he was like an uncivilized vicious beast. As long as the method was appropriate, he could still deal with it.

But if he could regain his consciousness, even if his strength was weakened, Zhang Ruoxi was not confident she could stop him.

However, what she was afraid of came true. As they clashed again, Zhang Ruoxi could clearly feel Black Ink’s eyes gradually becoming clear.

What made things worse was that her Small Stone Race personal guards couldn’t hold on any longer.

Not only that, but the Great Yang and Great Yin Force she had condensed through her Heaven's Order Bloodline also showed signs of imbalance.

The Heaven's Order Bloodline was indeed powerful and was the only medium in this world that could harmonize the Great Yang and Great Yin Force. After many years of hard work, Zhang Ruoxi had finally managed to harmonize the Great Yang and Great Yin Force into her body, allowing her to possess a powerful strength.

However, the Ninth Order Open Heaven Stage was still slightly lower than the Great Yang and Great Yin Force, so it wouldn’t be able to withstand a high-intensity battle for too long.

In the battle with Black Ink, Zhang Ruoxi didn’t dare to hold back. Every time she fought, she would use all of her strength, and after fighting so many times, the strength in her body became somewhat unstable.

The state of the Small Stone Race personal guard was not good, and her strength was about to be imbalanced. Zhang Ruoxi knew that she didn’t have much time left.

Even so, she had no intention of retreating. Instead, her eyes became determined, as if she had made a decision.

After another fierce collision, the two figures separated.

Zhang Ruoxi could clearly feel that many more cracks had appeared on the bodies of the eight Small Stone Race members behind her.

Clenching the Heaven's Order Sword tightly in her hand, she let out a sigh as she flapped her wings, causing her aura to soar.

In the opposite void, Black Ink lowered his head and remained motionless.

Just as Zhang Ruoxi was about to attack again, Black Ink suddenly raised his hand and blocked her path, “Stop!”

Zhang Ruoxi remained unmoved, her aura continuing to rise, as if it had not stopped, but Black Ink’s current state made her somewhat concerned, so she couldn’t help asking, “Have you regained your rationality?”

Black Ink raised his head and looked at her. Although there was a hint of struggle in his eyes, the madness from before was gone as he replied, “I must thank you for this.”

Zhang Ruoxi naturally knew what he was talking about.

Originally, the power of darkness was above Black Ink’s consciousness, making it difficult for him to fully control it, causing him to go crazy.

However, as he and Zhang Ruoxi fought again and again, the power of light and darkness began to eat away at each other. At this moment, whether it was him or Zhang Ruoxi, both of their strengths had been greatly weakened.

His consciousness once again rose above his strength, allowing Black Ink to regain his rationality.

“It's not necessary,” Zhang Ruoxi replied lightly.

Black Ink frowned slightly, “If you use this move, you will die!” He could tell that Zhang Ruoxi wanted to use all her strength to fight him to the death.

“You probably won’t die, but you definitely won’t have an easy time,” Zhang Ruoxi continued.

“So stop, I don’t want to kill you,” Black Ink urged.

Zhang Ruoxi didn’t show the slightest intention of stopping, nor did she respond. Instead, she continued to push her aura and strength, using her actions to show her determination. Behind her, the eight Small Stone Race masters began to emit cracking sounds.

After this strike, the Eight Ninth Order Small Stone Race would definitely be crushed.

Black Ink’s eyes became cold as he shouted, “If you insist on dying, I can grant you your wish, but have you ever thought about how Yang Kai would react if you died?”

Zhang Ruoxi was slightly stunned.

'If I were to die, wouldn’t Master be sad? That would be enough…'

Seeing Zhang Ruoxi not cower after listening to him, instead revealing a smile, Black Ink felt a headache coming on and couldn’t help asking, “Why are all the women of the Human Race so stubborn? Do you think that dying in my hands to protect him is a worthy death, have you ever thought about how much suffering and self-reproach the living will suffer? If you really care about him, I advise you to calm down. From his perspective, your life is more important than anything else.”

Zhang Ruoxi stared blankly at Black Ink, a great doubt rising in her heart.

What was going on? As the controller of the world’s most dark force, he was actually speaking to her in this life or death situation in such manner…

Ruoxi couldn’t help feeling a sense of surrealism, but what made her feel even more ridiculous was that what this guy said made sense.

Ruoxi instinctively felt that this guy was plotting something.

Black Ink said lightly, “There’s no need to look at me like that. I have also lived together with the Human Race for many years.”

'I once had someone very important to me, but unfortunately, I screwed up…'

Seeing the current Ruoxi, he couldn’t help thinking about his past self. When Mu made the decision to seal him, her heart must have been filled with pain.

He had ultimately disappointed her.

Black Ink turned to look in the direction of the Space-Time River and said, “Why don’t you and I wait here until he comes out? I’ll fight him.”

Zhang Ruoxi frowned at Black Ink, not daring to relax.

Black Ink turned to look at her, “There’s nothing to worry about. You can attack at any time and fight me to the death. As you said, if that’s the case, I can kill you, but I won’t have an easy time. When he comes out, perhaps I won’t be his opponent.”

Ruoxi couldn’t understand Black Ink’s thoughts at all.

If it was as Black Ink suggested, it was naturally a good thing.

She still had the strength to launch an all-out attack and could attack at any time, so agreeing to Black Ink’s proposal was a deal without losing anything.

Even if Black Ink was plotting something, she could immediately stop him, but if she was really willing to wait quietly, after Sir came out, she could join forces with Sir to attack Black Ink.

“It’s best if you don’t act rashly,” Zhang Ruoxi thought for a moment before slowly withdrawing her aura.

Black Ink gently smiled and quietly stood in place, “Of course not.”

Zhang Ruoxi nodded.

The two masters who had just met each other in a life or death situation were now quietly waiting in the void.

With her guard up, Zhang Ruoxi even took a big detour and brought her eight Small Stone Race personal guards to the spot between Black Ink and the Space-Time River, blocking his path.

When she acted like this, Black Ink had no intention of stopping her, making Zhang Ruoxi even more confused.

But then again, before this, she had never had any contact with Black Ink. In her original understanding, Black Ink was an extremely evil and ruthless existence, but after interacting with him, she realized that this was not the case.

Staring into Black Ink’s eyes, Zhang Ruoxi vaguely saw some clues and couldn’t help asking, “What exactly do you want to do?”

Black Ink’s gaze passed over her figure and stared at the huge Space-Time River behind her, not answering her question, “It’s quite spectacular, isn’t it?”

Zhang Ruoxi didn’t answer, frowning in confusion, “So what?”

Black Ink said, “It was this thing who saved me from that endless darkness, so to me, it is the light of the world. This is something she left behind, and since she has already chosen a successor, I want to see what the final result will be. If her successor really has the ability to kill me, it will be a good ending. In the end, I was the one who made a mistake, so I should pay a price.”

Zhang Ruoxi said, “If you want to die, I can help you!”

Black Ink glanced at her lightly, “In this world, the only one who can take my life is the one who gave me a new life, no one else has the qualifications.”


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