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Inside and outside the gate that had existed since the beginning of time, the world’s first light and first darkness were born.

The only difference was that this light represented the beauty of this world. After it was born, it left and transformed into a colorful colors in this world.

However, the darkness behind the gate remained and was sealed by it, day after day, year after year. Even if the original darkness had given birth to its own consciousness, it was unable to escape and could only sink into the endless silence and darkness.

However, even though it was originally dark, it still yearned for light!

If it weren’t for Mu’s pity and countless years of perseverance, it would still have been sealed behind that door, unable to escape.


Both of them had been born together, so why was it that the beam of light was able to leave? As a darkness, he had to stay behind and endure this loneliness.

Black Ink’s fist smashed down as he questioned, not to Zhang Ruoxi, but this unfair Heavenly Law.

Zhang Ruoxi held her Heaven's Order Sword in front of her and blocked the attack, her figure instantly flying out and transforming into a white light.

But soon, she flew back and stood in front of Black Ink, frowning at him.

She could feel that there was something wrong with Black Ink’s current state.

Just as Black Ink and Mu’s Shadow had said, Mu and the others had chosen to seal him inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

As his strength continued to increase, it became difficult for him to control this power. If Mu and the other nine hadn’t sealed him back then, there would have been no Human Race left in this world.

Yang Kai had walked more than two thousand Univese Worlds and sealed more than 30% of his Source. Although it had weakened his strength, it had also helped him in some way, allowing his consciousness to surpass his strength.

However, when he saw Zhang Ruoxi and felt the opposing force, the Ink Force completely submerged his heart.

Light and Darkness were two opposing existences.

It was only because of the barrier of that gate that they were able to be born at the same time.

At this moment, when the two forces faced each other head-on, it became a life or death situation!

Boundless Ink Force surged and condensed into a sea, seemingly wanting to blot out the entire sky. The Ink Force surged towards Zhang Ruoxi, instantly engulfing her figure.

The wings on Zhang Ruoxi’s back gently flapped as she gently tapped her Heaven's Order Sword, causing the tip of her sword to explode and disperse the darkness.

However, taking advantage of this opportunity, Black Ink took a step forward, his fists transforming into a flurry of fist shadows that flew towards Zhang Ruoxi.

Zhang Ruoxi raised her sword to block, her figure continuously retreating, her heart filled with shock.

After cultivating bitterly in the Chaotic Dead Territory for so many years and using her Heaven's Order Bloodline to harmonize with the Great Yang and Great Yin Force, her strength had undergone a tremendous change.

In terms of individual strength, she was even stronger than a Giant Spiritual God, and the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord-level master couldn’t even last three moves against her.

However, in the face of Black Ink’s wild attacks, she was completely at a disadvantage and was not his opponent.

The first ray of light in the world had left after it was born, transforming into the power of the Great Yang and Great Yin before crashing into the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, giving birth to many Holy Spirits, and finally the Heaven's Order Bloodline.

If Zhang Ruoxi could gather the Great Yang, Great Yin, and all of the Holy Spirit’s power together with her Heaven's Order Bloodline, she should be able to reproduce the power of that First Light.

However, in the long river of history, too many Holy Spirits had perished, and the remaining Holy Spirits were only a small portion of them.

So even if Zhang Ruoxi had the heart to do so, she would not be able to reproduce the full power of that First Light.

In other words, the power she was currently controlling was incomplete.

On the other hand, Black Ink’s power was also incomplete, she could feel that much of Black Ink’s Source was missing.

Both of them were in an incomplete state, but Black Ink still had the absolute upper hand, because for countless years, Black Ink had been growing stronger.

After only exchanging a few blows, Zhang Ruoxi knew that she was no match for him. In this state, she could at most delay him for an incense stick’s worth of time, and after that, she would definitely lose.

Looking at Black Ink’s fierce and murderous expression, the only outcome for defeat was death!

There was no other way!

Zhang Ruoxi sighed lightly, taking advantage of the moment when she was blocking Black Ink’s attack, she raised her hand towards a certain direction and shouted, “Come!”

Outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, a fierce battle had broken out.

When Zhang Ruoxi was around, the Black Ink Clan, who had been intimidated by her alone, didn’t dare act rashly. All of the Black Ink Clan hid in the endless darkness, not daring to show their faces.

However, after she left, the Black Ink Clan also noticed the revival of their Supreme Master power, and the Black Ink Clan, who were fearful of her, became active.

They walked out from the darkness and faced the Small Stone Race army.

In an instant, the endless flames of war filled the entire sky.

The Small Stone Race still had hundreds of millions of troops, but the number of Black Ink Clan that had emerged from the endless darkness was far greater than this. This was Black Ink’s accumulation over the past million years, and the amount he had accumulated was beyond imagination.

There was no lack of Royal Lords among them.

In the face of such a massive army, the millions of Human Race soldiers were like a drop in the ocean, not worth mentioning.

It was only at this moment that the Human Race realized how laughable this so-called expedition was. If they were to let the Human Race’s army deal with the Black Ink Clan alone, they would have no hope of victory.

Fortunately, Zhang Ruoxi had brought along a Small Stone Race army!

With hundreds of millions of Small Stone Race members resisting the pressure from the front, there was still room for maneuver.

Although the Human Race’s forces were few in number, all of them were elites, so the strength they could display was not to be underestimated.

Under Mi Jinglun’s orders, the Human Race’s army wandered the periphery of the battlefield, constantly devouring small groups of Black Ink Clan cultivators and weakening their strength. Any Black Ink Clan that was targeted by the Human Race had no way to escape. After all, the Human Race’s current lineup of masters was extremely grand, with more than ten Ninth Order Open Heaven masters.

This was especially true for Wu Kuang, after he no longer needed to control the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, the terrifying Heaven Devouring Battle Law finally appeared before everyone’s eyes.

Relying on his powerful Ninth Order foundation, he charged through the Black Ink Clan’s army alone. Wherever he went, not even the Royal Lords could stop him.

There were also two Giant Spiritual God. Unlike at the beginning of the Great War, these two Giant Spiritual God would be besieged by Royal Lord-level masters because they had to guard the gap in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

Now that the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction had been broken, there was no longer any gap for them to guard. A’ Da and A’ Er no longer had any constraints, and with their combined strength, they were able to rampage through the Black Ink Clan’s army without any difficulty.

There were even eight Ninth Order Small Stone Race masters!

They were scattered throughout the Black Ink Clan army and seemed to be fighting on their own, but in reality, their auras were connected and they could form a battle formation at any time to borrow strength to kill their enemies.

Some of the arrogant Royal Lords suffered a loss because of this and were smashed to pieces by the Ninth Order Small Stone Race.

In terms of individual strength, even if a Royal Lord-level master was inferior to a Ninth Order Small Stone Race master, the gap between them wouldn’t be too great, but these Ninth Order Small Stone Race masters could borrow the strength of their other brothers at any time to catch these Royal Lords off guard.

A never-before-seen fierce battle was taking place in the void, and at every moment, a large number of Small Stone Race and Black Ink Clan members were dying.

The Holy Spirits who had received Yang Kai’s Sun and Moon Marks shuttled back and forth between the battlefield, occasionally activating the power of the Sun and Moon Marks.

Every time this happened, the scattered fragments of the Small Stone Race would release a yellow and blue light, which would converge together and transform into a dazzling purifying light that would kill a large number of the Black Ink Clan. At the same time, it would also purify the power of the Black Ink Clan’s Ink Force and change the environment of the battlefield.

The Human Race’s army was like an agile snake, constantly moving about the battlefield, not daring to stop or they would be surrounded by the endless Black Ink Clan.

The situation was desperate.

Even with Mi Jinglun’s sharp eyes, he couldn’t immediately tell how this war was going.

There were simply too many people participating in the battle, and before the battle reached a certain point, it was hard to say who would win.

The Human Race and Small Stone Race allied forces could only continue to kill and strive for victory!

Everyone knew that this was the last battle. If they could win this battle, the world would be peaceful, but if they were to lose… the Human Race had already been prepared to lose, so all they could do now was try their best.

Even though they were on the edge of the battlefield, the pressure that the Human Race had to endure was not small. From time to time, the Black Ink Clan army would block their path, and every time this happened, the Human Race would have to fight their way out.

Battleships were destroyed one after another, and Open Heaven cultivators fell one after another. Even the Holy Spirits found it difficult to ensure their own safety on such a battlefield.

With the arrival of a Phoenix, a clear Phoenix cry resounded through the air as more than thirty different colored Phoenix Clan transformed into their true forms and spread their wings.

These were the only remaining members of the Phoenix Clan!

A huge Chinese Parasol Tree was placed in the center of the Phoenix Clan’s protective circle, a Sacred Object of the Phoenix Clan.

In the past, during any war, the Phoenix Clan had never used their Sacred Object, because this was the foundation of the Phoenix Clan, and all of them were born from this Indestructible Parasol Tree.

But in this final battle, the Phoenix Clan no longer dared to hold back.

On top of the Parasol Tree, a snow-white phoenix that looked like it had been carved out of ice sat, drawing upon the power of many of its clansmen and Sacred Object, causing space to distort.

The distorted ripples gradually enveloped the millions of Human Race soldiers, causing them to disappear.

In the next moment, the Human Race army suddenly appeared in another place where the battle was still raging.

The defensive line of the Small Stone Race army was about to be destroyed.

With the appearance of the Human Race army, the Black Ink Clan on this front line was immediately caught off guard. Soon, the front line stabilized and the Black Ink Clan suffered heavy casualties.

Space distorted once more…

Borrowing the strength of the Phoenix Clan and the Indestructible Parasol Tree, the millions of Human Race soldiers constantly shuttled back and forth across the battlefield, blocking the onslaught of the Black Ink Clan forces.

However, even the strength of the Phoenix Clan was limited. After only a few times, all of the Phoenix Clan members were unable to maintain their original forms and were forced to transform back into their human forms while the Indestructible Parasol Tree also disappeared.

Without the support of the Indestructible Parasol Tree, the Human Race had lost their ability to move about on the battlefield, and the actions of the Human Race just now had attracted the attention of countless Black Ink Clan masters who had gathered here in order to eliminate the Human Race.

As the Dragon roared, the Dragon Clan gathered their strength and summoned the Crystal Palace.

At the same time, all kinds of Sacred Object were summoned. These Sacred Object were the foundation of all the Holy Spirits of the various races, and each of them had undergone countless years of baptism. Unless it was a situation where their race is in danger of extinction, they would not be easily used.


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