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Yang Kai had a faint feeling that if he couldn’t withstand the baptism of these Great Dao forces, he would be assimilated into a part of the Great Dao, and the two Space-Time Rivers would definitely collapse.

Dao Tribulation…

This thought inexplicably appeared in Yang Kai’s mind. This was a tribulation of cultivation. If one managed to overcome this tribulation, it would benefit them greatly. If not, they would be doomed.

So this was the difficulty one had to face when cultivating to the extreme!

He quickly activated the Soul Warming Lotus to protect his mind.

The situation was slightly better, but the Soul Warming Lotus, which had always been successful, could not play a decisive role…

If Mu’s final gift was compared to a big feast, then the Soul Warming Lotus would be an antidote.

In the past, when Yang Kai’s mind had been invaded by external forces, the Soul Warming Lotus had been able to protect him well, ensuring that Yang Kai’s mind remained intact and his consciousness remained clear.

However, Mu’s gift was different. The Great Dao power in the Space-Time River was not poison, but rather a great supplement. Now, it all depended on whether Yang Kai could withstand this kind of supplement.

The Soul Warming Lotus wasn’t of much use, so Yang Kai could only try his best to refine and absorb everything in Mu’s Space-Time River, taking all the Great Dao power for himself.

The small snake-like Space-Time River rapidly expanded, and as it did so, the speed at which it devoured and refined it also increased.

A great pressure came from both inside and outside, causing Yang Kai’s skin to crack and blood to seep out.

With his current physical strength, it was somewhat difficult for him to endure.

Without any hesitation, a loud dragon roar rang out as the ten thousand zhang long Dragon’s body appeared, transforming into a Dragon as the pressure on its body weakened greatly.

However, this golden dragon was completely different from its usual appearance. A rich and complex Great Dao energy surrounded the Divine Dragon, trying to assimilate it into the Great Dao energy. The dragon scales on the Divine Dragon’s body stood up, resisting the corrosion of the Great Dao.

Within the winding Space-Time River, the roar of Dragon constantly rang out.

Outside the Space-Time River, Black Ink let out a low roar as many of his sealed Source returned. His strength and momentum rose at an incredible speed.

Unlike Yang Kai’s hurried action, he still had time to investigate the situation in the Space-Time River.

The Source that had returned had originally been extracted from his body, but now it was only taken back, and not all of it was taken back, so he could control it as he pleased.

There was no hatred or resentment in his eyes, only some complexity.

Just as he and Mu had said, although his existence itself was a sin, since he had been born, he should have the right to pursue his own survival instead of being locked behind that door forever.

The Ink Force was the foundation, and his consciousness was just an intelligence born from it. Even without his power, there would still be some kind of darkness…

“I have to thank you!” Black Ink whispered softly, gently clenching his fist and withdrawing all of his strength.

In the past, it had been difficult for him to fully control his own strength because the growth of his strength had already exceeded the scope of his consciousness. If he wanted to control this kind of strength, he would need an even stronger will.

However, during Yang Kai’s previous journey, he had used the Profound Gate to seal more than thirty percent of his Source.

Although this greatly weakened Black Ink, it was also a blessing in disguise. At the very least, he could now fully control his own strength.

In comparison, Black Ink in this state was more threatening than when he was at his peak!

Raising his hand, he grabbed towards the long river and shouted, “Come out!”

He didn’t want anyone to get their hands on what Mu had left behind. In order to protect the Primordial World from being destroyed, he had even taken the initiative to leave the Primordial World and jump out of the Space-Time River, afraid that his explosive strength would destroy it.

This Space-Time River was the last memory Mu left him!

With this grab, a dragon roar suddenly rang out from the Space-Time River. Yang Kai, who was absorbing and refining the power of the river, suddenly felt a powerful force grab him, as if it wanted to drag him out of the river.

He didn’t sense Black Ink’s existence, but he was certain that it was him.

All this time, he had been curious about what kind of individual power Black Ink possessed and what kind of realm the legendary Creation Realm was.

At this moment, Yang Kai had personally experienced the terror of this Creation Realm, the power of Black Ink.

Despite being separated by two Space-Time Rivers, he was still able to exert such a powerful force. If it weren’t for the Space-Time River, Yang Kai estimated that with his Divine Dragon body, and his Ninth Order Open Heaven strength, he still wouldn’t be able to last three moves against Black Ink!

He must not be caught!

If he hid in Mu’s Space-Time River, he might still be able to resist, but if he was captured, he could only wait for death!

Enlightened, Yang Kai roared as he madly urged the power of the Space-Time River in an attempt to break the shackles.

However, although this force came from the outside of the river, it continued to cut down, making it difficult for Yang Kai to use his full strength.

His own Space-Time River was constantly absorbing and refining the power of Mu’s Space-Time River, and with so many complex and profound Great Dao forces attacking him, he had to divert some of his energy to guard his mind so that he wouldn’t be affected by the rich Great Dao force.

Both of them had scruples and the situation was in a deadlock.

Outside the long river, Black Ink’s eyes flashed a trace of surprise, as if he hadn’t expected Yang Kai to be able to resist. He couldn’t help increasing his strength and impatiently said, “Come out yourself, otherwise, I don’t mind personally making a trip!”

Black Ink didn’t want to ruin this last memory. He knew that there were still some of Mu’s Shadow Clones in the Space-Time River, and he wanted them to be preserved. If he personally went to the Space-Time River, it would definitely cause irreparable damage to Mu’s Space-Time River, and the remaining Shadow Clones might even be destroyed.

Inside the long river, the only response he received was an even stronger dragon roar.

A trace of displeasure flashed across Black Ink’s face, “Stubborn fool! I’ll give you one last chance, and I can promise you that after this battle, I’ll give the Human Race a place to live, a place where the Ink Force will never enter!”

This was his last concession.

Mu had already fallen, so the Human Race no longer held any meaning to him. Being willing to give the Human Race a place to live was his final gift, as long as he could protect Mu’s Space-Time River!

“In your dreams!” A Dragon’s roar rang out from the Space-Time River, and through the dense Great Dao energy, Black Ink could vaguely see two giant golden eyes staring in his direction.

“Foolish answer!” Black Ink coldly snorted and took a step forward, intending to enter the Space-Time River.

However, when he stepped onto the long river, the river water suddenly began to churn as the power of thousands of Great Daos washed over him, blocking his path into the river, causing him to freeze at the edge of the river.

This scene looked like Black Ink’s figure was embedded in the wall of a long river. Countless raging waves crashed towards him, but Black Ink was slowly sinking into the river.


Inside the long river, Yang Kai’s expression became solemn. In this short period of time, although he had swallowed and refined a lot of Mu’s long river’s power, allowing his own Space-Time River to become much stronger, he was still unable to use all of Mu’s long river’s power.

If Black Ink wanted to force his way in, he really had no way to stop him.

Soon, he made up his mind. If he couldn’t block it, then he wouldn’t. The Space-Time River was an extremely special region, and the river itself was formed from the power of space and time.

Even if Black Ink entered this place, it would not be easy to find him.

Right now, the only thing he could do was to avoid Black Ink’s pursuit and absorb as much of the river’s power as possible to strengthen himself!

Only if one’s strength was strong enough would they have the qualifications to compete with Black Ink.

Just as Yang Kai was about to do so, Black Ink suddenly turned around and looked behind him.

He vaguely sensed something unusual…

A moment later, a dazzling white light appeared in front of him, and from behind him, where countless Black Ink Clan members were gathered, a white light wrapped around a figure and flashed over.

Wherever it passed, whether it was the Royal Lords, Territory Lords, or the Black Ink Clan’s miscellaneous soldiers, all of them were decapitated, leaving behind mountains of corpses and seas of blood.

The white light flashed and appeared in front of the Space-Time River, revealing Zhang Ruoxi’s figure.

Zhang Ruoxi’s beautiful eyes swept over the crowd and instantly understood the situation, her eyes flashing sharply as she stared at Black Ink.

When their eyes met, Black Ink was stunned.

He hadn’t expected such a powerful cultivator to exist in this world! After all, according to the information he had obtained, the strongest cultivator on the Human Race’s side was only a Ninth Order Open Heaven cultivator. If he were to really include the assistance, the strongest should be the Giant Spiritual God.

However, this woman who had come… seemed to possess an aura even more vigorous and reserved than that of Giant Spiritual God.

But when he felt the power of the pair of pure white wings behind her back, Black Ink’s expression suddenly became fierce, “It’s you?”

He recognized the source of the power contained in those wings!

Zhang Ruoxi understood the meaning of his words. When he merged with the power of Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer in the Chaotic Dead Territory, the ancient memories of the Heaven's Order Bloodline began to awaken, so she was not completely ignorant of the matters of the distant past.

Hearing Black Ink’s words, she simply replied, “Yes… and no!”

“It’s you!” Black Ink’s expression became extremely terrifying. Even though Yang Kai had suppressed more than thirty percent of his Source, he still had an indifferent attitude, even having the leisure to thank him.

However, when he saw Zhang Ruoxi, the darkness buried deep in his heart suddenly surged, drowning out his temperament. As he spoke, he pulled his body out of the Space-Time River and turned to face Zhang Ruoxi, his killing intent surging as he took a few steps forward. Suddenly, he stopped in place and shook his head, muttering softly, “No!”

The Ink Force on his body surged violently before he suddenly raised his head and stared fiercely at Zhang Ruoxi, shouting, “What’s wrong? It’s her!”

At this moment, it was as if he had lost his mind and was muttering to himself.

His figure flickered as he suddenly appeared in front of Zhang Ruoxi and punched out, shouting, “Why?”


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