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The Space-Time River was the path for the future!

Yang Kai looked thoughtful, “Senior means…”

“The reason why I set up a barrier around my own Space-Time River is because other than those who have the ability to save the world, no one else has the ability to enter it. Even if they find my Space-Time River, it will be useless. If that’s the case, it’s better to cut off all hope of coming here as soon as possible so as to avoid further despair.”

Mu had hidden her own Space-Time River inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. When Yang Kai had followed Wu Kuang’s guidance to find it, he had felt a layer of restriction on his way in, but he had easily passed through it. At first, Yang Kai thought it was because of his identity as a human race, but later he learned that it was because he had also manifested the Space-Time River.

If it weren’t for this, if it was any other human, even if it was a Ninth Order Open Heaven cultivator, they wouldn’t be able to enter.

To the Human Race of the Primordial World, the so-called Holy Child was the savior of that world, but the savior Mu spoke of was someone who could save the 3000 Worlds.

“If I want to defeat Black Ink, just relying on my Ninth Order strength is not enough, unless I can break through the shackles of the Ninth Order and reach the next realm, I was once only a step away from that realm!”

Yang Kai quickly asked, “What is the next realm? Why hasn’t Senior broken through yet?”

Mu smiled wryly at him, “I don’t know what the next realm is, but as for why I haven’t broken through… it’s because my Space-Time River is incomplete.”

Yang Kai couldn’t help becoming absent-minded as he recalled the vast and beautiful river he had seen before…

Such a large river was actually incomplete? If it was a complete Space-Time River, what would it look like?

Moreover, how could the Space-Time River be incomplete? What kind of powerful enemy had Mu encountered that caused her Space-Time River to be incomplete?

“Is there no way to repair it?” Yang Kai asked.

Logically speaking, the Space-Time River was the condensation of one’s Three Thousand Great Dao. Even if it was damaged by an intense battle, as long as one’s Great Dao foundation was still intact, there was still a chance to repair it.

There was only one possibility that caused the Space-Time River could not be repaired, and that was that the Great Dao foundation is broken…

Mu slowly shook her head, “It can’t be repaired.” The memories of the past flashed across her mind, reminding her of that day. Her lips curled into a smile.

When the Profound Gate swallowed a portion of her Space-Time River, she didn’t pay much attention to it and was only immersed in the joy of rescuing Black Ink.

She had thought that as long as she opened the door again, she would have a chance to retrieve the Space-Time River she had lost.

Who would have thought that when she opened the Profound Gate, there was nothing behind it but eternal silence and darkness?

She still hadn’t realized the seriousness of the problem…

It wasn’t until her Space-Time River became stronger and her cultivation became purer that she helplessly discovered that the damaged Space-Time River had cut off any possibility of her advancing further.

If it weren’t for that accident back then, she would have already broken through the Open Heaven Stage and reached that mysterious realm.



She only blamed herself a little for not teaching him well after rescuing Black Ink. By the time she realized what had happened afterwards, it was already too late to change anything.

On top of that, it wasn’t as if she hadn’t obtained anything. If it weren’t for the Profound Gate swallowing a portion of her Space-Time River, she wouldn’t have been able to refine it so easily. After all, it was an extremely profound World Treasure.

Dispelling the memories in her mind, Mu’s smile faded as she stared at Yang Kai solemnly, “You have already walked your own path, sooner or later you will reach the end of this road and open up a new path, but now you don’t have much time left. I hope you can accomplish what I failed to do back then.”

Yang Kai immediately felt a great pressure, but he could only agree, “Junior will do his best!”

Mu smiled lightly as she stepped forward, like a shadow Yang Kai had encountered in the midst of a sea of Universe Worlds, gently placing her hand on Yang Kai’s chest, “Go, end all of this. The Human Race has suffered since the Ancient Era, and as the favored children of the Heavens, it is time for them to live in peace.”

Yang Kai quickly said, “But Senior, you haven’t told me what to do yet.”

The reason he had returned here was because the last Shadow had sent him back here, but after chatting for so long, Yang Kai still hadn’t received a clear answer from Mu.

How could he defeat the current Black Ink?

Mu did say that he had to break through to the next realm, but he had not even touched the threshold of the next realm, so how could he break through in such a hurry?

Mu’s smile remained as her figure gradually faded, “I left something for you, you’ll soon know what to do.”

As the Shadow disappeared, Yang Kai’s figure shot up into the sky uncontrollably and quickly rushed into the vast and beautiful Space-Time River.

This time, he didn’t feel the slightest bit of pulling force. Of the three thousand Universe Worlds with the sealed Source, he had already run to ninety percent of them and successfully sealed more than a thousand of Black Ink's Source.

Now that Black Ink had awoken, all of the Sources that had not been sealed had returned, so it was meaningless to go to those worlds again.

His figure floated up and down in the river while the river’s undercurrents swirled.

Yang Kai suddenly had an extremely strange feeling. The Space-Time River that originally belonged to Mu gave him an indescribable sense of familiarity and recognition, as if he could slightly control the power of this Space-Time River!

This discovery surprised Yang Kai greatly. After all, this was Mu’s Space-Time River, the crystallization of Mu’s life’s cultivation. Even if Mu had died long ago, even if Yang Kai had a Space-Time River, he shouldn’t have felt any sense of familiarity or recognition towards him.

Scenes flashed across his eyes, scenes of him parting with Mu in one Universe Worlds after another.

Every time he went to a Universe World, whether the sealing of the Source was successful or not, as long as Mu’s Shadow still existed, he would find her and take her away because he didn’t want this senior who had fought alone for countless years to continue waiting and suffering.

The method to take it away was Mu’s Shadow injecting the last of their energy into his body.

Each of these Shadow was from a certain perion in Mu's life.

Mu divided Black Ink’s Source into three thousand parts and sealed it in different Universe Worlds, splitting her life into the same number of Shadowes to guard the Source.

Everyone had their own Space-Time River, flowing from the day they were born until the end of their lives…

The shadows of different periods of time poured their final power into Yang Kai’s body, which was the same as Mu’s existence.

During this long journey, Yang Kai had come into contact with at least two thousand shadows…

In other words, more than seventy percent of Mu’s shadows had acknowledged him.

Yang Kai finally understood what Mu had left for him.

She had given him her Space-Time River!

With the approval of most of Mu's Shadows, its master, Yang Kai could now completely refine Mu’s Space-Time River for his own use!

This was Mu’s last resort and gift.

Grief washed over Yang Kai like a tidal wave, drowning him.

He no longer had the time to reminisce about the past. Black Ink had already awakened and escaped, and the Human Race army was about to be destroyed at any moment. He would definitely obtain Mu’s gift as soon as possible to strengthen himself.

However, he deeply understood that even though Mu had left behind many contingencies, they could not be considered flawless. She probably had not thought about her cultivation.

Back then, when Mu’s cultivation had reached a bottleneck, she had comprehended her own Space-Time River.

However, Yang Kai was different. When he was training in the Universe Furnace, he was only at the peak of the Eighth Order. In the end, he had taken the risk to activate the Three Parts Normalizing Art to break through to the Ninth Order.

Before that, he had already condensed the Space-Time River.

After the war between the Black Ink and Human Race broke out, Yang Kai didn’t have much time to grow. Even with the help of the Star Boundary and the Myriad Monster World’s two Open Heaven Cradles and the help of his own Space-Time River, his current cultivation was still quite far from the peak of the Ninth Order.

Mu had given the Space-Time River to Yang Kai in order to allow him to use this power to break through the shackles of the Open Heaven Method and reach that mysterious realm.

As long as he reached this realm, defeating Black Ink was not a problem.

However, the current situation was that Yang Kai’s cultivation was still quite far from the peak of the Ninth Order. Even if he had obtained Mu’s gift, it was impossible for him to break through in such a short time.

Mu’s gift could allow him to greatly improve his Great Dao, but it could not help his cultivation.

Perhaps Mu had considered this matter, perhaps not, but she had already done everything she could. As one of the Ten Martial Ancestors, she had left behind far too many relics for the Human Race’s younger generation.

After understanding Mu’s intentions, Yang Kai calmed his mind and directly summoned his own Space-Time River.

If Mu’s Space-Time River was compared to a meandering dragon, then Yang Kai’s Space-Time River was like a small snake… At most, it was like a giant python.

However, when Yang Kai’s Space-Time River appeared, the turbulent river water around him began to converge towards him, merging with him and strengthening his body.

Yang Kai couldn’t help letting out a muffled groan as he felt his head become a bit dizzy. All kinds of profound insights surged out uncontrollably, almost drowning out his thoughts.

The Space-Time River was formed from the power of space and time and condensed many Great Daos, all of which were manifestations of the Great Daos.

With the approval of Mu's Shadows, Yang Kai’s refining of her Space-Time River had no resistance, but the growth of the Space-Time River meant that Mu’s attainments and insights into the various Great Daos had all been given to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai instinctively felt a sense of crisis. If he couldn’t withstand the impact of this Great Dao, perhaps something extremely terrifying would happen.


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It's a shame she couldn't recover that part of her space time river that fell into the abyss but I have a feeling it could recover in the universe Furnace.... Or at least she could reincarnate or hope she does.

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