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The Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction was about to be broken, so it was pointless for Wu Kuang to remain here. On the contrary, he would suffer a backlash from the destruction of the Great Restriction.

As such, after realizing that the situation had become irreversible, he immediately broke free from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

At the very least, he could ensure that he wouldn’t be injured. As for Yang Kai, who was still in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, he couldn’t provide much help.

The many Ninth Order Human Race masters were interested in his strength, because Wu Kuang was currently exuding.

Only a few Human Race masters knew about Wu Kuang’s existence and knew that he had been sent here by Yang Kai to guard the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, but no one knew how strong he was, not even Yang Kai.

After all, when he had sent Wu Kuang here, this guy had only been a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator. Although he had later learned that Wu Kuang had broken through to the Eighth Order and Ninth Order, because he hadn’t had any close contact with him, he had only speculated about his strength.

At this moment, Wu Kuang’s strength was finally revealed.

It was a peak Ninth Order master! Compared to the most experienced masters of the Human Race, Xmiles and Wu Qing, his might was clearly stronger.

In this current situation, a peak Ninth Order master was definitely a great help to the Human Race.

However, before the human race could rejoice, a change occurred.

Wu Kuang’s escape seemed to accelerate the destruction of the Great Restriction, causing more cracks to appear. Soon, the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction which had been maintained for a million years shattered like a broken mirror.

Specks of light filled the air.

When the light dissipated, what appeared in their vision was an endless black color.

The black color seemed to have a life of its own as it squirmed about, the aura of an unpredictable life form floating within it.

When the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction was still in place, the Black Ink Clan could only pass through that single gap, when the Human Race’s Expedition Army attack, the Black Ink Clan was unable to send out too many reinforcements at once, so the situation was still largely under control.

However, things were different now. The Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction had been completely destroyed, and all of the Black Ink Clan members hidden within it had instantly escaped.

No one knew how many more Black Ink Clan were hidden in that black color, but the only thing that made the Human Race rejoice was that they had killed many Black Ink Clan before, alleviating the pressure they had to face.

The Human Race army waited with bated breath, but unexpectedly, not a single Black Ink Clan member emerged from the black color sea.

They seemed to be afraid of something.

Soon, the Human Race masters realized what was happening, Zhang Ruoxi was the one they feared.

The strength she displayed just now was simply too incredible. It surpassed the strength of a Giant Spiritual God and could easily kill a Royal Lord-level master.

At this moment, Zhang Ruoxi was standing guard in front of the Small Stone Race’s army. Although she was alone, her presence was enough to deter the billions of Black Ink Clan from acting rashly.

Although the pair of pure white wings on her back was tiny in front of the black color that covered the sky, the light it emitted was something that no darkness could conceal.

This caused many Ninth Order masters to blush with shame. If it weren’t for Zhang Ruoxi’s sudden appearance, the Human Race’s second expedition would have definitely failed. If that was the case, they could only follow Yang Kai’s previous plan of retreat and find a place to live in the New World.

But who knew what the situation was like in this new world?

In front of the army, Zhang Ruoxi remained motionless. In the void in front of her, the Black Ink Clan’s members were all trembling in fear.

A single person’s strength was terrifying to the extreme.

Suddenly, Zhang Ruoxi’s expression changed, her eyes narrowing slightly as she looked towards the depths of the black color.

As if she had sensed something, the wings on her back flapped and transformed into a pure white light that instantly disappeared into the black color.

From afar, a figure appeared and a voice entered Mi Jinglun’s ears, “Sir is inside, I’ll go take a look.”

In the blink of an eye, the tumbling black color became even fiercer. Obviously, Zhang Ruoxi wasn’t just going to take a look. In the space filled with the Black Ink Clan, if she wanted to rush to Yang Kai’s location, she had to kill her way out.

In the Primordial World, the chaotic aftermath of Dawn City had yet to calm down, but just now, everyone had seen a figure rush into the sky at the edge of the city and disappear without a trace. After that person disappeared, the black light that had fallen from the sky also disappeared.

Although the phenomenon was not present, the panic caused by that scene was difficult to dispel in a short time.

The Saintess and Li Feiyu both looked towards that direction, a thoughtful look in their eyes.

They knew that the first generation Saintess was living in seclusion there, so they faintly guessed that the unforeseen event just now had something to do with her.

Not long after Black Ink left, Yang Kai return to this place with the help of the Shadow's pulling.

He immediately saw Mu standing in front of the hut.

“Senior,” Yang Kai called out.

Mu turned to look at him, as if she had already expected this, “You’re here.”

“Where’s Little Eleven?” Yang Kai turned his head to look around but didn’t see the small figure, already having a guess.

Sure enough, Mu replied, “He has already awakened, and the sealed power has returned one after another. This world is unable to bear his power, but he was unwilling to destroy this place and has already left my Space-Time River.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “I understand.”

The final battle was about to begin, and he had already done everything he could. Whether he won or lost depended on this final battle.

“Senior, since Black Ink has awoken, it’s time for me to leave. The current strength of the Human Race may not be able to stop him, but we will do our best. The last Shadow told me to come back and find you, saying that you will point out the path ahead, so please give me your guidance.”

“You’ve already found your own path,” Mu smiled at him.

“Huh?” Yang Kai didn’t understand.

“You walked the same path as me,” Mu said again.

Yang Kai thought for a moment, “Condense the power of three thousand Great Daos into your body and manifest the Space-Time River?”

Mu nodded slightly, “I told you before that everyone has their own Space-Time River. From the day they were born, the Space-Time River began to flow, ending at the end of their lives, but since ancient times, no one has ever been able to manifest their own Space-Time River. I am the first, and you are the second!” Saying so, she suddenly asked Yang Kai a question, “The Human Race’s Open Heaven Method is flawed, you should have noticed that, right?”

Yang Kai nodded, “Ninth Order is the limit of the Open Heaven Method, but I have a faint feeling that Ninth Order is not the end of Martial Order. Above Ninth Order, there should be a higher level.”

“Above the Ninth Order, there are indeed higher levels,” Mu confirmed.

Yang Kai was shocked, “Senior has already reached that level?”

Mu couldn’t help laughing as she shook her head, “If I were at that level, the Human Race wouldn’t be in such danger today. Although I haven’t reached that level… I’ve touched it.”

Yang Kai secretly praised her for being the strongest Martial Ancestor.

In the past, Cang had told him that the Martial Ancestors were still only Ninth Order Martial Ancestors, but their strength was far greater than ordinary Ninth Order.

However, Mu had told him today that she had already touched upon the mysteries above the Open Heaven Stage. Although it was just a touch, it was still an incredible feat.

Mu sank into a distant memory and slowly explained, “The birth of the Open Heaven Method was due to fate. During that era, the Human Race was in a difficult situation, and the Ancient Monster was rampaging about. If there was no Open Heaven Method, the Human Race would only be food and slaves for the Monster Race. During that era, the destiny of the world had quietly gathered on the Human Race, so the Human Race needed a way out. That way out was the Open Heaven Method. With the Open Heaven Method, the Human Race would be able to continuously produce many masters, allowing them to compete with the Ancient Monster Race!”

“However, the Heavens also have their own wills and laws, just like this Primordial World. If one’s cultivation surpasses the Immortal Ascension stage, they will be repelled by it. This is the Primordial World’s wills and laws, but it can also be regarded as its means of self-preservation. The World’s Destiny is not unchanging. The original Destiny was condensed on the Holy Spirit, then transferred to the Ancient Monster Race, and then to our Human Race. Over the long years, the three races took over as the favored children of the Heavens. This is also the Heaven’s wills.” She turned to look at Yang Kai, “Why do you think this happened?”

Yang Kai muttered to himself for a moment before replying, “A single race dominates the world, no longer having any fear of the Heavens. The power they control is enough to destroy this world, causing the world to feel a sense of crisis, which is why there is a change in destiny.”

This was something he had considered before, so he was able to answer Mu’s question quickly.

Mu nodded, “That’s right. This world is dead, but it is actually alive. It has its own will, and the Laws are its own will. However, it is different from a true living being. It is high above all, and all living beings are under its watch. Once a force exceeds its control, it will be corrected. It will not personally act, nor does it have the ability to personally act, but it can use the strength of other living beings to restore order and ensure that everything is on the right track. In the long river of history, it was the Ancient Monster Race who overthrew the Holy Spirit’s rule and the Human Race who escaped the enslavement of the Ancient Monster Race.”

“But Senior, what does this have to do with my path?” Yang Kai asked curiously.

Mu continued, “Of course it has something to do with this, because the Open Heaven Method is a gift from the World's Will, so the Open Heaven Method has its own shackles. Wanting to rely on the Open Heaven Method to break free from these shackles is an extremely difficult task. In this world, there is only one place that the World's Will is unable to cover, and everything that happens there is not under the control of the World!”

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up as he blurted out, “Universe Furnace!”

“I haven’t figured out what the Universe Furnace is, but it’s definitely something that the world we live in cannot interfere with,” Mu asserted.

Yang Kai said in his heart, it naturally couldn’t interfere, because this world was opened by the Universe Furnace. By chance, Yang Kai had seen the true face of the Universe Furnace and had personally witnessed the process of its creation.

He wanted to tell this to Mu, but time was of the essence, and it was not something he could finish in a short time, so he could only hold back.

“You and I both entered the Universe Furnace and saw the Endless River inside it, condensing our own Space-Time River,” Mu turned to Yang Kai, “The Space-Time River is the path for the future!”


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