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“Speaking of which, I haven’t asked your name yet. My name is Mu, what is your name?”

He would never be able to forget the first time they met. The quiet and gentle woman had a trace of blood on the corner of her mouth as she stood in the air, smiling at him.

What is his name?

He didn’t know what his name is, he didn’t even know there was a name in this world.

Before meeting her, his world had been filled with endless darkness and dead silent.

It was because he had met her that his world had a voice, a sense of anticipation, until today when he saw the light…

“I don’t know what my name is,” he muttered as he sensed the woman in front of him. For some reason, he felt a sense of inferiority, as if staring her was a blasphemy.

“You don't have a name…” Mu walked around him for a while before suddenly clapping her hands and smiling, “I do, seeing your color is black as an ink, I’ll call you Black Ink.”

“Black Ink…” He muttered softly, slowly becoming happy, “My name is Black Ink!”

He also had his own name, and it was a name given to him by Mu. He secretly decided that he would never lose this name. One day, he would let everyone know his name!

However, he soon discovered that his appearance was somewhat different from Mu’s.

Mu had hands and feet, a head and a body, and she was wearing beautiful clothes. He also want…

With this thought in mind, the round black shape began to distort, gradually transforming into the shape of Mu.

Mu looked at him in surprise, “You also know the Transformation Technique… but you can’t do this, you can’t transform into my appearance.”

Black Ink Fei asked, “Why?”

Mu patiently explained, “Because everyone is unique in this world.”

Black Ink did not quite understand, but since Mu had said so, it must be true.

What a pity he couldn’t have the same appearance as her, this was definitely the most beautiful appearance in the world, he thought to himself.

“But what am i going to transform into?” Black Ink asked.

“Your original appearance is quite good,” She paused for a moment before continuing, “But if you really want to transform, just do me a favor.”


“Become like this,” Mu stretched out both her hands and grinned wickedly as she squashed and pinch him for a while.

Black Ink didn’t resist, allowing her to do as she pleased.

After a while, Mu took a few steps back and looked at Black Ink seriously before nodding in satisfaction, “Alright, that’s it.”

Black Ink stretched out his hand in front of him and stared at his small palm, completely confused.

Seemingly seeing his confusion, Mu took the initiative to explain, “This is my little brother’s appearance, but he died when he was very young. You can use his appearance from now on.”

“Oh…” Black Ink obediently replied.

Mu looked up at the Profound Gate again and excitedly rushed over, “This gate is a treasure. After eating a piece of my Space-Time River, I must take it away.” She turned to Black Ink and asked, “This is your house’s gate, do you still want it?”

Black Ink quickly waved his hand, “I don’t want it, take it.” Who would want something like this…

Mu nodded, “Then I won’t stand on ceremony.”

The Space-Time River appeared again and wrapped around the strange door. Perhaps it was because a part of the Space-Time River had fallen into the door, this time, Mu easily put it away.

“Let’s go,” Mu called out to Black Ink before leading him away.

Halfway through, Black Ink asked the question in his heart, “Mu, what is death?”

“Death… if a person dies, they will never be able to see the other party again, and that person can only live in the memories of others.”

“What is a little brother?”

“En… a relative born from the same parents.”

“Then am I your brother?”

“Right, from now on, you are my little brother!”

“You’re also my little brother!”

“No, I’m Elder Sister, I’m Sixth Elder Sister!”

“What is an elder sister?”

“Uh, Elder Sister is also a relative born from the same parents.”

“Isn’t that called a little brother?”

“Hey, I’m telling you, as a younger brother, you must speak less. If you talk too much, your mouth will stick together and you won’t be able to open it again!”

Black Ink covered his mouth in panic.

“Mu, where did this little guy come from?”

“The one I told you about before, the one sealed behind that strange door.”

“You rescued him?”

A group of people surrounded Mu and Black Ink, all of them staring at them curiously. Black Ink grabbed onto Mu’s clothes tightly and hid behind him.

He had never known that there were so many people in this world, and each of them had a different appearance. No wonder Mu said that everyone was unique.

“Little guy, what’s your name?” Someone asked.

Black Ink shook his head and didn’t answer, his expression solemn.

The speaker asked pitifully, “Is he a mute?”

Mu laughed and said, “Of course not, children are just shy.”

“This child is a bit strange, I have never seen the power in his body before. Mu, do you know what you saved?”

“I don’t know, but he’s trapped inside that door alone, it’s too pitiful. Since I’ve encountered him, I can’t just ignore him.”

“I just hope you know what you’re doing.”

“Don’t worry, he’s so weak. Although the power in his body is a bit strange, he can’t do anything. I’ll keep an eye on him.”

“Good, now that the Monster Race are running rampant and the Human Race is in a difficult situation, we can’t afford any trouble.”

This is the first time he met someone other than Mu, after a brief conversation, Black Ink was led away by Mu to rest.

In the following days, as they slowly interacted with each other, everyone knew that Black Ink was not a mute, and Black Ink also understood the relationship between these people and Mu.

The ten of them had a close relationship and called each other brothers and sisters.

Mu was ranked sixth among the ten, so on the way back, Mu had asked him to call her Sixth Elder Sister.

Because he was the youngest, everyone called him Little Eleven…

He finally understood what an older sister was and what a younger brother was…

He even saw death!

In that era, when the Ancient Monsters wreaked havoc and the Human Race rose to prominence, the entire Starry Sky was bathed in the flames of war.

Countless humans had lost their lives in the great battles.

For an existence who had always been sealed behind a door, suddenly seeing such an unimaginable scene was extremely shocking.

Because of his relationship with Mu, he had also begun to consider himself a human. Watching Mu and the other nine people rush about all day, he also wanted to help. He wanted to kill all the Ancient Monsters and give the Human Race a peaceful place to live.

He began cultivating, but the Human Race’s Open Heaven Method simply wasn’t suitable for him. No matter how hard he tried, it was difficult for him to improve his cultivation.

It wasn’t until one time when he unintentionally felt a surge of energy from the depths of the Human Race’s heart that he instinctively drew this invisible energy into his body and refined it.

He could actually feel himself becoming stronger.

This discovery both surprised and terrified him. He was pleasantly surprised that he had found a way to cultivate, but he was also terrified that he had never heard of such a cultivation method before.

He immediately went to look for Mu, wanting to ask her about it.

However, at that time, Mu was fighting outside, and by the time she returned a few dozen years later, Black Ink had obviously become much stronger.

Black Ink found it difficult to forget the joy on Mu’s face as she rejoiced at the increase in his strength.

The words that were about to come out of his mouth couldn’t be spoken, but Black Ink suddenly realized that this was not a bad idea. As long as Mu was happy, what else was important?

Having found the right way to cultivate, Black Ink’s strength suddenly soared.

One day, his strength would grow to the point where he could step onto the battlefield!

Mu did not give him any preferential treatment because of his identity. During his first battle, he had only participated in the war against the Monster Race as the most ordinary human race soldier.

After all, Mu was one of the ten Human Race Commanders of that era and had even more important matters to attend to, so it was impossible for him to always be by his side.

In that battle, his army had been ambushed by the Ancient Monsters and the entire army had been shattered, resulting in heavy casualties!

After receiving the news, Mu quickly rushed over to assist, but by the time she arrived at the battlefield, the battle had already ended.

She had thought that Black Ink had met with some kind of misfortune, but now she saw a shocking scene.

Originally, the Human Race, which had been at an absolute disadvantage in terms of strength, had won this battle. Although they had paid a huge price, at least thirty percent of their forces had been preserved.

As for Black Ink, he stood in the middle of the mountain of corpses and sea of blood, the Ancient Monsters around him bowing their heads and calling out to him while the remaining soldiers of his army shouted.

Later, Mu learned that at the most critical moment, Black Ink had used his own strength to force many Monster Race masters to surrender to him, allowing him to obtain the final victory.

Mu felt incredulous. It was only at this moment that she realized the uniqueness of Black Ink’s power. It seemed to be a strange power that could distort one’s nature.

Black Ink had no choice but to speak frankly to Mu about his experiences over the years. As for using his own strength to subdue the Monster Race, it was only a spur of the moment decision, something he had never done before.

For the first time, Mu reprimanded him.

Black Ink was somewhat flustered. He didn’t know what he had done wrong, but judging from Mu’s reaction, he was certain he had done something wrong.

After reprimanding him, Mu couldn’t help but sigh, saying that it wasn’t his fault, before leaving.

Looking at Mu’s desolate back, Black Ink secretly swore that he would never use this method to cultivate again, nor would he use his own strength to subdue any living creature.

However, in life, not everyone could live up to the expectations.

As the war between the Human Race and Monster Race continued, the situation became more tense.

Although the Human Race had the ten Martial Ancestors, there were also many Ancient Monsters.

The situation was becoming more disadvantageous for the Human Race, with many of them even turning to the Monster Race and willingly becoming slaves.

Black Ink, who had participated in the war time again and witnessed countless deaths, finally couldn’t hold back and once again used his own strength to distort the minds of those Human Race cultivators who had turned against him.

During that distortion, no one on the entire battlefield was spared! Even many of the Monster Race’s forces were affected.

In that battle, the Human Race army, which had not seen light for a long time, had obtained a complete victory!


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kays 28
kays 28
Jul 28, 2023

so human race won against the monster race largely due to blank ink power? well I guess Mu decision isn't entirely disaster since ink brought peace to human race for certain period of time and later became cause of chaos


Their or should I say Mu approach was wrong but I get it, people fear what the don't understand is the morale of the story.


Kida Masaomi
Kida Masaomi
Jun 04, 2023

Poor little eleven

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