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Strictly speaking, this second expedition was under the premise that the Human Race was not fully prepared.

This kind of preparation was not based on one’s mentality, but rather the accumulation of one’s strength.

From the current situation, it could be seen that without Zhang Ruoxi’s sudden appearance and the support of the Small Stone Race’s army, the Human Race would have already lost this expedition.

According to his original plan, Mi Jinglun was already preparing to withdraw his army and wait for Yang Kai’s return to lead the remaining Human Race to the distant New World. Once the Human Race’s remnant army retreated, this world would be under the control of the Black Ink Clan.

Was it because the Human Race didn’t work hard enough? Was it because the world’s destiny didn’t favor the Human Race enough?


When a race was in a life or death crisis, they could erupt with great potential. In just a few thousand years, the Human Race had developed from their difficult situation back then to its current state. To be able to recover the 3000 Worlds and the No-Return Pass was already the limit.

If the Human Race didn’t work hard enough, they wouldn’t have the foundation they had today. If the world’s destiny didn’t favor the Human Race, they wouldn’t have a few Open Heaven Cradles.

However, in the face of a colossus like the Black Ink Clan, strength was still the deciding factor.

The time left for the Human Race was too short. Whether the Human Race was prepared or not, this expedition was inevitable.

Because Black Ink was about to awaken.

In such a situation, taking the initiative to attack was always better than defending passively.

After all these years of great battles, under the baptism of the flames of war, the Human Race’s various armies had long since been united, but it was still not enough.

The battle continued.

After a brief consideration, Mi Jinglun gave up on the idea of supporting the Small Stone Race, because the battle in front of them was not over yet. With the strength of the Small Stone Race’s forces, it will be sufficient to deat with it. After this battle, there would be an even more dangerous battle waiting for the Human Race army.

The Human Race’s current army had to conserve their strength for this moment!

On the battlefield, a dazzling light of purification constantly burst forth, filling the vast void. Under this purifying light, not only was the Ink Force dispersed, but even the Black Ink Clan army that was enveloped in this light had suffered heavy losses.

The current situation was extremely bad for the Black Ink Clan.

There were no more reinforcements inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, and even the Royal Lords didn’t dare approach the gap to investigate, fearing that Zhang Ruoxi would see them and kill them.

On the other hand, on the Small Stone Race’s side, there was still a steady stream of reinforcements coming out from the Void Corridor and entering the battlefield…

Although the Black Ink Clan still had tens of millions of troops remaining, after the few Royal Lords and Pseudo-Royal Lords had been killed by the eight Ninth Order Small Stone Race, it was difficult for them to form any effective resistance.

The two Giant Spiritual Gods rampaged about, and the eight Ninth Order Small Stone Race masters also seemed unstoppable.

One by one, the Small Stone Race army began to surround them.

The encirclement continued to shrink, and at every moment, a large amount of the Black Ink Clan’s vitality would dissipate.

It wouldn’t be long before the Small Stone Race army wiped out the Black Ink Clan army scattered outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.


In the 2306th world, where Black Ink’s Source was located, a great battle was also taking place.

Mu’s Shadow had single-handedly blocked the many Black Ink Disciples of this world, allowing Yang Kai to safely seal this trace of Source.

With the Profound Gate activated, the gate opened a crack, and Black Ink’s Source surged out.

Every time it was sealed, the Source seemed to be drawn towards the crack by some mysterious force.

Yang Kai had experienced similar scenes many times, so he was not surprised.

According to Mu, the Profound Gate was a supreme treasure born from the Heavens and Earth. The world’s first ray of light was born outside the gate, and behind the gate was the original darkness.

This light symbolized all the light and beauty of this world and was not bound by the Profound Gate. After it was born, it left, but the darkness that was born inside the Profound Gate could not easily leave.

It was only after this darkness had accumulated for countless years that it had developed its own consciousness.

That was Black Ink!

So to Black Ink, the Profound Gate naturally had the power to seal it, which was why Mu had hidden it in the Primordial World.

Only the Profound Gate could seal Black Ink’s Source.

Previously, there had been no accidents during each sealing, but when the Profound Gate was summoned and a crack opened, the Source was immediately pulled in.

However, this time, the situation was somewhat different.

Yang Kai could clearly feel that Black Ink’s Source was struggling violently, as if it had its own consciousness and was trying to escape the pulling of the Profound Gate.

However, in the end, it was only a portion of the Source, so it was unable to resist the power of the Profound Gate.

Just as the Source was about to enter the gate, a pair of eyes suddenly opened from the darkness.

It was a pair of indescribable eyes that seemed to contain all the darkness in the world. Being stared at by this pair of eyes, even Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling cold.

Fortunately, in the blink of an eye, the Source disappeared into the gate, and the chilling sensation also disappeared.

“It's almost reaching the limit!” Yang Kai suddenly understood.

Along the way, he had passed through more than two thousand worlds and successfully sealed almost a thousand pieces of Black Ink's Source.

Mu had divided Black Ink’s Source into three thousand portions and sealed them in three thousand different Universe Worlds. Although there had been many twists and turns along the way, he had still successfully sealed them.

This amount was almost thirty percent of Black Ink's Source, so it could be said to be a great harvest.

The more Sources sealed, the greater the impact it had on Black Ink.

Even if Black Ink completely woke up at this time, because of his damaged Source, his strength would fall greatly and he would no longer be at his peak.

However, it was still not enough. After all, Black Ink was a legendary Creation Realm master. Before facing him head-on, no one knew just how powerful he was. Even if he lost more than thirty percent of his Source power, his remaining strength was not something the current Human Race could contend with!

What made him slightly relieved was that he had learned some news about Zhang Ruoxi from Wu Kuang.

Wu Kuang’s perception of the outside world was not very clear, so not only did Yang Kai find this information inconceivable, even Wu Kuang himself found it difficult to confirm.

No matter what, he had to speed up! Before Black Ink completely woke up, he had to seal as many of his Source as possible, even if it was just one more!

“Senior!” Yang Kai put away the Profound Gate, turned around, and shouted.

Hearing this, Mu, who was helping him resist countless Black Ink Disciple’s attacks, flashed to his side and raised her palm, lightly slapping down.

Immediately after, under the furious roars of the Black Ink Disciple, Yang Kai transformed into a streak of light and shot into the sky!

In the Primordial World, Little Eleven’s illness was getting worse. His small body was sometimes as cold as ice and sometimes as hot as magma.

At first, he was still able to maintain his consciousness, but now, most of his time was spent in a deep sleep, the amount of time he could maintain his consciousness was becoming shorter.

As he fell into a deep sleep, his nightmares kept coming, causing him to shiver in fear.

Mu stayed by his side and took good care of him.

When he woke up one day, Little Eleven opened his eyes and saw Mu sitting by his bed, gently holding him.

Seemingly noticing the movement, Mu lowered her head, her eyes blood red.

It had been a long time since she had a good rest.

“You’re awake?” Mu asked, her voice hoarse.

Looking at the blood vessels in Mu’s eyes, Little Eleven’s heart was filled with bitterness as tears welled up in his eyes.

Turning his head, he wiped the corners of his eyes with his hand and nodded lightly.

Mu placed her hand on Little Eleven’s forehead and carefully felt it for a moment before asking happily, “Your fever has gone down, how do you feel now?”

After a moment of silence, Little Eleven said, “Much better.”

Mu smiled and withdrew her hand, “That’s good, you should be fine after a good sleep.”

Little Eleven said, “Sixth Sister, I don’t want to sleep.” He had slept enough.

“Then what do you want to do?”

“I want some porridge.”

The two siblings, who were not related by blood, lived together on the edge of this bustling city. Mu had cooked a lot of delicious food for Little Eleven, but at this moment, what he wanted to eat the most was the white rice porridge cooked by his Sixth Sister.

This was the first food he had eaten after waking up in this world.

“Good,” Mu lifted her hand and brushed his nose affectionately before standing up, “Wait for me for a moment.”

Little Eleven remained silent.

The porridge was quickly cooked. Mu brought in the clay pot and was about to serve a bowl to Little Eleven when she saw Little Eleven get off the bed, sit down at the table, and put the clay pot in front of him.

Mu couldn’t help laughing, “You want to eat so much? Be careful not to burst your stomach.”

Little Eleven angrily shouted, “I want to eat it, what does it have to do with you?”

Mu replied helplessly, “Fine, fine, I’ll let you eat them all. If you can’t finish them, I’ll spank you.”

Little Eleven couldn’t help tightening his butt as he blushed, “I’m not a child anymore, don’t spank me so easily!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Mu lifted her hand and pressed his nose upwards, causing a pig nose shape to appear on Little Eleven’s face.

Little Eleven shook his head angrily and sniffed, “You’re the child, always playing with such childish things!”

Mu covered her mouth and smiled, no longer teasing him as she handed over the wooden spoon she had brought.

Little Eleven picked up a wooden spoon, held the clay pot, and began eating the porridge.

Mu sat quietly at the side and looked at him, occasionally saying, “Eat slowly, be careful not to burn your tongue, no one will snatch it from you.”

Occasionally, she would wipe his mouth.

As Little Eleven eat the porridge, the temperature of the freshly cooked white porridge was very high, so hot that Little Eleven couldn’t stop inhaling and exhaling. His little face was flushed red and steam was rising from his head.

After drinking a pot of porridge for about half an hour, he finally finished it. The bottom of the pot had been scraped clean, leaving not even a drop of soup.

Mu looked around and teased, “If you eat like this every time, I’ll save myself the trouble of washing dishes.”

Little Eleven rubbed his round belly and made a funny face at her, “Then you’ll become a lazy woman, be careful you don’t get married in the future.”

Mu lifted her hand and knocked him on the head, “Whether I get marry or not is not up to you.”

Little Eleven put his hands behind his head and said in an aggrieved tone, “You hit me again, I’m still a patient!”

Mu lifted her hand and was about to knock again, but in the end, she gently patted his head.

Little Eleven lowered his head.

The atmosphere became silent.


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