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This was obviously Zhang Ruoxi’s intention. A Small Stone Race with low intelligence would never act on their own.

Many Human Race masters were overjoyed.

After several months of fighting, the Human Race had almost no time to rest and reorganize their forces. Every one of their armies had almost reached their limit, and even the Ninth Order masters were not at their peak. If not for this, Mi Jinglun would not have thought of retreating.

No one had expected that in such an intense battlefield, there would be a peaceful place for the Human Race to rest and recuperate.

Although this kind of rest and recuperation would definitely not last long, in this kind of situation, any amount of rest time was extremely precious.

Therefore, after realizing the intentions of the Small Stone Race, the Human Race’s various armies didn’t hesitate to retreat towards the Void Corridor.

The open gap was once again filled by the densely packed Small Stone Race army. Looking around at the Small Stone Race’s figures that filled the sky, the Human Race soldiers couldn’t help feeling a sense of security, their tense nerves finally relaxing.

A large number of spirit pills and medicines were distributed along with various combat materials.

This time, the Human Race no longer held back, all of their accumulated strength had been used up, because this was the last battle of the Human Race. This battle concerned the survival of their race. If they won, they would still be the masters of this world, but if they lost, there would be no Human Race in this world.

At this time, what was the point of keeping supplies? Naturally, it was best to restore the strength of the army and prepare for the final battle.

The Small Stone Race army continued to emerge from the Void Corridor, increasing in number. After suffering such a great loss just now, the remaining Black Ink Clan army no longer dared to act rashly.

The Black Ink Clan masters stared at the Small Stone Race, all of them feeling a headache coming on.

Moreover, what they needed to face now was not just the Human Race and Small Stone Race alliance…

On the battlefield where A’ Da and A’ Er were fighting, eight Ninth Order Small Stone Race masters suddenly joined the fray. This sudden turn of events caused the Royal Lords who were besieging the two Giant Spiritual Gods to panic.

With the appearance of these eight Small Stone Race masters, that human race woman was probably not far away!

It wasn’t until this moment that the Black Ink Clan masters discovered to their horror that all the Royal Lords who had participated in the siege of Zhang Ruoxi had fallen.

This caused all the Royal Lords to shiver.

One had to know that this was the joint attack of several dozen Royal Lords, yet such a powerful force was actually killed in such a short time!

The number of Royal Lords besieging A' Da and A' Er was not far from the number of Royal Lords who had besieged Zhang Ruoxi. Those Royal Lords had all been killed, so it was likely they would be next.

As a result, after sensing Zhang Ruoxi’s aura rapidly approaching from the distance, many Royal Lords abandoned A’ Da and A’ Er and rushed towards the gap in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

With their combined strength, they instantly broke through the defensive line formed by the Small Stone Race’s army and plunged into the Great Restriciton without even looking back.

Once upon a time, they had dreamed of breaking free from this cage and conquer everything they see. For this dream, they had waited a million years to achieve it.

However, their happy mood didn’t last long. Now, they realized that there was no place in this world that was safer than the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

Without the Supreme Master, no one could stop this woman’s slaughter!

Without nearly half of the Royal Lords’ suppression, and with the help of eight Ninth Order Small Stone Race masters, the situation was instantly reversed.

A' Da reached out and grabbed a Royal Lord who was trying to escape, roaring angrily as he shoved the Royal Lord into his mouth.

No matter how much the Royal Lord struggled, he was unable to move his hand.

After sending it into the abyss, A' Da bit down.

As if biting a bug, ink blood spurted from his mouth and the aura of the Royal Lord was instantly extinguished.

He roared and vented his anger…

As a powerful Giant Spiritual GOd, he was actually being besieged by the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords, causing him to be in such a miserable state.

A' Er didn’t remain idle either. Each of his punches and kicks were simple, but each one of them shattered the void and prevented the Royal Lords from escaping.

The wings on Zhang Ruoxi’s back flapped as she flew across the battlefield, a long trail of white light trailing behind her.

She didn’t pay any attention to the battlefield where the Giant Spiritual God was located, instead directly passing through the gap in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

Inside the Great Restriction, many other Royal Lords were observing the situation on the battlefield, including the ones who had escaped.

They thought the Great Restriction was safe…

However, disaster followed.

The gap was instantly filled with chaos as one Royal Lord after another was killed while miserable screams rang out.

Surrounded by the Small Stone Race’s army at the center of the Void Corridor, countless masters watched this shocking scene with awe and wonder. They had never felt so comfortable and carefree before.

“How violent!” Ouyang Lie quietly wiped the sweat from his forehead as he refined the medicinal efficacies of the Spirit Pill.

He also didn’t expect Zhang Ruoxi to actually charge into the Great Restriction, this was simply too shocking. One had to know that this was the home of the Black Ink Clan, and who knew how many Black Ink Clan masters were gathered there.

He had met Zhang Ruoxi several times and knew that this woman was familiar with Yang Kai, but he had never known that this woman was so extraordinary.

What made him even more curious was where this woman’s earth-shattering cultivation came from. This kind of strength had already surpassed that of a Giant Spiritual God!

At the entrance to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, a large number of figures were still standing, and many of the Black Ink Clan’s reinforcements had also emerged to reinforce the battlefield.

However, after Zhang Ruoxi rushed in and began killing them like chopping vegetables, the gap between them had been completely destroyed, and all of the figures had disappeared, along with the Black Ink Clan’s reinforcements.

It was not until an hour later that a figure emerged from the gap. The wings on her back were still as smooth as jade, dazzling everyone who saw it.

“Woman… you should at least show some consideration to the elderly!” Wu Kuang’s voice rang out in Ruoxi’s ears, sounding somewhat helpless.

He controlled the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction and merged his body and mind with it. Every time the Great Restriction was torn, he would suffer a certain degree of backlash.

Most of the previous tearing had been done on his own initiative, so he could still control it a little.

However, Zhang Ruoxi suddenly rushed in…

The Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction's gap had been torn open several times. Although it could allow a Royal Lord-level master to pass through, it was still not enough for Zhang Ruoxi's strengh.

When he saw Zhang Ruoxi rush over just now, Wu Kuang almost cried out in alarm. From his perspective, this was simply an unparalleled force smashing towards him.

Although he had used his fastest speed to expand the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction's gap, he was still overwhelmed by Zhang Ruoxi.

It felt like his entire body was being torn apart.

Only then did he complain.

Zhang Ruoxi smiled and understood Wu Kuang’s meaning, apologizing, “Senior, please forgive this Junior’s recklessness.”

Powerful, good-looking, pleasant to the ear, and gentle in temperament, what else could Wu Kuang say? After a moment of silence, he could only say, “Good job.”

The others couldn’t see what was happening inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, but he was able to sense it.

One hour after Zhang Ruoxi rushed into the Great Restriction, more than thirty Royal Lord auras had been destroyed, and the number of Black Ink Clan masters who had been killed was countless.

If it weren’t for the fact that the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction was not suitable for long battles, Zhang Ruoxi wouldn’t have run out so quickly. She would probably have to kill all of the Black Ink Clan’s members in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction Great Forbidden Zone before showing herself.

“Senior praises me too much, this Junior only do her duty,” She looked up into the sky.

During the one hour she disappeared, the battlefield underwent some changes.

Most obviously, A' Da and A' Er had already free their hands.

The two Giant Spiritual Gods had been besieged by dozens of Royal Lords and were unable to escape, but because of Zhang Ruoxi’s deterrence, nearly half of the Royal Lords had fled back to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

How could the remaining half be a match for two Giant Spiritual Gods and eight Ninth Order Small Stone Race masters?

Soon, they were all killed.

At the same time, the Small Stone Race army that had been guarding the Void Corridor began to move.

Before this, they had always adhered to the principle of guarding the passage and had protected the surrounding void so tightly that they could even provide space for the exhausted Human Race army.

But as time passed, more Small Stone Race soldiers emerged from the tunnel.

Now, there were more than a hundred million of them, but the number of Small Stone Race cultivators that poured out from the tunnel was still endless.

No one knew how many Small Stone Race armies had gathered at the end of the tunnel.

The Small Stone Race’s army was already larger than the Black Ink Clan’s army.

As such, they decisively launched their attacks, sending out Small Stone Race armies like snakes towards the Black Ink Clan’s army, carrying with them an endless slaughter.

The battle erupted again, but the tide of battle had already reversed.

In this short period of time, the Small Stone Race had gathered enough forces to confront the Black Ink Clan.

In the current situation, many of the Black Ink Clan’s masters had fallen. Although they only had a small number of troops, they were actually strong on the outside but weak on the inside. The wisest choice was naturally to retreat strategically in order to follow up.

However, other than returning to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, where could the Black Ink Clan retreat to? The void inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction was their nest, their foundation. They could escape, but the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction could not.

If they wanted to withdraw to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, they had to break through the blockade of the Small Stone Race’s army.

So, with no other choice, the Black Ink Clan army could only brace themselves and engage in a fierce battle with the Small Stone Race in the void. As for the consequences of killing the Small Stone Race, the Black Ink Clan couldn’t care less.

When Zhang Ruoxi appeared, the two armies had already been fighting for a while. The Small Stone Race had suffered losses, but the Black Ink Clan’s losses were even greater.

This couldn’t be helped. Compared to the Black Ink Clan, although the Small Stone Race didn’t have many powerhouse, they had two Giant Spiritual Gods and eight Ninth Order Small Stone Race masters!

In less than an incense stick’s worth of time, the Black Ink Clan’s army had been completely routed, and the two Giant Spiritual Gods had slaughtered their way through the Black Ink Clan’s battle formation, leaving behind a bloody scene.

The eight Ninth Order Small Stone Race was the same, and even the surviving Royal Lords found it difficult to last long against them.

On the other hand, as the Human Race who had started this great battle, under the protection of the Small Stone Race’s army, they were able to rest in peace.

This caused Mi Jinglun and a group of Ninth Order masters to have mixed feelings.


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