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Zhang Ruoxi no longer needed the Human Race to rescue her, but whether it was the Void Corridor that led to the Chaotic Dead Territory or the gap in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, they all needed to be guarded. These were the two key points of the Human Race army’s victory!

Fortunately, these two tunnels weren’t far from each other, so they weren’t scattered.

At the same time Mi Jinglun gave the order, some of the Black Ink Clan’s masters also realized that something was wrong. The Void Corridor that led to an unknown location was constantly pouring out the Small Stone Race’s army, and in just a short time, it had already surpassed ten million.

If they didn’t take down this passage, it wouldn’t be long before the Small Stone Race’s army was equal to the Black Ink Clan’s number. At that time, the Black Ink Clan would have to face more than just the Human Race’s army.

As the Human Race army rushed towards the Void Corridor, many Black Ink Clan masters led their teams towards the Void Corridor.

The pathway leading to the Chaotic Dead Territory instantly became the focus of the war, the focus of countless eyes.

Although the Human Race’s army had acted earlier than the Black Ink Clan’s side, because they were still a bit further away, the Black Ink Clan’s army had already begun attacking the Void Corridor from all directions. However, it was also because of the appearance of the Small Stone Race that the Black Ink Clan’s attention was greatly diverted, making the Human Race’s situation much safer.

An even more intense battle than the one between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan had erupted.

Although the Human Race’s armies were all elites, there were only so many of them. In the previous battles, the Human Race’s armies had always focused on killing and plundering, rarely engaging in a large-scale confrontation with the Black Ink Clan.

The situation of the Small Stone Race was different now. They were guarding the Void Corridor with no way to retreat or escape. When the Black Ink Clan’s army rushed over from all directions, an earth-shattering battle immediately broke out.

The soldiers from both sides were like two torrents colliding, causing countless corpses to rise and fall.

The Small Stone Race’s casualties were endless, but their replenishment was also endless. In terms of numbers, although they were far inferior to the Black Ink Clan’s, in terms of military formation and strength, they were far superior to them.

It was as if there was an invisible hand controlling the entirety of the Small Stone Race, compressing them into a single entity that had no sentience and only acted on instinct.

There weren’t many masters in the Small Stone Race’s army, so the drawbacks quickly became apparent.

Speaking of which, this was an unintentional mistake on Yang Kai’s part. The last time he had gone to the Chaotic Dead Territory, he had taken away a large number of Eighth and Seventh Order Small Stone Race cultivators, causing the current Small Stone Race army to not have enough masters to guard it.

The small number of Eighth Order Small Stone Race cultivators was not a match for the Black Ink Clan’s Pseudo-Royal Lords, so even though the Small Stone Race had been constantly replenishing their forces, after a short confrontation, the Black Ink Clan’s army had found an opportunity to tear open a few gaps.

Fortunately, the Human Race’s army had arrived at the right time. Under Mi Jinglun’s command, the Human Race’s army immediately split up into several groups and began filling up the gaps. With the help of the Ninth Order Open Heaven masters, the situation was finally stabilized.

The situation was still not optimistic.

The Black Ink Clan army’s attacks became fiercer. If the Small Stone Race army couldn’t gather enough forces, there was still a risk of breaking through their defensive line.

Inside the Void Corridor, the Small Stone Race was increasing their forces at their fastest speed, but they could only barely keep up with the rate at which they were falling.

As the defensive line shrank, the space between the Small Stone Race and the Human Race army was constantly suppressed.

The Black Ink Clan seemed to have seen hope and their attacks became fiercer.

Originally, Zhang Ruoxi’s sudden appearance and ruthless slaughter was enough to intimidate the restless Royal Lords, after a long time, none of them dared to step out of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, afraid they would be killed.

However, at this moment, a Royal Lord-level master saw what was happening inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction and rushed out recklessly to restrain the Human Race’s Ninth Order, putting pressure on the allied forces.

The defensive line was on the verge of collapse.

Once this defensive line collapsed, not only would the Small Stone Race be unable to defend the Void Corridor, but even the Human Race army that had come to help would be surrounded by the Black Ink Clan. At that time, besides the Ninth Order masters who had the ability to escape, no one else would be able to escape the Black Ink Clan’s encirclement.

A' Da's eyes were red as he fought with a group of Royal Lords. He had always been a fool, and when he had been attacked by the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords, he had been covered in wounds. Now, all he wanted to do was kill all the enemies who had harmed him, not caring about anything else.

A' Er, who had a higher level of intelligence, noticed the situation of the Human Race’s army and wanted to help, but he was helpless. Like A' Da, he was surrounded by the Royal Lords, and if he didn’t get rid of them, he wouldn’t be able to help.

The only ones he could count on, Zhang Ruoxi and her eight personal guards, were still chasing after the fleeing Royal Lords.

Of the several dozen Royal Lords, only a dozen had survived. Those who had been lucky enough to survive were all nimble and agile, but under her pursuit, they would die sooner or later.

She didn’t seem to have any intention of coming to their aid.

Just as the allied forces’ battlefield reached its limit and the defensive line was about to collapse, Zhang Ruoxi, who was chasing after the Royal Lord, suddenly stopped and clenched her fist towards the Void Corridor.

This fist caused the world to tremble and the void to tremble.

Scattered all over the battlefield, amongst the broken stones that filled the Black Ink Clan army, yellow and blue lights suddenly flowed out!

These broken stones were the remnants of the Small Stone Race after they had died in battle. They were not made of flesh and blood, so even if they had been killed, not a single drop of blood would have leaked out.

The gravel still contained a power.

This was the power of Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer.

When the light lit up, all of the Black Ink Clan members who were enveloped by the light revealed looks of horror. Although they didn’t know what the flowing yellow and blue colors represented, they had all witnessed the power of Zhang Ruoxi’s Light of Purification.

As such, the Black Ink Clan’s side instinctively feared this strange light.

Most of the Black Ink Clan masters were still shocked by the changes in their surroundings, and a few of them wanted to retreat, but how could they be in time?

The Human Race and Small Stone Race’s line of defense had been continuously suppressed, and the Black Ink Clan’s army had surrounded them from all sides, slowly closing in on them. Wherever they went, it was unknown how many Small Stone Race they had killed, or how many pieces of them they had left behind.

It could be said that the Black Ink Clan’s vanguard army was currently waging war in the Small Stone Race’s fragments.

The yellow and blue colors quickly blended together and transformed into a dazzling and pure white light. At first, the white light was scattered, but in the blink of an eye, the white light began to fuse together.

The white light was like an ocean, covering the entire battlefield!

From the white light, countless screams and wails of the Black Ink Clan rang out. Regardless of the strength of each Black Ink Clan member’s cultivation, their bodies would emit a sizzling sound, as if they had fallen into a pot of oil. Accompanied by this strange phenomenon, the Ink Force in their bodies was purified.

The Black Ink Clan in the center of the white light was the most affected, and those with insufficient cultivation quickly fell. Even if they didn’t die, their vitality would be greatly damaged.

Taking advantage of theit weakness to take their life, the Human Race and Small Stone Race's counterattack arrived!

The Small Stone Race had Zhang Ruoxi controlling them, so they naturally wouldn’t miss such a good opportunity. As for the Human Race’s army, when they saw the flowing yellow and blue lights, they immediately realized what was happening.

After all, they had witnessed such a scene before under Yang Kai's hands.

Therefore, before Mi Jinglun could give the order, the various Human Race armies had already begun their counterattack with the Small Stone Race.

Pure Yang Pass, Mi Jinglun sighed in his heart. No wonder Zhang Ruoxi said she was taught by Yang Kai. The way she fought her enemies was the same.

The unexpected turn of events had caused the Black Ink Clan’s army to suffer a heavy loss, and the vanguard army was almost instantly destroyed. Even the Royal Lords who had jumped into the battlefield from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction had fallen.

The defensive line, which had been suppressed to the limit, began to expand in all directions, and as the vanguard army collapsed, the Black Ink Clan army behind them also hurriedly retreated.

When the dazzling light faded, an intense battle had already ended.

The alliance army’s defensive line returned to its previous state, no longer pursuing the fleeing Black Ink Clan. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to, but that they couldn’t.

The most important thing now was to guard this Void Corridor that led to the Chaotic Dead Territory.

Looking at the Small Stone Race army gathered in the distance, the Black Ink Clan’s side was filled with grief and indignation.

Compared to the Human Race, the Black Ink Clan had too many advantages. Their rate of growth was faster and they were born from the Ink Nest, so their numbers were more than enough to suppress the Human Race. Moreover, the Ink Force was extremely harmful to the Human Race, so if the Human Race wanted to fight with the Black Ink Clan, they had to make various preparations beforehand, such as swallowing Expelling Black Ink Pills to prevent the Ink Force from eroding them.

This was the superiority of their race, the injustice of the masters of Creation. No one could change this situation.

However, compared to the Small Stone Race, the various advantages of the Black Ink Clan were naturally destroyed.

The Small Stone Race’s reproduction speed may not be as fast as the Black Ink Clan’s, but it was far superior to the Human Race’s. Moreover, they didn’t fear the corrosion of the Ink Force and were even particularly sensitive to it. If there was no one controlling it, it would rush wherever the Ink Force was thick.

What disgusted the Black Ink Clan the most was that when these Small Stone Race members were alive, they treated them like enemies. After they died, the power in their bodies could still be stimulated, and the purifying light they formed had an indescribable and terrifying effect on the Ink Force.

After suffering such a loss just now, the surviving Black Ink Clan army no longer dared to act rashly.

So what if they killed the Small Stone Race? There was no way to deal with the Small Stone Race’s corpses, the broken pieces were still a great weapon to deal with the Black Ink Clan!

The Black Ink Clan army watched from afar, hesitating.

On the other hand, the Small Stone Race’s side had some strange movement, in the location where every Human Race army is located, the Small Stone Race army has opened a passage leading to the rear.

At first, the Human Race didn’t understand what the Small Stone Race meant, but soon, the Human Race masters reacted.

The Small Stone Race’s army opened up a passage to the inside, allowing the Human Race’s army to enter and guard the passage. At the same time, the Human Race’s army would be able to reorganize themselves inside the layers of encirclement.


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