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Mi Jinglun was somewhat confused by what he was seeing.

“So it’s her!” Fu Guang’s expression changed slightly. Like Mi Jinglun, he also remembered this woman.

This woman was originally a member of the Withdrawing Black Ink Army, but after Yang Kai sent them to this place, for some unknown reason, he took her away.

Although he was the Regiment Commander of the Withdrawing Black Ink Army, if Yang Kai wanted to take someone away, he naturally wouldn’t interfere, not even asking why Yang Kai wanted to take her away.

After that, she disappeared without a trace.

Until today, she showed up powerful!

In just two thousand years, she had grown from the peak of the Seventh Order to the point where even a Giant Spiritual God was not her opponent. There must have been some kind of unspeakable incident.

Perhaps this was Yang Kai’s arrangement…

On top of that, Fu Guang also felt some other auras from this woman, some auras that didn’t belong to the Human Race. These auras were extremely powerful, causing even a Divine Dragon like him to feel fear.

“Ruoxi…” On the other side of the Withdrawing Black Ink Platform, Gu Pan stared at the familiar face and figure, her mind in a mess.

She couldn’t help recalling the scene when her Junior Sister first entered Langya Paradise. At that time, Ruoxi was young and ignorant, but because of Yang Kai, she had taken care of her many times, but one day, this Junior Sister had grown to a level she could only look up to.

Ruoxi’s body had all kinds of abnormalities, Gu Pan knew this. For example, Ruoxi had advanced to the Fifth Order Open Heaven directly, but after reaching the peak of the Seventh Order, there was still room for her to break through. Because of this, Ruoxi was taken away by Senior Brother Yang.

Perhaps Senior Brother Yang had discovered something that day…

After exiting the Chaotic Dead Territory, Zhang Ruoxi, who had been rushing all the way here, glanced around but didn’t see the figure she wanted to see, a trace of disappointment flashing across her eyes.

She wasn’t worried about her Sir’s life or death. With her Sir’s great talent, even if it was a dangerous situation, he still had a way to deal with it. Since she hadn’t seen him yet, he must be fighting with the Black Ink Clan in some unknown place.

She couldn’t help recalling the last time Yang Kai entered the Chaotic Dead Territory.

At that time, she actually still had some consciousness left, but because she wanted to integrate the power of Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer into her body, she didn’t have time to speak to her Sir.

Yang Kai’s arrival had made her realize the urgency of the situation, so after Yang Kai left, she took a huge risk and sped up the fusion process. Fortunately, everything went smoothly.

After coming out of her retreat, she immediately rushed to the Star Boundary, but before she even reached it, she learned about the Human Race’s expedition from a Void Guard soldier who had been stationed in the Universe Temple.

She changed directions and used the Space Array set up by the Void Guard to teleport to the periphery of the Land Without Spirituality before entering the battlefield.

If not for this, even with her current ability, it would take her at least a year to get here from the Chaotic Dead Territory…

“I’m not too late!” Zhang Ruoxi muttered to herself as her beautiful eyes swept over the battlefield, clearly seeing the difficult situation the Human Race army was in.

She held a sword in her hand, and the sword light she had used to kill the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords was actually this sword.

In the quiet center of the battlefield, under the countless pairs of eyes, Zhang Ruoxi’s hands slowly closed around the hilt of her sword, the tip of her sword pointing down towards the void beneath her feet.

Muttering sounds came from her mouth, not loud, but loud enough for everyone on the battlefield to hear.

“In my name, dispel the darkness!”

The wings on her back suddenly spread open and the aura of the woman with her head lowered became even more inviolable.

As soon as the tip of the sword touched, a burst of light burst out and spread out at an incredible speed.

Brilliant, pure light spread out in all directions.

It was the Light of Purification!

Since Yang Kai had brought the Light of Purification out of the Chaotic Dead Territory, the Human Race had used the Light of Purification to restore many of their deficiencies over the past thousands of years. They had even used the Light of Purification to refine the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance.

However, no one had ever seen such a massive eruption of the Light of Purification!

Even the Light of Purification which Yang Kai had once sacrificed millions of Small Stone Race soldiers to transform was like a firefly in front of this light.

The nearly one hundred Royal Lords gathered in the surrounding area were the first to suffer. When the light spread out, they were the first to be enveloped.

Pure light brought endless warmth and light to the Human Race, but to the Black Ink Clan, this was no less than the most potent poison.

The Royal Lords all cried out in pain as they retreated, but the light was everywhere, enveloping them.

Intense Ink Force constantly surged from the Royal Lords’ bodies to resist the corrosion of the Light of Purification.

The light continued to spread out in all directions, and on the battlefield, countless Black Ink Clan masters were howling in pain. The auras of Innate Territory Lords, ordinary Territory Lords, and even Feudal Lords were rapidly weakening.

On the battlefield, the thick black clouds accumulated from several months of battle were rapidly melting under the Light of Purification.

This dazzling light enveloped the entire battlefield.

At every moment, a large number of Black Ink Clan soldiers were cleansed of the power in their bodies and many of them fell.

The light finally faded and the situation on the battlefield had undergone a shocking change.

The Black Ink Clan’s millions of strong army had lost more than thirty percent of their forces under this eruption of the Light of Purification, causing a large number of flaws to appear in their originally tight formation.

This was not all, but the key point was that the black clouds and Ink Force which had been accumulating for several months had been completely dispersed.

Originally, these black clouds and Ink Force had filled the battlefield, greatly limiting the performance of the Human Race’s army. The harsh environment of the battlefield had greatly impeded the movement of the Human Race’s army, but at this moment, all of the black clouds in the battlefield that had been hindering the Human Race and giving the Black Ink Clan advantage was swept away, no longer exists!

In terms of terrain advantage, both sides had returned to their starting point.

All of this was accomplished by Zhang Ruoxi’s Secret Technique.

How incredible!

Although the Royal Lords who had been forced back by the Light of Purification had suffered great losses, after witnessing Zhang Ruoxi’s terrifying strength, their killing intent had been aroused.

They didn’t know where this woman had come from, they only knew that she possessed a power that could suppress the Black Ink Clan!

If this woman was not eliminated, the Black Ink Clan would certainly suffer a great disaster.

Additionally, after activating the purifying light, the light on Zhang Ruoxi’s wings had become much dimmer, and an abnormal red tinge appeared on her pretty face.

Obviously, activating such a large-scale Light of Purification required her to pay a price.

Right now, she was at her weakest. If they didn’t kill her now, when would they?

So even though they were extremely wary of Zhang Ruoxi, the Royal Lords still flocked over. They had originally been trying to restrain the Giant Spiritual God, A' Da, and A' Er, but now they had completely changed their targets.

Compared to the Giant Spiritual God, Zhang Ruoxi was their true nemesis!

Numerous figures rushed towards Zhang Ruoxi from all directions. A’ Da and A’ Er roared angrily. Although they relied on their powerful strength to entangle a group of Royal Lords, they were unable to stop all of them. Even the group of Royal Lords they had stopped were deliberately entangled with them.

The remaining Royal Lords only had eyes for Zhang Ruoxi, each of them revealing their murderous intent.

Many Ninth Order masters in the Human Race army were anxious.

Zhang Ruoxi had changed the course of the battle by herself as soon as she appeared, controlling the Light of Purification at will. This kind of assistance was what the Human Race lacked the most right now.

If she was killed like this, the human race’s last hope would be gone.

Although Zhang Ruoxi had displayed a strength that surpassed even that of a Giant Spiritual God, using such a purifying light had clearly consumed a great deal of her strength. At this moment, she was in a weakened state, and with dozens of Royal Lords rushing forward, no one knew if she had the strength to protect herself.

As soon as the Royal Lords took action, Mi Jinglun’s roar rang out from the army, “Soldiers, follow me!”

The huge Pure Yang Pass was the first to rush out, flying straight towards Zhang Ruoxi while the other large armies followed closely behind.

Mi Jinglun had always presented himself as a gentle and refined man. He was a resourceful and decisive man. Even when the situation was at its most critical, no one had ever seen him lose his composure like this.

In particular, Pure Yang Pass was currently the Human Race’s Central Army, the command center of the Human Race’s army. Logically speaking, it should be protected by the Human Race’s army layer by layer, but at this moment, Mi Jinglun couldn’t care less about whether it was a Central Army or not.

This could even be said to be a great gamble. Pure Yang Pass’ actions had already disrupted the Human Race army’s tight formation. If they couldn’t save Zhang Ruoxi, then under the siege of the Black Ink Clan army, Pure Yang Pass would be the first to be destroyed.

However, time waited for no one, so Mi Jinglun no longer had the time to carefully arrange anything. In a moment of desperation, he rushed out of Pure Yang Pass, hoping to reach Zhang Ruoxi as soon as possible.

Pure Yang Pass and the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords acted at the same time, and Zhang Ruoxi clearly understood this. She couldn’t help smiling and softly saying, “Chief Mi, don’t panic. Since I’ve appeared here, I naturally have the ability to protect myself. Chief Mi, don’t forget that I was taught by my Sir.”

As she spoke, the Royal Lords had already rushed forward. In order to kill Zhang Ruoxi as soon as possible, the Royal Lords who had been injured by the Light of Purification didn’t hold back at all, each of them attacking with their strongest attacks.

In the blink of an eye, a terrifying wave of energy surged and converged towards Zhang Ruoxi.

Unlike the battle with the Giant Spiritual God just now, the battles between the Royal Lords and the Giant Spiritual God were mainly about restraining them, because the Royal Lords knew that if they wanted to kill the Giant Spiritual God, the price they would have to pay would be too great and a large number of Royal Lords might die.

They also cherished their hard-earned lives, none of them willing to die so easily.

What’s more, as long as their Supreme Master woke up, what could a mere Giant Spiritual God do?

Because of this consideration, although the struggle between the Royal Lords and the two Giant Spiritual Gods was fierce, it was not to the extent of life and death.

But facing Zhang Ruoxi, it was different. The Light of Purification was something even the Royal Lords feared. If they didn’t kill this woman, they would die!

Therefore, none of the Royal Lords dared to hold back, attacking with all their might!


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