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The Giant Spiritual Gods’ majestic body were covered in wounds as they roared, repelling one Black Ink Clan Royal Lord after another. This scene was like two mighty lions being besieged by a pack of hyenas. Even with their powerful physiques and overwhelming strength, the huge disparity in numbers allowed the weaklings to act wildly.

At this moment, there were nearly a hundred Royal Lords gathered around A' Da and A' Er!

The Giant Spiritual God was indeed powerful, but there was still a limit to its strength. With nearly a hundred Royal Lords working together, even if A' Da and A' Er joined forces, they would still be unable to defeat it.

After restricting the Giant Spiritual God’s attention, the Black Ink Clan’s side could finally emerge from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction without any scruples, constantly releasing powerful auras to join the battlefield.

The various advantages that the Human Race army had painstakingly built up over the past few days had been melted by the enemy’s constant reinforcements.

The war had reached its most desperate point.

Yang Kai still hadn’t appeared.

The Human Race’s great army had suffered great losses. Whether it was the cultivators themselves or the battleships they could rely on, it was difficult for them to continue.

The various defences of the Pure Yang Pass had also been destroyed. At this moment, the Pure Yang Pass only had a few simple defensive Spirit Arrays protecting it. If it were to withstand a few more fierce attacks, even the last barrier would be broken.

Standing atop the city wall, Mi Jinglun sighed.

At this point, the battle had already reached the limits of the Human Race. If this continued, the last of the Human Race’s strength would be lost here.

Had they failed?

Was the Human Race not doing enough?

This was not the case. Since the Black Ink Clan invaded the 3000 Worlds, after thousands of years, not only had the Human Race reclaimed their homeland, but they had also organized a powerful force to carry out a second expedition. Wherever they went, they would destroy everything in their path until they reached the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction!

The Human Race had already done enough.

For the development of a race, a few thousand years was a very short period of time. For the Human Race to be able to develop from a place where they had almost no foothold to their current state was something to be proud of.

However, the enemy was simply too powerful.

In the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, the Black Ink Clan’s reinforcements were endless. No matter how many Royal Lords were killed, more would come out.

Even with the help of two Giant Spiritual Gods, it was difficult to stop this.

“Wu Kuang!” Mi Jinglun called out with his Divine Sense, “How much longer does Junior Brother Yang need?”

“He's coming soon,” Wu Kuang replied, “But we can’t count on him to win this war. Once the matter on his side ends, Black Ink will completely awaken, and his opponent will be Black Ink! If Black Ink awakens, the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction will be completely broken, and the hidden Black Ink Clan will swarm out. At that time, the scale of the Black Ink Clan’s army you will see will be far greater than the ones in front of you.”

“Then is he Black Ink’s opponent?” Mi Jinglun asked again.

Wu Kuang decisively replied, “Of course not, with his current strength, if he were to face Black Ink, he would definitely die a miserable death.”

Mi Jinglun fell silent for a moment before continuing, “So, the Human Race is currently facing a desperate situation.”

Wu Kuang replied, “You can say that.”

“Then there’s no other way…”

“What do you want to do?”

Mi Jinglun’s expression became bitter, “It’s nothing. Junior Brother Yang told me about his encounter at the Universe Furnace and also mentioned some things about the end of the world. Before the great battle began, he anticipated today’s situation, so he gave the Human Race a way out.”

Wu Kuang was surprised, “The end of the world?”

“It’s a long story,” Mi Jinglun didn’t have the time to explain in detail, “Junior Brother Yang told me that if the Human Race really can’t defeat the Black Ink Clan, there’s no need to force it. As long as we can preserve our strength, he will lead the remaining Human Race to another world to find a suitable place to live.”

Wu Kuang asked, “Is there such a place?”

Mi Jinglun replied, “I don’t know, but since Junior Brother Yang says there is, there must be.”

“If there really is one, it’s not bad… I’ll try my best to buy you some time. If you want to retreat, then hurry up and leave. If you don’t, something may happen.”

“Many thanks,” Mi Jinglun thanked him, knowing that Wu Kuang’s actions would put him in danger. After all, in every battle, the one responsible for bringing up the rear was always the most dangerous.

Since he had made his decision, Mi Jinglun no longer hesitated. In this current situation, with every additional delay, the casualties of the soldiers would increase.

However, being forced to leave their homeland and head to a new world where no one knew where… was truly humiliating.

However, reality did not give the Human Race much choice…

Just as he was about to give the order, Mi Jinglun suddenly felt something and turned his head towards a certain direction.

When he first looked over, he didn’t see anything, but in the next moment, a bright light flashed from that direction, and in the next instant, the distance between them became much closer and the light became clearer.

So fast! Mi Jinglun’s eyes flashed with surprise.

Now that he was also a Ninth Order Open Heaven, even if he used his full strength, it would still be difficult for him to match the speed of this light.

This speed was not inferior to Yang Kai’s Space Ability movement.

Who was it?

The source of this light was the Land Without Spirituality, and the Human Race army had also come from that direction. In other words, it was highly likely that this person was a Human Race master.

But how could the Human Race still have such powerful masters? When the great army set out, all the cultivators who could participate in the war had been summoned, leaving behind only the old, weak, women, children, or those with insufficient cultivation. How could there still be such powerful masters hidden?

While Mi Jinglun was still in shock, the other Ninth Order and Royal Lords on the battlefield also felt this strange aura.

The moment they noticed this, no one paid any attention to them. In a life or death struggle, no one dared to be distracted, but in just a few breaths of time, all the masters were shocked.

It was because this unfamiliar aura was approaching the battlefield at an unimaginable speed, and as it approached, a pressure so powerful that even the Ninth Order and Royal Lords would tremble!

In an instant, the streak of light had entered the battlefield.

It had only been ten breaths since Mi Jinglun had sensed it.

He kept staring in that direction. With his current Ninth Order strength, he couldn’t even see the appearance of this person clearly. He could only vaguely see a pair of wings behind this person’s back. The dazzling light was flowing out from these wings and as she flew forward, a long ribbon of light appeared in the void.

Crushing everything in its path!

When this light burst into the battlefield, the army of the Black Ink Clan was like a snowflake under the sun, melting away in large swathes.

Wherever the light passed, the flames of vitality would be extinguished.

Even the powerful Royal Lords were no match for this newcomer. One of the Royal Lords wanted to intercept this person, but before he could, he suddenly froze in place.

After the light faded away, the Royal Lord’s neck suddenly bled and his head flew off.

The light directly pierced through the Black Ink Clan’s army, creating a massive vacuum, instantly arriving at the Great Restriction.

This was the battlefield between the two Giant Spiritual Gods and the various Royal Lords. Ordinary Black Ink Clan masters wouldn’t dare approach this place, and the Human Race army wouldn’t be able to come here to fight alongside the Giant Spiritual God.

It could be said that A' Da and A' Er had always been isolated.

Until now, a powerful existence had arrived.

Without saying a word, tens of thousands of Sword Qi burst forth from the light and pierced through the void.

Ink blood flew everywhere as screams rang out as the aura of a Royal Lord was destroyed.

With this help, A’ Da and A’ Er immediately turned from defending to attacking, each of them roaring as they vented their endless anger.

After a while, the intense battle suddenly died down and time seemed to freeze.

Nearly a hundred Royal Lords gathered in groups of two or three, surrounding the two Giant Spiritual Gods and the powerful cultivator who had suddenly appeared. Although there were many of them, all of them wore solemn expressions.

In that brief confrontation just now, several Royal Lords had actually been killed, all of them killed by this uninvited guest.

What made the Royal Lords even more shocked and angry was that even now, they hadn’t been able to clearly see who it was, only knowing that this person’s strength was inconceivable.

Not only did the Royal Lords not see the appearance of this person, but even the Ninth Order Human Race masters did not. The main reason was that this person’s speed was too fast, and the time it took for such a change to occur was extremely short.

On this side, Mi Jinglun was already preparing to withdraw his forces and leave the battlefield with the remnants of the Human Race’s forces, waiting for Yang Kai to lead them to the new world. However, before he could even give the order, the Human Race had already gained a powerful helper.

Only the Holy Spirits had a vague feeling, especially Fu Guang. As the strongest of the Holy Spirits and the Dragon Clan’s Divine Dragon, he more or less understood some secrets that the other Holy Spirits doesn't know.

Feeling the aura of this newcomer, he began to ponder.

The noisy battlefield had also calmed down, and the entire void had become strangely quiet.

The dazzling light gradually faded, and under the countless pairs of eyes, the face hidden by the light slowly appeared!

A beautiful face with a pair of pure white wings spread out behind her, the wings exuding a warm aura that seemed capable of dispersing all darkness in the world.

Under the light of her wings, the newcomer’s aura was awe-inspiring and inviolable. Even Ninth Order masters couldn’t help staggered when glancing at her.

“It’s her?” Mi Jinglun’s face showed a trace of surprise. He had thought that this person was a hidden master of the Human Race, but he hadn’t expected it to be this person.

He remembered this woman. After all, he had personally taken care of the Withdrawing Black Ink Army’s selection back then. It could be said that he had personally selected all the thousands of Withdrawing Black Ink Army soldiers from the various great armies.

The reason he remembered this woman was mainly because she had some kind of relationship with Yang Kai, and she had come from the Star Boundary and later joined the Lang Ya Paradise. If it weren’t for this relationship, how could he have chosen this woman to join the Withdrawing Black Ink Army? With her potential, she was actually not qualified to join the Withdrawing Black Ink Army.

However, what puzzled him was that in just two thousand years, how had this woman become so powerful?

He clearly remembered that when this woman had broken through to the Open Heaven, she is only a Fifth Order, her limit in this life is only at the Seventh Order.

But now, her power was far beyond that of a Seventh Order, and even a Ninth Order like him didn’t dare to look directly at her.

Just from the scene of her killing the Royal Lord just now, it seemed like she was even stronger than the Giant Spiritual God!


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