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For one full month, a bloody battle broke out in the void.

The Human Race army’s current continued to flow through the battlefield, reaping the lives of the Black Ink Clan. At first, the Human Race army’s advance was unimpeded, but as more Royal Lords emerged from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, the pressure on the Human Race grew.

Although A’ Da and A’ Er were still blocking the entrance to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, they were unable to stop all of the Black Ink Clan’s forces. When they were besieged by dozens of Royal Lords, their defenses would always slip, and whenever this happened, a large number of Black Ink Clan would swarm out from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

Many of the Black Ink Clan masters who were unable to avoid the battle were swept up in this battle, leaving behind nothing but bones, but most of them managed to escape safely and reinforce the battlefield.

The entire void was filled with rich Ink Force and flesh. Such an environment might not be a big deal to the Black Ink Clan, but to the Human Race, the environment was too harsh.

Because the soldiers were constantly consuming Expelling Black Ink Pills, the medicinal efficacy of the Expelling Black Ink Pills continued to decrease. Under normal circumstances, the effects of one Expelling Black Ink Pill could last for several days, but after a month of high-intensity battles, if the soldiers were to take Expelling Black Ink Pills again, the effects of the Expelling Black Ink Pills would not last more than three hours.

Although the number of Expelling Black Ink Pills refined by the Human Race was not small, there was still a limit.

The same was true for the Light of Purification.

Once the Expelling Black Ink Pills and Light of Purification were used up, it would be difficult for the Human Race to maintain their advantage in this war.

After a month of fighting, the Human Race’s army could no longer maintain the intensity of the battle. Right now, only half of the Human Race’s forces were able to fight while the other half were taking advantage of the time to rest and recover.

Mi Jinglun could only use this method to maintain the human race army’s ability to continue fighting.

But in the end, this was not a long-term solution. As the number of Black Ink Clan Royal Lords increased, the pressure on the Human Race’s side increased, and their losses also increased at an astonishing rate.

The only gratifying thing was that eight of the ten rising stars from the Withdrawing Black Ink Army had broken through to the Ninth Order.

Counting the previous Ninth Order masters of the Human Race, the total number of Ninth Order masters now exceeded forty!

This was probably the final number of Ninth Order Human Race cultivators. Before this great battle ended, no one would be able to safely advance.

Among the eight newly promoted Ninth Order, Yang Kai’s three personal disciples were the most eye-catching.

The three of them had jointly used Yang Kai’s Secret Technique, the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel, and in each battle, they had killed more than ten Royal Lords!

It had to be known that the three of them were all Ninth Order, so when they joined forces, the power of their Sun and Moon Divine Wheel was even stronger than the one Yang Kai had displayed before. Moreover, Yang Kai’s Sun and Moon Divine Wheel only contained the power of Space and Time, but what the three of them had used was mixed with Zhao Ya’s Spear Dao, making it an unstoppable killing force.

Therefore, even though they had just broken through, this Secret Technique was not something the Black Ink Clan Royal Lords could resist.

Unfortunately, this Secret Technique consumed too much energy for the three of them and could only be used once a day. Every time it was used, a Royal Lord would die.

The three of them were also remembered by the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords. Every time they moved out, many of the Royal Lords would engage in a fierce battle.

As the battle continued, the losses suffered by the Black Ink Clan and the Human Race were shocking.

This seemed to be a war that would never end.

Even though Mi Jinglun had achieved far greater results than any other battle he had fought in the past, he couldn’t bring himself to be happy, because even now, he had yet to see any hope of victory.

The two Giant Spiritual God were still guarding the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction's gap. Although they had managed to restrain dozens of Royal Lords and even kill them occasionally, they were already covered in wounds. No one knew how long they could hold on. Once they couldn’t hold on any longer and the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction's gap was completely opened, the Black Ink Clan masters that poured out from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction would inevitably become a disaster for the Human Race.

Each of the Ninth Order masters had expended a great deal of energy, and more than forty Ninth Order masters had all used their full strength. None of them were in perfect condition, and one of the Ninth Order had even been seriously injured by a Black Ink Clan master and had almost died.

The battle formation of the Eighth Order masters could no longer be maintained. Although forming a battle formation would allow the Eighth Order masters to display greater strength, the battle formation itself was also a kind of burden, especially for those who were acting as the eye formation, the pressure they had to bear was greater than the other Eighth Order masters.

It wasn’t a problem for them to set up a battle formation in a short period of time, but if it took too long, the Eighth Order masters wouldn’t be able to withstand it.

When the war began, the Eighth Order Masters were still able to form the Seven and Six Directions Array, but now it was almost impossible to see the Six Directions Array. The strongest was only the Five Directions Array, and most of the Eighth Order masters were only able to maintain the lowest level of the Third Directions Array while fighting against the enemy.

It wasn’t that they didn’t want to form an even more powerful battle formation, but rather that they were powerless to do so.

Below the Eighth Order, there were many casualties and damaged battleships.

The Expelling Black Ink Pill and the Light of Purification were constantly being consumed, and the accumulation of the past had reached its end.

Even the Small Stone Race that Yang Kai had given to the Human Race army had suffered heavy casualties.

The geographical advantage of the battlefield was even more of a hindrance to the Human Race’s army. The constantly condensing and expanding Black Ink Clouds and the Ink Force that filled the air seemed to want to turn this battlefield into a pool of ink.

In such a favorable environment, the Black Ink Clan was like a fish in water, but the Human Race was completely suppressed.

The Holy Spirits roared, but even the powerful ones found it difficult to change the course of this war.

Now that the war had reached this point, not only had the Human Race lost all hope, they had even been gradually invaded by despair.

However, no one backed down, because everyone knew that this was a battle they could not afford to lose. If they lost this battle, there would probably be no one left in this world.

Everyone held on, waiting for a slim chance to appear.

That sliver of hope was now in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, someone who could create all kinds of miracles, someone who had led the Human Race for thousands of years.

It could be said that for the Human Race to have such a strong foundation and the ability to carry out a second expedition, this person’s contributions were undeniable.

That person had yet to appear.

The Human Race still had hope!

The 700th World was a scene of doomsday.

Black Ink’s power had already spread throughout the Universe World, so Yang Kai followed his senses and found Mu, who was hiding everywhere. As Mu poured all of her remaining power into his body, the shadow clone also disappeared.

In the 800th world, Yang Kai was unable to sense Mu’s existence, so he did not hesitate to use the power Mu had left in his body to escape.

In the 900th world, the world was peaceful and everyone lived in peace. Yang Kai and Mu successfully met up and used the Profound Gate to seal Black Ink’s Source before quickly leaving.

The thousandth world…



The cycle of reincarnation continued. This seemed to be a journey with no end in sight. On this journey, Yang Kai was the only one who was alone. On this divided journey, sometimes everything went smoothly. What Yang Kai needed to do was simply follow that trace of connection to find Mu, and then use the Profound Gate to seal Black Ink's Source.

However, there were still many times when the situation was not as good as he had expected. In some Universe World, the Ink Force has completely spread, and even Black Ink’s Source had escaped. Among these Universe World, Mu could do little. She had been hiding all this time, waiting for Yang Kai’s arrival and pouring her Shadow clone’ power into his body.

What was worse was that some of Mu's Shadow clone had already been killed in some Universe Worlds. Although she was one of the strongest Martial Ancestors, her shadows were only in a certain state from a certain period of time. During this period, Mu’s strength was limited.

Just like the 800th Universe World, the Ink Force is completely spread out, and Mu’s shadow was nowhere to be seen. With such a Universe World, Yang Kai didn’t even need to stop.

There were also some Universe World where forces controlled by Black Ink and Mu are fighting each other, similar to the situation in the Primordial World.

If he had enough time, Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t mind lending Mu a hand, cutting off Black Ink’s wings and sealing Black Ink’s Source.

However, from the information he received from Wu Kuang’s soul clone from the Jade Pendant on his chest, Yang Kai knew that the situation inside and outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction was extremely bad. He simply didn’t have time to waste, so when he encountered such a Universe World, he could only give up.

Mu's Shadows in these Universe Worlds also had no objections to his decisions, each time they poured their power into his body.

As one Universe World after another was sealed, Yang Kai could no longer remember how much Black Ink’s Source he had sealed. All he knew was that the further this journey went, the higher the chances of an accident occurring. Often, after passing through several Universe World, it would be difficult to seal even a trace of Black Ink’s Source.

He knew that his journey was about to come to an end. Once he sealed up enough Source, Black Ink would completely awaken. At that time, he would have to face the strongest existence in this world!

He didn’t dare to stop, not only because he wanted to seal up more Black Ink's Source, but also because he wanted to take away Mu's Shadows in these Universe Worlds!

This ancestor had done enough for the Human Race. Even when she died, her life was divided into three thousand parts and she would continue to protect the Human Race.

For so many years, the shadows had been incredibly lonely. To these shadows, taking them away was a kind of release.

The power the Shadows had poured into Yang Kai’s body at the last moment didn’t seem to be anything special, not even able to help Yang Kai increase his strength, but this insignificant power was proof of Mu’s existence and effort.

The ancestors were benevolent and the juniors should be grateful.

There was not much he could do for Mu, so he could only try his best to free her from the loneliness of countless years and end their endless wait.

It wasn’t that he didn’t know about the urgency of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, the information Wu Kuang had leaked clearly stated that the Human Race’s current situation wasn’t very good. After such a long period of high-intensity battle, the Human Race’s army had become somewhat difficult to sustain.

If there was no outside interference, the Human Race would undoubtedly lose this battle.

However, even if he knew, Yang Kai wasn’t in a hurry to jump out of the Space-Time River, because what the Human Race needed to face wasn’t just the current Black Ink Clan army, but also Black Ink’s true body.

This was a master that should be at the Creation Realm, no one knew how powerful it was.

Yang Kai could only try his best to seal its Source, weaken its strength, and improve the Human Race’s chances of victory.


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