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More and more Royal Lords emerged from the gap in the Great Restriction, and as they gathered together, the space around them distorted.

Every Royal Lord turned their eyes towards the Human Race’s army, their faces filled with cruelty and bloodlust.

As the Pure Yang Pass closed in, Mi Jinglun stared at this scene coldly before raising his hand and tossing out an object, shouting, “Go!”

It was a round bead.

With the support of the power of a Ninth Order master, the small bead quickly broke through the blockade of the Black Ink Clan army and arrived in front of the Royal Lords.

Many of the Royal Lords’ eyes were drawn to this round bead, and after examining it, although this thing was somewhat strange, it wasn’t worth paying attention to.

One of the Royal Lords punched out and shattered the bead.

This sudden change caught all of the Royal Lords off guard. When the round bead shattered, a large number of floating continents appeared out of thin air, as if they were fragments of the round bead.

Intense Space Principle fluctuated wildly as two massive figures covered the sky, blocking the vision of the Royal Lords.

Every Royal Lords’ expression became stunned.

A' Da and A' Er, who were already prepared, didn’t give them any time to react and immediately began killing.

As the terrifying palm slammed down, one Royal Lord after another was swept up by the palm force, causing them to bleed profusely, accompanied by the sound of bones breaking.

The Royal Lords all cried out in alarm. None of them had expected that two Giant Spiritual Gods would intrude into the battlefield in such a manner, causing them to suffer heavy losses.

On the spot, several Royal Lords were smashed into dust and their vitality scattered.

This was the trump card of the Human Race.

During the battle in the No-Return Pass, A’ Da and A’ Er were pinned down by two Ink Giant Spiritual God and were unable to play a decisive role. It wasn’t until Yang Kai joined forces with A’ Da to kill one of the Ink Giant Spiritual God that the situation improved.

But here, without the help of the Ink Giant Spiritual God, the terror of these two Giant Spiritual Gods was perfectly displayed.

Such an existence was unable to be resist by the Black Ink Clan! Even if they stood here, they would still be able to easily crush them.

Before the World Bead they were hiding in was summoned, A' Da and A' Er should have received Mi Jinglun’s instructions beforehand, so when they saw the fleeing Royal Lords, A' Da immediately chased after them while A' Er stayed behind, his massive figure like a barrier blocking the entrance to the Great Restriction.

Inside the gap, the Royal Lords who had received the news gathered, but none of them dared to step out, all of them staring at the towering figure with dread.

Although the Giant Spiritual God was extremely powerful, its body was too large, so it was not very agile. A' Da chased after the fleeing Royal Lords for a while but was unable to accomplish anything. In a fit of anger, he directly charged into the Black Ink Clan army.

This time, it really was like a tiger entering a flock of sheep. Even if countless Black Ink Clan desperately tried to resist, it would be useless. The methods they used were nothing more than scratching an itch for A' Da.

The massive army was scattered, and A' Da seemed to be dragging an invisible line across the battlefield, cutting through the surrounding area.

The Black Ink Clan’s army, which was originally not very well-guarded, was now full of flaws.

Seeing this scene, Mi Jinglun was overjoyed and immediately issued an order to attack.

The Human Race army, which had already re-established their battle formation, once again charged towards the Black Ink Clan torrent, but this time was different from before. Just now, the Human Race army needed to deal with hundreds of millions of Black Ink Clan soldiers, but now, all they needed to do was deal with the war zones that had been cut out.

The pressure was significantly reduced.

Just as the Human Race’s army was about to launch their second attack, more than a dozen figures flew up from the Withdawring Black Ink Platform. Instead of rushing towards the battlefield, they flew away.

During the Great War, such actions were enough to be labeled as deserters.

However, everyone turned a blind eye to this and instead felt it was only natural.

Without a doubt, the auras of these dozen or so people were fluctuating, showing signs of breaking through their shackles.

Of the ten, Zhao Yebai, Xu Yi, and Zhao Ya were all present.

When the Withdrawing Black Ink was selected from the various great armies, Mi Jinglun had adopted the principle of preferring quality over quantity, because guarding the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction at that time wasn’t too dangerous. With Divine Dragon Fu Guang leading and Wu Kuang controlling the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, the Withdrawing Black Ink Army’s only task was to intercept and kill the scattered Black Ink Clan members who had escaped through the gap.

Out of consideration for their talents, Mi Jinglun had arranged for many good seedlings with the qualifications to advance to the Ninth Order, allowing them to distance themselves from the cruelty of the Great Domain Battlefield and allow them to cultivate outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction in order to advance to the Ninth Order.

It was just that after all the changes that had occurred to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, the outside world had become much more dangerous.

Although Mi Jinglun was a great strategist and had a lot of wisdom, it was still difficult for him to predict the changes that would occur in two thousand years.

Regardless, no one could deny that the Withdrawing Black Ink Army was an elite force.

Looking at the current situation, with just a few thousand people in the Withdrawing Black Ink Army, there were actually ten masters who were about to break through their shackles and have a chance to advance to the Ninth Order. Such a ratio was difficult to replicate in any army.

The ten of them were only at the Eighth Order Open Heaven, so even if they threw themselves into the battlefield, they wouldn’t be of much use. The Human Race had many Eighth Order masters, there was no lack of them.

However, if they could successfully break through and return as Ninth Order masters, even if only half of them succeeded, the Human Race would have five more Ninth Order masters.

What’s more, in recent years, the success rate of the Human Race’s successes in breaking through to the Ninth Order was surprisingly high, far higher than those of their ancestors who had died in battle.

The ten of them had actually reached their limits a long time ago, but because they had been trapped inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, they didn’t dare to break through at will to avoid exposing themselves.

As the Human Race’s army rushed towards them, although the Black Ink Clan desperately tried to resist, it was difficult to achieve anything.

The army swept through the void with a deathly aura, causing countless Black Ink Clan masters to be scared out of their wits.

Adding on A' Da’s reckless rampage, in just a short period of time, the Black Ink Clan had suffered an unimaginable loss, and this loss continued to grow as time passed.

The Black Ink Clan masters finally realized that something was wrong.

The appearance of these two Giant Spiritual God had completely disrupted the Black Ink Clan’s plans.

This was especially true for the Giant Spiritual God guarding the gap. If they didn’t force it back, it would be difficult for the Black Ink Clan to send reinforcements. With the current strength of the Human Race, sooner or later they would be able to exterminate the Black Ink Clan.

The Royal Lords who had just walked out of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction began to move.

Fortunately, the Human Race couldn’t split up right now, even the Ninth Order masters didn’t dare act rashly. Otherwise, if they were to fall into this sea where the Black Ink Clan gathered, no one could guarantee they would be able to escape unscathed.

In such a situation, as long as the Royal Lords did not actively provoke the Human Race’s army, they would not be attacked by the Ninth Order masters.

As for A' Da, the only one who could act recklessly in the Black Ink Clan’s army, his brain was still not sharp enough. When he became excited to kill, he would go wherever the Black Ink Clan had the most people, so even if the Human Race wanted to cooperate with him, it would be difficult.

The hiding Royal Lords gathered again and rushed towards A' Er.

One or two Royal Lords alone were naturally not A’ Er’s opponent, even if there were eight or ten of them, but the number of Royal Lords who had emerged from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction was far more than that.

More than forty Royal Lords rushed towards A’ Er from all directions, bombarding him with powerful Secret Techniques, causing even the Giant Spiritual God to stagger.

A' Er roared as he raised his foot and waved his hand, unleashing a series of devastating attacks. However, most of them were avoided by the Royal Lords in advance, and those few hit that were succesful were not enough to kill the Royal Lords in one blow, it only manage to wound them.

When the Human Race’s Ninth Order masters had fought against the Ink Giant Spiritual God, they had used a siege technique. After thousands of years, this technique had reappeared in the hands of the Black Ink Clan.

However, because Ninth Order masters were generally stronger than the Royal Lords, the Human Race only needed a dozen or so Ninth Order masters to tie down an Ink Giant Spiritual God, while the Black Ink Clan needed more Royal Lords.

Alarmed by A’ Er’s roar, A’ Da finally regained some of his rationality and turned his head to look towards the gap in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction before his massive figure rushed towards it.

By the time A' Da arrived at the gap, another dozen or so Royal Lords had rushed out.

The two Giant Spiritual Gods joined forces to fight against more than fifty of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords, causing the battle to become extremely intense.

More and more Black Ink Clan gathered at the gap, with the figures of many Royal Lords mixed in…

No one knew how many Black Ink Clan were hidden inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, but in that dark space, there seemed to be an endless stream of them.

The many Royal Lords were entangled with the two Giant Spiritual Gods, neither of them able to do anything to the other, while the Black Ink Clan cultivators in the gap found an opportunity to rush out and join the battle.

Pure Yang Pass, Mi Jinglun’s expression became solemn.

The Human Race’s only trump card had already been used, but other than being able to catch the Black Ink Clan off guard at the beginning, it had not played a decisive role.

Now that A’ Da and A’ Er had joined forces to block the gap, they could at most slow down the speed of the Black Ink Clan reinforcements.

If this continued, the situation would become unfavorable for the Human Race.

But even if he was scheming, the key to determining the outcome of this battle was still the difference in strength.

Compared to the Black Ink Clan, although the Human Race’s army could be considered an elite force, in terms of numbers, there would always be casualties. Once the losses of the Human Race’s army reached a certain limit, it would only be a matter of time before their forces collapsed. At that time, in this battlefield surrounded by enemies, their fate would be miserable.

This was only a battle with the Black Ink Clan!

What the Human Race needed to face was not only the Black Ink Clan, but also the main enemy, Black Ink's true body!

This was an unimaginably terrifying enemy.

Was there any hope of victory in this war?

Mi Jinglun didn’t know, he only knew that he was born a human, and that only by going all out could he not leave behind any regrets.

According to Wu Kuang’s message, what Yang Kai had done was crucial. If everything went smoothly for Yang Kai, the situation would not be as bad as he had imagined.

Compared to A’ Da and A’ Er, Yang Kai was also the trump card of the Human Race!

In the vast and empty void, a faint light suddenly blossomed, quickly becoming dazzling, and after a long time, the dazzling light gradually faded.

A graceful figure quietly stood in the air, opening her eyes and revealing a thoughtful expression, seemingly understanding something.

“It’s time to settle things.”

As she spoke, a pair of beautiful wings suddenly spread out from her back and with a gentle flap, she broke through the barrier of space.


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