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Dawn City, at the edge of the city, inside Mu’s hut.

When the Heavens and Earth began to reject Yang Kai and condense its vast will into a destructive tide, Mu noticed it and looked towards the Black Ink Abyss.

Did he succeed?

However, it was a bit faster than she had expected. It seemed that the hundreds of thousands of years of waiting was worth it. This junior might be able to accomplish what she had not done back then.

Little Eleven rested his head on her legs and fell into a deep sleep. However, since then, its like he was having a nightmare, his whole body trembling and his expression constantly changing. At times, his murderous intent would be revealed and at other times, his body would be drenched in sweat.


Little Eleven suddenly woke up and lifted his head to look at Mu, his mouth pouting as he cried.

“Did you have a nightmare?” Mu asked gently.

Little Eleven couldn’t help nodding, “I dreamed that Sixth Sister didn’t want me anymore. Sixth Sister’s figure is getting further away from me!”

Mu smiled, “Just dreaming.”

Little Eleven couldn’t help but sniff as he leaned back and hugged Mu’s thigh, coquettishly saying, “Sixth Sister can’t abandon me. If you don’t want me, Little Eleven will have no family.”

Mu patted his back, “Don’t worry, Sixth Sister won’t abandon you, I’ll always be by your side. Perhaps one day when you grow up, you’ll despise me and run away.”

“Of course not!” Little Eleven wrinkled his nose, feeling that something was wrong, and continued, “Sixth Sister, I think I’m sick, I’m not feeling well.”

“You’ll be fine after a nap.”

“En!” Little Eleven responded, adjusted his posture and quickly fell asleep.

Moving through the void, Yang Kai could clearly feel a pulling force pointing him in a certain direction. This pulling force was not the repulsive force of the Primordial World, but a different kind of force from the Space-Time River.

Understanding in his heart, this was a method left behind by Mu.

After refining the Profound Gate in the Primordial World and sealing Black Ink's Source, he would have to go to another world.

He was somewhat anxious. Although Mu’s Space-Time River was extremely powerful and the flow of time in these worlds was different from the outside world, the longer he stayed here, the greater the changes in the outside world.

He had to hurry.

After immersing his consciousness, Yang Kai soon saw a closed door in his Consciousness Sea. This was the Profound Gate he had refined in the depths of the Black Ink Abyss.

He hadn’t expected that after refining this artifact, it would be stored in his Consciousness Sea, but after thinking about it carefully, the Profound Gate was a supreme treasure born from the world, so it wasn’t surprising for it to be stored in his Consciousness Sea.

He couldn’t allow himself to carry a door around in the future.

There was a Soul Warming Lotus in his Consciousness Sea, and now there was a Profound Gate. No matter how he looked at it, it was somewhat strange.

On the seven colored island, Fang Tianci and Thunder Shadow looked at each other helplessly.

When the Profound Gate suddenly appeared in his Consciousness Sea, Yan Peng felt as if he had been greatly stimulated and his entire body was enveloped by a cold aura before going crazy.

This strange door seemed to be able to stir up all the darkness in one’s heart.

Yan Peng was a member of the Black Ink Religion and was not a kind person. He had committed many evil deeds in his life, so the darkness in his heart was naturally not small.

His physical body had been cut off by Yang Kai while his Soul Avatar had been trapped in his Consciousness Sea. Originally, he had cooperated with Yang Kai and provided him with a lot of valuable information, Yang Kai had no intention of killing him. In any case, leaving him in his Consciousness Sea was not a big deal.

However, when the darkness in his heart was stirred by the Profound Gate, he completely lost his rationality.

With no other choice, Fang Tianci and Thunder Shadow could only kill him and destroy his soul.

Fang Tianci and Thunder Shadow couldn’t help feeling a little pained. It wasn’t easy for them to find a neighbor to chat with, but in the end, it didn't last long…

This was quite helpless.

At this moment, Fang Tianci and Thunder Shadow were both quietly waiting on the seven colored island, trying their best not to look at the Profound Gate. Even they couldn’t help having some bad memories after seeing the wondrous gate.

By this time, Yang Kai had already left the Primordial World. Turning his head back, he could no longer see any trace of the Primordial World. All he could see was a grain of sand drifting along the bottom of the river.

This made him recall the scene he had seen in the depths of the Endless River in the Universe Furnace.

At the bottom of the Endless River, there was also this type of sand, but it wasn’t sand, but rather a pile of Unvierse Worlds. When this sand was poured out by the Universe Furnace, its true appearance would be revealed.

One sand one World, the manifestation of chaos into the myriad Great Daos was just this amazing.

The suction force became even more obvious and Yang Kai followed it to the bottom of the Space-Time River and soon saw another grain of sand.

This was the second world he was about to enter. Yang Kai didn’t hesitate and adjusted his direction before diving into it.

Soon, Universe World’s aura spread out, and just like the last time he had entered the Primordial World, he suddenly appeared in a Universe World and quickly fell down.

With his previous experience, Yang Kai immediately checked his cultivation.

Very good, although his cultivation was greatly suppressed, it was still at the Immortal Ascension.

He quickly circulated his strength and stabilized himself in mid-air.

Looking around, Yang Kai saw nothing but wilderness, with no signs of human race habitation. Moreover, this world gave Yang Kai a very strange feeling, filled with a savage aura. Yang Kai felt as if he had entered the river of history and entered an ancient era.

“Wu Kuang, can you sense Mu’s position?” Yang Kai asked.

The reason he had been able to successfully find Mu in the Primordial World was all thanks to Wu Kuang. Although he was only a wisp of his Soul, there was still a faint resonance between him and his main body.

His main body controlled the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction while the Space-Time River was hidden inside. If Mu wanted to guide him, she would have to borrow Wu Kuang’s strength.

But as soon as these words left his mouth, Yang Kai’s brow rose, because he had somehow sensed something.

Turning his head to look in a certain direction, Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing, “I was thinking too much.”

Since Mu wanted Yang Kai to travel through many Universe Worlds to seal Black Ink's Source, how could she not be prepared?

In the Primordial World, Mu should have left some kind of method on him, so after Yang Kai arrived in this world, he immediately sensed something.

Right over there, his figure flickered as he rushed over.

At the same time, there was a figure sitting cross-legged in the wilderness. It was unknown how many years this figure had been waiting for, nor did it know how many years it would have to wait. It didn’t even know if there was any meaning in waiting.

However, even after countless years, she still hadn’t forgotten her original intentions. [MSN: Press F to show respect.]

The place she was standing in was a mountain valley surrounded by eight towering mountains, all of which were connected to each other.

Inside the mountain valley, there was an extremely mysterious great array, and at the center of this great array, there was a giant black stone that exuded an evil aura.

All the mountains and even the great arrays in the valley seemed to be used to seal the black stone, and with the help of the mountain’s momentum and the power of the Great Array, it could be said that the entirety of the Universe World’s power was gathered here.

Compared to Mu of Dawn City, her complexion was undoubtedly much more haggard, as if she had not rested for a long time.

Just as Yang Kai entered this world, her closed eyes suddenly opened and the long sword resting on her knees transformed into a streak of light, flashing away.

Immediately after, a short beast roar rang out not far behind her and a massive Ancient Beast staggered to the ground, its blood soon staining the ground red.

The mountain valley was filled with giant corpses, each of which represented an Ancient Beast that had guarded this place for many years. No one knew how many Ancient Beasts she had killed…

The long sword flew back and landed quietly in front of her without a drop of blood.

Only then did she turn her head and look in a certain direction. Her movements were very slow, as if she had not moved like this for a very long time, seemingly somewhat stiff.

This simple action represented hundreds of thousands of years of waiting alone.

However, she smiled because she felt that her hundreds of thousands of years of waiting had become meaningful.

In her field of vision, a figure was rapidly approaching her. This figure has her hidden aura and was using the resonance between the Shadows to point him in this direction.

The figure landed in front of her and their eyes met.

Looking at the haggard face in front of him, Yang Kai’s heart couldn’t help clenching, his mouth filled with bitterness, unable to speak for a moment.

After a long time, Yang Kai respectfully bowed, “Junior Yang Kai greets Senior!”

Mu smiled, “No need to be so polite, you should have already met me.”

Yang Kai nodded.

Mu replied, “Then you should know why you came here.”

Yang Kai turned his eyes to the black stone and heard Mu’s voice, “There are no humans in this world, only a few Ancient Beasts, so there’s no need to scheme against each other. Move the black stone away and use the Profound Gate to seal that trace of Source.”

In the Primordial World, Yang Kai had spent a great deal of effort to refine the Profound Gate and seal a trace of Black Ink’s Source. He had not expected that in this world, sealing the Source would be so simple.

Seemingly seeing through his thoughts, Mu smiled and said, “The situation in every Universe World is different. Perhaps in the future you will encounter similar situations, but there are still some things you need to work hard on. Go, I have been waiting here for too many years.”

“Yes,” Yang Kai replied respectfully, knowing that this simple trip was all thanks to Mu.

He walked up to the black stone and pushed it aside, revealing a deep black pit beneath it. A faint roar of wind could be heard.

Accompanied by the sound of the wind, a cold aura rapidly approached, seemingly coming from the depths of the earth.

Yang Kai raised his hand and pressed down on the top of the pit, shouting, “Open!”

An extremely profound door suddenly appeared above the pit, and under Yang Kai’s full strength, the door opened slightly.


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