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Xue Ji hadn’t thought much about it when she was killing the Blood Slaves, but now that she heard Li Feiyu’s words, she realized something was wrong.

All the people who had once been infected by the Ink Force, whether they had been distorted or not, were unable to protect themselves this time. The depths of Black Ink abyss seemed to have a fatal attraction to them, making them want to rush over regardless of anything.

Blood Slaves were the best example.

The four Blood Slaves had always been loyal to her, and she had even personally placed a seal on them, but they had still betrayed her.

However, there was nothing unusual about her.

She could feel that there was still a faint trace of Ink Force remaining in her body, which she had refined while cultivating in the Black Ink abyss.

However, this Ink Force seemed to be suppressed by some kind of force and was unable to affect her at all.

The Ink Force was sealed by her own Blood Dao!

This was the power of her Master’s blood!

As the few of them spoke, the disturbance on the side of the Spirit Religion's army became more obvious. Roars similar to the roars of beasts constantly rang out, and the cultivators who had their minds distorted by the Ink Force completely lost their rationality and transformed into Black Ink Disciple!

At this moment, the young Holy Child displayed a rare boldness and decisiveness as he shouted, “All flag masters, please arrange for people to form a defensive line. No matter what, we must not allow those whose minds have been distorted by the Ink Force to rush into the Black Ink abyss!”

He didn’t know the identity of the person the Saintess was talking about, nor did he know what that person had done under the Black Ink abyss, but he knew what the Spirit Religion needed to do.

Under this command, the various flag masters also reacted. The Saintess looked at the Holy Child with approval, causing her impression on him to float up.

Yu Daochi watched from the side, silently cursing in his heart. Young people were always easily seduced by beauty, how could they know that power was the most wonderful thing in this world!

Feeling extremely bitter, he was the first to rush out and organize his subordinates according to the Holy Child’s request.

The other flag masters also began to move and soon, a great battle broke out.

During the month-long battle, many people from the Spirit Religion had been infected by the Ink Force. This time, many of their former comrades began to fight in the same room. Many people couldn’t bear it, but these Black Ink Disciples didn’t show any mercy. They wanted to rush into the Black Ink Abyss and tear apart all obstacles in their way.

After understanding that these Blac kInk Disciples could no longer be saved, the Spirit Religion army no longer held back and began slaughtering. Soon, the disturbance became smaller.

Just as everyone thought that this mutation was about to die down, a large number of masters covered in Ink Force rushed over from all directions.

These people were all masters from the Black Ink Religion who had previously concealed themselves. This time, they had all been summoned by the Source in the Black Ink abyss.

An even more intense battle broke out. The Spirit Religion’s army was still somewhat lenient with their former comrades, but they would not show any mercy when dealing with these Black Ink Religion cultivators.

Xue Ji stood next to the Black Ink abyss and quietly listened to the sounds of the slaughter, carefully following Yang Kai’s instructions. Anyone who attempted to rush into the Black Ink abyss would be killed without mercy!

This disturbance continued for several days until the last group of people from the Black Ink Religion, who had been attacking from afar, were all killed.

There was no joy. The Spirit Religion army was completely exhausted, all of them lying on the ground, staring at the corpses of their comrades who had fought side by side with them, their hearts filled with sorrow.

The group of Spirit Religion masters once again gathered in front of the Black Ink abyss, with Yu Daochi as their leader, the group of flag masters began to exert pressure on Xue Ji.

This change made everyone realize the importance of the Black Ink abyss even more. If they wanted to figure out what was hidden in the depths of the Black Ink abyss, only by doing so could they prevent similar situations from happening again.

Xue Ji refused to back down, her killing intent filling the air as the atmosphere around the Black Ink abyss became heavy.

Just as the two sides were in a deadlock and a great battle was about to break out, Xue Ji suddenly revealed a look of joy and turned her head towards the Black Ink abyss.

At the same time, everyone noticed an aura rapidly approaching from the depths of the Black Ink abyss.

What shocked everyone was that this aura was far stronger than Xue Ji’s!

In a flash, a figure appeared in front of Xue Ji.

“Master!” Xue Ji happily greeted.

Yang Kai nodded slightly towards her, a look of approval appearing on his face as he raised his hand to stop her from approaching him.

At this moment, the space around him distorted as a powerful repulsive force surrounded him, and a violent wave of destruction gathered around him.

“It’s you?” The group of flag masters were shocked.

The flag masters had all seen Yang Kai before. When he first entered the city, all of the commoners had come forward to welcome him. The one who was favored by the World’s Will had been recognized by them as a fake Holy Child.

In the sealed land, he had failed to pass the test left behind by the first Saintess, and as a result, his temperament had been distorted by the Ink Force. On that day, the three flag masters had jointly killed him and Li Feiyu had disposed of his corpse.

No one would have thought that this guy was actually alive and had even escaped from the depths of the Black Ink abyss.

Recalling the words of the Saintess and Xue Ji, the flag masters couldn’t help glancing over at the Saintess, all of them faintly understanding something.

If someone else had come out from the depths of the Black Ink abyss at this time, the group of Spirit Religion masters would definitely not let this matter rest. Who knew if this fellow’s temperament had been distorted by the Ink Force?

However, the aura Yang Kai was exuding at this moment caused them to feel fearful, and for a time, no one spoke.

“Master, what’s going on?” Xue Ji’s face was pale as she stared at the strange changes in the space around Yang Kai, sensing the destructive aura around him.

Yang Kai smiled at her, “Every world has its own limits, and the limit of this world is the Immortal Ascension. If you exceed this limit, you will be rejected by the world.”

Xue Ji’s expression changed slightly as she understood Yang Kai’s meaning, “Master's strength is above the Immortal Ascension?”

Yang Kai smiled, “The road of Martial Dao is endless. To a true master, the Immortal Ascension is just a starting point.”

He then turned to the Saintess and said, “The problem at the bottom of the Black Ink abyss has already been dealt with, but there is still a large amount of Ink Force remaining, so it is best for the Spirit Religion to arrange some methods here to prevent others from coveting it.”

The Saintess nodded, “Rest assured, Sir, everything will be taken care of.”

He turned to look in the direction of the morning sun and smiled, “I’m leaving.”

Xue Ji anxiously asked, “Where is Master going? Please bring this servant along.”

Yang Kai’s words had greatly impacted her, she was originally a member of the Black Ink Religion. It was only because she had been convinced by Yang Kai that she had chosen to abandon the darkness and seek the light. Now that the entire Black Ink Religion had been destroyed, all of the hidden masters of the Black Ink Religion had escaped and been killed.

It could be said that in this world, besides her, no one else had any traces of the Black Ink Religion.

In this world, the Black Ink Religion had become a part of history. Perhaps after hundreds of years, it would no longer exist.

How could she be willing to stay here alone and not follow Yang Kai? Even if she had to serve him tea, it would be good.

Yang Kai slowly shook his head, “I have my own mission, so I can’t bring you along.”

Xue Ji’s expression immediately dimmed as she pursed her red lips and no longer spoke, like an abandoned little girl.

Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing, “Alright, I’ll give you a task.”

Xue Ji was immediately overjoyed, “Please explain, Master!”

Yang Kai said seriously, “Defend the Black Ink abyss and kill anyone who tries to enter!”

Xue Ji said solemnly, “This servant accepts your orders!” In the blink of an eye, she smiled and asked, “This servant accepts this mission, what rewards are there?”

Yang Kai glared at her and flicked his finger, sending out a drop of golden blood.

Xue Ji’s eyes lit up as she opened her mouth and swallowed it. She could tell that this drop of blood was different from the blood Yang Kai had given her. It was definitely a drop of blood essence!

Yang Kai transmitted his voice, “I’ve placed some restrictions on you, don’t try to advance while you’re refining it, otherwise your life will be in danger!”

Xue Ji nodded.

The World Will’s repulsive force became more obvious, and the destructive tide that surrounded Yang Kai caused everyone’s faces to turn pale. There were so many masters present, but none of them were confident they could survive such a violent tide, but Yang Kai was able to remain unscathed, a clear indication of his strength.

“Master, can this servant see you again?” Xue Ji seemed to have noticed something and quickly asked.

Yang Kai looked at her, “If fate wills it, we will meet again.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a thunderous roar rang out as Yang Kai’s figure transformed into a streak of light and shot into the sky.

Under the eyes of many masters, a crack appeared in the sky and a stream of light flowed into it before disappearing.

The destructive aura also disappeared without a trace, as if it had never appeared.

The crack slowly disappeared and the area around the Black Ink Abyss became quiet.

Everyone was covered in cold sweat as they carefully recalled what Yang Kai had just said, their hearts trembling.

The young Holy Child broke this silence, “So, this is the true savior of this world?”

Although he was young and didn’t have much experience in the world, he was quick-witted and managed to see through some things after meeting Yang Kai.

“Am I a fake Holy Child?” He pointed at his nose.

The flag masters all looked at each other, realizing the problem.

The Saintess smiled and looked at the Holy Child, “It’s true that he is the savior of the world, but you are the Holy Child of the Spirit Religion!”

During the one month war, the actions of the Holy Child had obtained the approval of the entire Spirit Religion, and all the disciples who participated in the battle would only recognize him as the Holy Child.

The young Holy Child scratched his head and said, “Fine, Holy Child it is, but the true Savior is unknown, it doesn’t seem right.”

The Saintess said, “If the Holy Child is interested, he can slowly publicize his achievements in the future so that the disciples can know who secretly contributed to this war and saved this world.”

The Holy Child nodded, “That’s fine, but the most important thing right now is to deal with the problem in front of us. Before he left, he said he wanted us to seal the Black Ink abyss.”

“What does Holy Child want to do?” The Saintess asked.

The young Holy Child turned to Xue Ji and asked, “Are you willing to join the Spirit Religion?”

Xue Ji was still silently sensing the power of this drop of Blood Essence when she heard this and was stunned, “Join the Spirit Religion?”

“Naturally, we have the same goal now, and before he left, he also gave you the order to guard the Black Ink abyss. I think it’s best if we work together, what do you think?”

Xue Ji looked at him seriously, the Holy Child’s clear eyes reflecting her enchanting figure, Xue Ji smiled and said, “Sure!”

Compared to being alone, this kind of ending was not bad.


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