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When that cold aura enveloped Yang Kai, all the bad memories from the depths of his mind appeared and attacked his mind.

Inside his Consciousness Sea, the black light began to spread out. At first, it was not obvious, but soon it covered a large area and expanded in all directions.

In a short time, the entire Consciousness Sea seemed to be covered in a layer of black mist.

On the seven colored island, Fang Tianci and the Thunder Shadow stared at the black mist and vaguely saw a series of blurry scenes tumbling about.

These scenes were all dark and dilapidated, belonging to the bad memories of Yang Kai’s life.

The memories continued to shatter, as if they were being swallowed by the black mist, strengthening the power of the black mist and making it thicker.

Yan Peng, who had been trapped here all this time, cried out in alarm, “What happened? Did something happen to that Senior?”

No one bothered with him.

Under the stimulation of this external force, the seven colored island trembled slightly, and the light on the island became even more dazzling.

However, before the Soul Warming Lotus could exert its strength, a large number of new images appeared in the black mist.

Compared to the gloomy and dilapidated scenes from before, these new images were undoubtedly much brighter. As soon as these images appeared, they quickly spread across the entire sea.

The light from the countless images penetrated the black barrier and began to shatter, merging into the black mist.

As these bright images merged, the black Qi rapidly became thinner.

A moment later, it appeared out of thin air and disappeared again.

Compared to the bad things he had experienced in his life, Yang Kai had encountered far too many good things.

The care and concern of his teacher and family when he was young, the warmth of the friends he had made while adventuring, the expectation of many partners…

No one was perfect. Everyone had their own darkness and the light of life. If one couldn’t look directly into that darkness, how could they embrace the light?

Only those with weak minds would be swallowed by the darkness.

In front of the Profound Gate, Yang Kai’s eyes became clear as he poured his strength into the gate in front of him, slowly refining it.

Inwardly shocked, Mu had divided Black Ink’s Source into three thousand portions and sealed it in three thousand different Universe Worlds, while the one in front of him was only one of the three thousand portions.

Moreover, it was sealed by the Profound Gate, so the power it exuded was insignificant.

However, this insignificant force was able to stir up the darkness in his heart.

With his Ninth Order Open Heaven foundation, he could quickly escape this influence, but the strongest cultivators in this world were only at the Immortal Ascension. Once they were affected, who could escape?

Mu was right. The Profound Gate was sealed here, so unless she could personally oversee it, the birth of the Black Ink Religion was inevitable.

However, with Little Eleven by her side, there was no way she could get too close to the Profound Gate. Otherwise, that trace of Source would definitely have a huge impact on Little Eleven, most likely merging into his body.

He slowly exerted his strength and the mysterious patterns on the door began to light up, gradually spreading out towards the four corners of the giant hand.

It didn’t seem difficult to refine this World Treasure.

Looking at the changes in the door, Yang Kai suddenly understood that when he lit up all the patterns and runes on the door, he could successfully refine it.

The sealed Source behind the door seemed to sense something and suddenly became agitated.

It exerted its strength from the mysterious space behind the door and continuously crashed against it, causing a loud rumbling sound.

At the same time, from the crack in the door, a strange power began spreading.

Sure enough, Black Ink still had some tricks up his sleeve. Yang Kai secretly rejoiced that he had listened to Mu’s suggestion and waited for the Spirit Religion to completely eliminate Black Ink Religion before taking action. Otherwise, there really might have been some kind of accident.

During the month-long battle, the Black Ink Religion had been eliminated, but the members of the Black Ink Religion were still alive.

Many of the Black Ink Religion masters had hidden themselves when they realized the situation was bad.

However, at this moment, just as the trace of the Source behind the door began to move, the masters of the Black Ink Religion, who had originally hidden themselves in various parts of the Primordial World, seemed to have received some kind of irresistible summons and quickly emerged from their hiding places. Enveloping their bodies with their Ink Force, they quickly rushed towards the Black Ink Yuan.

Along the way, the Ink Force on their bodies became denser, allowing them to break through their original cultivation and reach a higher level.

However, such an abnormal increase in strength required a huge price.

Many of the Black Ink Religion masters had died along the way, and even those who had survived had undergone massive changes in their physiques, making it difficult for them to recover.

At the same time, the Spirit Religion's army also moved!

When the commotion broke out, a group of Spirit Religion’s higher-ups were confronting Xue Ji at the edge of Black Ink Abyss.

“What is it?” A flag master asked.

Li Feiyu’s figure flickered as she flew away. It was her duty to gather intelligence.

Soon, she understood the situation and turned around, saying, “Some of the disciples of the Spirit Religion who were infected by the Ink Force suddenly went crazy. The Ink Force completely distorted their minds and they wanted to rush into the Black Ink Abyss.”

The Black Ink Religion had always had its own spies in the Spirit Religion, and this was something that everyone knew and couldn’t be avoided. After all, the Ink Force was too treacherous and difficult to guard against.

Moreover, during the past month’s battles, many disciples of the Spirit Religion had been contaminated by the Ink Force, but most of the weak Ink Force was unable to affect them, so the Spirit Religion had decided not to deal with this matter for the time being. Instead, they planned to wait until the dust had settled before carefully examining them.

Unexpectedly, at this moment, the disciples who had been infected by the Ink Force experienced some kind of change.

A large number of cultivators wrapped in black Qi rushed towards the Black Ink Abyss like mad, causing a great disturbance.

As Li Feiyu spoke, she couldn’t help glancing over towards the Black Ink Yuan. Just now, Xue Ji had said that this person was inside the Black Ink Abyss, and the Black Ink Abyss was the source of the Black Ink Religion.

Was all of this related to that person?

Could it be that he had done something under the Black Ink Abyss that had caused this change?

However, after glancing around, Li Feiyu couldn’t help but ask, “Where’s Xue Ji?”

Xue Ji that had been standing in front of the Black Ink Yuan had disappeared.

The Saintess’ expression became solemn as she said, “Her four Blood Slaves were also distorted by the Ink Force and rushed into the Black Ink Abyss while Xue Ji chased after them.”

Li Feiyu was stunned.

Yu Daochi shouted, “In that case, all those who have been contaminated by the Ink Force, whether or not their minds have been distorted, will find it difficult to protect themselves.”

Xue Ji and the four Blood Slaves were members of the Black Ink Religion, so they had naturally come into contact with the Ink Force and had even cultivated in the Black Ink Abyss.

This time, the mutation had swept away all the people who had been infected by the Ink Force, so Xue Ji and the Blood Slaves were naturally not spared.

Sikong Nan turned his head to look at the Black Ink Yuan and said thoughtfully, “Something must have happened down there…” He then turned to the Saintess and asked, “Your Highness, just now you said someone was in the Black Ink Abyss, who was that person?”

This was also something all the masters of the Spirit Religion were curious about. The depths of the Black Ink Abyss had always been a forbidden area, and even the Black Ink Religion itself hadn’t been able to figure out what was happening at the bottom of the Black Ink Abyss, so it was obvious that it was an extremely dangerous place.

Was there really someone who could enter such a place and maintain their own temperament?

If he could figure out this person’s identity, he should be able to figure out the whole story.

“Flag Master Sikong doesn’t need to ask, it’s not convenient for me to speak about this right now,” The Saintess slowly shook her head.

Yu Daochi couldn’t help shouting, “What kind of situation is this? Does Your Highness still want to beat around the bush with us? With the current situation, no matter who that person is, he can’t even protect himself.”

The Saintess still shook her head and remained silent. She hadn’t had much contact with Yang Kai, but she trusted the first generation's Saintess. Even if this sudden change was related to Yang Kai’s actions, he would definitely be safe.

Yu Daochi wanted to say something more, but his expression suddenly changed as he turned his head towards the Black Ink Yuan.

Down below, a shocking aura was rapidly approaching.

In an instant, a dark red figure appeared and stood in the same position as before. It was Xue Ji, who had chased the Blood Slaves into the Black Ink Abyss.

At this moment, she was covered in wounds and looked extremely miserable. It was obvious that she had just experienced a great battle, but her aura was astonishing.

After she landed, she glanced over at Yu Daochi and lightly said, “My Master’s strength is not something you can fathom. If you dare say anything more, I’ll kill you first!”

Yu Daochi’s face immediately became as black as the bottom of a pot.

In any case, he was still a peak Immortal Ascension Boundary master, a Flag Master, one of the most powerful masters in the world. Before this, there really wasn’t anyone in this world who could kill him. He had fought with Yu Buzhou and although he had lost, he had managed to escape unscathed.

However, at this moment, the one who spoke was Xue Ji… Yu Daochi didn’t dare refute. If he really provoked this crazy woman into killing him, he really didn’t have much confidence he could escape from her.

Xue Ji’s return shocked everyone, and for a time, no one paid any attention to the shocking information she revealed.

Li Feiyu asked in surprise, “Are you alright?”

Xue Ji couldn’t help rolling her eyes, “What is it?”

“Right now, everyone who has been infected by the Ink Force has lost their minds, how can you avoid this?”

Hearing her words, Xue Ji suddenly realized what was happening. She raised her hands and silently felt the hidden power in her body, finally understanding what was going on. She smiled and said, “That's why i said my Master's strength is not something you can fathom.”

When the strange phenomenon occurred just now, the Blood Slaves were immediately affected and turned around to rush into the Black Ink Abyss. Sensing something was wrong, she quickly chased after them.

After confirming that the Blood Slaves wanted to harm Yang Kai, she decisively killed all the Blood Slaves she had cultivated for many years before returning.

Normally, even if she could kill four Third Order Immortal Ascension masters, she would have to pay a huge price.

However, the Blood Slaves were personally cultivated by her, and each Blood Slave had a Seal she had planted inside them. In addition, the Blood Slaves had given up their most powerful formation after losing their rationality, so although it took some effort for her to kill them, it was still quite smooth.


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