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The Black Ink Religion had eight factions, divided into heaven and earth, and the universe.

Each of these leaders was a top master in this world, and their cultivations had long since reached the transformation level. However, due to the constraints of this world, they were unable to break through.

However, just because their cultivations were the same didn’t mean their strengths were the same. Even though they were all peak Immortal Ascension masters, there were still differences in strength between them.

Among the Eight Factions Commanders, the one who was publicly acknowledged to be the strongest was Tian Faction Commander, Yu Buzhou.

It was said that this person was born with a special physique and also cultivated a profound Divine Art, so although his cultivation was stuck at the peak of the Immortal Ascension for many years, his strength had always improved.

Due to the frequent life and death battles between the Eight Factions Commanders and the masters of the Spirit Religion, the number of times the Eight Factions Commanders would change was quite high. Basically, every twenty or thirty years, there would be a new cycle.

However, in the past hundred years, Yu Buzhou had been able to stabilize his position as the Tian Faction Commander, and no one had been able to shake him. In his confrontation with the masters of the Spirit Religion, he had basically won.

The Earth Faction Commander had once fought him and was defeated in three moves, so his strength was obvious.

However, such an expert had been secretly killed!

When the battle broke out, the Black Ink Religion masters thought that the Spirit Religion had come to attack the camp, but when they arrived at the scene, everyone was dumbfounded.

On the battlefield, Yu Buzhou was fighting with a graceful figure.

The graceful figure was surrounded by a bloody mist, the thick smell of blood could be smell even from a hundred meters away.

The one fighting with Yu Buzhou was none other than Yu Faction Commander Xue Ji!

At this moment, no one understood why these two Commander level masters were fighting so fiercely, but when Yu Buzhou shouted that Xue Ji was the traitor, everyone’s expressions changed drastically.

During this period of time, many masters from the Black Ink Religion had been assassinated, but no traces can be found at the scene. No one knew who had taken action, but the masters from the Black Ink Religion were no fools. They could vaguely feel that one of the masters from the Black Ink Religion had betrayed them.

It should be that traitor who was stirring up trouble and secretly killing the other masters of the Black Ink Religion.

However, no one had expected that the traitor was actually the famous Yu Faction Commander.

Therefore, when Yu Buzhou shouted those words, everyone found it difficult to accept.

However, what was even more difficult for them to accept was that Yu Buzhou, who was publicly acknowledged as the strongest, was actually at a disadvantage in the battle with Xue Ji.

Each of Xue Ji’s attacks was deadly, almost knocking Yu Buzhou off his feet.

No one knew how powerful Xue Ji was.

The masters from the Black Ink Religion who had rushed to the scene wanted to intervene, but no matter what the truth was, the two Commanders should not have fought to the death. Whether Xue Ji was the traitor or not, it would not be too late to verify later!

However, just as they were about to take action, four figures appeared from the shadows and blocked their path.

Someone immediately recognized that this was a Blood Slave cultivated by Xue Ji, known as Ghosts!

These four were orphans who had followed Xue Ji since they were young. Xue Ji had taught them the Blood Dao Technique and even planted a Secret Technique on them, allowing the Blood Slaves’ strength to increase along with her own. As such, the bond between the Master and Slaves was inseparable.

The four Blood Slaves were originally only Second Order Immortal Ascension cultivators, because their master, Xue Ji, was a Third Order Immortal Ascension master, it was impossible for the Blood Slaves to surpass her in terms of cultivation.

But at this moment, the strength displayed by the four Blood Slaves caused everyone’s jaws to drop.

These four Blood Slaves were all Third Order Immortal Ascension masters!

Coupled with the fact that the four of them had lived together since they were young and were proficient in joint attacks, the four of them managed to stop more than twenty masters from the Spirit Religion.

Without anyone obstructing her, Xue Ji’s attacks became more ruthless, causing Yu Buzhou’s blood to boil and his life force to flicker.

At this critical moment of life and death, Yu Buzhou let out a loud roar as an extremely rich Ink Force suddenly surged out from his body and wrapped around him.

Immediately after, his body began to expand and huge lumps of flesh appeared, emitting a thick stench. At the same time, his aura broke through the shackles of the Immortal Ascension and reached a whole new realm.

Xue Ji was caught off guard and received a punch from him, her entire body almost exploding.

However, Yu Buzhou had only punched out once, because the moment his aura broke through the Immortal Ascension limit, the World's Will’s repulsion and suppression descended.

A miserable scream escaped Yu Buzhou’s mouth as his body continued to expand, eventually exploding into a bloody mist, not even leaving behind a corpse.

The rich Ink Force swept out in all directions!

This battle shocked the world, and the powerful Tian Faction Commander was secretly killed by the Commander of the Yu Faction, eventually turning into a blood mist with no bones left.

However, Yu Buzhou’s fate was quite lamentable. This Tian Faction Commander had been killed by the World's Will after becoming an Apostle.

Xue Ji was nowhere to be found, and even the four Blood Slaves had disappeared without a trace.

Leaving behind a large number of mess, many of the Black Ink Religion’s masters felt their hearts ache.

Compared to Yu Buzhou’s performance, the other thing that concerned everyone was Xue Ji’s cultivation.

According to the masters from the Black Ink Religion who had rushed to the scene and witnessed the battle, Yu Buzhou had been suppressed by Xue Ji at the time. If he hadn’t been at a complete disadvantage, he wouldn’t have been forced to transform into an Apostle.

In other words, Xue Ji was actually stronger than Yu Buzhou!

This was simply inconceivable.

Originally, Xue Ji was considered one of the top masters in this world, but compared to Yu Buzhou, there was still a huge gap between them. How can she suppress Yu Buzhou?

However, the cultivation of the Blood Slaves proved Xue Ji’s strength from another perspective.

The Blood Slaves and Xue Ji had a deep bond. The stronger Xue Ji was, the stronger the Blood Slaves would be, and the Blood Slave’s strength would never surpass Xue Ji’s.

When Xue Ji was at the Third Order Immortal Ascension, the four Blood Slaves were only at the Second Order Immortal Ascension Boundary.

However, the strength displayed by the Blood Slaves had already reached the Third Order Immortal Ascension at this moment.

This clearly showed the problem!

The truth of the matter was clear.

Xue Ji wanted to kill Yu Buzhou in secret, but Yu Buzhou’s foundation was too deep, so Xue Ji was unable to kill him immediately. The two of them immediately engaged in a fierce battle, which was soon witnessed by many of the Black Ink Religion’s masters.

After the investigation, it was confirmed that when the Black Ink Religion masters were secretly attacked, there were traces of Xue Ji or Blood Slaves appearing nearby.

Especially on the day the Bei Luo City’s City Lord was killed, Xue Ji was in the city!

But at that time, no one doubted her.

There was no doubt that Xue Ji had betrayed the Black Ink Religion, but no one could understand why this Yu Faction Commander had done so.

When the news spread to the Spirit Religion, the group of masters from the Spirit Religion were also confused and almost thought that this was fake information from the Black Ink Religion.

Only Li Feiyu, who was secretly cooperating with Xue Ji, understood that this was not false information, but rather the truth.

What shocked her was that Xue Ji was even stronger than she had imagined! That night, she had realized that she was no match for Xue Ji, but she had never imagined that even Yu Buzhou would fall in her hands.

In the end, this piece of information was verified, and all the higher-ups of the Spirit Religion rejoiced.

Originally, Yu Buzhou was a great mountain that stood in front of the Spirit Religion, and even the Eight Banners Master didn’t have the confidence to surpass him in terms of strength. Although the Holy Child was powerful, he was still young and didn’t have much of a chance against Yu Buzhou.

Unexpectedly, Xue Ji had helped the Spirit Religion eliminate this powerful enemy in advance.

For a time, the Spirit Religion’s impression of Xue Ji changed greatly, thinking that this woman had suddenly become enlightened and wanted to renounce the darkness and seek the light.

The Spirit Religion began to search for Xue Ji, and the Black Ink Religion was also searching.

However, after that night’s battle, Xue Ji and the four Blood Slaves disappeared as if they had disappeared into thin air.

They were proficient in assassination, the best assassins in this world, and their disguising skills were all at the peak of perfection.

If they wanted to hide themselves, no one would be able to find them.

What was undeniable was that Xue Ji was definitely healing her injuries. The power of Yu Buzhou’s fist when he become an Apostle was extremely great, so even if Xue Ji didn’t die, she must have been seriously injured.

In the short term, it would be impossible to stir up trouble again.

The Black Ink Religion thought so…

However, in fact, the assassination was still going on, and it was even more efficient than before.

In just a few days, more than twenty Black Ink Religion masters had died. These people were scattered throughout the various battlefields, all of them the leaders of those battlefields.

As soon as they died, the Black Ink Religion’s army immediately became leaderless, and the Spirit Religion took advantage of this opportunity to invade. The war that originally required them to pay a certain price was easily achieved.

On the sixth day after Yu Buzhou’s death, another terrifying incident occurred.

The second Commander level powerhouse was assassinated.

And it was in the camp of the Black Ink Religion army!

No one saw who it was, only a flash of energy fluctuations from the main tent. By the time the nearby Black Ink Religion masters came to investigate, this Commander had already been decapitated.

The ambushers entered the army like a ghost.

The masters from the Black Ink Religion who were present all turned pale as a chill ran down their spines. It was as if an invisible weapon was hanging above their heads, ready to take their lives at any moment.

The convictions of the Black Ink Religion masters were completely destroyed.

Under the pressure of losing their lives at any moment, none of these masters dared to assume a high position, because that would only make them targets for the assassins.

As the news of the fall of one commander after another spread, the Immortal Ascension masters of the Black Ink Religion also began to flee.

Along the way, the army that was originally fighting against the Spirit Religion had suddenly become leaderless and without any masters to lead them, their morale was greatly reduced.

On the other hand, the Spirit Religion’s momentum didn’t change at all, and as they won one victory after another, the strength of their armies accumulated to an astonishing degree.

At this point, the outcome of the battle was already certain.

There was only one thing the Spirit Religion needed to do right now, and that was to surround and kill as many of the Black Ink Religion’s forces as possible.

The war that was supposed to last for several years or even longer had been settled in just a month.

The Spirit Religion had sent out their forces from the Dawn City, and after a month, the army had formed an encirclement around the Black Ink Abyss. Ninety-nine percent of the world was now under the control of the Spirit Religion, leaving only the region where Black Ink Abyss was located and some of the masters of the Black Ink Religion still stubbornly resisting.


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