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“What can I help you with?” Mu asked.

Yang Kai must have returned late at night to seek her help.

“I need to break through the Immortal Ascension stage, otherwise I won’t be able to approach the Profound Gate!” Yang Kai stated his purpose.

Under the Black Ink Abyss, there were many Apostles, and with Yang Kai’s current cultivation, it was difficult to deal with them. Although he had killed some of them by luring them away, after that incident, the Apostles would not fall for it easily.

Now, only by breaking through the Immortal Ascension stage would he be able to kill all the Apostles and refine the Profound Gate.

The shackles that sealed his cultivation were bestowed upon him by the World's Will, and it could also be said that it was Mu’s doing. Previously, Mu was able to help him break through to the Peak Immortal Ascension, so naturally she could help him reach a higher level.

“I understand,” Mu nodded, “Give me two days. Two days later, I’ll give you what you want.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai immediately realized that this matter was not a simple matter for the current Mu, otherwise, there would be no need to make an agreement in two days time.

Just like the previous time, Mu had helped him break through to the Immortal Ascension and could easily accomplish it with a single finger, but this time, Mu might have to pay a price.

Mu turned around and entered the house while Yang Kai waited in the courtyard.

Late at night, the crazy Little Eleven finally returned. Seeing Yang Kai, he naturally didn’t have a good expression on his face, making a face at him before rushing into the house.

From inside the house came the conversation between Mu and Little Eleven. Soon, the sound of someone sleeping could be heard.

For the past two days, Little Eleven had not left the house and had been sleeping peacefully, probably because Mu had done something to him.

It wasn’t until two days later that Mu walked out again. Yang Kai turned his head and his eyes narrowed slightly.

Although the Mu of this world was only a shadow of the real Mu, she had always maintained the image of a young girl.

However, in just two days, the young girl’s hair had become completely white. Although her appearance hadn’t changed much, Yang Kai could clearly feel that she had lost a great deal of vitality.

After just a few steps, Mu was panting slightly.

Yang Kai quickly stepped forward and held her.

Mu gently leaned against Yang Kai and reached out to touch his chest, sending a bright light into it.

Her voice rang out, “Under the Black Ink Abyss… this power can help you break through the shackles of the Immortal Ascension. That place has been tampered with by Black Ink, so it won’t be detected by the World's Will, but you cannot leave the Black Ink Abyss with this power.”

Her voice and aura were extremely weak, like an elderly on the verge of death, constantly coughing lightly as she spoke.

“I understand,” Yang Kai nodded and helped her sit down before pouring her a glass of water.

Mu took a sip of water and calmed herself down for a moment before continuing, “Don’t be in such a hurry to act. Wait a bit longer, it won’t be too late to act after the Black Ink Religion is completely eradicated. If you act before then, there may be some unexpected changes.”

“Did Senior sense something?” Yang Kai asked.

Mu slowly shook her head, “Black Ink is a smart man. Since he left behind a contingency plan, it shouldn’t be so simple.”

“I’ll listen to Senior.”

“After you refine the Profound Gate and completely suppress the trace of its Source, you will leave this world and go to the next world in the Space-Time River. There is also Mu’s Shadow there. Find her as soon as possible and she will continue to help you. In addition, the Profound Gate is the key to Black Ink's Source. It cannot be taken away, otherwise, Black Ink’s power will be fully restored and no one will be his opponent.”

She kept reminding him, as if she was giving him some last words, afraid that if she spoke too late, she wouldn’t have a chance to speak.

Yang Kai’s eyes turned red and his nose wrinkled slightly.

This was one of the Ten Martial Ancestors. Even though she had died countless years ago, she had still left behind a method to protect her juniors. Her shadows were all waiting in different worlds, and these shadows had no idea if they would be able to wait for someone to arrive. Perhaps all of their efforts would be for naught.

But she still persisted.

How could the younger generation, who lived in the present, only rely on the protection of their ancestors?

Seemingly having seen through Yang Kai’s thoughts, Mu patted his hand and smiled, “I’m just a shadow, not a real existence, there’s no need to feel sad. Besides, as long as the Space-Time River remains, I won’t die.”

Yang Kai composed himself and said in a low voice, “Senior has done enough, you should rest first. Leave the rest to me.”

Mu nodded slightly.

Yang Kai bid farewell to Mu and once again set out on his journey.

Not long after he left, Little Eleven walked out of his room, rubbing his sleepy eyes. After sleeping for two days, his stomach was growling and he felt weak.

Just as he was about to speak, he looked up and saw Mu, who was sitting on a chair with a head full of snow white hair, he stand there dumbfounded.

Mu smiled at him and waved.

“Uwaa!” Little Eleven burst into tears and rushed towards Mu, “Sixth Sister, how did you become like this? How did your hair turn white…”

“I’m fine,” Mu comforted, wiping away his tears, but they were like broken pearls, unable to be wiped away.

Little Eleven shouted, “Who did this to you?” Suddenly remembering something, his eyes widened, “It’s that bad guy, isn’t it? It’s him!”

“It’s not him, don’t talk nonsense,” Mu denied.

“It’s definitely him, I knew he wasn’t a good person,” Little Eleven’s expression became stubborn, tears of grief filling his eyes, as well as endless anger and hatred.

A wisp of black mist suddenly emerged from his body and wrapped around him.

Little Eleven’s tone became cold, “If he dares to hurt you, I’ll kill him!”

Saying so, he rushed out and picked up a wooden stick by the door. This small person held a wooden stick and looked extremely ridiculous, but the aura exuding from her body was terrifying.

“Come back!” Mu couldn’t hold him back for a moment and stood up, wanting to stop him, but her legs were unsteady and she fell to the ground, crying out in grief, “You’re always so disobedient, you’re trying to anger me to death!”

Hearing the movement behind him, Little Eleven turned his head and saw Mu who had fallen to the ground. The mist surrounding him quickly dissipated and he threw down the wooden stick in his hand and ran back to help Mu up. He cried so hard that tears and snot dripped down his face, “I’m obedient, I’m obedient, Little Eleven is the most obedient, Sixth Sister, don’t be angry!”

Mu took him in her arms and wore a sad expression for a long time before saying, “I’m sorry.”

Little Eleven quickly shook his head, “Little Eleven was wrong, Sixth Sister doesn’t need to apologize.”

Mu remained silent for a long time before sighing heavily.

Just as Little Eleven was about to kill Yang Kai with his wooden stick, Black Ink Abyss’s side also showed some abnormalities.

Previously, Yang Kai had lured a large number of Apostles out from the depths of Black Ink Abyss and caused quite a disturbance. The Black Ink Religion had placed great importance on this matter, and over the past two days, a group of masters had been investigating the situation, trying to figure out what had happened.

The Black Ink Religion had always wanted to come into contact with the Apostles, hoping to use this opportunity to research a way to break through the Immortal Ascension stage. However, the Apostles lived in seclusion here, so even the Black Ink Religion didn’t have a chance.

Therefore, even though the Black Ink Religion was currently facing the assault of the Spirit Religion’s army, when the Black Ink Abyss’s abnormality spread out, it also attracted a large number of Black Ink Religion masters to investigate the situation.

However, after asking many disciples who were cultivating in the depths of Black Ink Abyss, they didn’t obtain any useful clues.

They only knew that a Third Order Immortal Ascension cultivator had disappeared.

At this moment, many of these masters were scattered all over Black Ink Abyss, and just as they were at their wits’ end, a series of muffled roars suddenly rang out from below, followed by a terrifyingly powerful aura.

The group of masters from the Black Ink Religion immediately became suspicious and began to investigate.

A moment later, a massive figure emerged from the thick black fog and entered everyone’s vision.

“Apostle!” An Immortal Ascension cultivator shouted.

No one had expected such a legendary existence to appear before them.

However, this surprise only lasted for a moment before they quickly realized that something was wrong. These Apostles were filled with murderous intent as if they had been provoked by something and wanted to rush out of Black Ink Abyss to devour the entire world.

The group of masters from the Black Ink Religion were shocked.

Without waiting for them to respond, the group of Apostles suddenly stopped and slowly returned to Black Ink Abyss before disappearing.

Only a few low roars could be heard.

When these roars rang out, another voice resonated in the depths of these masters’ hearts.

Their expressions immediately became absent-minded as they stared down at the Black Ink Abyss, as if there was something in the depths of the darkness that attracted them.

A figure flew down without hesitation.


The third…

More than half of the masters rushed into the depths of the Black Ink Abyss and disappeared, leaving only a few who managed to maintain their calm. Realizing that something was wrong, they hurriedly flew upwards to escape from the whispers in their hearts.

The investigation of the Apostles had ended in such a miserable fashion, and the Black Ink Religion had paid a heavy price for this. At least ten Immortal Ascension masters had entered the Black Ink Abyss and disappeared…

After several days of stalemate, the Spirit Religion’s battle against the Black Ink Religion suddenly became unstoppable.

Because every time the Spirit Religion's army encountered a powerful enemy, that powerful enemy would be mysteriously killed.

Bei Luo City’s City Lord was the first.

Originally, Bei Luo City had this Third Order Immortal Ascension master guarding it, so even if the Spirit Religion wanted to seize it, they would have to pay a great price.

However, the Bei Luo City’s City Lord had been secretly killed one night.

No one knew who had done this, nor did anyone notice the movements of the battle. A Third Order Immortal Ascension cultivator had just mysteriously died.

It wasn’t until the Spirit Religion's army began attacking that the Black Ink Religion found the headless corpse of the Bei Luo City’s City Lord.

With the City Lord’s death, the morale of the Black Ink Religion plummeted and a large number of masters fled. The Spirit Religion had easily taken over the Bei Luo City!

In the following battles, this kind of situation occurred again, and one Black Ink Clan master after another was secretly killed, causing the people of the Black Ink Religion to panic.

It wasn’t until an extremely powerful master was killed that the mastermind revealed some clues.


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