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Although this Black Ink Religion master was not a Commander level, he was at least a Third Order Immortal Ascension, not far from a Commander level.

It was precisely because he had such great strength that he was able to cultivate in such a difficult position.

If he could succeed in his cultivation this time, he was confident he could challenge one of the Commanders and replace their place if he won.

However, he had never imagined that there would be someone who could enter a deeper position than him.

Moreover, this man had attracted many Apostles!

Looking at the burly and malevolent figures of these Apostles and feeling their terrifying aura, this Immortal Ascension cultivator was first frightened, then excited.

What was terrifying was that so many Apostles had rushed out together. He didn’t know what had happened in the depths of the Black Ink Abyss, but what excite him was that there was indeed a higher realm above the Immortal Ascension. The Apostles had undoubtedly entered this realm.

This was something he had never been able to obtain in his entire life, and it was also a mystery that all the peak Immortal Ascension masters of the Primordial World had bitterly searched for.

Just as his heart sank, a shocking scene appeared.

From the depths of his heart, it was as if a vast will had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. In front of this will, even this Third Order Immortal Ascension cultivator felt like an ant.

This was the will of this world!

The entire world noticed the abnormality here.

The originally unfathomable World Laws began to condense and become chaotic, suddenly transforming into a violent tide of destruction.

The Apostles were surrounded by a wave of destruction.

The Apostles roared, but even though they had already surpassed the Immortal Ascension, they still found it difficult to resist the World's Will destruction.

Pu pu pu... sounds rang out as the lumps on the Apostles’ bodies quickly burst open, accompanied by a thick black and bloody aura.

With a loud bang, some of the Apostles were unable to withstand the destructive aura of this wave and their bodies exploded into a bloody mist.

After the first Apostle exploded, a second, a third followed…

The Apostles who rushed out from the depths of Black Ink Abyss seemed to have crossed an invisible boundary. On one side of this boundary was life, while the other was death!

The remaining Apostles finally realized the danger they were in. Although they had lost their rationality, their instincts still remained. Like ferocious beasts, when their lives were threatened, they all made the wisest choice.

They stopped their pursuit and slowly retreated back into the darkness of the abyss, their low roars gradually fading.

Standing in mid-air, Yang Kai looked down with a thoughtful expression.

It seemed the situation was just as he had expected.

In order to verify his guess, he did not conceal himself and instead led the Apostles out of the Black Ink Abyss.

This was quite troublesome…

He secretly clicked his tongue. Originally, he thought that if he wanted to seize the Profound Gate, he would only need to deal with one Black Ink Religion, but now it seemed that he had to deal with these Apostles.

However, all of these Apostles were at the Transcendent Realm, and he was currently at the peak of the Immortal Ascension, so his strength was still far from enough.

He had to think of a way.

Suddenly, a low roar came from the side, mixed with crackling sounds.

Yang Kai turned his head and saw a figure standing in front of a nearby stone chamber. It was the Third Order Immortal Ascension cultivator who had been alarmed and ran out to investigate the situation.

Previously, Yang Kai had noticed his existence, but he didn’t have the time to care about it.

At this moment, this man was being corroded by the Ink Force the Apostles had just released and was unable to resist.

Cultivating in such a position was equivalent to breaking through one’s own limits. If he didn’t have any external interference, he could still maintain his temperament.

However, with so many of the Apostles dead just now, the amount of Ink Force they were exuding was far too rich and had exceeded the limits of what this man could bear.

When Yang Kai looked over, he saw that his entire body was wrapped in a thick Ink Force, and the aura he exuded was also extremely sinister, but his aura was constantly rising, showing signs of breaking through to the Immortal Ascension. However, under the suppression of this World's Will, it was difficult to achieve.

He suddenly lowered his head and looked towards the depths of the Black Ink Abyss with a fiery gaze, muttering, “So that’s how it is, so this is the power that surpasses the Immortal Ascension!”

Saying so, he actually jumped down without the slightest hesitation, as if he had been summoned by something, his expression joyful.

However, just as he moved, Yang Kai had already appeared in front of him and gently pressed his palm against his forehead. This man didn’t even have a chance to make a sound before his head was smashed.

Knowing that this person would become an Apostle if he fell into the Black Ink Abyss, how could Yang Kai just sit back and watch? If he could eliminate one of them in advance, it would reduce the pressure on him in the future.

After taking another deep look at the depths of the Black Ink Abyss, Yang Kai then flew up.

In order to avoid trouble, he had concealed his figure and aura this time, so he didn’t need to worry about being discovered.

Just now, the abnormality below the Black Ink Abyss had alarmed countless Black Ink Religion disciples, but they only heard the roars coming from below and had no idea what was happening.

The news spread out layer by layer and soon attracted a large number of Black Ink Religion masters, but without being able to enter the depths of the Black Ink Abyss, the Black Ink Religion would not be able to find any valuable information.

What surprised Yang Kai was that Xue Ji was still waiting for him.

He secretly sent a voice transmission to Xue Ji and summoned her to a remote place before giving her a few instructions.

Xue Ji nodded repeatedly, “I’ll remember Master’s words, but I still need Master to bestow me with a token, otherwise, this servant’s identity will not be able to obtain that person’s trust.”

“It’s only right,” Yang Kai took out a jade slip, branded it with his own brand, and then left a few messages for Xue Ji, “Go.”

Xue Ji bowed and retreated.

After she left, Yang Kai also flew up into the sky and transformed into a streak of light, flying off in a certain direction.

The Spirit Religion had divided their forces into four groups and sent out their forces to the Black Ink Abyss. In the first few days, the battle had been fruitful, but as the Black Ink Religion gradually stabilized its position, the battlefront was no longer as easy to advance.

However, overall, the Spirit Religion still held the advantage.

This was especially true for the Holy Child who had stepped onto the stage. His performance was extremely astonishing. He was only in his early twenties, but his cultivation had already reached the peak. In the siege battle a few days ago, he had single-handedly fought against five Immortal Ascension masters from the Black Ink Religion and even killed one of the opponents, greatly boosting the morale of the Spirit Religion.

Because of the sudden mobilization of the Spirit Religion, the entire Primordial World was filled with the flames of war, but this was what everyone wanted. Countless people who had been oppressed by the Black Ink Religion all looked forward to the rescue of the Spirit Religion’s army.

Outside Bei Luo City, in an abandoned village, a figure suddenly appeared under the night sky.

Seeing that the figure was actually a woman, she looked around and coldly said, “Come out!”

“I didn’t hide, why is Elder Sister Li so fierce?” A tender laugh rang out as another woman appeared under the night sky. It was Xue Ji.

The one who summoned her was the Spirit Religion's Flag Master, Li Feiyu.

A Flag Master of the Spirit Religion and a Commander of the Black Ink Religion, meeting under the cover of night in this barren land, anyone who saw them would think that there was some kind of unspeakable secret between these two.

Listening to Xue Ji’s teasing, Li Feiyu’s smooth chin lifted, “Are you calling me Elder Sister?”

Xue Ji covered her mouth and giggled, “I heard that Sister Li’s birthday is three months older than mine.”

Li Feiyu coldly snorted, “Don’t try to make friends with me. Speak, why did you call me out?”

During the day, the two of them had fought for a short time, and it was at that time that Xue Ji secretly sent a message to Li Feiyu, leading to this meeting.

Speaking of which, Xue Ji’s expression became solemn as she explained, “I came here under orders.”

Li Feiyu’s eyes narrowed slightly, “On whose orders?”

Xue Ji said, “Elder Sister Li, why do you ask when you already know the answer? Does Elder Sister Li not know who I am acting for? That person clearly asked me to contact you.”

Li Feiyu fell silent for a moment before shaking her head, “I don’t trust your words.”

“That’s why I brought a token!” Xue Ji smiled as she raised the jade slip in her hand and flicked it.

Li Feiyu took it and immersed her Divine Sense into it to examine it before looking up at Xue Ji with a complicated expression.

Although she had long known about some crucial information and had some speculations about it, when she saw all of this, she still couldn’t believe it.

Was this Black Ink Religion’s Yu Faction Commander really subdued just like that?

“How is it? Is is correct?” Xue Ji asked.

Li Feiyu took the jade slip and said, “The jade slip is correct, but just because that person trusts you doesn’t mean I trust you. After all, sometimes men are easily deceived.”

Xue Ji said in a sweet voice, “Elder Sister misunderstands me, I am completely loyal to that man.”

Li Feiyu coldly snorted, “Then take out something practical and you can say whatever you want.”

Xue Ji sighed, “I knew Sister Li wouldn’t be so easy to deal with. Fine, I actually brought a gift this time.”

Saying so, she gently clapped her hands.

Behind her, another figure emerged from the darkness, causing Li Feiyu to become vigilant.

However, the man only walked over to Xue Ji’s side and respectfully handed her a package before retreating.

A thick smell of blood filled the air…

Li Feiyu’s eyes narrowed slightly as she stared at Xue Ji's package.

Xue Ji tossed the package to her and smiled, “Elder Sister Li, please see if this gift is satisfactory.”

Li Feiyu didn’t take it, instead allowing the package to fall to the ground. Only then did she take out a long sword and open the package.

A hideous head appeared before her eyes…

Li Feiyu was immediately surprised, “This is…”

Xue Ji’s red tongue licked her lips, “I just killed it, it’s still hot, Sister Li can touch it.”

'Touch my ass!'

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Li Feiyu’s heart was in turmoil. She really hadn’t expected that this Yu Faction Commander would do such a thing for that man.

The owner of this head was the City Lord of the Bei Luo City, a Third Order Immortal Ascension master.

It was rumored that he had once fought for the position of the Eight Factions' Commander, but unfortunately, he had been one step behind and had lost to others. However, he was qualified to compete for the position of the Eight Factions' Commander, so he was definitely one of the top masters in this world.

However, at this moment, this head had appeared here.


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'Touch my ass!'

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