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Under Xue Ji’s gaze, Yang Kai jumped down and flew towards the depths of the Black Ink Abyss.

At first, everything was normal, nothing unusual.

But as he went deeper, an extremely thin amount of Ink Force began to pervade the air. This Ink Force originated from the very depths of the Black Ink Abyss, the source of Black Ink's Source.

The surrounding environment also became much darker.

On the two sides of the Black Ink Abyss, there were many stone chambers that had been carved out by the disciples of the Black Ink religion.

They cultivated in these stone chambers, comprehending the mysteries of the Ink Force and using it to increase their strength.

Most of the stone chambers were empty, with only a few having the aura of a living person.

Yang Kai was somewhat curious about this. According to Xue Ji, the Black Ink religion Disciples cultivated here to comprehend the mysteries of the Ink Force and resist the erosion of the Ink Force. If they could maintain this balance, their strength would improve greatly, but if they couldn’t, they would be completely eroded by the Ink Force and become Black Ink Disciples.

Yang Kai still didn’t know what mysteries the Ink Force had that could increase a cultivator’s strength.

This was different from what he had expected.

Driven by curiosity, Yang Kai stealthily entered a stone chambers and concealed himself.

In the end, he came to an uncertain conclusion.

The Black Ink's Source had been secretly divided by Mu and sealed here, it was only a part of it. Moreover, there was also the Profound Gate, so the erosion of the Ink Force was greatly reduced.

When the Black Ink religion disciples came here, they would often be able to break through their shackles and bottlenecks while resisting the erosion of the Ink Force. They could even refine some of the Ink Force into their bodies and use it at critical moments to enhance their strength.

When he was with Zuo Wuyou, Yang Kai had killed many of the Black Ink religion’s disciples. Before these Black Ink religion disciples died, many of them had activated their Ink Force, but the disparity in strength between them could not change their fate.

This was an interesting discovery.

Mu had said before that the birth of the Black Ink religion was inevitable, because Black Ink's Source was sealed here. No matter who guarded it, even if it was a member of the Spirit Religion, they would be corroded by the Ink Force and their minds would be distorted, betraying their faith and persistence.

As for why she said she couldn’t get too close to the Profound Gate and couldn’t control it, Yang Kai have some guess.

After leaving the stone chamber, Yang Kai continued down.

Occasionally, he would encounter a patrolman from the Black Ink religion, but after seeing the token on Yang Kai’s waist, he didn’t make things difficult for him. There were even some patrolmen who kindly reminded him to act within his own limits and not try to act tough, so Yang Kai naturally agreed.

The further down he went, the denser the Ink Force became. The stone chambers on both sides of the canyon walls became sparse, and the number of cultivators cultivating in them also decreased sharply.

After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, Yang Kai could no longer feel the aura of any living creature around him, and no more stone chambers appeared on either side of the canyon wall.

He knew that he had reached a place where the Black Ink Religion’s disciples had never been before, and now that he was here, the Ink Force that filled the abyss had become so thick that it was almost pitch-black. Yang Kai could only use his Demon Eye of Annihilation and Divine Sense to investigate his surroundings.

The abyss was silent, and the eerie atmosphere filled the air.

Yang Kai followed the source of the Ink Force, down, down, and down.

Until one moment, his feet suddenly stepped onto the ground.

He had arrived at the deepest part of the Black Ink Abyss.

A crisp sound rang out from beneath his feet and Yang Kai lowered his head to examine it, his brow slightly raised.

In the depths of the Black Ink Abyss, there was a vast expanse of white bones that stretched as far as the eye could see. For countless years, it seemed that countless Black Ink religion disciples had died here, creating this world of bones.

He bent down to pick up a piece of bone and examined it, frowning slightly.

The skeleton in his hand was a bit strange, seemingly much larger than a normal skeleton. When he looked at the other skeletons, he found that many of them were the same.

What was happening?

The earth suddenly began to tremble, as if some giant monster was charging towards him from a certain direction.

Yang Kai raised his eyes and looked towards the source of the disturbance, but he didn’t see anything. However, after thinking about what Xue Ji had said and his purpose for this trip, he had a guess.

Throwing down the skeleton in his hand, he released his Divine Sense and quickly found the source of the disturbance.

This was the movement of a creature with extremely vigorous vitality and an abnormal intensity.

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before changing his position. Unexpectedly, the unknown creature was still chasing after him.

This guy could sense his position! However, Yang Kai couldn’t sense any Divine Sense fluctuations.

This was somewhat strange.

He did not move and instead stood quietly in place, waiting to see what exactly was going on with the Apostle deep inside the Black Ink Abyss.

Soon, a massive figure broke through the darkness and appeared in front of Yang Kai.

What he saw made Yang Kai frown, because although this giant figure was still in human form, there was more to it than met the eye.

This Apostle was tall, almost three times Yang Kai's Height. His body was hunched and his hands were dangling from the ground. As he rushed forward, he was like a giant gorilla. His physique was abnormally strong, as if he had been blown by a gust of wind.

What caught Yang Kai’s attention was that this Apostle was covered in tumors.

This reminded him of some scenes he had seen before.

There was once a Open Heaven Stage cultivator who had been corroded by the Ink Force and transformed into a Black Ink Disciple, breaking through their original limits and reaching a higher realm. But correspondingly, they had paid a certain price, and the transformation of their physical bodies was one of them.

The Open Heaven Stage cultivators who had broken through their shackles all had this kind of terrifying tumor on their bodies, constantly leaking pus and releasing a foul stench.

Yang Kai immediately became vigilant.

The Apostle had already leapt high into the air, his movements indescribably nimble as he pounced towards Yang Kai. In mid-air, a giant palm slammed down.

Yang Kai deliberately tried to probe, instead of dodging, he raised his fist to meet this attack.

With a loud bang, the earth trembled and Yang Kai’s figure became shorter by three centimetres. Under the immense force, he was forced to retreat, his feet leaving two long marks on the ground as his clothes fluttered.

The Apostle was also sent flying by Yang Kai’s punch, but after falling to the ground, he quickly got up again, his body overflowing with black mist as he roared and charged towards Yang Kai, as if he didn’t know pain or reason.

Yang Kai immediately assumed a fighting stance and began fighting.

With Mu’s help, he was now at the peak of the Immortal Ascension stage and had reached the limit of this world’s capacity. If his strength were to increase again, he would be repulsed and suppressed by this world.

With his Ninth Order Open Heaven foundation, it could be said that in the entire Primordial World, there was almost no one who could withstand three moves from him.

However, this unknown Apostle had fought with Yang Kai for half a cup of tea time before he found an opportunity to kill him.

In other words, if such An apostle were to leave the Black Ink Abyss, he would become an invincible existence. The so-called Commander of the Black Ink religion and the Flag Masters of the Spirit Religion were nothing in front of this Apostle.

A foul stench of blood flowed out, and a rich Ink Force began to disperse from the corpse, causing Yang Kai’s mood to become heavy.

He finally understood what was going on with the strange corpse in the depths of the Black Ink Abyss. The body of the Apostles were different from ordinary people, and over the years, countless of them had died in this abyss, so naturally the corpses left behind were larger than those of ordinary people.

However, this was not the main point.

Most importantly, the strength of the Apostle had already surpassed the Immortal Ascension stage.

Above the Immortal Ascension stage was the Transcendent Realm. The Apostle that Yang Kai had killed had obviously stepped into the Transcendent Realm.

However, because it had lost its rationality and only acted on instinct, it was difficult for it to display the strength of a Transcendent Realm. Otherwise, it would be more troublesome for Yang Kai to deal with it.

How could there be a Transcendent Realm Apostle here? The Martial Dao standard in this world was not high, so it should only be able to accommodate Immortal Ascension stage masters. Otherwise, after so many years, there would always be some outstanding geniuses who had broken through the Immortal Ascension stage!

But in fact, from beginning to end, no Transcendent Realm cultivator had appeared in this world.

With his current strength at the Peak Immortal Ascension stage, he could clearly feel the suppression of the World's Will. The World was merciless and no Transcendent Realm cultivator was allowed to appear here, otherwise it would cause the World Laws to become unstable.

Why could an Apostle do that?

Yang Kai turned his head and looked in a certain direction. He could vaguely see a large door there, which should be the Profound Gate.

Behind the gate was a strand of Black ink's Source. It was this Source that had created the Black Ink Abyss' special environment and created the Apostles and Black Ink religion.

However, he no longer had the time to investigate the mysteries of the Black Ink Abyss, because all he could hear was a violent vibration from all directions. In his field of vision, he could see giant shadows rushing towards him, their low roars shaking his soul.

There was more than one Apostle in the depths of the Black Ink Abyss!

Yang Kai’s expression changed slightly. Although he had the foundation of a Ninth Order Open Heaven, his strength in this world had been greatly suppressed. Just killing an Apostle had taken a lot of effort, so if he were to be besieged by so many Apostles, it would not end well for him.

Just as he was about to activate the Thunder Shadow’s Natal Divine Ability to conceal himself, he suddenly changed his mind.

The next moment, he soared into the sky and swept over the Black Ink Abyss.

Many of the surrounding Apostles roared as they followed closely behind.

Although the Apostles appeared to be extremely fat, their movements were extremely agile.

With one person in front and many Apostles behind, they shot through the darkness like a meteor shower.

The commotion below quickly alerted the Black Ink religion disciples who were cultivating up above. The deep roars made countless people tremble in fear as they walked out of the stone chambers and looked down, wondering what was happening.

Soon, a Black Ink religion master at the bottom saw a scene he couldn’t believe.

In the darkness, a figure rushed out from the depths of the Black Ink Abyss, and behind this person, a large, burly, and roaring figure chased after him.

“Apostle?” This Black Ink religion master’s eyes narrowed, not daring to believe that he would be able to meet such a legendary existence in his lifetime.


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