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Looking at the figure in the pavilion, the woman’s anxious mood slowly eased. Taking a deep breath, she slowly walked forward.

After arriving in front of the man, the woman bowed, “This servant greets Master.”

The man didn’t seem to have heard anything and simply stared towards a certain direction in a daze.

The woman followed his gaze and saw nothing but endless white clouds.

She stood quietly to the side and waited, lowering her eyes like a house cat and restraining her sharp edges.

After a long time, Yang Kai suddenly said, “If one day you suddenly realize that everything around you is nothing but an illusion, even the world you live in is not what you think it is, what will you do?”

Xue Ji’s thoughts raced as she carefully considered her words before asking, “What does Master mean?”

Yang Kai shook his head and turned to look at her, “You’re a smart woman, one day you’ll understand. Before that, I need you to do something for me.”

Xue Ji immediately knelt down, “If Master has any instructions, this servant will obey.”

“Take me to the Black Ink Abyss!”

Black Ink Abyss was the Origin of the Black Ink Religion, and the Profound Gate was located there. Black Ink's Source was also sealed there, but Yang Kai had only been here for a few days, so he didn’t know exactly where the Black Ink Abyss was. After thinking about it for a while, he decided that it would be more convenient to find Xue Ji to lead the way, so he used his bloodline’s connection to find her and wait outside the small city.

Xue Ji’s body trembled slightly, a trace of fear appearing on her face as she asked hesitantly, “Why did Master want to go there?”

Yang Kai said lightly, “Don’t ask what you shouldn’t ask, just lead the way.”

Xue Ji nodded, “Yes.”

She raised her head again and stared at Yang Kai expectantly, her red lips moving slightly as if she wanted to say something.

Yang Kai immediately lost his temper and cut his finger, flicking a strand of Dragon Blood towards her.

Xue Ji acted as if she had obtained a precious treasure and swallowed it, quickly turning into a bloody mist and escaping. A voice rang out from afar, “Master, please wait half a day for me, this servant will be back soon!”

Half a day later, Xue Ji returned, her body drenched in sweat, but her aura had obviously increased significantly, to the point where it was difficult for her to suppress it.

After receiving benefits from Yang Kai three times in a row, Xue Ji’s strength had undoubtedly grown greatly, and she was originally a peak Immortal Ascension Boundary master. If it weren’t for the fact that it was difficult for a higher realm to appear in this world, she would have broken through long ago.

This woman had an extremely high talent in the Blood Dao, and she even had a special physique that was extremely compatible with the Blood Dao, but her luck was not good. She was born in this Primordial World and was bound by the Space-Time River, making it difficult for her to escape from the World's suppression.

If she were to live in a stronger Universe World, her strength would definitely soar.

“I’ll teach you a method to suppress your aura, so you should study it carefully,” Yang Kai said.

Xue Ji was overjoyed and quickly said, “Many thanks for Master’s gift!”

After passing down a set of techniques, Xue Ji’s momentum was greatly suppressed. At this moment, the already mysterious Yang Kai became even more difficult to fathom in her mind.

The two of them set off towards the Black Ink Abyss.

Along the way, Yang Kai also asked about some information about the Apostle, but even Xue Ji, a high-level officer of the Black Ink Religion, had a limited understanding of the Apostle.

“Master may not know, but the Black Ink Abyss is the origin of my Sect. In the eyes of the members of my Black Ink Religion, that place is extremely sacred, so no one is allowed to approach the Black Ink Abyss. Only those who have performed some meritorious deeds for the Black Ink Religion are allowed to meditate and cultivate beside the Black Ink Abyss. In addition, those who hold high positions like this servant will have a fixed number of people entering the Black Ink Abyss every year.”

“The Ink Force is unpredictable and can easily distort one’s temperament, so comprehending the mysteries of the Black Ink Abyss is both an opportunity and an adventure. If one is lucky, their cultivation can improve greatly, but if they are unlucky, they will completely lose themselves. In fact, there are many such people in the Black Ink Religion, even the Commander level people.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly. When he had interacted with the members of the Black Ink Religion, he had discovered that although these Black Ink Religion's Disciples also had some Ink Force in their bodies, it was extremely faint and did not seem to completely distort their temperament. For example, Xue Ji was able to maintain herself.

This was completely different from the Black Ink Disciples Yang Kai had encountered before. The Black Ink Disciples he had encountered in the past had all been completely corroded by the Ink Force and had become completely subservient.

As Xue Ji spoke, a trace of fear appeared in her eyes, “Those who lost their sense of self may look no different from ordinary people on the surface, but in reality, their hearts have already changed. This servant almost lost her mind once, but fortunately, she withdrew in time to save herself.”

Yang Kai asked, “So you’re saying that cultivating in the Black Ink Abyss is to maintain a balance between comprehending the mysteries of the Ink Force and maintaining yourself?”

Xue Ji replied, “You can say that, if you can maintain this balance, you can increase your strength, but if the balance is broken, you will completely fall. An Apostle should be such an existence!”

“What do you mean?” Yang Kai raised his brow.

“According to this servant’s observations over the years, every year there are many believers who lose themselves in the Black Ink Abyss. Most of them will withdraw from the Black Ink Abyss and continue their previous lives. There seems to be no change, but only a small number of them will enter the Black Ink Abyss and disappear. These people should be Apostle!”

“Since they’ve disappeared, how did the existence of an Apostle become exposed?” Yang Kai frowned.

“Although there’s no trace of them, in the depths of Black Ink Abyss, there are often sounds similar to the roars of beasts, causing one’s hair to stand on end. So we know that there are still living creatures in the depths of the Black Ink Abyss, the ones who went deep into Black Ink Abyss, but no one knows what they encountered.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly in understanding.

In other words, the Apostle were the true Black Ink Disciple. Their minds had been completely distorted by the Ink Force, and after entering the Black Ink Abyss, although they were still alive, they no longer appeared in front of the world.

“I heard that Apostle never leave the Black Ink Abyss?” Yang Kai asked again.

Xue Ji replied, “Indeed, after so many years of the Black Ink Religion's establishment, there has never been an Apostle who left the Black Ink Abyss.”

“Have you studied why this happened?” Yang Kai asked.

Xue Ji shook her head, “Not many have even seen the true Apostle, let alone studied it.”

Yang Kai didn’t ask any more questions. The information Xue Ji knew was limited, so it seemed that if he wanted to figure out the true identity of the Apostle, he would have to personally go.

“The Spirit Religion has already sent out an army to the Black Ink Abyss, so a great war between the two Sects is inevitable. As the Commander of the Yu Faction, do you not need to guard the front lines?”

Xue Ji smiled lightly and said, “Master may not know, but my Faction is responsible for assassinations, so we don’t have a lot of manpower, so this kind of large-scale war usually isn’t something my Faction can intervene in. There will be other Commanders to discuss and resolve it.” She asked carefully, “Master should be on the side of the Spirit Religion, right?”

“If that’s the case, how should you act?” Yang Kai asked.

Xue Ji happily replied, “Of course I’ll follow Master and serve you.”

“Very good,” Yang Kai nodded with satisfaction.

Along the way, with Xue Ji leading the way, even if they encountered the Black Ink Religion's people, they could easily pass.

It wasn’t until ten days later that the two of them arrived at the Origin of the Black Ink Religion, where the Black Ink Abyss was located!

Black Ink Abyss was located in the Black Ink Field, a vast plain that was the core of the entire Black Ink Religion.

This place was guarded by a large number of masters from the Black Ink Religion all year round, but because they had to deal with the war against the Spirit Religion, a large number of people had been mobilized, leaving behind only a few.

As soon as they entered the Black Ink Abyss, they could still see a verdant landscape, but as they ventured deeper into it, the grassland gradually became desolate, as if some mysterious force was affecting the vitality of this land.

At the very center of the Black Ink Abyss, there was a huge and wide abyss. This abyss was like a crack in the earth, stretching all the way into the depths of the earth. The bottom of this abyss was pitch black.

This was Black Ink Abyss!

Standing above the Black Ink Abyss, one could faintly hear the roar of the wind, mixed with the occasional dull roar, like a fierce beast trapped inside.

Beside the Black Ink Abyss, there was a grand hall built by the Black Ink Religion.

All disciples who came to the Black Ink Abyss to cultivate had to register in this hall before they could enter.

However, since Xue Ji had personally led him here, Yang Kai naturally didn’t need to pay attention to these unnecessary formalities. Someone else would take care of everything for him.

Standing above the Black Ink Abyss, Yang Kai activated his Demon Eye of Annihilation and looked down with a solemn expression.

He could vaguely sense that in the depths of the Black Ink Abyss, there was an extremely strange energy dissipating. It was Black Ink's Source!

A Black Ink Religion disciple walked up and stood in front of Xue Ji, respectfully handing her an identity token, “Commander Xue Ji, this is what you want.”

Xue Ji took the identity token and examined it briefly to make sure there was no problem before nodding slightly.

The disciple continued, “In addition, the other Commanders sent a message saying that if we see the Xue Ji Commander, they want you to immediately head to the front lines.”

Xue Ji impatiently replied, “Understood.”

After delivering these words, the disciple turned around and left.

Xue Ji handed the identity token to Yang Kai and whispered to him, “There are many Enforcers from the Black Ink Religion patrolling the Black Ink Abyss. If Sir wears this token on his waist, they won’t disturb Sir.”

Yang Kai nodded, “Good.” Taking the token, he wore it on his waist.

“Sir, you must be careful. You can't go too deep into the Black Ink Abyss, try not to go too deep!” Xue Ji warned worriedly. Although she had seen Yang Kai’s various methods and was deeply impressed by his Dragon Blood, no one knew what was going on in the depths of Black Ink Abyss. If Yang Kai died in the depths of the Black Ink Abyss, or if he didn’t return, where would she go to find the Dragon Blood?

Although these words were filled with sincere concern, it was mostly for her own future.


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