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Inside the restaurant, Zuo Wuyou was drinking wine to drown his sorrows, his expression absent-minded.

The Brother Yang who had fought his way back to the Holy City with him had died!

Just yesterday, news spread from the Spirit Religion that Brother Yang had failed to pass the test left behind by the first generation Saintess, proving that he was not a true Holy Child but someone with ulterior motives. In the end, he was killed by the various flag masters in the sealed land!

When the news spread, the Dawn City was shocked and the people found it difficult to accept.

After countless years of waiting and suffering, it was finally time for the prophecy to come true. A ray of light bloomed in the darkness, but before a day had passed, that light had been extinguished and the world once again fell into darkness.

However, soon after, another piece of exciting news came from the Spirit Religion.

A true Holy Child had already appeared ten years ago, and that True Holy Child was the one who had been prophesied. He had long since passed the test left behind by the first Saintess and obtained the approval of the Saintess and many other flag masters.

For the past ten years, he had been cultivating in seclusion and his cultivation had reached the peak of the Immortal Ascension stage!

Now that the Holy Child was about to come out of seclusion, the Spirit Religion also began to prepare their troops and prepare to send out their troops to the Black Ink Religion!

The disciples went crazy and the morning sun began to rise.

The second piece of news was simply too exciting, instantly dispersing all the effects of the fake Holy Child’s death. Everyone was immersed in their desire for a better future. As for the fake Holy Child who had entered the city one day ago… who was he? Who could remember?

Zuo Wuyou remembered!

Along the way, he had clearly seen how Brother Yang had defeated the strong as a weakling. With just a True Element stage cultivation, he had killed an Immortal Ascension stage master, injured Xue Ji, and forced the Earth Faction Commander to retreat. After that, he had miraculously made Xue Ji bow to him.

He had once thought that a Holy Child should possess such divine might and accomplish things that ordinary people could not! Only such a Holy Child could shoulder the heavy responsibility of saving the world!

But even so, Brother Yang was still killed by the Flag Masters in the sealed land.

The higher-ups of the Spirit Religion had even confirmed his false identity…

Zuo Wuyou was at a loss, no longer knowing the truth.

If that Brother Yang was a fake, why did he insist on coming to the Holy City to die?

What was going on with Chu Anhe?

What was up with this unknown flag master who had concealed his identity and secretly come to kill them?

This world was too complicated…

Zuo Wuyou picked up the wine pot in front of him, raised his head, and drank!

Putting down the wine pot, he strode away. For someone as straightforward as him, it wasn’t appropriate for him to think about schemes and plots. He was born a member of the Spirit Religion, and it was the Spirit Religion that had given him everything. Now that the Spirit Religion was about to send troops to the Black Ink Religion base, it was time for him to contribute his strength!

The efficiency of the Spirit Religion was quite high. With the appearance of the True Holy Child, the various Banners summoned their troops, and in just three days, the various Flag Masters began to lead the troops from the Holy City, splitting up into four different routes and sending out troops to the Black Ink Religion's base.

After countless years of planning and preparation, the Spirit Religion’s army had grown stronger and the Holy Child had taken command of the Central Army, causing the morale of the army to soar.

Soon, large and small battles broke out everywhere.

Although the Black Ink Religion had been fighting against the Spirit Religion all these years, they had both maintained a certain degree of restraint. No one had expected that this time, the Spirit Religion would actually begin to fight for real.

In a moment of carelessness, the Black Ink Religion lost a large portion of its territory, allowing it to be captured.

The four armies advanced together, one city after another changing owners.

It wasn’t until a few days later that the Black Ink Religion, which had been caught off guard, finally managed to stabilize itself and gather its scattered forces to defend themselves.

The Primordial World wasn’t actually that big. With the entire universe size, how big could it be?

If this world was divided into two, the east would be occupied by the Spirit Religion while the west would be occupied by the Black Ink Religion.

In the middle of the territories of the two Sects, there was a wide, gray area which neither side deliberately controlled. It could be said that this was a place where both sides allowed themselves to wander freely.

This region had always been the place where conflicts between the two Sects frequently erupted, and it was also the buffer point between the two Sects.

Without absolute strength to defeat the opponent, such a buffer zone was necessary.

This buffer zone was close to the location controlled by the Black Ink Religion in the west, where there was a small Fu An City. The city was not big, and its population was not high.

The City Lord’s cultivation was only at the First Order Immortal Ascension stage, a fat man with a big belly.

Originally, his strength wasn’t enough for him to assume the position of City Lord, but because this was the default buffer zone of the two Sects, he was able to sit in this position. On the surface, he wasn’t under the jurisdiction of any force, but in reality, he had secretly joined the Black Ink Religion and was secretly gathering intelligence for the Black Ink Religion.

After all, Fu An City was closer to the territory of the Black Ink Religion, so doing so was a wise decision.

The fat City Lord had already lived such a leisurely life for ten years, but today, he found it difficult to relax.

The Spirit Religion's army rushed over, and the cities in the buffer zone were all controlled by the Spirit Religion. Soon, they would arrive at Fu An City.

At this critical moment, he had to decide whether he should continue to work for the Black Ink Religion in secret or join the Spirit Religion.

Holding a jade slip in his hand, which contained important information from the past few days, the fat city lord frowned.

“This is going to be troublesome. The fake Holy Child was killed, the True Holy Child appeared, and the Spirit Religion mobilized all of its forces to attack the Black Ink Abyss. Fu An City is a place they must pass through, so we need to establish contact with the Spirit Religion as soon as possible…” He was well aware of his own strength. A mere First Order Immortal Ascension stage cultivator would not be able to resist the advance of the Spirit Religion's army.

Right now, the Spirit Religion's army was unstoppable, and Fu An City was destined to fall. The most important thing now was to surrender to the Spirit Religion.

However, he didn’t notice that as he spoke, the tender and charming woman in his arms trembled slightly.

The woman slowly straightened up from his embrace and looked at him, her voice as gentle as water, “Old Master, you said… who was killed?”

The fat City Lord smiled and said, “A fellow who pretended to be the Holy Child of the Spirit Religion rushed all the way to the Dawn City, but failed to pass the test of the Spirit Religion and was killed by several Flag Masters.”

The woman smiled lightly, “What’s his name?”

The fat City Lord recalled, “I think his name is Yang Kai or something.”

The woman looked down at the jade slip in the fat City Lord’s hand and asked, “Can I take a look?”

The fat City Lord reached out and pinched her face, smiling as he said, “This is a cultivator’s plaything. You never cultivate, so you can’t see what’s inside…”

Before he could finish speaking, the fat City Lord’s expression changed, because at some point, the jade slip he was holding in his hand had run into the hands of the woman in front of him.

The fat City Lord didn’t even realize what was happening.

His hand froze as he stared fixedly at the woman in front of him, a look of surprise appearing on his face before gradually turning into one of horror.

He recalled a rumor…

On the other side, the woman didn’t seem to notice his reaction and simply stared at the jade slip in her hand for a moment before gritting her teeth and saying, “Impossible! He couldn’t have died just like that! How could he have died just like that!”

As soon as the woman’s voice fell, the fat City Lord shot forward at a speed that didn’t match his physique at all. His robes fluttered in the wind and he moved as fast as lightning, obviously using all his strength.

He wanted to escape!

If that rumor was true, then this seemingly weak woman who had been with him for three years was definitely not someone he could deal with!

However, a scene that left him in despair appeared. When he was only three inches away from the window, a powerful binding force suddenly descended and dragged him back to the woman.

The fat City Lord instantly trembled, his face turning blue.

The woman slowly got up, the three years of weakness she had displayed disappeared without a trace, her entire body filled with a terrifying aura. Looking down at the fat man in front of her, she asked in a cold and emotionless voice, “Do you think that person is dead?”

How could the fat City Lord know the answer? He only guessed that the fake Holy Child who had died had some kind of relationship with the woman in front of him and immediately kowtowed, “My Lord, this subordinate doesn’t know. This subordinate also just received this information and hasn’t had time to verify it!”

The woman’s eyes flickered slightly, “Do you know who I am?”

The fat city lord replied honestly, “This subordinate only has some speculations.”

The woman nodded, “Very good, it seems you’re a smart person. A smart person should do smart things.”

The fat City Lord’s eyes flashed as he immediately said, “My Lord, please rest assured, this subordinate will arrange for someone to verify the authenticity of this information and give My Lord an accurate answer as soon as possible.”

“En, go,” The woman waved her hand.

The fat City Lord immediately stood up as if he had just received a great amnesty, but when he looked up, he saw the woman in front of him staring at him playfully. Her face was still as charming as ever, but her familiar face now looked so unfamiliar.

A layer of blood mist had unknowingly enveloped the fat City Lord…

“My Lord, please spare my life!” The fat City Lord shouted in horror. When this blood mist appeared, how could he not know that his previous guess was correct?

This was really that woman!

That rumor was also true!

The blood mist seemed to have a mind of its own as it suddenly surged towards the fat City Lord and entered his body through his pores. The fat City Lord let out a miserable howl as his voice gradually faded away.

A moment later, the only thing left behind was a hideous-looking dried corpse, and a thick mist of blood poured out and was absorbed by the woman.

The woman who was supposed to be happy now had a look of pain on her face, as if she had lost the most important thing in her life, muttering to herself, “It’s impossible for you to die. You’re so powerful, how could you die? I won’t allow you to die!”

Her expression became slightly fierce as she quickly made up her mind, “I’ll personally investigate!”

Saying so, she turned around and transformed into a streak of red light, soaring into the sky.

Half a day after the woman left, the City Lord’s Mansion finally discovered the fat City Lord’s corpse, causing a great commotion.

As soon as the woman rushed out of Fu An City, she suddenly felt something and turned her head in a certain direction.

It was as if something was guiding her from that direction.

The woman frowned, a look of confusion filling her face, but after a moment of hesitation, she flew in that direction.

A short while later, she saw a familiar figure in the pavilion outside the city. Although this person had a face she had never seen before, the faint sensation from her bloodline allowed her to confirm that this person was the one she was looking for.


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