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The Spirit Religion’s original plan was to capture Yang Kai and interrogate him about his purpose of pretending to be the Holy Child, so they could figure out his identity. However, in the battle just now, no one dared to hold back, because the strength Yang Kai displayed was simply too incredible.

On top of that, this fellow who was pretending to be the Holy Child seemed to have a fierce personality. Facing Li Feiyu’s fatal sword, he showed no intention of dodging and instead assumed a suicidal stance. At the last moment, if it weren’t for Yu Daochi blocking Yang Kai’s attack, the one lying here would not only be Yang Kai, but Li Feiyu would also have been buried along with him.

The three great Flag Masters all broke out in a cold sweat, and even the faces of the other spectators twitched.

“Is this guy really just at the True Element stage?” Guan Miao Zhu couldn’t help asking.

“You saw the level of cultivation he displayed just now, he is indeed only at the True Element stage,” The Kun Flag Master Luo Yun Gong said with a sad expression, “It’s a pity that such a peerless talent could not be used by my Spirit Religion.”

If a True Element stage cultivator had such powerful strength, what would happen if he were to break through to the Immortal Ascension stage?

It was likely that no one in this world could be his opponent. Originally, he had thought that the hidden Holy Child’s talent was unparalleled, but now compared to this fake Holy Child, he was nothing.

This person really had the ability to break through the shackles of the World Laws and pry into the mysteries above the Immortal Ascension stage.

Originally, after killing Yang Kai, the various Flag Masters didn’t think much of it, but after hearing Luo Yun Gong’s words, they all felt it was too much of a pity.

“He’s already dead, what’s the point of saying all this?” The oldest Sikong Nan said, “He pretended to be the Holy Child and infiltrated the Spirit Religion, naturally standing on the opposite side of the Spirit Religion. Unfortunately, he also obtained the favor of the people and the World Will. If one day he really breaks through to the Immortal Ascension stage, I’m afraid my Spirit Religion will no longer exist. Killing him now is actually a good thing, it can be considered cutting off a great enemy in advance.”

When everyone heard this, all of them nodded, finally breaking free from their regret.

Yu Daochi opened his mouth and said, “Ever since he entered the city yesterday, the mood of the disciples in the city has clearly soared, all of them feeling that the savior the world had appeared and that the day to eradicate the Black Ink Religion was not far off. But now that this person has died… how can we explain this to the billions of disciples in the world?”

Li Feiyu rubbed her forehead and said with a slight headache, “It’s not just the people, all the disciples in the Sect also have the same idea. Last night, many people were already inquiring about when they would begin targeting the Black Ink Religion.”

Sikong Nan nodded and said, “This old man also heard some rumors that if this matter is not handled properly, there is a high chance it will backfire on the Spirit Religion.”

Everyone wore solemn expressions.

After a moment of silence, the Saintess suddenly said, “Let the real Holy Child appear.”

She smiled at everyone and said, “Even if this incident didn’t happen, the Holy Child should have appeared after he cultivated in secret for ten years. His cultivation has long since reached the peak of the Immortal Ascension stage and his strength isn’t inferior to any flag master’s, allowing him to raise the flag of the Spirit Religion.”

“What about the fake Holy Child?” Li Feiyu asked.

“Just tell the disciples the truth,” The Saintess’ soft voice rang out, “The disciples and this world are waiting for the Holy Child, not the fake Yang Kai, so there’s no need to hide anything from them.”

Hearing this, Sikong Nan couldn’t help nodding his head, “Using the birth of the True Holy Child as a buffer against the death of the Fake Holy Child is enough to allow the disciples to vent their emotions and calm the storm.”

The Saintess said, “The birth of the Holy Child is a major event. The World and the Spirit Religion have been waiting for countless years, so it is time for the fight with the Black Ink Religion begin!”

When the various flag masters heard this, all of their expressions changed as they looked towards the Saintess' direction, each of their eyes filled with flames.

After countless years of waiting and resisting, was it finally time to reveal their might?

“Three days later, the Holy Child will come out of seclusion and announce to the world that the various flag masters are preparing all of their forces to attack the Black Ink Religion!” The Saintess’ voice was still as gentle as water, but her tone was resolute and decisive.


Li Feiyu carried the bloody corpse into a secret room and gently placed it down before looking at it worriedly.

Without any warning, the corpse that should have been dead for a long time suddenly opened its eyes, startling the defenseless Li Feiyu.

“You really didn’t die?” Li Feiyu stared at Yang Kai in disbelief, clearly feeling a rich vitality begin to revive in his originally cold body.

If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, she would never have believed such nonsense. After all, she had personally killed Yang Kai, so she was certain that her sword had pierced through his heart!

At that time, with so many flag masters present, all of them were peak Immortal Ascension stage masters, any falsehood could be seen through.

So, she really did kill him.

“Are you human?” Li Feiyu couldn’t help asking.

Yang Kai thought about it carefully before shaking his head, “No.”

After his experience in the Dragon Pond, he could already be considered a pure-blooded Dragon Clan, but his human race background made it difficult for him to abandon his past.

Yang Kai lifted his hand and took off his bloodstained clothes, saying, “The Saintess has already explained the situation to you, right? Three days from now, the Spirit Religion will begin a war against the Black Ink Religion. You are in the open while I am in the dark. The Li Banner will be responsible for the investigation of the outside world, so when the time comes, you will need to cooperate with me… Hey, what are you doing!”

Yang Kai stared at Li Feiyu, who was squatting in front of him, with a stunned look on her face. This woman had actually reached out and touched his muscular chest.

Li Feiyu stared fixedly at the chest that had been pierced by the long sword, feeling the strong heartbeat in her hand as she muttered, “What kind of monster are you?”

The wound was still there, but most of it had already healed. How long had it been? It wouldn’t be long before it completely healed.

What made Li Feiyu even more concerned was that the blood Yang Kai had just shed was golden in color, clearly containing a terrifying power.

This was probably the reason why he was able to fight three flag masters at the True Element stage.

“Such impudence,” Yang Kai slapped her hand away and put on his clothes.

Li Feiyu continued, “I finally understand why Xue Ji was attracted to you, even bowing down to you!”

This information came from Zuo Wuyou. After all, Zuo Wuyou had personally experienced the situation at that time. Zuo Wuyou was loyal to the Spirit Religion, so it was naturally impossible for him to conceal this information from Li Feiyu.

“Did you hear what I just said?” Yang Kai looked at her helplessly.

Li Feiyu said seriously, “I heard you, I will cooperate with you in the future.”

Yang Kai nodded in satisfaction, “Good.” He sat down cross-legged again and looked at Li Feiyu, “Now tell me about the Black Ink Religion.”

Li Feiyu’s expression also became serious as she asked, “What does Sir want to know?”

Yang Kai called out, “Apostle!”

Li Feiyu’s eyes narrowed, “You know about the existence of an Apostle?”

“I have heard of it,” Yang Kai nodded. This information was obtained from Yan Peng, but unfortunately, although Yan Peng was also at the Immortal Ascension stage and had a high status in the Black Ink Religion, he didn’t know much about the Apostle.

When he had met Xue Ji three times before, Yang Kai had yet to obtain this information, so naturally he hadn’t heard anything from her.

This was a good time to ask Li Feiyu.

Facing Yang Kai’s question, Li Feiyu hesitated for a moment before replying, “The Spirit Religion doesn’t know much about the Apostle. After all, the Apostle have always been guarding the Black Ink Abyss, rarely coming out of the depths of Black Ink Abyss. Over the years, although the Spirit Religion has acted against Black Ink Religion several times, they have never posed a threat to the Black Ink Abyss, so naturally, they won’t attract any Apostle.”

“Apostle are taboo existences, everything is a mystery. It is said that they are obsessed with the Ink Force and have spent many years comprehending the mysteries of that power in the Black Ink Abyss. It is said that their strength has broken through the Immortal Ascension stage and reached an even higher level. The Spirit Religion does not know what this level is, nor does the Spirit Religion know how many of them there are.”

“The only thing we understand is that the Apostle never leave the Black Ink Abyss, and over the countless years, we have never found any traces of them outside of the Black Ink Abyss. Even the Black Ink Religion itself doesn’t know much about Apostle. If not for that, the Spirit Religion would have long since lost to the Black Ink Religion.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai frowned.

Now that he had obtained Mu’s help, he had already recovered his Immortal Ascension stage cultivation. When he was in the sealed land, he had concealed his cultivation and only showed his True Element stage strength to others, so all the Flag Masters of the Spirit Religion thought he was only at the True Element stage.

With his current strength, it could be said that no one in this Primordial World was his opponent.

However, there was always a limit to manpower. Under the great suppression of one’s strength, facing an entire Black Ink Religion was still beyond one’s ability, so if one wanted to deal with the Black Ink Religion, they would need to borrow the power of the Spirit Religion.

The Profound Gate that sealed the Black Ink Source was located in the Black Ink Abyss, the place where the Black Ink Religion originated.

The Apostle were also hiding in the Black Ink Abyss. They were obsessed with the Ink Force, comprehending the mysteries of the Ink Force.

However, it was undeniable that the Apostle were extremely powerful.

Only by dealing with the Black Ink Religion and the Apostle would he have the ability to refine the Profound Gate and seal a portion of Black Ink’s Source.

This was destined to be a difficult battle.

However, this war concerned the survival of the 3000 Worlds and the Human Race, so how could Yang Kai not try his best?

Li Feiyu, the Flag Master of the Li Banner, only had a limited understanding of the Apostle, let alone others.

Yang Kai thought to himself. It seemed that if he wanted to figure out the secrets of the Apostle, he would have to make a personal trip.

After asking Li Feiyu for more information, Yang Kai let her leave.

Before leaving, Li Feiyu suddenly turned around and praised, “Good acting.”

“What?” Yang Kai asked subconsciously before quickly realizing she was referring to the battle in the sealed land.

With his Ninth Order Open Heaven foundation, it was simply too easy for him to deceive a group of Immortal Ascension stage masters.


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