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The Mu in front of him was just a shadow of Mu’s long life, which was why she kept calling herself Mu, but not Mu.

Yang Kai had never thought that there would be someone in this world who could do such a bizarre thing, completely subverting his understanding.

He couldn’t help sighing in his heart. As expected of the strongest of the Ten Martial Ancestors, her cultivation and attainments in the Great Dao far surpassed others.

Mu’s identity had been made clear, and the secrets of the Primordial World had also appeared in front of Yang Kai. This place was the birthplace of Black Ink also the core of the entire Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, so it could be said to be extremely important.

“With Senior’s strength, was it really impossible for you to destroy Black Ink back then?” Yang Kai suppressed the roiling thoughts in his heart and asked.

Such a powerful Mu could only choose to use the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction to suppress Balck Ink here, leaving him deeply shocked.

In comparison, how strong was Black Ink?

Mu did not answer this question, instead replying, “Actually, Black Ink’s nature is not bad.”

Yang Kai asked in surprise, “What do you mean?”

Mu showed a look of reminiscence as she continued, “Since you’ve met Cang before, you should have heard him mention some things about Black Ink.”

“Senior Cang didn’t say much back then. I only know that ten Seniors seemed to have some kind of friendship with Black Ink back then, but for some reason, they fell out.”

Mu smiled, “You can’t put it that way, it’s just that our positions are different. When the first ray of light was born in this world, darkness was also born, eventually giving birth to a trace of sentience. That was the original Black Ink, but even after countless years of loneliness and coldness, Black Ink was born without any resentment. He was ignorant, his understanding of this world was blank, like a newborn baby.”

“At that time, Cang and the other nine had already achieved the Dao under the World Tree and comprehended the Open Heaven Method. The rise of the Human Race and the victory over the Monster Race established the glory of that era, but unfortunately, Black Ink’s appearance made this glory only appear briefly.”

“The nature of living beings is curiosity. Black Ink has his own consciousness and desires to explore all things unknown. He descended into a certain Universe World, and soon after, the peaceful world became his. The Ink Force has an irresistible corrosive effect on any living being, and Black Ink is unable to restrain his own power. He didn’t even realize he had to restrain his own power! When all the living beings in this world bowed down to him, his heart, which had been lonely for countless years, was greatly satisfied.”

“This was a very bad start, so he began to spread his strength among the Universe Worlds like a naughty child showing off his abilities, drawing more attention.”

“Then he met us. The ten of us, after all, had profound cultivations and had achieved the Dao under the World Tree, so we had a natural resistance to the Ink Force. This made Black Ink even more curious and interested in us, and it was from that time that our paths crossed.”

“Although we noticed his true nature, his strength was destined to be unacceptable to the world, so in the end we decided to attack him. However, at that time, Black Ink’s strength had greatly increased compared to when he was first born. Even if the ten of us joined forces, it would be difficult for us to completely destroy him, so we could only choose to create the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction to seal him. Black Ink noticed our intentions and at the last moment ordered all of the Black Ink Disciples to counterattack, ultimately resulting in this mess that lasted for a million years. Even now, this mess has not been cleaned up.”

After hearing Mu’s words, Yang Kai remained silent for a long time.

So, the struggle between the Human Race and Black Ink Clan that had been going on since ancient times was actually a farce caused by a little brat?

This farce had lasted for a million years and countless human race had died because of it. How ironic was that?

“His existence is the greatest sin!” Yang Kai sighed after a long time.

“Although it’s a bit cruel to say so, it’s the truth,” Mu agreed.

“Did you just say that Black Ink’s strength has increased, does he knows how to cultivate?” Yang Kai asked again.

Mu shook her head, “He is an existence born from the world and does not need any cultivation methods. The darkness of all living things is the source of his strength, so after he gained sentience and left the Primordial World, he used his own strength to occupy a large number of Universe Worlds, allowing his strength to greatly increase.”

Yang Kai was shocked, “The darkness of all living things?”

“Any kind of scheme, betrayal, bloodthirst, cruelty, malice, resentment, slaughter… anything that can stir the dark thoughts of all living beings can strengthen his strength.”

“What kind of logic is that?” Yang Kai asked curiously.

“There’s no logic in it!” Mu said solemnly, “It’s just like how that light left after it was born, leaving behind only darkness to endure loneliness and coldness. All living beings like the light despise the darkness beneath it, but the reason darkness was born was because of the light, so darkness could naturally absorb the darkness of all living beings and grow.”

Yang Kai immediately felt a headache coming on, but just as he was about to say something, he suddenly realized something, “The Primordial World is the core of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, so the darkness of this world…”

Mu nodded, “It’s just as you think. Even when sealed, Black Ink’s power is constantly growing, so the First Heaven’s Seal will eventually be broken. In fact, if it weren’t for Mu’s backup plan, the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction would have already been broken.”

Yang Kai took a deep breath and said, “So if we want to deal with Black Ink, we can’t delay, we can only end this battle quickly!”

Wu Kuang’s voice rang out, “However, this kind of thing is extremely difficult.”

Even the ten Martial Ancestors had failed to accomplish this when they were still alive, but could anyone else accomplish it? The Human Race had fought for so many years and finally eliminated the hidden dangers of the 3000 Worlds, once again setting out on an expedition to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. If they were to be defeated again, they would never be able to recover.

Yang Kai looked up at Mu and asked solemnly, “What exactly was Senior’s last resort? Please explain!”

It was definitely not as simple as letting Black Ink fall into a deep sleep, otherwise Mu would not have left behind her own Space-Time River, nor would she have left behind this shadow to lead him and Wu Kuang here.

Mu definitely had other plans. Perhaps this was the hope and opportunity of the human race.

She had also said that when she woke up in this world, it meant that Mu’s trump card had been activated and the situation had reached a critical juncture.

Sure enough, Mu opened her mouth and said, “In the past, ten people created the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction and placed Black Ink here. Only Mu went deep into the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction to investigate the situation and left behind some arrangements. This place is one of them. Black Ink’s power is indeed difficult to completely remove, but the existence of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction proves that he can be sealed, so when her trump card was activated, Mu took advantage of Black Ink’s slumber and divided his Source into three thousand parts, sealing it in three thousand Universe Worlds.”

“This is one of them, and also the place where the seal began. What you need to do is go to the place where the place where Black Ink's Source is sealed. There is a Profound Gate there, the place where Blacl Ink was first born. It naturally has the power to seal Black Ink. Refine that gate and seal the Black Ink Source, and the Black Ink problem in this world can be removed. At the same time, it can weaken the power of the Black Ink.”

“This world?” Yang Kai was keenly aware of something.

“As I said, when Mu take advantage of Black Ink's deep sleep, she divided his Source Energy into three thousand portions and sealed them in three thousand different Universe Worlds. As for those Universe Worlds, they are all in my Space-Time River. If you can seal all of his Source, Black Ink will forever fall into a deep sleep.”

“So that’s how it is!” Yang Kai exclaimed, “It’s just that there are too many of them.”

Mu sighed, “If it wasn’t for that, the World Strength wouldn’t have been enough to suppress it. On top of that, Black Ink hid the Profound Gate very well. When the ten of us were still alive, we didn’t notice it until Mu went deep into the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction at the last moment and found some clues. Using it as a foundation, she left behind all kinds of arrangements. It was quite hasty.”

She continued, “So once you begin, you must act quickly, because every time you seal a portion of his Source, you will alert Black Ink. The more times you do so, the easier it will be for him to awaken. Once he awakens, he will take back all of his Source. Mu’s arrangements will not be able to stop this, so when the time comes, you will have to face Mo’s power.”

Yang Kai understood and said, “In other words, the faster I move, the more Source I seal, the less power he can withdraw.”


“But he will eventually wake up, so no matter what, I cannot use the Profound Gate to completely seal him.”

“Defeat him!” Mu encouraged.

Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing. Even if he had sealed many of Black Ink’s Source and greatly weakened Black Ink’s strength, that was still Black Ink, not to mention the fact that he still had the Black Ink's army under his command.

Defeating him was easier said than done.

But no matter what, there was a clear direction.

This was a good start. Before the Human Race set out, the Human Race had no idea how to defeat Black Ink.

“If I’m not mistaken, the location of the Profound Gate should be under the control of the Black Ink Religion, right?” Yang Kai asked.

Mu nodded, “There are countless living beings in this world, and the darkness of these living beings caused Black Ink’s power to overflow from the Profound Gate, giving birth to the Black Ink Religion. The Profound Gate is indeed controlled by the Black Ink Religion, and it is located at the core of the Black Ink Religion, a forbidden area!”

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before replying, “In other words, if I want to refine that gate, I have to deal with the Black Ink Religion…” He looked at Mu with a distressed expression, “Senior, since you have such a thorough plan, why don’t you control the Profound Gate but let others take it instead?”

Mu shook her head, “Because of some reasons, I cannot get too close to that door.”

“Then it’s fine to let the Spirit Religion's people guard it.”

Mu said, “Anyone who goes to guard this place will be contaminated by the Ink Force, so the birth of the Black Ink Religion is inevitable! Not only in this Primordial World, but in the Universe Worlds you will soon arrive at, every place you go will be filled with Black Ink's minions. If you want to seal these Sources, you must first deal with them.”


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