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“There’s no need to be so polite,” Mu raised her hand and looked towards Yang Kai’s chest, smiling slightly, “Little Eight, long time no see.”

Not only could she clearly see Yang Kai’s true appearance, she could even see Wu Kuang’s Soul Clone inside the jade pendant.

Wu Kuang’s voice suddenly rang out in Yang Kai’s mind, “Tell her I’m not Shi.”

Before Yang Kai could speak, Mu nodded and said, “I know. When you made that choice, I had already anticipated all kinds of endings and even tried to dissuade you, but now it seems that the result wasn’t too bad.”

In the past, in order to break through the Open Heaven Stage shackles and explore higher levels of the Martial Dao, Shi had not hesitated to use his own body to strengthen the power of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, leaving behind only a small portion of his Soul source to reincarnate. After many years, Yang Kai had brought him to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction to guard it.

Fortunately, his reincarnation could be considered a success. The current him was Wu Kuang, but unfortunately, he had not been able to fulfill his long-cherished wish from his previous life.

“You can hear my voice?” Wu Kuang was surprised. He was only a Soul Clone now, and with the help of the jade pendant, besides being able to communicate with Yang Kai, he didn’t have any spare energy to do anything else, but he didn’t expect Mu to hear him so clearly.

“Naturally,” Mu replied with a smile, “In other words, I am Mu, but I am also not Mu.”

Yang Kai was puzzled, “Senior, please explain.”

Mu slowly sat down and gestured for Yang Kai to take a seat.

After a moment of silence, she said, “I know you have many questions, let me think about how to begin.”

Yang Kai asked, “Senior, why don’t you tell me about this world and yourself?”

Mu glanced at him and smiled, “It seems you’ve noticed something?”

“Hey, what did you notice?” Wu Kuang asked.

Yang Kai slowly shook his head, “Just some baseless conjectures.”

Wu Kuang immediately fell silent.

Mu remained silent for a moment before saying, “Since you can enter this place, it means you have also condensed your own river of space and time. I call it the Space-Time River, but I don’t know how you call it.”

Yang Kai said, “I call it the same name as Senior. Does that mean Senior also obtained the inspiration of the Endless River inside the Universe Furnace?”

“That’s right,” Mu nodded, “The Endless River in the Universe Furnace contains too many mysteries. In the past, I explored it deeply and condensed my own myriad Great Daos to form the Space-Time River.”

“Before entering this place, I was blocked by an invisible barrier, but soon I was able to travel together with it. Was that a test left behind by Senior?”

“Yes, only by condensing one’s own Space-Time River can one enter this place! Otherwise, even if they did, it would be meaningless.”

Yang Kai suddenly understood. Previously, he had been obstructed by the invisible barrier, but he had immediately been able to travel with it. At that time, he had thought that his identity as a human race had been recognized by the barrier, but now it seemed that it was not because of his race, but rather because of the Space-Time River.

After all, although he was a human race, he was now a pure Dragon Clan.

“When the world were first born, the Chaos was divided into Yin and Yang, the Yin and Yang became the Five Elements, and the Five Elements gave birth to the myriad Great Daos. In the end, the myriad Great Daos returned to the Chaos. This is the profound mystery of the Great Dao, and it is where everything belongs. The Chaos is the ultimate eternity.” Mu’s voice slowly rang out.

Outside, there was the sound of a group of children running about, and soon after, someone began to cry loudly, as if they had been bullied…

“With my lifetime’s worth of cultivation, I left behind my own Space-Time River in the depths of the Great Restriction to protect the Universe World here, allowing them to live in peace for countless years until today.”

Yang Kai’s expression changed slightly, “Does Senior mean that this Primordial World really exists and that all living beings in this world also exist?”

“Naturally,” Mu nodded, “This world has existed since the birth of the heaven and earth and has only developed to its current state after countless years. However, the World Laws of this world are not strong enough, so the standard of cultivators is not high.”

“Why is this world… inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction? Moreover, the name of this world is quite intriguing,” Yang Kai asked in confusion.

Mu glanced at him and smiled, “The reason why it is called the Primordial World is because it is the first Universe World born from the world. This place… is also the birthplace of Black Ink!”

Yang Kai’s heart trembled slightly.

Wu Kuang’s voice rang out, “That’s right, I remember now. The reason why the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction was set up here all those years ago was because the Primordial World was here. The core of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction is the Primordial World!”

“Perhaps this world has given birth to a powerful existence like Black Ink, who has seized the world’s essence, causing the Martial Dao standard of this world to be so low,” Mu slowly said, “In fact, when the world first opened, this world was not only filled with Black Ink.”

Yang Kai continued, “When the first ray of light appeared in this world, darkness was also born!”

“Did Little Eight tell you?” Mu looked at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai explained, “I have met Senior Cang before. When Senior’s trump card was activated, you should have met Senior Cang too.”

Mu slowly shook her head, “Mu is Mu, I am me.”

She had said this before, but Yang Kai didn’t understand what she meant.

“The Primordial World gave birth to the first ray of light in this world, and at the same time, it also gave birth to the first darkness. That ray of light was the first ray of light, the convergence of all the beautiful things. When it was born, it left, never to be seen again, but that darkness was left behind, silently enduring countless years of loneliness and coldness before finally giving birth to Black Ink. So back then, we had thought about searching for the first ray of light in this world to eliminate the power of darkness, but it is the light, so how could we find it? Helpless, we could only construct the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction here to suppress Black Ink.”

The first light had indeed ceased to exist.

After it left the Primordial World, it first split into the Sun's Burning Shine and Moon's Nether Glimmer before crashing into a wild continent and transforming into countless Holy Spirits, giving birth to the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land.

As for the main body of this first light, it eventually transformed into a human form and passed down its bloodline to this day.

Now, even if he had an extraordinary method, he could forget about restoring that first light.

Mu continued, “However, the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction only treats the symptoms but not the root of the problem. Black Ink’s power is constantly growing, and there will eventually be a time when the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction is unable to suppress it. That’s why Mu left some of her trump cards in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, and I was one of them.”

“When I woke up in this world, it meant that Mu’s last resort had been used, and the situation had reached a critical juncture. So I established the Spirit Religion in this world and left behind a prophecy.”

Yang Kai understood immediately, “The first Saintess of the Spirit Religion is indeed Senior.”

Previously, he had guessed that this Spirit Religion had something to do with the contingency plan left behind by Mu, which was why he had followed Zuo Wuyou all the way to the Dawn City. When he had met the Saintess, he had wanted to see her true face. Although he knew that the chances of this happening were low, he always have to asked to verify it. In the end, the Saintess did not agree and instead asked Yang Kai to pass the test.

As such, this matter was left unsettled…

Finally, he met Mu at the edge of the city.

The Martial Dao standard in this world was not high, and the lifespan of a cultivator was not very long, so Mu naturally could not sit in the position of Saintess forever. Sooner or later, she would have to give up her position.

Today, the Saintess position of the Spirit Religion had been passed down for countless generations.

Yang Kai continued, “Senior has always said that she is not Mu, so who exactly is Senior? From what I can see, regardless of whether it is Senior’s aura, vitality, or intelligence, there is nothing wrong with Senior. Senior does not have the shadow of a Divine Soul Avatar, nor does she seems like a clone. Senior is no different from a living person!”

Mu smiled, “Of course I’m no different from a living person, but I’m just a shadow in Mu’s life.”

“Shadow?” Yang Kai asked curiously.

Mu looked at him seriously and nodded, “It seems that although you have condensed your own Space-Time River, you have yet to discover its true mysteries.”

Yang Kai’s expression became serious, “Senior, please teach me.”

The person in front of him was an existence who had condensed the Space-Time River countless years before him. In terms of attainments in the various Great Daos, she was far superior to him. From the size of the Space-Time River, one could tell that if the two Space-Time River were placed together, they would be like grass and trees.

Mu continued, “Although the Space-Time River is formed from the condensation of thousands of Great Daos, its true form is still the Space and Time Great Daos. Space and Time are the most profound mysteries in this world, and they control everything in this world. Every living being has their own Space-Time River, but very few people can condense it.”

“From the moment a living being was born, the Space-Time River that belonged to them began flowing, only ending at the end of their life and returning to the primal chaos.”

“The strength of a living being is different, the length of their lifespan is different, so the way the Space-Time River that belongs to them is different.”

“This is Mu’s Space-Time River!” As she said this, she gently waved her hand in front of her. She clearly didn’t have any cultivation, but under her control, a river that had shrunk countless times appeared in front of her, slowly flowing like a water snake.

She raised her hand again and grabbed a certain part of the long river, as if she had caught something, spreading her hand, “This is a certain period in her life.”

On the palm of her hand, a blurry figure could be seen, the figure of Mu.

Yang Kai’s heart trembled as he stared at Mu in disbelief, “What Senior said just now actually meant this?”

Mu nodded, “It seems you understand.” With a wave of her hand, the shadow in her hand and the Space-Time disappeared.

“So I’m not Mu, I’m just a shadow of Mu’s life.”

Yang Kai remained silent for a long time, his heart filled with shock.

Unbelievable, unimaginable, beyond words…

If it weren’t for Mu’s display in front of him, he would never have thought that the true mysteries of the Space-Time River lay here.

His expression was one of shock, but his eyes were filled with excitement as he asked, “Senior, the deepest mysteries of the river is Space and Time?”

Mu smiled and nodded, “With your aptitude, you will be able to comprehend this level sooner or later, but… Mu’s last resort has been used, so there is no time for you to comprehend it on your own.”


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I knew it that the moment her space-time river was introduced the Key to go beyond 9th order is the space-time river and I suspect Mu was like a pseudo-world creation or if she is technically still alive via space-time river it should mean she probably can break through world creation if not for suppressing black Ink.

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