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In the vast Dawn City, there were sixteen city gates. Although there was news that the Holy Child would enter the city tomorrow, no one knew which city gate he would enter from.

Before dawn, countless disciples had gathered outside the sixteen city gates, all of them eagerly waiting.

The Li Banner and Gen Banner were fully deployed. With Dawn City as the center, an inescapable net was set up within a hundred kilometer radius. As long as there was any movement, they would immediately react.

In a tea house, Ma Chengze and Li Feiyu sat across from each other, sipping tea.

Ma Chengze’s body was fat and he had a big belly. He was smiling all day long and looked extremely kind. Even if strangers saw him, it would be difficult for them to feel any ill will towards him.

However, those who were familiar with him knew that this kind of appearance was just a disguise.

Among the Eight Banners of the Spirit Religion, the Gen Banner was responsible for charging and breaking through enemy lines. Every time there was a battle to conquer the Black Ink Religion’s strongholds, they would always be at the forefront. It could be said that the Gen Banner was filled with people who were more courageous than others and who were willing to die.

As for the one in charge of this Banner, how could he be a simple and kind person?

Holding a cup of tea in his hand, his eyes narrowed into slits as he constantly swept his gaze over the beautiful women walking along the street. When he saw them, he would even let out a whistle, causing these women to glare angrily at him.

Li Feiyu sat in front of him, her cold expression like a statue as she closed her eyes to rest.

“Sister Yu,” Ma Chengze suddenly asked, “Which direction do you think the fake Holy Child will enter the city from?”

Li Feiyu didn’t even open her eyes as she lightly said, “It doesn’t matter which direction he enters from, as long as he dares to show himself, he won’t be able to leave!”

Ma Chengze said, “With such a thorough arrangement, of course he won’t be able to leave, but since he’s an impostor, why is he acting so boldly? Whose attention does this fake Holy Child attract to be under attack from a Flag Master?”

Li Feiyu suddenly opened her eyes and stared deeply at him.

Ma Chengze shrugged, “Did I say something wrong?”

“Where did you get this information?” Li Feiyu asked coldly.

In the main hall, she had never mentioned any Flag Master level powerhouse attacking.

Ma Chengze said, “I can’t tell you that, hehehe, I naturally have my own channels.”

Li Feiyu coldly snorted, “You damn fatty, all you need to do is charge forward and break through the enemy lines, how dare you plant people in my Li Banner?”

The information about the manor outside the city had been obtained by Li Banner, so all the information had been sealed. Everyone in the main hall knew about the general situation from the Li Banner, but Ma Chengze knew some of her hidden information. Obviously, someone had leaked some information to him.

Ma Chengze immediately clarified, “I didn’t, don’t speak nonsense. I, Old Ma, have always been open and aboveboard, I won’t act secretly.”

Li Feiyu stared at him for a while before saying, “I hope so.”

Ma Chengze said, “There are only eight Flag Masters, who do you think they are?”

Li Feiyu turned her head to look out the window and said, “I think he will enter the city from the east.”

“Oh?” Ma Chengze raised his brow, “Just because that manor is on the east side? Then you must know that the person who impersonated the Holy Child chose to spread the news all over the city in order to avoid any possible risks. This means that he is vigilant towards the higher-ups of the Spirit Religion, otherwise there is no reason for him to act in such a manner. How could such a cautious person enter the city from the east? He must have already moved to another direction.”

Li Feiyu could no longer be bothered with him.

Ma Chengze spoke for a while, but after getting bored, he continued to whistle at the beautiful women passing by outside the window.

A moment later, Li Feiyu’s expression suddenly changed as she took out a communication bead.

At the same time, Ma Chengze also took out his communication bead.

After the two of them checked the information they had received, Ma Chengze couldn’t help showing a surprised look, “He really came from the east! How bold is he?”

Li Feiyu stood up and lightly said, “If he wasn’t so bold, he wouldn’t have chosen to enter the city.”

Ma Chengze was slightly startled, but after thinking about it carefully, he nodded, “You’re right.”

“Let’s go.”

The two of them flew out of the tea house and towards the east of the city.

The Holy Child had appeared in the direction of the East gate, escorted by the Gen Banner and the Li Banner's Immortal Ascension stage masters, and was about to enter the city!

This news quickly spread, and the disciples who were guarding the East gate were all extremely excited. After receiving the news, the disciples from the other gates also rushed over, wanting to see the Holy Child's glory. For a time, the entire Dawn City was like a sleeping beast that had awoken, causing a great commotion.

The number of disciples from the East gate was increasing, and even with the support of the two Banners, it was difficult to maintain order.

It wasn’t until Ma Chengze and Li Feiyu, the two Flam Master, arrived that the noisy scene finally calmed down.

Fatty Ma wiped the sweat from his forehead and said to Li Feiyu, “Sister Yu, this situation is getting out of hand.”

If he were to lead his men into battle, even if he had to face a mountain of blades or a sea of flames, he wouldn’t even bat an eye. All he would do was kill or be killed.

But now, they weren’t facing any enemies, but rather their Spirit Religion's disciples. This was a bit tricky.

The prophecy left behind by the first Saintess had been passed down for countless years and had long been deeply ingrained in the hearts of every Spirit Religion's disciples. Everyone knew that the day the Holy Child appeared would be the day all suffering ended.

Every disciple wanted to admire the appearance of this savior, but now that the situation had become like this, and there would be even more disciples rushing over. At that time, the East gate would probably be overwhelmed.

Although the Spirit Religion could use some forceful methods to disperse the disciples, with so many people, if they really did so, it was highly likely they would cause some unnecessary chaos.

This was disadvantageous to the foundation of the Spirit Religion.

Fatty Ma felt a headache coming on as he felt that he had really received a great deal of trouble. Gritting his teeth, he said, “If I had known this would happen, I would have spread the news that the true Holy Child had appeared a long time ago and told them it was a fake.”

Li Feiyu also wore a solemn expression, “No one expected the situation to develop like this.”

The reason why they didn’t spread the news that the true Holy Child had appeared was because this fake Holy Child had chosen to enter the city, which was equivalent to handing over the initiative to the Spirit Religion. Once he entered the city, the Spirit Religion would be able to kill him with a single thought, so there was no need to leak such important information in advance.

Secondly, the Holy Child’s appearance had been a secret for so many years, so it was not very convincing for them to suddenly inform the disciples that the true Holy Child had appeared.

Moreover, what happened to this fake Holy Child made the upper echelons very concerned.

If he was a fake, who would secretly kill him?

Originally, they had wanted to let nature take its course, but no one had expected the enthusiasm of the disciples to soar.

“Do you think he planned this?” Ma Chengze suddenly asked.

Li Feiyu acted as if she hadn’t heard him and remained silent for a long time before finally saying, “We can only think of a way to mediate the current situation, otherwise, if all the disciples of the Dawn City gather here and are taken advantage of, chaos will ensue!”

“Look at these people, all of them have extremely sincere expressions. If you drive them away now and don’t let them admire the Holy Child's appearance, I’m afraid they will fight you to the death!”

“Who says we can’t let them admire him!” Li Feiyu snorted lightly, “Since they want to see him, we’ll let them see. In any case, it’s just a fake, being surrounded by the Spirit Religion's disciples won’t damage the prestige of the Spirit Religion.”

“You have a way?” Ma Chengze’s eyes lit up.

Li Feiyu ignored him and simply waved her hand, summoning a cultivator from the Dui Banner.

Li Feiyu gave him a few reminders and the man nodded repeatedly before quickly leaving.

Ma Chengze, who was listening from the side, gave Li Feiyu a big thumbs up, “Good, this move is really good. This fatty is impressed, your intelligence network is really good.”

Thirty kilometers away from the east gate, Yang Kai and Zuo Wuyou flew straight towards the Dawn City, surrounded by many masters of the Spirit Religion, protecting their surroundings and following them closely.

These people were the people who had been scattered around the area to search for Yang Kai and Zuo Wuyou. After finding them, they stood guard and walked together.

More and more people joined in.

Zuo Wuyou finally relaxed, his admiration for Yang Kai was indescribable.

With so many masters from the Spirit Religion escorting him, it was impossible for the mastermind to act casually, and the reason for all of this was simply by releasing some information.

Thirty kilometers later, they soon arrived. From afar, Zuo Wuyou and Yang Kai saw a dense crowd outside the city.

“Why are there so many people?” Yang Kai couldn’t help being surprised.

Zuo Wuyou thought about it for a moment before sighing, “All living beings in this world have suffered for a long time. The appearance of the Holy Child probably gather them all here to admire the Holy Child's honor.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly.

A short while later, under everyone’s gaze, Yang Kai and Zuo Wuyou both landed outside the city gate.

A cold-faced woman and a smiling fat man walked over. Seeing this, Zuo Wuyou’s expression changed slightly, quickly sending a voice transmission to Yang Kai to inform him of their identities.

Yang Kai nodded lightly.

When they arrived, the fat man smiled and said, “Little friend, you’ve worked hard.”

Yang Kai smiled and replied, “With Brother Zuo taking care of me, things are quite smooth.”

Ma Chengze raised his brow slightly, “Zuo Wuyou is indeed not bad.”

On the side, Zuo Wuyou stepped forward and greeted, “Greetings, Flag Master Ma, Flag Master Li!”

Ma Chengze raised his hand and patted him on the shoulder, “You did well this time, finding the Holy Child is a great event for my Spirit Religion. After this matter is investigated, you will naturally be rewarded.”

Zuo Wuyou lowered his head, “This subordinate doesn’t dare claim credit for his duty.”

“En,” Ma Chengze nodded, “Go with Li Flag Master, she has some things to ask you.”

Zuo Wuyou looked up at Yang Kai and saw him nod before replying, “Yes!”

Li Feiyu led Zuo Wuyou to the side.

Ma Chengze waved his hand, and someone immediately led two horses forward. He stretched out his hand and said, “Little friend, please, there is still some distance to the Divine Palace.”

Although Yang Kai was somewhat puzzled, he decided to take things as they came and mounted his horse.

Ma Chengze rode on another horse and led him towards the city side by side. The bustling crowd parted to form a path.


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