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Almost as soon as Zuo Wuyou shouted these words, the dark figure in the sky above the manor seemed to sense something and suddenly turned to look in this direction.

Immediately after, his figure flashed towards Yang Kai and Zuo Wuyou, his movements silent and ghostly.

The distance between them was less than a dozen meters!

The newcomer stared fixedly at Yang Kai and Zuo Wuyou’s position, his dark eyes carefully sizing them up, somewhat puzzled.

With the support of Thunder Shadow’s Natal Divine Ability, Yang Kai and Zuo Wuyou also stared at this person.

Unfortunately, his face couldn’t be seen clearly. This person wore a black robe with a black pocket covering his face, casting a shadow over everything.

The man looked around for a moment but didn’t discover anything, so he quickly left and flew back to the manor.

Without the slightest hesitation, he swung his fist downwards, sending out a series of fist images that, along with the release of his Immortal Ascension stage power, instantly reduced the entire manor to dust.

However, he soon discovered that something was wrong, because from what he could sense, the entire manor was dead silent, with no signs of life.

He withdrew his fist and descended to investigate, but to no avail.

After a while, he let out a cold snort and left.

Half an hour later, in the jungle a hundred kilometers away from the manor, Yang Kai and Zuo Wuyou suddenly appeared. This position should be safe enough.

Maintaining the Thunder Shadow’s Natal Divine Ability for such a long time had consumed quite a bit of Yang Kai’s strength, causing his face to pale slightly. Although Zuo Wuyou hadn’t consumed too much of his strength, at this moment, he seemed to have lost his soul, his eyes dull and lifeless.

The situation was just as Yang Kai had anticipated, and it was currently heading towards the worst direction.

Yang Kai recovered for a moment before asking, “Do you recognize who it is?”

Zuo Wuyou turned his head to look at him and slowly shook his head, “I can’t see his face, I don’t know who he is, but with his strength… he must be some Flag Master!”

“That man was quite careful, he didn’t use his Divine Sense from the beginning to the end.” Divine Sense was an extremely special kind of energy, and everyone’s Divine Sense fluctuations were different. If that man had used his Divine Sense just now, Zuo Wuyou would have been able to recognize him.

Unfortunately, from beginning to end, he had not used his Divine Consciousness.

“You can hide your face and Divine Sense, but you can’t hide your figure. You should have seen those Flag Masters before. If you only look at their figures, who do they resemble the most?” Yang Kai asked again.

Zuo Wuyou thought for a moment and said, “Among the Eight Banners, the two Flag Masters of the Li and Dui Banners are women, the Gen Flag Master is fat, the Xun Flag Master is old and his body is hunched, so it shouldn’t be the four of them. As for the remaining four Flag Masters, there isn’t much of a difference between them. If that person deliberately concealed his tracks, his figure would definitely be somewhat disguised.”

Yang Kai nodded, “Good, we’ve narrow it down by half.”

Zuo Wuyou said bitterly, “But it’s still difficult to determine which of them it is.”

Yang Kai said, “There must be a reason for everything. You sent a message back saying that the Holy Child had appeared, but in the end, we were plotted against by someone else. Think about it from a different perspective, what is the purpose of the other party’s actions? What benefits does he have by doing so?”

“Purpose? Benefits?” Zuo Wuyou followed Yang Kai’s train of thought and fell into contemplation.

Yang Kai asked, “That Chu Anhe doesn’t look like he has already joined the Black Ink Religion. Before Xue Ji killed him, he even shouted that he wanted to submit. If he really was a member of the Black Ink Religion, he wouldn’t have reacted like that. Could it be that some Flag Master has been infected by the Ink Force and secretly joined the Black Ink Religion?”

“That’s impossible!” Zuo Wuyou flatly refused, “Brother Yang may not know, but the first Saintess of the Spirit Religion not only passed down a prophecy about the Holy Child, she also left behind a Secret Technique. This Secret Technique has no other use, but when it comes to determining whether or not one has been contaminated by the Ink Force, it has a miraculous effect on dispersing the Ink Force. Every time a cultivator above the Immortal Ascension stage returns, a Saintess will use this Secret Technique to examine them. Over the years, there have indeed been some spies from the Black Ink Religion, but the higher-ups at the Immortal Ascension stage have never encountered any problems.”

Yang Kai suddenly understood and asked, “Is it the Cleansing Incantation you mentioned before?”

When Zuo Wuyou was slandered by Chu Anhe as a spy of the Black Ink Religion, Zuo Wuyou had said that he could directly confront the Saintess and allow her to use the Cleansing Incantation to prove his innocence.

At that time, Yang Kai didn’t take it to heart, but now it seemed that the first generation Saintess' Cleansing Incantation technique was somewhat profound. If it really was a Secret Technique, it wouldn’t be a big deal if it could only detect if someone was contaminated by the Ink Force, but the key was that it could actually disperse the Ink Force, which was quite incredible.

It had to be known that the Human Race of this era only possessed two methods to dispel the Ink Force, the Light of Purification and the Expelling Black Ink Pill.

“That’s right,” Zuo Wuyou nodded, “This technique is the highest secret of the Spirit Religion, only the Saintess have the ability to use it.”

“Since it's not because of joining the Black Ink Religion, there must be some other reason,” Yang Kai thought carefully, “Although I don’t know the exact reason, my appearance must have affected the interests of some people, but how can a nobody like me affect the interests of those big shots… Only the Holy Child identity can explain this.”

Zuo Wuyou understood what Yang Kai meant and asked in confusion, “But Brother Yang, the Holy Child of the Spirit Religion has already secretly appeared ten years ago. This matter is known to all the higher-ups in the Spirit Religion. Even if I were to report this matter back to the Spirit Religion, the higher-ups would only think that someone was pretending to be the Holy Child. At most, they would send someone to bring you back to investigate, so why would they secretly kill you?”

Yang Kai looked at him meaningfully, “What do you think?”

When Zuo Wuyou met Yang Kai’s eyes, a terrifying thought suddenly emerged from the depths of his heart, causing him to sweat profusely, “Brother Yang, are you saying… that Holy Child is a fake?”

“I didn’t say that.”

Zuo Wuyou acted as if he hadn’t heard anything, a look of sudden realization appearing on his face, “So that’s how it is. If that’s the case, then everything makes sense. Ten years ago, someone was arranged to pretend to be a Holy Child and kept it a secret. This matter blinded all the higher-ups of the Spirit Religion and obtained their approval, causing everyone to think that it was the real Holy Child, but only the mastermind knew that it was a fake. So when I sent your news back to the Spirit Religion, it attracted the other party’s murderous intent and even made them personally kill you!”

At this point, Zuo Wuyou suddenly became excited, “Brother Yang, are you the real Holy Child?”

Yang Kai sighed, “I just want to see your Saintess, as for other things, i have no idea.”

“No, you’re the Holy Child, you’re the one who fit the Saintess’ prophecy, you’re definitely the one!” Zuo Wuyou insisted on his own opinion, quickly adding, “But someone planted a fake Holy Child in the Sect and even deceived all the higher-ups. This matter concerns the foundation of the Spirit Religion, so we must find a way to expose this matter.”

“Do you have proof?” Yang Kai looked at him.

Zuo Wuyou shook his head.

“Without any evidence, even if you had the opportunity to meet the Saintess and those Flag Masters, no one would believe you.”

“Regardless of whether they believe it or not, there must be someone who can alert them to this matter. The Flag Masters are all cunning old foxes. As long as they become suspicious, the fake will always be fake, sooner or later they will be exposed!” He muttered to himself as he paced back and forth, obviously anxious, “But our current situation is not good. We have already been targeted by the mastermind, so even if we want to enter the city, it will only be a dream.”

“Entering the city isn’t difficult,” Yang Kai said calmly, “Have you forgotten what you’ve arranged?”

Zuo Wuyou was stunned for a moment before suddenly remembering what he had ordered his men to do, “So Brother Yang already had a plan.”

At this moment, he finally understood why Yang Kai had ordered these people to do so. It seemed he had already anticipated this situation.

“Let’s enter the city at dawn, rest first,” Yang Kai said.

Zuo Wuyou nodded, “Good.”

Under the cover of the night, Dawn City was still bustling. This was the headquarter of the Spirit Religion, the most prosperous city in this world. Even at midnight, the streets were still filled with people.

Under the cover of the bustling city, a piece of news spread like wildfire.

The Holy Child had already appeared and would enter the city tomorrow!

The prophecy left behind by the first Saintess had been passed down for countless years, and all the disciples of the Spirit Religion were looking forward to the arrival of the Holy Child who could save the world and end the suffering of this world.

But for countless years, the Holy Child of the prophecy had never appeared. No one knew when he would appear or if he would really appear.

It wasn’t until tonight, when news of this began to spread from several teahouses and restaurants, that news spread out at an unstoppable speed.

In the middle of the night, everyone in Dawn City heard this news.

Countless disciples were overjoyed and excited.

At the center of the city, the largest and tallest cluster of buildings was the foundation of the Spirit Religion, the Radiant Divine Palace.

After midnight, many Immortal Ascension stage masters were gathered here, and many of the upper echelons of the Radiant Divine Palace were gathered!

In the middle of the hall, a beautiful woman with a veil covering her face sat at the top, holding a white jade scepter.

This woman was the current Saintess of the Radiant Divine Palace!

Below the Saintess were the Eight Flag Masters.

Below the Flag Masters were the Protectors and Elders of the each Banners…

Inside the hall, there were more than a hundred people, all of them at the Immortal Ascension stage. Although there were many of them, there was only silence.

After a long time, the Saintess finally spoke, “Everyone should have heard the news, right?”

Everyone quickly responded, “We heard.”

“The reason I called everyone here so late is to ask everyone how to handle this matter!” The Saintess continued.

One of the Protectors immediately stepped forward and said excitedly, “The appearance of the Holy Child coincides with the prophecy passed down by the first generation Saintess. This is the blessing of our Spirit Religion, so this subordinate feels that we should immediately arrange for people to assist them in order to avoid giving the Black Ink Religion a chance to strike!”

Immediately, a large group of people agreed!

The Saintess raised her hand and the noisy hall immediately fell silent. She gently opened her red lips and said, “It’s like this, some things have been kept a secret for many years. Only the Eight Flag Masters present know about this secret, and it is also related to the Holy Child. Everyone should first hear about it before deciding.”

Saying so, she turned to the oldest of the eight Flag Masters and said, “Flag Master Sikong, please inform everyone.”


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